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  • Title: Ocho Noches Blancas / Eight White Nights
  • Author: André Aciman
  • ISBN: 9788426418531
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ocho Noches Blancas / Eight White Nights By André Aciman Es la noche de Navidad, y Henry deambula por los salones de un inmenso apartamento del Upper West Side de Nueva York, confundi ndose con los dem s invitados de una fiesta que parece no acabar nunca De pronto, una voz lo sorprende Soy Clara , sin m s, anuncia una mujer joven y hermosa, y estas dos palabras, tan simples y firmes, bastan para intrigar a Henry Luego, un ciEs la noche de Navidad, y Henry deambula por los salones de un inmenso apartamento del Upper West Side de Nueva York, confundi ndose con los dem s invitados de una fiesta que parece no acabar nunca De pronto, una voz lo sorprende Soy Clara , sin m s, anuncia una mujer joven y hermosa, y estas dos palabras, tan simples y firmes, bastan para intrigar a Henry Luego, un cigarrillo compartido en la terraza y unas cuantas frases m s los convierten en c mplices de una historia de amor nica Nosotros, desde las p ginas del libro, acompa amos a Henry en los d as que siguen a la fiesta, a lo largo de las ocho noches blancas que separan la Navidad de la celebraci n de A o nuevo Ah estamos, testigos privilegiados de las dudas del joven, de sus paseos solitarios en busca de Clara, de su desconcierto al verla de repente cuando todo parec a perdido, de su miedo al compromiso y sus ganas de entrega Todo lo que suele caber en una gran aventura amorosa, aqu se destila en una semana inolvidable, un espl ndido homenaje de Andr Aciman a las Noches blancas de Dostoievsky y a la mejor literatura amorosa de todos los tiempos.
    André Aciman
    Andr Aciman was born in Alexandria, Egypt and is an American memoirist, essayist, novelist, and scholar of seventeenth century literature He has also written many essays and reviews on Marcel Proust His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, The Paris Review, The New Republic, Cond Nast Traveler as well as in many volumes of The Best American Essays Aciman received his Ph.D in Comparative Literature from Harvard University, has taught at Princeton and Bard and is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature at The CUNY Graduate Center He is currently chair of the Ph D Program in Comparative Literature and founder and director of The Writers Institute at the Graduate Center Aciman is the author of the Whiting Award winning memoir Out of Egypt 1995 , an account of his childhood as a Jew growing up in post colonial Egypt Aciman has published two other books False Papers Essays in Exile and Memory 2001 , and a novel Call Me By Your Name 2007 , which was chosen as a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and won the Lambda Literary Award for Men s Fiction 2008 His forthcoming novel Eight White Nights FSG will be published on February 14, 2010

    Ocho Noches Blancas / Eight White Nights By André Aciman


    If you love music and sympathize with introspective and intelligent characters who think as much as they act and often might wish they could act than their anxieties allow them to , this book is a gem I ve read critiques that find the characters unrealistic too elitist, they think too much, they imbue all sorts of moments with too much significance, and they fixate on tiny details that no one would care about All I can say is these reviewers are not Aciman s people But make no mistake Aciman is [...]

    A character says of the narrator that he s the most exasperating person she knows True The problem for me is that the novel also becomes exasperating, when not frustrating or simply alienating Still, the novel has wonderful vivid moments and insights about desire and loss My guess is that Aciman wrote precisely the book he intended to write, but this is not the book I wanted to read.

    I finished this book on an airplane and I cried I recall once years ago finishing something on an airplane and crying It was John Barth s Chimera, and when the suit next to me looked at me oddly, all I could do was mumble, It was so beautiful So, to forestall committing a spoiler, I want say I did not cry because the end was unhappy or happy, but because it was so emotional for me Which brings us to the characters The book recounts the relations between a 20 something going on 14 couple from the [...]

    Every time I thought this book was getting good, something would happen or likely not happen that irritated me Both of the main characters were unlikeable, and I had no patience for their waffling, their baseless recriminations, and, most of all, their seeming complete lack of real interest in each other There were some great moments, and some of the prose was very nicely put together, but mostly I just wanted to the characters to shut up and act like grown ups Also, the back cover copy of the [...]

    L.E. Chamberlin
    I know this isn t everyone s read It just isn t There s talking much talking And there s a pathologically passive hero, and a heroine who is as much a fucked up mess if not than the hero, and a lot of in the weeds, nearly stream of consciousness dialogue and imagined dialogue I can t even properly describe this book I m doing a terrible job of it But it struck me in some strange, tender place and I trusted in Andr Aciman because he wrote one of my favorite books of all time, Call Me by Your Nam [...]

    How I loved this book You have to have patience It s eight days inside the head of a neurotic narrator as he falls in love with an equally neurotic woman and alternately draws her close and pushes her away because he doesn t believe in the possibility of love It s very poetic, and very insular, and it probably helps to love New York if you want to read it It s not for everyone, but for the right sort of reader it s a beautiful extended dream.

    This book was a cerebral, interesting version of a love story potential for the current times Well written, and a page turner for me I could truly envision New York s white snow in the evenings, and the relationships of the characters loved it

    Heather Mays
    50 pages in and I thought, Why am I wasting time reading this drivel

    Eight White Nights was not the romance novel I anticipated from the title and the dust cover reviews.Having never read Aciman before his style seemed overreaching and confused during the first few pages of the story I am pleased, however, that I stuck it out through that first difficult scene Eight White Nights turned out to be a beautifully painful study of all the anticipation and wished for intimacy of a new relationship The real and imagined conversations, twisted perceptions and angst is mu [...]

    I never would have read this if my son KC hadn t purchased it while home for Thanksgiving and then decided to leave it for me to read It s all dialogue but somehow it s compelling to see how a relationship develops over 8 days from a chance meeting at a Christmas Eve party to a New Years eve party.

    Christy Stewart
    A bit too much rambling and not the funny hobo kind If the writing had been a little tighter the book could have effortlessly been 100 pages shorter.That s all I took away from it.

    Verbose, overblown, too full of itself could have been an interesting story if it weren t smothered in descriptive bobbing and weaving

    Bob Garlitz
    for Aciman, Our Apophatic MysticOver the past few weeks I ve been catching up on the work of Andr Aciman The great memoir and three of the novels Started a fourth, Eight White Nights, earlier this week I also found my new copy of Michael Sells book, Mystical Languages of Unsaying I had read some of the authors under discussion I had not realized that The 150 year period from the mid twelfth to the beginning of the fourteenth century constitutes the flowering of apophatic mysticism Almost simulta [...]

    Everything confuses me I ve never been this confused Nor have I ever told anyone I was so confused Ever 284 These words spoken by the narrator to Clara, a woman he met five nights earlier at a holiday party, and with whom he s spent each subsequent afternoon evening as they try to figure out whether they re just friends, in love with each other, or something in between perfectly sum up the dizzying feeling I had at a similar point in my own relationship with a woman, like Clara, whose confoundin [...]

    Sergio Caredda
    In questo libro Aciman esalta la sua capacit di scrivere Ma purtroppo si perde in un certo virtuosismo La storia di sfondo, quella di un innamoramento, ha il potenziale di essere davvero bella Purtroppo per si perde in eccessivi ragionamenti interiori attorniati da troppi riferimenti colti a partire dal riferimento del titolo alle Notti Bianche di Dostoevskij E forse il dubbio sta proprio in questo parallelo le originali notti bianche erano quattro Qua sono otto Forse Aciman ha voluto strafare A [...]

    They meet at a party on Christmas eve, and spend most of the following week together Rohmer movies, coffee, pastries, late night drinks, dancing, it all seems like a dream He s enchanted with her, she seems to be toying with him There s a lot of wishful thinking, and it feels as if you re in a French film.

    Simona Bana
    Beautiful book I love the descriptive style Andre Aciman uses The beginning of the book felt longer than the rest, but he created such an important foundation for the protagonist to move up Leaves you thinking about the characters and their relationship for days to come.

    cansu m
    aciman writes obsessive, all consuming love SO well.

    De naamloze verteller van Witte nachten ontmoet op kerstavond tijdens een feest Clara Clara ziet de hoofdpersoon een beetje verstopt achter de kerstboom zitten, loopt naar hem toe en stelt zich voor met de woorden Ik ben Clara De hoofdpersoon, toch al niet op zijn gemak op het feest waar hij niemand kent, wordt daarmee compleet overrompeld Onmiddellijk trekt hij allerlei conclusies over Clara, die hij allemaal na enige overweging weer verwerpt Hij weet niet goed hoe hij moet reageren of wil reag [...]

    Marc Cullison
    I was glad to be able to finish this book In spite of all of the accolades by book reviewers I don t pay much attention to them, anyway , I didn t care for it I admire the author s attempt to get inside the mind of the protagonists, but reading through over 300 pages of the redundancy of thoughts that waffle between should I or shouldn t I, did she or didn t she, and I wish she were here or no, I don t wish she were here, I was so bored to death The only reason I kept reading was to see what hap [...]

    Vanessa "Pixi" Kraus
    In the interest of full disclosure, I won this book from a First Reads giveaway Up until the very end I thought I would read this book again, and I still might sometime in the future When reading this book I attributed so much of it to my own life that I find myself wondering if others who read it will be reading an entirely different story Or if when I read it again 10 years from now, will the words even hold the same meaning for me I am Clara The insights that Clara has about herself I also ha [...]

    Joe Salas
    Soon, at a crossroads, the carriage left them behind Like my life itself, it was carrying me away from what seemed the only truth, from what would have made me truly happy That is from Proust s Place Names The Place The following is from Eight White Nights You see this building There my life stopped Or there my life split Or there life turned on me, so that the person looking at the building right now and talking to you is, ever since that one winter so many years ago, still on hold I appreciate [...]

    As he did in Call Me By Your Name, Aciman tells a love story that s not a traditional happily ever after romance In this book, not only is love blind, it is blinding, and that means those involved can t see the what the reader knows from the very first chapter this is not going to be an easy journey Supporting characters appear only in the bookended first and last nights, convenient for the purpose of story telling because if they were there through the meat of the book, they d be undoubtably sa [...]

    Andre Aciman dives deep into the budding relationship between an unnamed man in his late twenties and a girl named Clara This purple prose novel is positioned in a way that will make you feel like a voyeur as it leaves no emotions, feelings or thoughts unrevealed by the narrator At times the novel seemed somewhat obsessive as the narrator protagonist treads repeatedly over the smallest of details including how Clara introduced herself, how she wore her blouse, the exposure of her collarbone, her [...]

    This book was a huge disappointment I absolutely loved Aciman s Call Me By Your Name, so I had high hopes for this one, but I just found it incredibly annoying I did not like the character of Clara from the very beginning, and I kept thinking I would warm to her once I got to know her better, but it never happened she was way too pretentious, and I could not fathom her mocking cruelty towards the narrator I almost stopped reading after the first two nights, but I wanted to stick it out There is [...]

    Bookmarks Magazine
    Aciman s mesmerizing and, at times, maddening pas de deux plunges readers into the dizzying early stages of a new relationship, with mixed results Most critics appreciated Aciman s nods to various novelists, poets, and composers particularly Proust and Dostoevsky but a few found the continuous stream of clever references belabored and affected Aciman s decision to disengage his characters from the humdrum realities of 21st century life such as unemployment, the economy, and the war in Afghanist [...]

    Alessandro Margheriti
    Un ragazzo e una ragazza si conoscono ad una festa e subito nasce una magica intesa, alimentata da un linguaggio tutto loro, quasi in codice, sguardi d intesa e opinioni condivise.Sembra proprio che siano fatti l uno per l altra, ma non cos semplice lei ha deciso di starsene sulle sue in quanto sta cercando di lasciarsi alle spalle una storia appena finita lui incapace di esprimere i propri sentimenti, eternamente indeciso, confuso, capace di fare la cosa giusta ma al momento sbagliato, pieno di [...]

    I was not sure whether I should rate this highly It was compelling reading and my eyes flew over the page never aware of reading the words, a feeling I love and a rare achievement But his characters are just too clever and annoying for me to feel it was a better read And was half the fun wondering how they were to consummate and end the relationship A little too much self absorption and making something out of nothing was my feeling at times and much like Clara, the author blew hot and cold and [...]

    I got this book as a first read I figured it would be a great book seeing as others have raved over Call Me by Your Name I stated it the first night I got it I cannot seem to get past the first night This was my first romance novel and I completely disliked the book I find a great annoyance to the character as he keeps obsessing over the girl he meets He mentions her name a million times Trying to convince himself of what I am Clara might mean I handed it off to a friend in hopes that maybe he c [...]

    Zij was de meteoor, ik het gapende gat Witte nachten is een allesverzengende romance tussen twee te zelfzekere mensen die in de liefde constant aan zichzelf twijfelen.Dit boek ging weliswaar geregeld over mijn hoofd, gezien de twee hoofdpersonages de enige twee personages tout court, eigenlijk elkaar het hof proberen maken met H ndel preludes, Rohmer films en quotes uit Mozarts Don Giovanni Enorm pretentieus op het eerste zicht, maar Aciman verweeft het in zo n prachtige dialogen dat je het graa [...]

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