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  • Title: Sid Vicious
  • Author: Alan G. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780752875460
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Sid Vicious By Alan G. Parker Never mind the other biographies Sid Vicious is the definitive guide to the life and times of the Sex Pistols front man As a veteran punk rocker who lived briefly with Sids archives, lead to dramatic conclusions about who killed Nancy Spungeon and how Sid himself died.
    Alan G. Parker
    Alan G. Parker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sid Vicious book, this is one of the most wanted Alan G. Parker author readers around the world.

    Sid Vicious By Alan G. Parker


    I am ever so slightly biased because I really enjoyed reading about anything and everything Sid Vicious at one stage of my life not that I m not still fascinated by the man but When I first found this novel and bought it home with me I was so excited to finally read the life story of Sid Vicious and some might say that Alan Parker put Sid upon a pedestal but don t we all do that to our idols Regardless, this is the best, and sadly, the only paperback available to read about Sid Vicious Simon Joh [...]

    I did enjoy this book but there was some parts that really annoyed me It seems like the author has some kind of issue with John Lydon and I don t like how he gets put in a bad light all of the time I think it s disrespectful cause John was a friend of Sid This is not in the book but I can t help but mention it I know that the author has claimed that John s tears over Sid were fake in the Filth And The Fury Seriously How can someone who wasn t even there or even knew Sid say such a thing I couldn [...]

    Christine (KizzieReads)
    The info was great, but there could have been a bit I felt the writing was a bit jumpy for topics and long winded in paragraphs It was also a bit dry and lacked something that I can t quite put my finger on.

    David Pattison
    This is a decent contribution to the Sex Pistols Sid Vicious library which isn t afraid to challenge conventional accounts of the story.The fact that the author lived with the subject s mother for a time will obviously mean he has a certain angle But that shouldn t put you off in fact it means he gets some proper insights and quotes.It s interesting to have some details of Sid s short but eventful life and career that weren t widely available at the time His childhood, including a brief pre scho [...]

    He had no musical ability and had never played a guitar in his life Yet despite or perhaps because of that John Simon Ritchie became the face of an influential music movement Name not familiar If I said Sid Vicious you ll know who I m talking about.Sid Vicious No One is innocent Traces the life of Sid from his early childhood to his death at the age of just 21 Sid often said he d be dead by 21 and he was.The author, Alan Parker has made something of a career of writing about Sid and it s no wond [...]

    I ve been interested in Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen ever since I was 14 and read the book by Nancy s mother Deborah, And I Don t Want to Live This Life I didn t really think I d learn anything new from this book but was pleasantly surprised The book explores Sid s childhood and teen years and his short time in college as an art student I did find it boring at times when the author went into paragraphs about the business end of things However, I liked that they went into detail about what happe [...]

    Sid Vicious Punk Icon Legend.As the author Alan Parker states, Sid will never grow old like the rest of us He is frozen in time at the age of 21 I have always been interested and faciated by punk And the I find it impossibel not to know about the Sex Pistols and their most famous memberJohn Simon Ritchie, mostly known as Sid Vicious.It was a pretty intetesring read and I learned some things that I did not know.

    Parker writes from a unique angle, in that he lived with Sid s mother for some time and shares with us her memories of Sid s troubled early years which are heartbreaking There has been so much written about his downfall and death that it was refreshing to read about his childhood and family dynamics.

    Looked really good.blurb read well Promised a bit of a conspiracy theory angle.Alan Parker The Sid Vicious expert Gonna tell me summat I didn t knowSorry didn t happen

    Might not be the most original of approach, but I can t help it I loved it, from the first page to the last And in the end, it is a complete and interesting tale of punk s most notorious and tragic icon.

    Carol De lara
    Amazing, simply a m a z i n g

    Catherine Paziuk
    An interesting read, but kind of slow at times.

    this was a great read into the life and work of sid.his memory will always live on

    Like watching a slow motion train wreck.

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