UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Cute Eats Cute - by C.B. Murphy #2020

  • Title: Cute Eats Cute
  • Author: C.B. Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780878393657
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback

  • Cute Eats Cute By C.B. Murphy If Holden Caulfield had grown up in an age of environmental politics he might sound like Cute Eats Cute s 15 year old narrator Set in a Midwestern town at the turn of the millennium, Sam s mother embraces Wicca, his dad dials in talk radio, and his eco warrior friends shift into hyper drive as the community goes up in arms when deer are slated for culling from a large urIf Holden Caulfield had grown up in an age of environmental politics he might sound like Cute Eats Cute s 15 year old narrator Set in a Midwestern town at the turn of the millennium, Sam s mother embraces Wicca, his dad dials in talk radio, and his eco warrior friends shift into hyper drive as the community goes up in arms when deer are slated for culling from a large urban park.Organically wrapped in paradox and irony, Cute Eats Cute explores the many false utopias its characters embrace Sam discovers the human condition is really about finding out which tribe you re in, and in doing so, learns to navigate the turbulent waters of this so called life.Cute Eats Cute the title taken from a speech Sam s dad makes at his high school defending the urban deer hunt encapsulates how animals eat one another for survival and defense And the food chain never sleeps The satirical jabs at the men s movement, the deafening but impressionable rhetoric of the gun toting Christian right group, The Hunters of Men, and the fragile friendship of Sam s school chums who are each facing down their own personal issues against their blind ecology crusade all conspire to make Murphy s novel a page turning delight But it s not without its carefully constructed messages.
    C.B. Murphy
    C B Murphy is a writer, visual artist, and filmmaker He studied writing with Mark Wisniewski contributor to 2003 Best Short Stories edited by Salman Rushdie , Linda Lightsey Rice Southern Exposure , Ian Leask The Wounded , and Melissa Bank The Girl s Guide to Hunting and Fishing In 2005, he received first prize for fiction at the Southhampton College Writers Workshop, judged by Billy Collins Poetry 180 , Matthew Klam Sam the Cat , and Frank McCourt Angela s Ashes An excerpt from CUTE EATS CUTE was published as a short story in Ellipsis Magazine Second novel END OF MEN published Zoographico Press 9 12For several years, Murphy was a cartoonist for The Chicago Reader which ran his weekly comic strip, C B Murphy The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art selected his book January is Alien Registration Month for its permanent Artists Books collection His artwork and illustrations include, The Second Mongolian Invasion, Nuclear Pup, and Masonic Kabbalah Circus, all of which are in the University of Cincinnati collection Murphy s short films have screened across the U.S including at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Willis Gallery in Detroit.Over the course of his professional career, Murphy was a commodities trader, industrial metals salesman, product development manager, international sales manager, and ideation consultant Working for the Chicago based Selfix company as a Product Development Manager, International Sales manufacturer and importer of household items, he designed prototype products, traveling to Asia to develop the company s import and sales programs During the late 80s, he worked for select Fortune 500 companies as a contractor in various capacities.Murphy studied a variety of subjects, including experimental film and poetry with Richard Grossinger, Planet Medicine , and anthropology at the University of Michigan He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in perceptual geography from the University of Minnesota, where he studied under Yi Fu Tuan Escapism, The Good Life Murphy also volunteers as an Assistant Art Instructor for Level 4 offenders at Stillwater Prison He resides with his wife and two sons in the river valley town of Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota.

    Cute Eats Cute By C.B. Murphy


    Jen MP
    I received this book as part of Giveaways It was a really good book I wish some of the minor characters had a bit , well, personality of their own such as Holly , but overall the characterization was very well done It was written as if it really were through the mind of a teenager in a really unedited sort of way The author manages to get what runs through a teenager s brain, even when that brain tends to go a little dramatic The only parts I didn t like were references to people being just as b [...]

    Pendred Noyce
    Cute Eats Cute by C.B Murphy is a cynical, funny, and surprisingly tender hearted social satire and coming of age story In a Minneapolis suburb, community discord over whether hunters should cull a burgeoning deer herd in the local nature reserve becomes a vehicle for dissecting a multitude of modern America s social divisions Talk radio, New Age religion, eco sentimentalism, pop psychology and macho hunter culture all come under Murphy s microscope Fifteen year old Sam s hippie parents want him [...]

    Elisa The-Bookie-Monster
    I won this book through a contest This book was compared to The Catcher in the Rye which I enjoyed so I entered and was lucky enough to win Anyway, this book is a pretty slow read I found myself not being able to focus on it and I had to force myself to read it I found myself asking how Elissa and Jeff were still together, then realized the moral of the story is that love can survive between even the most opposite of people.

    Connie Murphy
    Great read Brilliant Murphy nailed it Best novel I ve read in a long time I highly recommend it

    Katherine Jordan
    Cute Eats Cute is a wonderful and witty novel which I enjoyed to the very end I would recommend this book to anyone

    The premise of this book is solid Your traditional coming of age story, a boy torn between his parents, his friends and his struggling with his own emotions and opinions What makes this story unique is that it s sets against some strong themes of environmentalism Sam the main character of the story is surrounded by some excellent and hilarious characters who both aid and impede his development The main conflict is what to do over the ever growing deer population The deer are reproducing at an un [...]

    Received through first reads giveaway.I d rate this a 3.5 but I ll round up to a 4 since I really liked the topic for the book You don t need me for the summary, but I will say that the book was a great read Being stuck in that gray area myself, although I am not confused about where stand, I can really relate to the main character I loved the inner debate, trying to figure out what is right and what s wrong, who to trust, all while being either pulled from or distrusted by both sides Even if yo [...]

    Antonio Marrero Jr
    This book is very funny, especially Perry, I found a lot of the moments where people were overreacting to things that from an outside point of view might be suck a big deal absolutely hilarious Though I m not big into politics and the issues that communities like to argue about for example in the book the main issue was the hunting of deer, some didn t want it to happen and others considered it necessary but it did a great job of explaining both aides There were a few eye rolling moments when ch [...]

    Haven t received my copy yet, just received notice I had won 12 19 13Received my copy and hope to start soon Have 2 others plus my current read in front 1 14 14Started 1 20 14Finished 1 25 14A special hunt is planned to help thin the deer population in the Wirth The whole community is outraged some for the limited hunting permits and others for the hunt itself Sam s dad work is planning the hunt while his mom is Wiccan and believes all living things should be saved Sam s friends talk him into go [...]

    First Reads Win Fantastic This book started out as goofy humor that I like and quickly became the book I couldn t put down, which I love How many times have we been told to pick a side, and found that both options have their faults doesn t matter who s side we choose because either will end with less than desirable consequences The main character is caught up in his sci fi fantasy s, one where he is an environmental version of James Bond, his parents who have become polar opposites and his high [...]

    Krystal Hickam
    I would like to thank the author, the publisher and for allowing me a chance to read an ARC of Cute Eats Cute.I received this book accidently instead of the intended End of Men and put it aside to read at some later point But since the author was kind enough to send me the correct book I read the book right after End of Men This is your typical teenage story of a boy caught between his parents, friends and outside influences It deals quite a bit with environmentalism as well as gun ownership and [...]

    I received this book through a first reads giveaway.I m currently juggling between a rating of a 3 and a 3.5 At first I wasn t really into the whole Eco theme throughout the book But once I had some free time and gave it a chance, it really started picking up for me towards the middle of the book I thought the characters were great and likeable for the most part The only one I didn t feel much of a connection to was Holly It was a funny, quick read once I actually had some time to finish it that [...]

    In the end I liked this book overall, but I had a hard time reading through it The story was interesting and environmental idealism vs realism approach is something that I argue with my own parents a lot so I was extra interested Sometimes the writing felt a little plodding, almost too unsure which I think goes with the protagonists own situation of being a teenager and stuck between two warring sides and trying to figure out who he really is and what he believes So the book was good in that per [...]

    I want to thank C B Murphy and First Reads Giveaway for my copy of Cute Eats Cute.Cute Eats Cute involves an ecological conflict that arises when the deer population in a city park was getting out of control and the proposal was made to reduce the population with a controlled hunt Three high school students take the side to protect the deer, the church crowd that believes in hunting and the natural order of the food chain and school officials, all have a point of view as to the fate of the deer [...]

    It shocked me at how hilarious this book is Sam is caught between a rock and a hard place If he sides with one parent he will alienate the other parent Sam is like every other teenager out there Scared, wanting to please others, confused, liking the opposite sex Sam wants to please everyone and the author does a great job coming across as Sam s age It will bring some memories of when you were a teenager and can relate With all the issues the characters get themselves into makes this a funny read [...]

    Thank you, C B Murphy, for my free copy of Cute Eats Cute as a First Reads winner This story was a very interesting read A coming of age story that starts out sad to meThe 8 year old brother, Perry, isn t old enough to understand why his parents are changing the way they want things, but 15 year old, Sam, can grasp the details a bit better Not that he understands it either, but he is accepting to it at first.I highly recommend this title for all readers.

    Susannah Greenberg
    Funny dry wit

    Annalee Tennant
    I thought the book was very cool and fun to read plus it has a awesome cover , also awesome characters.

    A great bookworth the time and money.

    Sherry Salfai
    Won in a good reads contest

    Haven Gordon
    I won this from a giveaway and I absolutely loved it It s exactly the kind of book I m interested in

    Samantha A
    Received through first reads giveaway.

    C.B. Murphy

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