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  • Title: The Eyes of Constance
  • Author: Leanore Elliott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Eyes of Constance By Leanore Elliott DISCOVER THE BEASTSConstance, a psychic, who has visions of serial killers.Jack, a rebel cop, who will break every law to stop these killers.They meet at the scene of a bloody murder, and team up to track some of the most deadly fiends in existence.After three years together as partners, is there something even sinister which Constance cannot see What will she find,DISCOVER THE BEASTSConstance, a psychic, who has visions of serial killers.Jack, a rebel cop, who will break every law to stop these killers.They meet at the scene of a bloody murder, and team up to track some of the most deadly fiends in existence.After three years together as partners, is there something even sinister which Constance cannot see What will she find, when she finally comes face to face with the Beasts of Forever
    Leanore Elliott
    I am an author, a dreamer who writes her dreams down I hope others will read my dreams and journey with me to worlds they ve never seen.

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    I am a PNR addict and normally read at least 2 3 books per week, this story is different than anything I have read in the past 20yrs.I was hooked from the sample I got on my Kindle and I wasn t sorry I bought it, despite the fact it has one of my pet peevese story moves from past to present back and forth.Who would have thought a gargoyle would be sexy These are also chimeras who can shapeshift to human and to many different forms of sexy gargoylesey can even change flavorswho thinks of that The [...]

    This was a hot sexy book I loved it It took you on a ride through time and locations At times I wanted to punch one or of the characters for their foolishness That meant this book drew me in and I got so involved with the story, I felt as if I knew them well I highly recommend this book.Put this on your MUST READ RIGHT NOW LIST

    I just want to say wow I really enjoyed this book It was so different and new You really need to read it.

    Grammy 1
    Beasts Of Forever The Eyes of Constance by Wild Horse PressLeanore Elliott s Newest release Beasts Of Forever Book 1 is her second three part series out this year The unique concept of this story makes for a wild, exciting ride into the paranormal.Constance Braddock is a troubled psychic She has visions of the nasty kind with images of serial killers and their victims She shows up at the scene of where she believes there will be a murder There she meets Jack Wagner, a tough, rebel homicide detec [...]

    A.R. Von
    Another great original work by Leanore Elliot Got hooked on her works after reading her Soul series.Bella aka Constance is a very original and lively character all of Leanore s characters are the most original I ve ever seen She Bella is so full of life, spunk and strength that it makes her a than likable character, but realistic Jack aka Lycian is one tough dude Also hotter than lava He is a fantastical idea of the perfect man with patience, strength, looks and Her and Jack are a perfect matc [...]

    Future Slayer Girl
    WOW This book was one heck of a journey for me and so totally unique that I got invested in all the characters Enter the Gargoyle shifters Oh yes, I said Gargoyles To all you fellow nerds out there that used to watch the cartoon, this is sort of like the dream come true for all of use that hoped they would shift to hunky studs in that show I can see why some readers were confused by this It wasn t cookie cutter PNR that TELLS you what is going on, you have to slowly unfold the plot as you read Y [...]

    Loves To Dive
    I don t think we are in Kansas any Where do I begin I loved this book I read late into the night, while eating lunch at work and used text to speech through my Ipod jack in my car while driving home I won t go into the plot that has already been well done in another review This book is highly erotic, it takes us on a ride through time and to many locales I found myself at times loving and at other times hating each of the characters I laughed and sometimes I wanted to reach through the pages and [...]

    The Eyes of Constance is the first book in the Beasts of Forever series by Leanore Elliott This is also the first book I read from Leanore Elliott I have to say that I was HOOKED and had to read the other two immediately after The Eyes of Constance is the story of Constance, aka Bella, and Jack, aka Lycian, as they attempt to find peace and love within their life together and as part of a clan of Gargoyles This story is very engaging and action packed as well as hot and super sexy I was drawn in [...]

    Paranormal Kiss
    Beasts of Forever, The Eyes of Constance was a very original and intriguing book The author, Leanore Elliott, created a completely different set of characters unlike any that I have ever read about The main characters are Jack and Constance Their history together is long and tumultuous In this book we learn about them and their feelings for each other I won t go into the plot because I don t want to give away the story I will only say that it is not your usual Paranormal and leave it at that.Bea [...]

    You start off by reading about Constance and Jack in CA 2010 and it goes to the 16th century,to 2011 and inbetween So much going on, I felt like I was flying, then drowning in so much sweet cream Hot and sensual at the same time I am not sure I will look at another dresser or fishing rod again without remembering this book Truly true love, forever, all eternity.

    Karen Fuller
    Leanore Elliott took the term Paranormal in a totally new direction This book is hot, sexy, and downright beastly Constance discovers too late that she loves Jack She must find a balance between the beast within and her humanity To earn the love, she is forced to remember the hate If you like hot, erotic romance, this is a must read.

    Romancing the Book
    Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI was warned when I first started reading Beasts The Eyes of Constance I was told that it was different It is different in an awesome way.Warning This book is very erotic and has some darkness in it and has some pretty bad language.When I started reading about Constance I thought that it was about a normal woman who could see the future She would see someone getting killed and she had a part [...]

    J.W. Baccaro
    The Eyes of Constance is a wonderful ride of pleasure and excitement The story begins one way, and as it flows it gradually becomes something else while still keeping that harmony of the tale It s about two Gargoyles the Beasts , both fighting for the love of each other Jack despises his past actions against the only female he has ever loved So many things does he try in hopes to win back her love, but the thorns upon the rose cut and deeply to the point where he has to make a dire decision th [...]

    I did like this but have rated it lower because it got a bit confusing between the first couple of chapters until the middle of the book and then picked up again but for a short while the story lost me I did like the main characters Jack and Constance though it was after the half way mark that the story got really good and appealing to me, before that like I said it had just got a little confusing and lost me.

    Barb Johnson
    I felt this book could have been much better It was too scrambled with the main character, from Bella, to Constance to Bellanna, you didn t know who was who, it pissed me off I wanted to put it down part way through, but I stuck it out I am a big paranormal reader but this just sucked I have the other books but I really don t know if I will tolerate them, they will have to be much better then this.

    The book was good, but I found it hard to keep up with It would go from paragraph to paragraph going back and forth in different times, from present to past to alternate future or alternate past The plot was good, the second and third book was easier to read and I wasnt trying to figure how the story ended up in this place and time instead of what it was at I read a lot of PNR and this was definitely original which I really liked.

    Lorraine Lesar
    It was OK, not as good as the first Beast book I read If I hadn t read the first one, I would not have understood this one Unless you are really into this series, don t bother.

    DNF 35%

    I enjoyed the premise of the story, but it was last long and there periods of lag that made it hard for me to stay interested The erotic scenes were good, but seemed to be similar every time.

    Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    I have never read anything like this book If you are looking for a paranormal unlike anything you have read before try this book.

    Does anyone know if these are available in book form

    It was interesting, but a lot confusing.

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