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  • Title: Un gioco da bambini
  • Author: J.G. Ballard
  • ISBN: 9788807819766
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback

  • Un gioco da bambini By J.G. Ballard Nel 1988, nell esclusiva e nuovissima residenza del villaggio di Pangbourne, pochi chilometri fuori Londra, si verifica un massacro trentadue adulti vengono trovati morti Sono stati brutalmente uccisi nonostante i dispositivi di sicurezza e i loro tredici figli adolescenti sono scomparsi Il delitto pare perfetto come il luogo in cui si consumato, ed durato solo pochNel 1988, nell esclusiva e nuovissima residenza del villaggio di Pangbourne, pochi chilometri fuori Londra, si verifica un massacro trentadue adulti vengono trovati morti Sono stati brutalmente uccisi nonostante i dispositivi di sicurezza e i loro tredici figli adolescenti sono scomparsi Il delitto pare perfetto come il luogo in cui si consumato, ed durato solo pochi minuti Nessuno sa come sia stato possibile e ne riesce a immaginare il motivo Ma forse la risposta si trova nel fatto che in una societ totalmente sana, in un contesto di ricchezza e abbondanza, dove tutto predefinito e organizzato per ottenere il massimo della felicit , l unica via di scampo la follia E forse sotto l apparente perfezione si cela una realt ben diversa Per risolvere lo sconcertante caso, la polizia chiede l aiuto di un consulente psichiatrico, il dottor Richard Greville E saranno le sue indagini a svelare uno scenario inquietante cui nessun vuol credere dal momento che si ipotizza la colpevolezza dei ragazzi.Un gioco da bambini stato pubblicato da Anabasi nel 1992 e da BaldiniCastoldi nel 1999.
    J.G. Ballard
    James Graham J G Ballard 15 November 1930 19 April 2009 was an English novelist, short story writer, and essayist Ballard came to be associated with the New Wave of science fiction early in his career with apocalyptic or post apocalyptic novels such as The Drowned World 1962 , The Burning World 1964 , and The Crystal World 1966 In the late 1960s and early 1970s Ballard focused on an eclectic variety of short stories or condensed novels such as The Atrocity Exhibition 1970 , which drew closer comparison with the work of postmodernist writers such as William S Burroughs In 1973 the highly controversial novel Crash was published, a story about symphorophilia and car crash fetishism the protagonist becomes sexually aroused by staging and participating in real car crashes The story was later adapted into a film of the same name by David Cronenberg.While many of Ballard s stories are thematically and narratively unusual, he is perhaps best known for his relatively conventional war novel, Empire of the Sun 1984 , a semi autobiographical account of a young boy s experiences in Shanghai during the Second Sino Japanese War as it came to be occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army Described as The best British novel about the Second World War by The Guardian, the story was adapted into a 1987 film by Steven Spielberg.The literary distinctiveness of Ballard s work has given rise to the adjective Ballardian , defined by the Collins English Dictionary as resembling or suggestive of the conditions described in J G Ballard s novels and stories, especially dystopian modernity, bleak man made landscapes and the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry describes Ballard s work as being occupied with eros, thanatos, mass media and emergent technologies.

    Un gioco da bambini By J.G. Ballard


    This mordant mystery novella by science fiction writer J.G Ballard is only a mystery because the hideous crime at its core is the product of a socially unbearable evil The thirty two adults of the affluent enclave of Pangbourne Village have been brutally murdered, but their thirteen children visible in the security footage up to the moment camera cords were cut have disappeared from the scene Could the children have been kidnapped If so, why has there been no ransom demand Oruld there be some ot [...]

    mark monday
    EXPERIENCED NANNIES WANTEDExperienced nannies wanted for care of 13 children ages 8 17 in the safe, comfortable, and perfectly controlled upper class environment of the exclusive Pangbourne Village Position Description The nanny is a specialist working in the family s home, responsible for all tasks related to care of the children The nanny will serve as a loving, nurturing, and trustworthy companion to the children The nanny will carefully maintain at all times the liberal attitude enforced by [...]

    It wasn t the butler.


    Running Wild What an apt title I was indeed running wild when I finished this book At least my mind was Maybe I was actually running tooI can t remember This novel follows the investigation of psychiatric adviser Dr Richard Greville as he looks into the cause of a grisly mass murder The murder involved some thirty two people and the murder weapons spanned from guns to crossbows, hair dryers to pillows, and even bamboo mantraps Now let your minds wander and imagine the crime scene You got it Yea, [...]


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    In a totally sane society, madness is the only freedom This quote from Running Wild succinctly sums up the sentiments of this slim novel.At what first reads like a rather dry police procedural centered around a seemingly impossible to solve mass murder at a gated community, the impending twist is that THERE IS NO TWIST and once the protagonist figures out the details, the narrative shifts focus into a psychosocial exploration as the the nature and reasoning of the unlikely perpetrator s I am no [...]

    Spiros Papadopoulos , , 12 PS Charlie Brooker.

    Orbi Alter
    Tesko mi je zamisliti neku danasnju biblioteku za mlade koja bi uvrstila i ovaj naslov osobito kad se u obzir uzme da lokalnim dusebriznicima i dusebriznicama smetaju nevjerojatno nevini naslovi , a opet gledam u tog Hit juniora na kojem sam odrasla i pored lijepih Townsend, Endea, Dahla, Lindrgren ili O Della, znalo se naici i na bas pomaknute naslove Nevjerojatno mi je da mi je bas ovaj romancic bio prvi susret s Ballardom u zivotu i da sam ga s njim zavoljela I cesto se kroz zivot prisjecala [...]

    This is an odd little book when compared to Ballard s other work In this region of the country it is kind of a hard title to find, and both times that I have seen it in used stores it has been priced for collectors for me that means over 12ah, i m a cheapskate It is also very short, clocking in at just over a hundred pages.For those who are unfamiliar with Ballard, he had a fascination with what he called invisible literature This is best described as documents written for a specific purpose oth [...]

    Read this today riding back from Chicago There are nods to both the procedural form as well as a fairy tale There is a massacare of all the adults at a gated community outside of Reading All of the children are missing A psychologist from the Home Office investigates the murder kidnapping and explores the estate, itself a community of isolated sanity The protagonist later concludes that within such, madness is the only freedom Ballard succeeds again in casting an eerie hue on the mechanisms of o [...]

    I loved this book So weird and disturbing.Ballard is my favourite author but I prefer his short stories to his novels generally, but this is an exception to that rule.

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    Kids in gated community go crazy Lord of the Flies meets the suburbs.Andis just inCANNES Andras Hamori s H20 Motion Pictures has green lighted two new productions the thriller Running Wild, based on the novel by J.G Ballard and starring Samuel L Jackson, and The Gate 20 Years Later, a sequel to the 1987 hit teen horror title.Jackson will act as a co producer on Running Wild, a detective story about the investigation of a mysterious massacre at a wealthy gated community Television and music video [...]

    As with the other Ballards I ve read the only mystery is that of motive I like his subversion of mystery tropes in the service of cautionary aims.

    • Frannie •
    Letto in poche ore, questo libricino di appena 92 pagine crea una tensione deliziosa e al tempo stesso disturbante 1988, seguiamo le indagini di un consulente psichiatra, il dott Greville, in merito ad un misterioso massacro avvenuto nella ricca ed esclusiva area residenziale del Pangbourne Village, vicino Londra 32 adulti sono stati uccisi a sangue freddo, perlopi a colpi di proiettile e i loro 13 figli adolescenti sono misteriosamente scomparsi Un delitto perfetto in un luogo a sua volta perfe [...]

    Aaron Kent
    I started this book last night and had to stop reading it because I was getting scared and freaked out I woke up early to finish it How many books can you say that about

    Petros Sarantakis

    Vassiliki Dass
    3.5 .

    This isn t really a novel, a novella And not really a novella but a true crime story with less of a narrative than, say, In Cold Blood And not really a true crime story but a shaggy dog where the punchline seems to be And then they try to kill Margaret Thatcher Ballard sets up a murder mystery which even a lightweight like myself can figure out from the beginning There is really only one possible solution, barring something supernatural sci fi, so when it becomes apparent that the obvious solut [...]

    Silvia Feliceconunlibro
    Recensione completa feliceconunlibro 2Attraverso ci che il dottor Greville scrive, seguiamo passo passo le indagini che vengono condotte sul caso.Quello che ha di particolare questo libro che il suo fulcro non lo scoprire il colpevole, che evidente ancor prima di iniziare a leggere, ma anzi riuscire a capire il movente La verit che alla fine emerge talmente agghiacciante che nessuno riesce a immaginarla o a crederla possibile.una lettura che lascia un po attoniti, con tante domande in testa.Trop [...]

    Era da tanto che volevo leggere Ballard, autore in cui mi imbatto ogni volta che butto un occhio nella sezione fantascienza di qualsiasi libreria E cavolo se non dovevo farlo prima e se non comprer sicuramente altri libri di quest uomo.Un gioco da bambini un libro incredibilmente breve 92 pagine, stampate su carta spessissima per farlo sembrare un po pi corposo cos breve che la domanda sorge spontanea ce la pu fare, in cos poco spazio, a raccontare tutto A mio avviso s , anche se in modo un po a [...]

    At the heart of this book is a compelling insight into the consequences of living a false life, eliminating any element of human experience that might be messy, unpredictable, inconvenient any element that doesn t conform to superficially defined perfection The crime that carries the plot is interesting, but the real horror in this novella is what happens to young, developing humans who are cut off from reality who live in a state of sensory deprivation Ballard describes these young people as pr [...]

    Riccardo Mainetti
    Un tranquillo complesso residenziale abitato da famiglie della borghesia inglese che vivono nell agiatezza e che hanno instaurato una sorta di regime atto a creare una societ sana e pacifica Una sorta di piccolo paradiso in terra dove la vita scorre tranquilla fra i mille impegni, tutti rigorosamente pianificati, tanto degli adulti che degli abitanti pi giovani In questa sorta di Piccola Societ Perfetta, un giorno, come un fulmine a ciel sereno, piomba l inaspettato e l imponderabile In una trag [...]

    I feel like Ballard does for psychology what classical science fiction writers do for concepts taken from the hard science He takes a situation that highlights a certain psychogical effect in the case of this book, the effect of so called helicopter or rigorously involved parenting on the mental health of their children and paints an extreme scenario where this condition drives the affected characters to excess In Running Wild, he documents in clinical, clear eyed detail the mental degradation o [...]

    Un gioco da bambini la cronaca degli eventi di un analista della polizia, che documenta le indagini che vedono al centro il massacro di trentadue adulti e la successiva sparizione dei figli degli uccisi, fino all agghiacciante scoperta l uccisione avvenuta per mano degli stessi ragazzi, che hanno architettato un piano studiato fin nei minimi particolari Tutto per liberarsi della dittatura della bont , che aveva imprigionato i ragazzi, tutti benestanti, in una vita monotona, organizzata fin nei m [...]

    This one felt like Ballard s heart wasn t in it His fascination with upper class housing being a trap from which rich people can only escape through violence is an interesting one, but here the tone of the story changes too often and Ballard gives the details in such a flat way there s no way to invest in the story I love the idea of children revolting at the idea of overly precious parents, but there s probably a better way to tell it than this I m still waiting for a book to match High Rise I [...]

    Not a great book, saved from itself by its brevity.

    Germano Dalcielo
    Racconto lungo del buon James, sempre sulle sue corde, quelle dell alienazione sociale e del disadattamento esistenziale Un maestro del genere distopico moderno, ma, nonostante io sia un suo grande fan, questo libro non lo annovero tra i suoi capolavori Piuttosto tirato per i capelli il movente, nonostante, ripeto, siamo in una Inghilterra distopica, quasi surreale Lettura godibile, a maggior ragione perch si legge in un paio d ore.

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