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  • Title: Wild in Whispering Cove
  • Author: Mackenzie McKade
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  • Wild in Whispering Cove By Mackenzie McKade What do you get when you combine three couples and one secret bet An all out smoking hot reunion.Mackenzie McKade, Cathryn Fox, and Nikki Duncan have teamed up to do an erotic, contemporary anthology We had a blast working on it and will be releasing the books in January and February 2011 We hope you love what we ve come up with.Whispering Cove, Maine is bustling with thWhat do you get when you combine three couples and one secret bet An all out smoking hot reunion.Mackenzie McKade, Cathryn Fox, and Nikki Duncan have teamed up to do an erotic, contemporary anthology We had a blast working on it and will be releasing the books in January and February 2011 We hope you love what we ve come up with.Whispering Cove, Maine is bustling with the excitement of their first ten year high school reunion looming on the horizon Even the town s favorite grandfathers Byron Mitchell, Harold Adair and Errol Wilson are anticipating the return of the young ones Specifically, their young ones.The grandchildren who skipped town after graduation and have failed to settle down with a family are coming back for a prolonged visit During their weekly poker game, Byron, Harold and Errol cook up a plan to keep their grandkids home, or at least see them settled into marriage before they leave To make things interesting, they place a bet on which grandchild will be the first to the altar, after all they re not going to be around forever and the sound of great grandkids sure would help shake things up a bit in the quaint, touristy fishing village.When the kids arrive home, the matchmaking games and antics begin as these three men battle each other, and go to great lengths, to win their prideful bet.WHISPERING COVE 1Haunting memories made her run family forced her return can love make her stay Ten years ago a tragic accident forced Andrea Andie Adair from Whispering Cove, leaving behind her family, friends, and fianc A dark secret keeps her away from the sleepy seaport village, until she receives an ambiguous telephone from her grandfather He s in the hospital Desperate to cling to her only living relative she races back home and straight into the arms of the one man she can t bear to face.Sheriff, Brody McGrath, built his life without the woman of his dreams, but when he catches Andie, thinking she s a prowler, he isn t prepared for the onslaught of emotions grief, regret, heartache, and love.There is no denying the old spark between them still burns brightly, but can love defeat the demons of Andie s past and allow her to live again
    Mackenzie McKade
    Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you d call me a desert rat Well, actually, I d be a desert rat that loves the mountains and lakes Arizona gives me great pleasure, because if I m not at the computer writing or buried nose deep in a book you ll find me on a four wheeler, or a jet ski, or being pulled behind my 26 Monterey boat on an oblong tube called a hot dog laughing my ass off In fact, my family says I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves similar to a witch Yes, that s right this witch has a family Bill is my wonderful husband of twenty two years Tia, Samantha and Ashley are my three beautiful girls and my greatest accomplishments to date And the light of my life is a devilishly handsome grandson, Dusty.As writing is a passion with many it s an obsession with me Who knew that the wild things going on in my head someone would actually read But I m thankful you do and I hope you find joy and entertainment in my sometimes okay most of the time risqu ramblings.

    Wild in Whispering Cove By Mackenzie McKade


    Andie suffered a traumatic event ten years ago and left town Her Gpa tricks her into coming back and she falls right back into the arms of the town sheriff and her ex, Brody.Yeah, the blurb sounds cute, but it s not It s ridiculously angsty for such a smutty short So that just leaves things getting resolved WAY too fast for all of the angst.Andie s so depressed by the traumatic event that she s lost the will to live What she needed was real therapy and not the healing cock kind.My problem is tha [...]

    Heather in FL
    I enjoyed this, but I think maybe I had a hard time connecting with Andie s pain I understood it, definitely, I just didn t quite feel it She had such a great support system, but in her grief and guilt, she just left them all behind Even the man who was to be her husband, the man who had been there forever for her I still can t believe Brody waited ten years for her It ended in a happy place, and I was happy Brody and Andie were able to work through her issues so she could return to the only pla [...]

    This was a bit shit.Maybe I m being unkind but it was boring And the main character was beyond aggravating Literally I spent most of the story telling her to get off the cross.There was absolutely nothing Wild about this story It was very tame and repetitive She did nothing but cry and have sex and feel guilt The entire time It was old REAL fast Did not like her at all And from someone who has lost parents, move the fuck on you idiot and stop trying to fling yourself off piers every single time [...]

    Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    This review was posted at Under The CoversThis was an entertaining collection of short story eroticas They did have of a feel of contemporary romance, but I think it s the perfect summer light reading with a kick All three stories are, in a way, about lovers reunited Three old irish men set up to marry off their grandkids by playing on their guilt and bringing them all back to Whispering Cove, the small town they all fled like the plague ten years ago WildThis was my least favorite story of the [...]

    This is a really interesting anthology, each story is written by a different author but follows the same timeline in a small Maine town.The story reminded me of the Harlequins I grew up reading Very sweet and endearing, plenty of comedy from the three old men Not a lot of surprise here, it stayed fairly true to the old formula.The big difference was the steam Holy hot and heavy If my old romances had smexy scenes like these I never would have stopped reading them These two are seriously combusti [...]

    Never underestimate the power of three old codgers to manipulate and arrange when they feel the need to do so Andrea s granddad and his two old friends know that the time has come for her to come home to once again face her family and her hometown, a place that she has avoided because of past tragedy and pain She walked away from her family and her life, from her life s great love and fiance when her parents were killed in a boating accident and even though she has moved on with her life in some [...]

    This novella is the beginning of a trilogy that brings old friends and lovers together The trilogy involves three wily grandfathers who want to bring their grandchildren back home to stay What better way then to match make Andie is summoned back to Whispering Cove, fighting her demons, determined to see that her grandfather is ok and then run back to the city where she feels safe That plan is sidelined by running into lost love, Sheriff Brody McGrath, along with a crafty plan put into motion by [...]

    This was a great premise, but I didn t really like the execution of it Overall, for me, it was too angsty and unbelievable.For such an intelligent woman, I couldn t get on board with the idea that Andrea hadn t sought any help with dealing with her grief, especially as she then does a complete 180 and decides to stay Brody was a little disappointing because he came across as weak For someone who had pined so deeply for the woman he loves and even built a house for, why didn t he fight harder for [...]

    This is the first book in the series and it wasn t too bad I figured with a hot cop in the mix it might just live up to the title, but not really.One thing I do like is that the books in the series are written by different authors, I do like things different now and again It has piqued my interest in regards to the other characters in the series So I am off to read book 2 Wet In Whispering Cove by Cathryn Fox.

    I hate, hate, HATE books with manipulating family or friends , they piss me off to no end Add a meddling grandfather with a dumb, weak heroine a needy hero and I could barely get through the first few chapters much less the whole story Really don t want to read the other two books in the series.

    Parts of this were good, and parts were a hot mess.The betting, meddling grandpas were funny The central story of two people reunited was hot, but Andie s complete meltdown and the way Brody expects her to get past her issues immediately weren t very good Also, Andie s grandpa not spending any time with her once he finally get her home

    3.5 starsI liked this short little story, it was sweet and angst y, but after reading it I kind of wished that the story could ve been stretched out into a novel so the story could develop slower and go a bit deeper, but it is an anthology after all.

    Kara Parks
    What a great story can t wait to read the next in the series I usually don t like Novella because the characters but that wasn t the case in this story the author of setting the stage for Brody and Andie.

    Nikki Duncan
    I m biased to this story, but even if I wasn t I would love it Mackenzie is always an auto buy for me because of her beautiful and emotional writing.

    Dahlia (yadkny)

    Review posted at guiltyindulgencebookclubs.

    Dragged to much for me

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