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  • Title: Betrayal
  • Author: Harold Pinter
  • ISBN: 9780571160822
  • Page: 343
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  • Betrayal By Harold Pinter Betrayal is Pinter s latest full length play since the enormous success of No Man s Land The play begins in 1977, with a meeting between adulterous lovers, Emma and Jerry, two years after their affair has ended During the nine scenes of the play, we move back in time, through the states of their affair, with the play ending in the house of Emma and Robert, her husband, wBetrayal is Pinter s latest full length play since the enormous success of No Man s Land The play begins in 1977, with a meeting between adulterous lovers, Emma and Jerry, two years after their affair has ended During the nine scenes of the play, we move back in time, through the states of their affair, with the play ending in the house of Emma and Robert, her husband, who is Jerry s best friend.The classic dramatic scenario of the love triangle is manifest in a mediation on the themes of marital infidelity, duplicity, and self deception Pinter writes a world that simultaneously glorifies and debases love.
    Harold Pinter
    Harold Pinter, CH, CBE, was an English playwright, screenwriter, actor, director, political activist and poet He was one of the most influential playwrights of modern times In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.After publishing poetry and acting in school plays as a teenager in London, Pinter began his professional theatrical career in 1951, touring throughout Ireland From 1952, he acted in repertory companies throughout England for about a dozen years, using the stage name David Baron in the late 1950s Beginning with his first play, The Room 1957 , Pinter s writing career spanned over 50 years and produced 29 original stage plays, 27 screenplays, many dramatic sketches, radio and TV plays, poetry, one novel, short fiction, essays, speeches, and letters His best known plays include The Birthday Party 1957 , The Caretaker 1959 , The Homecoming 1964 , and Betrayal 1978 , each of which he adapted to film His screenplay adaptations of others works include The Servant 1963 , The Go Between 1970 , The French Lieutenant s Woman 1981 , The Trial 1993 , and Sleuth 2007 He directed almost 50 stage, television, and film productions and acted extensively in radio, stage, television, and film productions of his own and others works Despite frail health after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in December 2001, Pinter continued to act on stage and screen, last performing the title role in a critically acclaimed stage production of Samuel Beckett s one act monologue Krapp s Last Tape, for the 50th anniversary season of the Royal Court Theatre, in October 2006.Pinter s dramas often involve strong conflicts among ambivalent characters who struggle for verbal and territorial dominance and for their own versions of the past Stylistically, these works are marked by theatrical pauses and silences, comedic timing, irony, and menace Thematically ambiguous, they raise complex issues of individual identity oppressed by social forces, language, and vicissitudes of memory In 1981, Pinter stated that he was not inclined to write plays explicitly about political subjects yet in the mid 1980s he began writing overtly political plays, reflecting his own heightening political interests and changes in his personal life This new direction in his work and his left wing political activism stimulated additional critical debate about Pinter s politics Pinter, his work, and his politics have been the subject of voluminous critical commentary.Pinter received numerous awards In addition to the Nobel Prize, he received the Tony Award for Best Play in 1967 for The Homecoming He was given BAFTA awards, the French L gion d honneur and 20 honorary degrees Festivals and symposia have been devoted to him and his work In awarding the Nobel Prize, the Swedish Academy noted, That he occupies a position as a modern classic is illustrated by his name entering the language as an adjective used to describe a particular atmosphere and environment in drama Pinteresque He died from liver cancer on 24 December 2008 He was buried the following week at Kensal Green Cemetery in North West London.

    Betrayal By Harold Pinter


    Mahdi Lotfabadi

    Saye Tafreshi

    Rachel the Book Harlot
    This probably works better on the stage than it does on the page Frankly, I was disappointed.True to its title, Betrayal is a story about betrayal and deception The play is centered on three people Emma, Robert, and Jerry Emma, who is married to Robert, has had a long term affair with Robert s best friend Jerry The opening scene is of Emma and Jerry meeting for a drink two years after their affair has ended The play then works its way chronologically backwards in time, feeding us details of the [...]

    Well, it s nice, sometimes, to think back Isn t it

    I actually listened to this as a BBC Radio Drama bbc programmes b01kr71s that starred Olivia Colman and Andrew Scott I d heard he d won the BBC Audio Drama, Best Actor Award for it, and I liked him from BBC Sherlock so I thought it would be worth listening to.This is a very interesting and thought provoking play First of all, it s presented chronologically backwards We meet the two people who have had an affair after their affair is over, as they are having a discussion over lunch The woman reve [...]

    Arman Mohammadi yazdi

    From theconversation The word ruling this play is when When did Jerry know that Emma had told Robert, her husband, of their affair When did Emma know that Robert knew, and decide not to tell Jerry, but continue it When did Jerry decide he would not leave Judith, his wife, and was this the catalyst for Emma to say, while pregnant with her son, Ned, that Robert was the father, not Jerry When was the moment of real betrayal When Jerry drunkenly declared undying love to his best friend s wife behind [...]

    Amir Mojiry
    1 13602 .3 .

    Betrayal is a play about a woman, Emma, who is cheating on her husband, Robert, with his best friend, Jerry Ok, so the story s been done before, but Pinter gives it his signature twist and has a way of making the characters very, very uncomfortable The structure of the play is unique, as the story is not told in chronological order, but time is scattershot throughout the piece I would be very interested in seeing this play live, as I don t know how they would let the audience know when the speci [...]

    In Betrayal, the focus for me was largely on what is not said than what is actually said between three characters It is very raw and conversation feels extremely spontaneous, but in virtually every scene my toes were curling with the awkward atmosphere The dialogue is very simple in terms of words but as to what is actually being said by the characters is somewhat complex so resist the temptation to read it at lightening speed it is a very short read or at least read it twice with the ability t [...]

    ROBERTOh not much to say on that subject, really, is there EMMAWhat do you consider the subject to be ROBERTBetrayal.EMMANo, it isn tBERTIsn t it What is it then EMMAI haven t finished it yet I ll let you knowBERTWell, do let me know.PauseOf course, I could be thinking of the wrong book.

    I genuinely really liked this play The play focuses on something we ve all seen before the ups and downs of a love affair However there s a great storytelling structure used here we don t see the events going forward, but instead going backward Each scene informs the previous scene Definitely recommend this to any fans of Jason Robert Brown s The Last Five Years.


    John Jr.
    It s a commonplace of the theater that the script is not the show the dialogue and stage directions on the page are only a template for what can be presented in the theater This means that reading a play belongs in a different category of literary experience from reading almost anything else We can assume a novel, a poem, an essay, to be as complete and coherent as the author wishes what we make of it in reading depends on us, but what we ve got is the end product A playscript, though, is delibe [...]

    Pardis Parto

    It is the film you want to see, not the book enpedia wiki BetrayalFrom today s obituary Pinter once said of language, The speech we hear is an indication of that which we don t hear It is a necessary avoidance, a violent, sly, and anguished or mocking smoke screen which keeps the other in its true place When true silence falls we are left with echo but are nearer nakedness One way of looking at speech is to say that it is a constant stratagem to cover nakedness One of the great writers of the 20 [...]


    Daniel Simmons
    How can a play with so few words communicate so much about human deception and disloyalty Pain, uncertainty, lacerating self doubt, and heaps of emotional violence reside in this work s silences, in the spaces between the words, in what is left unsaid Love here, if it exists, is a horror story spun backward in time, a dark star collapsing slowly in on itself Disquieting and brilliant.

    This play by the Nobel winning playwright is typical Pinter Filled with black humor and dialogue, each character is both real, and thoroughly dislikable in my opinion EMMA You know what I found out last night He s betrayed me for years He s had other women for yearsRRYNo Good Lord Pause But we betrayed him for years.EMMAAnd he betrayed me for yearsRRYWell I never knew that.EMMANor did I What is happening This is a play of lies Each character s betrayal slowly unfolds throughout the dialogue Ever [...]

    This is my favorite play I ve had to read for English class this semester.


    I was introduced to Pinter s writing to see Nobel winning subtlety at work The pauses make the play.On a continuum of clarity, the script of Betrayal is enigmatic but on audio, as performed on BBC Radio 4 Andrew Scott as Jerry , the play reaches the other end of the scale Judging this piece of work by its words on paper alone would not be doing it justice Having read and listened to the play, I want to see it on stage, because as little is stated in black and white, the story is clear and defini [...]

    Mikael Kuoppala
    Some time ago I saw an excellent performance of this Harold Pinter play by an amateur theatre group The Finn Britt Players, and finally decided to try this one out in written form as well The story of an affair between two married people in a situation where all involved know each other might easily turn soapy or disinteresting, but Pinter has loaded his scenes with intense emotion and perfectly sharp dialog His talent makes Betrayal a nail biting drama, employing the sometimes tricky method of [...]

    One of a few plays I am happy to reread rewatch Harold Pinter s inspiration for this was his long term affair with Joan Bakewell, and he has said how he felt betrayed when he learnt that Joan s husband had known about the affair for a long time and not confronted him And a wonderful exposure of human nature in the first scene when Jerry says, having heard talk that his ex lover is seeing another man that he felt irritation that no one gossiped about us like that Funny and painful, sparse mundane [...]

    I had meant to read Betrayal for a while now, but never found the perfect mood, until one solitary Saturday night in, I simply felt the need to read Pinter I recited this in bed and it was simply wonderful The first and second scenes were everything I look for in theatre and in Pinter the silence, the awkward, the confusion, the words words words After that, the play managed not to lose my interest, although I would have simply been over the moon with happiness had it been the same during the en [...]

    Depressing, ugly picture of human life Also, class made me feel rather stupid considering we spent most of our time talking about the possibility of a homosexual relationship between Robert and Jerry, which I did not pick up on AT ALL the first time I read it Oops But then later, my professor switched gears and acted as if that was just a totally hypothetical possibility, probably thought of by the characters but never realized because of their British sense of propriety Rather confusing of him [...]

    This play is beautiful Every single line has this wonderful subtext that is constantly ready to burst out but is held inside by the characters It almost makes you crazy to watch such raw, true to life scenes and know that nobody is saying what they really mean This play is so easy to relate to because of the hidden meaning behind the characters dialogue It s also fun to think about the especially confusing lines and wonder, why would he she say that Why don t they just spit it out and think abou [...]

    Mohsen Rajabi

    Alborz Taheri

    Samir Rawas Sarayji
    Really good stuff The scenes are told in reverse chronology with the theme being an affair where Jerry is Robert s best friend, and he has an affair with Robert s wife, Emma It s not just the plot that makes it, or the subliminal tension of each scene, but the combination of that with the structure and returning motifs throughout the play that really take it to the next level.

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