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  • Title: Sign of the Labrys
  • Author: Margaret St. Clair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Sign of the Labrys By Margaret St. Clair Book
    Margaret St. Clair
    Margaret St Clair February 17, 1911 Huchinson, Kansas November 22, 1995 Santa Rosa, CA was an American science fiction writer, who also wrote under the pseudonyms Idris Seabright and Wilton Hazzard.Born as Margaret Neeley, she married Eric St Clair in 1932, whom she met while attending the University of California, Berkeley In 1934 she graduated with a Master of Arts in Greek classics.She started writing science fiction with the short story Rocket to Limbo in 1946 Her most creative period was during the 1950s, when she wrote such acclaimed stories as The Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles 1951 , Brightness Falls from the Air 1951 , An Egg a Month from All Over 1952 , and Horrer Howce 1956 She largely stopped writing short stories after 1960 The Best of Margaret St Clair 1985 is a representative sampler of her short fiction.Apart from than 100 short stories, St Clair also wrote nine novels Of interest beyond science fiction is her 1963 novel Sign of the Labrys, for its early use of Wicca elements in fiction.Her interests included witchcraft, nudism, and feminism She and her husband decided to remain childless.

    Sign of the Labrys By Margaret St. Clair


    Timothy Mayer
    Sign of the Labrys seems to be the one Margret St Clair novel people remember Although the cover art has little to do with the book itself big surprise there , the blurb on the back proudly proclaims Women are writing science fiction And we are told that it is Fresh Imaginative Inventive Just like a loaf of wonder bread I do hope she got some mileage out of this book, first published in 1963 At least some fame would compensate for the covers.Written from the point of its protagonist, Sam Sewell, [...]

    A pleasingly unique indeed, possibly sui generis combination of post apocalyptic sci fi and of all things Wiccan magic and craft, Sign of the Labrys initially appeared in 1963, as a Corgi paperback Its author, Kansas born Margaret St Clair, was 52 at the time and had been writing short stories well over 100 of them since the late 40s S ign of the Labrys was her fourth novel out of an eventual eight And lest you think that the novel s Wiccan elements were merely a passing fancy of its author, let [...]

    The Sign of The Labrys by Margaret St.Clair is well written, and starts out in a post apocalyptic dystopian future, but turns out it s fantasy, not science fiction, with Wicca and magic Normally I wouldn t read something like that, but it was written so well it was as easy to keep reading as to put down The Wiccan protagonists explore underground survivalist city levels and caverns, trying to keep ahead of a new would be police state faction If you like that sort of thing you ll probably enjoy i [...]

    I bought this 1963 novel from a used bookstore almost entirely because of the back cover blurb, which reads WOMEN ARE WRITING SCIENCE FICTION ORIGINAL BRILLIANT DAZZLING Women are closer to the primitive than men They are conscious of the moon pulls, the earth tides They possess a buried memory of humankind s obscure and ancient past which can emerge to uniquely color and flavor a novel.Such a woman is Margaret St Clair, author of this novel Such a novel is this, SIGN OF THE LABRYS, the story of [...]

    In a world devastated by yeast plague, Sam Sewell is caught between the forces of the old world of magic and the remnants of the technological government, the FBY This is one of the many inspirations from the infamous Appendix N that influenced Dungeons Dragons, especially its early focus on dungeons and friendliness to a combination of technology and magic It is definitely a strange world, where there is such an abundance that nobody counts the cost, even in lives.It is also very much a relic o [...]

    No he encontrado la edici n espa ola por aqu , pero la traducci n es atroz, como muchas de la poca La novela es muy irregular porque mezcla ciencia ficci n postapocal ptica con la peor new age brujeril Hay partes que se salvan el descenso alucinado del protagonista en la primera parte, por ejemplo, o que el apocalipsis lo causara una epidemia f ngica cuando los sopechosos habituales suelen ser siempre virus El problema es que, al final, a la autora se le va la mano con los hongos y la psicodelia [...]

    What looks like your typical post disaster dystopia quickly grows to involve Wiccans of all things and a pretty cool multi level cave system with various entrances and exits but public and secret that was cited by Gygax as the inspiration of the dungeon levels in DD Despite never playing it or having any plans to I ve become interested in tracing its origins the works cited in Appendix N of the game and this obviously qualifies Otherwise the interesting thing is the use of genre language as ment [...]

    VERY much a product of of the 60s.A post apocalyptic story where the end of the world as we know it was caused by yeasts that killed off over 90% of the world Those that survived have fled to the underground bunkers created when the world was on the brink of nuclear war, a war that failed to materialize due to the yeast plagues coincidence I think not A side affect of exposure to the specific yeast causing the plague survivors are extremely averse to social interactions with other humans It s kn [...]

    There is a fungus that grows on the walls that they eat Love that opening line What a strange book It plays out in a non linear dreamlike fashion A lot of deus ex machina that didn t seem to bother me because I enjoyed the oddness of it all Wiccans as heroes, post apocalyptic cave civilizations, unexpected magical mutant powers, a very interesting dog, etc The revelation at the end had me a bit flummoxed Ultimately not really the novel it could have been, but makes me interested to look further [...]

    A pretty enjoyable romp through nuclear bunkers turned megadungeon with dastardly villains and benevolent wiccans aka magic users in a post apocalyptic society, and as long as you don t think about it too much, it s pretty fun Sure it turns out one of the wiccans started the plague as a way to stave off nuclear war, but who can fault her, right Right Heh And who d have thought the government secretly had transporter technology in 1963 I guess Star Trek wasn t far off at all using that I kept exp [...]

    Noah Stevens
    Great A model for DD, sort of An interesting mix of Wiccan and Don Draper martini drinking Fallout Shelter themes, mixed with some radicalization ofHippies and sacred journey stuffI have an opinion that once the Sign of the Labrys is actually encountered, it s actually an allegory from then on but YMMV

    I was a little disappointed in this book it was nowhere near as good as The Shadow People, by the same author And it is truly weird fiction part post apocalyptic sci fi, part fantasy, part Wicca very strange Enjoyable, but strange.

    Vintage sci fi 1963 and written by a woman as the back cover proclaims Liking it so far, but bleak Civilization has broken down to the point that it makes people uncomfortable to be around on another This is the result of decades long yeast plagues An interesting concept in itself.

    Bob Rust
    Sign of the Labrys 1963 set Underground in a Post Holocaust world.

    Printable Tire
    Witches in a post apocalyptic underground world Something like that I read this one Halloween when I was visiting Salem.

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