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  • Title: Revenants
  • Author: Daniel Mills
  • ISBN: 9781907681035
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

  • Revenants By Daniel Mills The year is 1689 Situated on the northern boundary of the Massachusetts Bay colony, the town of Cold Marsh is a place of secrets, a village characterized by repression and guilt Fourteen years have passed since the outbreak of King Philip s War and darkness has come to the Cold Marsh Two of the town s young women have vanished under mysterious circumstances, and the couThe year is 1689 Situated on the northern boundary of the Massachusetts Bay colony, the town of Cold Marsh is a place of secrets, a village characterized by repression and guilt Fourteen years have passed since the outbreak of King Philip s War and darkness has come to the Cold Marsh Two of the town s young women have vanished under mysterious circumstances, and the country seethes with rumors of witchcraft and devilry Even their God has abandoned them When a third young woman disappears, the men of the village determine to leave the safety of the village and enter the other world of the woods in search of her Revenants is a lyrical evocation of the colonial landscape, a poetic meditation on the hills and wilds of that vanished country It also brings back to life, with breathing intimacy, the inner landscape of sombre repression known to the settlers of New England.
    Daniel Mills
    Daniel Mills is the author of the novels Moriah 2017 and Revenants 2011 and of the 2014 collection The Lord Came at Twilight His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror and The Year s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror He lives in Vermont

    Revenants By Daniel Mills


    mark monday
    a winter wind blows through the austere Revenants, chilling any potential warmth to be gained from human companionship, freezing any hope that humans can learn and grow and love and live free back into the earth, human worms the open air is no place for you sad, crawling thingsrls have gone missing in the village of Cold Marsh, Massachusetts, in the year 1689 the natives have long been slaughtered the rigid faith clung to by the villagers likewise slaughters any unseemly outbursts of independenc [...]

    I started the book a couple of weeks ago Read the first chapter and put it down and almost gave up on it I read a couple of other things, quite outstanding other things, and thought to myself why go back and read a book I am not enjoying.Well here s the story I started the book over again If there was a contest between the first fifty or sixty pages of this book and watching paint dry, the paint would win Ok, we get it, life was rough back then and people were not the brightest farming implement [...]

    Nathan Ballingrud
    Beautifully written, deeply engaging story of a small, colonial New England town haunted by the weight of its own brief past The narrative moves through the perspectives of several key characters as a string of disappearances leads to the slow unfurling of the town s secrets The aesthetic of Puritanism stands in embattled opposition to the abiding terrors of the dark woods, those surrounding the town and those in each man s and woman s soul Smart, atmospheric, and elegant Highly recommended.

    Justin Steele
    Daniel Mills is a writer who is fast becoming a favorite here at The Arkham Digest In previous reviews of A Season In Carcosa and Fungi, I found both of his stories MS Found Dead in A Hotel Room and Dust From a Dark Flower to be among the finest in either anthology Also recently I picked up a copy of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23, and seeing that Mills had a story published in there I read it straight away The Photographer s Tale was everything I had come to expect from the author anoth [...]

    Revenants takes place in late 1600s New England, in a small, isolated town of Cold Marsh Three women have disappeared and the minister and most residents fear the devil is loose in the surrounding woods Old sins individual and societal return to haunt each of the inhabitants Mills has the patience to slowly build the large cast of characters toward a climax that is both inevitable and still shocking If not for some of the harsher, violent details that emerge that Mills wisely choose to not glos [...]

    I really like the intensity of atmosphere the author created Although the story takes place in the late 1600 s I feel it has a message for now.

    Would your tenth grade English class have been enjoyable if The Scarlet Letter was a better written book Probably One can only hope that someday Dan Mills s Revenants A Dream of New England will replace The Scarlet Letter, and show young minds what literature can really do.The Scarlet Letter was innovative and inventive, to be sure, but by any discerning standard it is poorly written Characterizations are flat, action and insight are told and barely shown, and most of the events that are import [...]

    Orrin Grey
    I ve been lucky enough to share a few ToCs with Daniel Mills, which is where I was first introduced to his work, though I ve been hearing his name coming from authors of weird and supernatural fiction for a little while now I ve loved everything I ve read from him, and quickly found myself looking forward to each new thing I ran across That said, it took me longer than it probably should have to pick up his debut novel, though now that I finally have I can say without hesitation that it s every [...]

    lately i d been craving ultra modern writing i wanted to read writing that was so fresh i had to look over the author s shoulder as she wrote it i wanted something new and cutting edge and never seen before so that it would shock me out of my post modern despair so it may be ironic that the book that found me was Daniel Mills Revenants, a story that takes place in 17th century new england this isn t a pride and prejudice meets zombies mash up of terror and nostalgia this is the real thing the pa [...]

    I m a sucker for 17th century New England history and, as a setting for supernatural horror, it s hard to beat an isolated, close knit Puritan community Mills nails the essential pathos of early New England when the Connecticut River Valley was the frontier, a nexus between competing empires and between the domain of the Puritan s stern God and, perhaps, other forces veiled, arcane, and malevolent The story is in no particular hurry to get anywhere, but Mills doles out the dread in even measure [...]

    Revenants was a wonderful real, dark and mysterious and full of some very deep desperation I honestly have no words to say how much I enjoyed Mills s writing style which reminded me of fine and intricate lace delicate and smooth and endlessly beautiful If I ever manage to become half the writer he is, it would be an achievement of my life.The story was told from several POVs, all of them strong and carrying something the other couldn t contain and present thus making them dependent on one anothe [...]

    This is a beautifully written book about regret and atonement Told through the eyes of many characters as they search for a missing girl in the feared realm of the woods As the search goes on and time seems to be running out, some begin to crack under the pressure, others rise up, but they will all be haunted with the ghosts of their past deeds Revenants is poetic in it s descriptions and the story is an interesting one but I m left with many questions and I would have traded poetry for answers. [...]

    Jason Rolfe
    Very reminiscent of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    Joe Gola
    Well written and atmospheric The story involves a series of creepy events in a remote colonial New England town the action takes place shortly after King Philip s War, the bloody conflict between the settlers and the native Americans in the late 1600s The setting is very convincing, but we re never hit over the head with colonial New England we re just there Mills s prose is excellent and contains many memorable moments, such as this is a true wilderness, a place of permanent eclipse and ghost l [...]

    This was a creepy book I was drawn to it because a I have rarely ever thought of Puritan age fiction other than that involving witch trials, b I like hysteria, c I have been reading some different eras of historical fiction lately other than my usual Middle Age Renaissance British monarchy type.The story starts out innocently enough, so to speak Pilgrims have settled in the new world, facing challenges and keeping their faith After mysterious disappearances of a few young ladies freaks the villa [...]

    Would pair perfectly with other solid works I ll call Puritan fiction, such as The Scarlet Letter,The Minister s Black Veil, and Ethan Frome Not necessarily because of the sinister and cold New England setting though that is present here, to astonishingly great effect , but because of the themes of guilt, old secrets, and curdled theology that run through these books Mills steeps the reader in guilt and fear, along with wonder and horror and that sick cold sweat of old sin.

    Mark McLemore
    A Tip of the Felt Hat to Daniel MillsWelcome, ye, to Cold Marsh Set in Hawthorne s New England the visual depictions in this novel are master crafted A quiet horror consistently looms among the stunning prose When I thought I had the mystery within solved, I was shocked by the unexpected I will definitely be reading by Mr Mills in the near future.

    I really enjoyed this story It s not my usual genre of choice, but it is a beautifully written book The imagery in the writing really is quite stunning, and greatly contributes to the overall richness of the story and setting without becoming overly baroque.

    Justin Howe
    What makes this novel compelling is that it holds the sense of awe that exists close beside our fear of the unknown, a place where one might shudder at a wolf s howl, yet still stare in wonder at the moon s light.

    Truly superlative Shades of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    Clayton Clark
    Verily I say that this an exceptional read, especially for those folks who like supernatural thrillers involving sinners of our puritanical past Excellent craftsmanship and character development.

    They will dream and call it heaven They will wake and call it hell.It is where he is going A beautiful mix of The Crucible and Twin Peaks The prose is very striking, if overbearing at times But when it works, it really works.

    Not that it wasn t well written, just rather a dull story.

    I do appreciate a good dip into genre bending literary fiction This one is a superbly written meditation on Puritanical guilt and the despicable evils we inflict on ourselves and each other out of desperation and fear What was most striking is how Mills describes the sounds of the town and the woods with such vibrancy that they are like physical forces, acting within or upon the characters, pulling or driving them to what feel like inevitable choices Each sound resonates with emotion, usually da [...]

    If nothing else, October was definitely the right month to read this one If it s never exactly creepy, it s definitely atmospheric It captures 17th century New England well, too.But, but, but the story s just not that involving there are several moments of obvious scattered throughout Also, the coda was a bit confusing about the identity of the person in question there are only two possibilities and it s pretty clear who it is but there s still that tiny bit of doubt.

    Ronda Wian
    A fine period.Early America is always interesting to read about A fine tale to read The struggle of early Americans ops Indians.

    Stunning prose subtly horrifying A slower pace, but well worth it Read it.

    Beautiful and intense and intriguing, I thoroughly enjoyed this book The mystery keeps you wanting and the prose allows you to enjoy the ride.

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