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  • Title: Crusade
  • Author: Taylor Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781440640674
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook

  • Crusade By Taylor Anderson Swept from the World War II Pacific into an alternate world, Lietenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker have allied with the peaceful Lemurians in their struggle against the warlike, reptilian Grik But the greatest threat is yet to come For the massive Japanese battleship that Walker was fleeing back in the Pacific also came through theSwept from the World War II Pacific into an alternate world, Lietenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker have allied with the peaceful Lemurians in their struggle against the warlike, reptilian Grik But the greatest threat is yet to come For the massive Japanese battleship that Walker was fleeing back in the Pacific also came through the rift, and it s in the hands of the Grik.
    Taylor Anderson
    Taylor Anderson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crusade book, this is one of the most wanted Taylor Anderson author readers around the world.

    Crusade By Taylor Anderson


    Mr. Matt
    In Crusade we rejoin Captain Reddy and the crew of the Walker They have forged an alliance with the mammalian Lemurians against the predatorial, rapacious Grik After saving the sea folk, the Humans and Lemurians turn to rescue the land based Lemurians A captured Grik ship leads them to believe an all out assault is going to be made on the unsuspecting city states Sure enough the Walker and an armada of Lemurians arrive to lift the siege and smash a Grik fleet.Crusade suffers from second book syn [...]

    Yes I liked it.No, I m not going to give you a lengthy description of the book because I don t believe I am the Roger Ebert of the literary world.This is what matters to me.1 I enjoyed the book.2 I don t regret the time I spent with it.3 I wouldn t mind rereading relistening to it at a later date.This book meets those requirements If what matters to me matters to you and you enjoy military science fiction, this book might be for you.

    Mike (the Paladin)
    What can I say here This is prime, number 1, grade A brain candy No redeeming characteristics here deep literary meanings nuanced story telling This is the story of an obsolete WW1 destroyer and a destroyer escort of the same age thrown into a world of wooden ships, intelligent lemur like creatures that the humans call monkey cats and large also intelligent carnivorous lizards who don t take prisoners after battle They simply eat the enemy.Oh there s also an ultra modern WW2 Japanese Battle Ship [...]

    I m surprised that I am actually enjoying these books Alternate history is so not my thing, but this has been kind of fun I like the characters They are well drawn and down to earth There is such a strong conflict of good vs evil that flows throughout the whole story The story moves at a nice pace with something new always coming into play When I started this, I wasn t sure if I wanted to read it, but I m glad I did SO 4 STARS.

    I am not a big fan of reading the second book in a trilogy or series and skipping the first book, but I found myself in this situation when a new title at the library caught my eye Destroyermen Crusade is a novel in that famous science fiction fantasy tradition, the transplanted people into a parallel universe In this case, two United States destroyers are apparently in the midst of a battle with a Japanese Battle Cruiser Amiga during the Battle of the Java Sea in World War II, when as a result [...]

    The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)
    This book continues the fun of the first book It s very Edgar Rice Burroughs meets In Harm s Way the Movie Strong characters, difficult complex plot with intricate details that I find facinating I m already into book three and loving it This is a fun series Highly recommended for lovers of science fiction, Fantasy, and alternate reality stories It has a little Harry Turtledove in it too Fun read.

    A trilogy about World War II era naval ships transported to an altenate timeline I m just a complete sap for these types of books Loved it, sorry.The middle book in a trilogy is traditionally the meatiest, with the larger story arc resolving That s certainly true here, but it s also the slowest book of the series in some ways A welcome reprieve to the carnage

    I found book one in the Destroyermen series to be fun and entertaining, if a bit flat and cheesy, style wise Book two, though, actually had me wanting to stand up and cheer Not that it s any less flat and cheesy, but there are some quintessential qualities that Taylor Anderson brings to this series that I ve been missing in sci fi and military fiction lately.Duty, honor, bravery, sacrifice, and heroism Men acting like men Yes, the women both human and Lemurian are pretty brave too A war that fee [...]

    3.5 starsOriginally posted atFantasy Literature.The men and two women of the USS Walker are worn out and homesick They re resigned to being stuck on a parallel world, but they at least hope to find some humans There s a severe dame shortage so, though Commander Matthew Reddy and Nurse Sandra Tucker are in love with each other, they know they must not indulge their feelings because it might lower the morale of the rest of the destroyermen.There s plenty to keep them occupied meanwhile they ve re [...]

    If one can get past the prologue and first chapter of Destroyermen Crusade, one is in for a treat The fast paced action scenes that follow are worthy of any battle scenes in any of my favorites In my opinion, this alternate history series has some scenes that blow away Hornblower, are sharper than Sharpe, loom larger than Lewrie, hold water than Drinkwater, override Halfhyde, and outbattle Bolitho Sorry about getting carried away with useless and uninformative wordplay Don t get me wrong I love [...]

    Carl Alves
    Taylor Anderson s first novel in his Destroymen series was one of the best novels I ve ever read, so the bar was set high for Crusade Fortunately, Taylor Anderson delivered with an excellent sequel The world he created is a fascinating one where two naval destroyers from World War II are badly damaged in a fight with a Japanese naval ship, landing in an alternate world, where they take the side with the peaceful Lemurians against the dreaded lizard creatures, the Grik As Captain Reddy gets his c [...]

    At the end of the previous novel Into the Storm , we find out some interesting things the Grik are larger in numbers than expected, they have been in contact with other humans and possibly Mahan , and they are about to attack Surabaya The action in Crusade builds up as Captain Reddy and the Allied Expeditionary Force prepare to lift the siege of Surabaya Aryaal Then things get messy.The story is fast paced and contains a lot of action The allies make some gains, but they aren t the only ones on [...]

    Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk
    So, here we are back in that alternate Earth you know the one the one inhabited by those nice, furry, sociable,sea going meerkats Except it s not a nice furry, fluffy Earth, that one It s dangerous, very dangerous with its oceans populated by amazingly nasty voracious fish, dinosaur like creatures walk the forests and all the cute life forms are threatened by psychotic, murderous, intelligent lizards that just love to eat you alive And the nasty Japs have allied with them What chance do clean li [...]

    I tore through this one At the end of the first book, the crew of USS Walker learned that there were Grik than they had previously imagined, and that they were hell bent on destroying the Lemurians and their human allies The news isn t all bad, as they recovered the lost USS Mahan, as well as a crash landed PBY Catalina Toward the end, they learn that the Japanese cruiser Amagi came through the Squall as well, and for whatever reason have allied themselves with the Grik.This series continues to [...]

    Loved this second installment of the Destroyermen series Had just the right amounts of action, and the characters really stand out in this one It isn t often that a story gets me choked up, but I d have to say that the burial scene in this one did the trick And of course, nothing works better than giving enough twists and turns to make you wonder who s going to survive and who isn t Looking forward to picking up the next in the series.

    Jeff Miller
    Story continues to develop and keeps the action up at a high level with some nice plot introductions.One criticism I had of the first book of the crew of the U.S.S Walker seeming to be totally irreligious while the natives having a primitive religion are answered in the second book as much of the crewman s faith is talked about at least generally This series is the equivalent of a good summer popcorn movie.

    Scott Marlowe
    A fun read with plenty of action and suspense The character development remains a bit shallow, but there s enough going on that I often overlooked this Can t wait for book 3 and I assume the final confrontation with the Japanese battlecruiser, Amagi.

    Dabbling Madman
    This book Okay first off Yes I absolutely enjoyed it As much as an imagination as I like to think I have I found myself tensing and holding my breath maybe twice I am definitely loving this series I had my one complaint about what seemed like a rushed love connection but honestly it was handled pretty well throughout this book and after getting to read another installment of this series I have grown used to the situation Wow though the loses the emotion and the pride of the characters Even minor [...]

    The lizard like Grik are bad and like to eat their opponents They must be stopped.They are numerous and powerful This requires aUSADE Oh, and apparently some of the Japanese made it to this Alt Earth as well and have of course sided with the baby eating Grik against the awesome Americans and their cute and furry allies the Lemurians It s WWII by proxy.Oh, and we get some hot cat monkey on human action It s weird.

    John Peters II
    I really liked Crusade, even than the first book in the series The plethora of characters were thinned out and relationships established It had one of the best battle scenes I have ever read It was the emotional impact of the battle that made it so great.

    Riveting, nail biting, well written Can t wait to for book 3

    Second book in the series Had a hard time putting this book down one major downside was the size of those chapters They were 100 pages each, on average, so for a four hundred page book, not many chapters But still a fun read.I felt like there was peripheral character development in this book, which is not a bad thing I found myself caring for characters in this book than the first So I will definitely be interested in reading the next book in the series The author is a bit surprising in some o [...]

    Taylor Anderson has written a gripping story as he continues the tale of World War II era servicemen somehow transported with their destroyers to an alternate earth with odd creatures and cultures This is an action filled tale that deals with battle much than anything else Our heroes, stuck in this alternate world, have chosen to side with one race a lemur like cat people over a vicious race lizard like man eating people who kill and consume their victims and seem to be pure evil Having sided, [...]

    At one point while reading this I was wondering when I could catch my breath, because there was no break for an end to the chapter Then I scanned ahead, and found that these chapters were 100 pages This is the second book, and ROC is a big publisher, but have they let their editorial staff go The author has an idea, and a story But he has problems.First is believability which I pointed out after the first book, these guys are going to be making and creating things way beyond their capabilities t [...]

    This book very much picked up where the last one left off, easily hitting the promise of the first book A great tale, that should be read as a perfect example of this genre Four Stars.Plot Four StarsFull of action on land, sea and air, this book was just chock full of adrenaline and excitement It managed to weave a tale you couldn t help but fall into The atmosphere was so realistic, so engaging you felt the strain and fear of emerging from WWII into a alternate reality, of being cut off from hu [...]

    Casseus Holt
    Given the number of times I have given 5 5 stars, I honestly think the scale is too small for me, which is why I will say I will give a 9.8 10.This book does serve as an excellent sequel, and opens up a wide array of possibilities for other exciting events and hypotheticals As before, the author maintains a gripping hold on the reader with continual action along lines of war The decisions, assumptions, and considerations of the characters for strategy are realistic and not far fetched Tensions i [...]

    One thing I will say about this book that put me off when I stated reading it was that it only has 4 chapters Its a 400 page book, so you can imagine it was somewhat challenging to read in short spurts I m the kind of reader that, when I read I read to the end of a chapter before I out the book down in this case that wasn t possible but looking back now I sort of see the point in the ridiculously long chapters Some authors can hit a wall with character progression and as chapters end, so does th [...]

    Glen Robinson
    If you re like me and like alternate history military sci fi stories, and if you happened to pick up Into the Storm, the first book in the Destroyermen series, then the news that this is of the same should be good news.Crusade continues where Into the Storm left off, with two yes two ancient U.S destroyers from 1942 transported to an alien version of earth, complete with dinosaurs, monstrous carnivorous fish, one alien lizard like race that wants to eat everyone, and another lemurian race that [...]

    Crusade is book 2 of the Destroyermen series This seems to be a transitional novel leading to the big battle for all the marbles in book 3 Maelstrom I m reading book 3 right now and you could probably skip this book and go straight to 3 Nevertheless, this book is good and I d read it again.The story The USS Walker is trying to build a grand alliance of the Lemurians descendants of ancient lemurs in this parallel universe that the men and women of the World War I destroyer Walker finds themselves [...]

    Rob Trans
    This is another interesting entry into the series We learn a lot about the enemy and how powerful it is We also learn another enemy has survived Reddy convinces the Lemurians that their only chance of survival is total war and to go on the offensive This people have not been to war before in their long history Their main survival technique previously has been to flee The novel spends time taking us through the preparations in sufficient detail that they seem achievable for a people at the Lemur [...]

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