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  • Title: Sass and Serendipity
  • Author: Jennifer Ziegler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Sass and Serendipity By Jennifer Ziegler Daphne Rivera and her sister Gabby could not be different For fifteen year old Daphne, the glass is always half full, a dab of lip gloss can ward off a bad day, and the boy of her dreams the one she s read about in all of her beloved romance novels is waiting for her just around the corner.But Daphne s older sister Gabby wishes Daphne would get real In Gabby s worldDaphne Rivera and her sister Gabby could not be different For fifteen year old Daphne, the glass is always half full, a dab of lip gloss can ward off a bad day, and the boy of her dreams the one she s read about in all of her beloved romance novels is waiting for her just around the corner.But Daphne s older sister Gabby wishes Daphne would get real In Gabby s world, everyone s out for themselves, wearing makeup is a waste of time, and boys only distract you from studying before they break your heart The only boy Gabby trusts is her best friend, Mule, who has always been there for her.Both Gabby and Daphne are still reeling from their parents divorce, though in very different ways While Gabby will never forgive her unreliable father for failing her mother, Daphne idolizes her daddy and is sure that everything would work out fine if her cranky mom would just let him back into their lives When a crisis leaves the girls and their mom homeless, help comes from an unexpected source, and both girls are courted by surprise suitors who shake up their views of the world Suddenly the glass isn t so clearly half empty or half full and love seems a lot complicated than they ever could have imagined.
    Jennifer Ziegler
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    Sass and Serendipity By Jennifer Ziegler


    Shanyn (Chick Loves Lit)
    I received this book to review and had I not been fully expected to review it, I would not have finished it.Daphne and Gabby are both awful, and I could find no redeeming qualities in either of them Daphne is very very selfish, thinking only of herself for the entire 384 pages Gabby is the opposite extremely bossy and mean The girls never get along with each other, and hardly get along with anyone else besides Gabby s friend Mule and I m not sure why he sticks around to listen to Gabby complain [...]

    I m not at all familiar with the story of Sense and Sensibility perhaps I should have read it before or even watched the movie Although I don t think that I was missing anything by not having read the Jane Austen version So as much I d like to, I can t compare this novel to the original.I like this one It was a easy weekend read And it was fun at times, but I have to admit it wasn t my favorite Mostly because I couldn t stand either of the main characters Perhaps had they been a mix of each othe [...]

    I liked it but I thought the characters were a bit OTT with there personalitiesThe book like the original Sense and Sensibility uses a dual plot, dual heroines and dual narrative Although I have to say from the very beginning I did not gel with the main characters at all I guess you could say that Gabby is the Sass to Daphne s Serendipity but their personalities were just too extreme for me Gabby is grumpy and mean while Daphne is airy fairy and lives in her own little bubble Both are terribly s [...]

    Basic rip off of Austen s classic work with a few modern family twists Instead of eviction from the family home for inheritance, it s rising rent Instead of a quiet father, it s a divorced household Daphne and Gabriella have no real personality beyond the broad strokes of love sick and bossy, respectively In addition to the mediocre writing and characterization, the cover is another strike against the book Despite the last name Rivera and Spanish affections, the girls on the cover could in no wa [...]

    Judy (Geeky Reading)
    1.5 5 This review may contain spoilers I am so very disappointed with this book I ve liked both of Ziegler s other books I guess I expected so much from it, because it really let me down.First of all, I ve never read Sense Sensibility I don t believe I ve seen any movies based on it, either I know some people were upset about the comparison, though, as apparently this is nothing like it And, correct me if I m wrong, but I thought it was a sister story About how sisters find out how important the [...]

    Written as a modern, YA adaptation of Jane Austen s classic, Sense and Sensibility, Jennifer Ziegler s Sass Serendipity is far, far from Austen s famous book, at least for this reader.Synopsis For Daphne, the glass is always half full, a situation is better managed with a dab of lip gloss, and the boy of her dreams the one she s read about in all of her novels is waiting for her just around the corner.For Gabby, nothing ever works out positively wearing any form of makeup is a waste of study tim [...]

    Sass Serendipity possess a cute and eye catching cover, but what is inside is where the gold lies It contains family as well as sister drama, unpredictable romantic subplots, and best of all two realistic main characters you cannot help but adore and root for.Sass Serendipity begins the story of two sisters Daphne and Gabby who could not be any different Gabby has always been the girl most likely to succeed, the girl that makes her decisions with her head not her heart She does not let love get [...]

    This book did a good job of portraying the very real financial and emotional trauma that often accompanies divorce It also showed two teenage girls who reacted in very opposite, but not atypical ways to watching their father walk out on his marriage Gabby becomes her mother s confidant and winds up bitter and untrusting Daphne is so desperate for male attention and affection that she creates romance where none exists Their father whose child support payments are erratic is pretty honest about th [...]

    Hayley Hall
    Actual rating 2.5Overall I think I m being nice because when I saw the reviews they weren t good, but I decided to give it a shot So after reading then I understood why.Characters Gaby okay my feelings about her I liked Gaby better then Daphne but she was so frustrating She constantly bitches about everything and I mean everything I get sometimes the world suck but look at a good side Plus she wasn t even a good friend to mule.Daphne She really acts likes a child She acts not at even close to th [...]

    Blech It had such promise, but it went no where near to what I had hoped or expected I was very turned off by the language and some references , enough to stop reading and skim the rest of the book to get the rest of the plot As a story alone, not bad But as an SS spin off, it was just that OFF Of course, I am picky about spin offs And I m always wary about modern re tellings for my own reasons So this was very much a personal disappointment to me in that regard I also had a hard time liking the [...]

    Tirzah Eleora
    I picked up this book under the impression that it was supposed to be a retelling of Jane Austen s Sense and Sensibility A few pages into the story, I was ready to put it back down again The two sisters who star in this angsty mess of a book were two of the most annoying characters I ve ever read Daphne a loose take on Marianne Dashwood and Gabby a really loose take on Elinor Dashwood are a bratty, self centered child and a just plain nasty girl, respectively, and the author s attempts to redeem [...]

    I am so glad that I finally read this I ve never read any of Jane Austen s books so I can t say how good of a refueling it is but to me the story and the plot was fantastic At first I was quite that fond of Gabby or Daphne To me, Daphne was really whiny and never liked to do anything, spending all of her free time thinking about her latest boy ones session and Gabby just felt so mean and it felt as if she was mad at the whole world and she kept everyone else from having a good time because she w [...]

    Oh God, my poor brain I picked this thinking it would be a fun take on SS It s not Or worse, poor Elinor and Marriane Is this how they translate Because from what I recall while Marianne could swoony, with heart on sleeve and all that, she wasn t a total brat, all the time And while Elinor could be uptight, she was never nasty But bratty and nasty are how the two girls are in Sass and Serendipity and not a hint of the title in them But props on making the two very different from each other becau [...]

    The worst S S retelling I have ever come across I suppose it is said to be only inspired but oh the poor Colonel He is turned to be this bleah friend of Elinor and Elinor is such a bitch and Edward Ferrars is disgusting and Marianne is just a brat with no redeeming qualities This book had no redeeming qualities I spent the entire thing thinking, the plot twist will be that Willoughby is gay Well, he wasn t and it was almost a disappointment I also spent the whole book wondering where on earth Co [...]

    I really wanted to like this book I did not I could not stand either one of these sisters, until there were maybe 10 pages left in the book By then it was way too late The author just did not do a good job of making either of the girls a character one would sympathize with at all In fact, there were moments where I disliked each of them so severely that I wanted to throw my book across the room I couldn t, because I read it on my nook Their friend Mule was the only redeeming character for me, bu [...]

    I felt that the characters were too shallow and the happy endings unrealistic How did both characters end up with boys they had hardly ever spoken to before I might be interested in a sequel if this was straightened out and depth was given to the relationship elements In fact, for a book that claims to be about the relationship between sisters there was very little interaction It was about two separate viewpoints from characters that just happened to be sisters.

    simply wonderful

    In a modern retelling of the classic Jane Austen novel Sense Sensibility, Daphne and Gabby Rivera are completely opposite sisters dealing with the financial and emotional struggles that come after their parents divorce While Gabby, the headstrong, man hating, angry but responsible older sister puts all she has into helping her mother and scoring a scholarship to pay for college, Daphne is flighty, insanely cheerful, and self absorbed as she always imagines that her perfect guy is right around th [...]

    Sass and Serendipity was really good Alongside sibling fights, and other mishaps, were sweet little romances, and complicated little problems Her description of everything wowed me, and I could relate a lot If you really want to read a good book with lots and lots of fights, daydreamers, mishaps, and romances, this book is for you Since I can tolerate all books that are not boring, I can enjoy various books But if you are the serious type, non girly, reading agatha christie, i can relate type, t [...]

    Took me a little while to read, but not because it wasn t good, I just haven t had ample reading time Anywho, can t go wrong with an Austen retelling Loved the Texas setting, it was a character of its own It kind of made me sad, how nasty these sisters were to each other I feel like in the actual story, there s support between the Dashwood sisters, and the older clearly cares about the younger In this, they were both rude and whiny and got feisty with each other, but I suppose that s a accurate [...]

    3 1 2 starsFor Daphne, the glass is always half full, a situation is better managed with a dab of lip gloss, and the boy of her dreams the one she s read about in all of her novels is waiting for her just around the corner.For Gabby, nothing ever works out positively wearing any form of makeup is a waste of study time, and boys will only leave you heartbroken Her best friend, Mule, is the only one who has been there for her every step of the way But when the richest boy in town befriends Gabby, [...]

    Nancy Kelley
    The only thing most girls of Barton, Texas can talk about is the upcoming prom Who s going with whom, what dress they bought, and where they ll be going for dinner beforehand those are the hot topics at school.Gabby Rivera couldn t care less about any of it Prom, and everything it represents in a word boys , are completely beneath her She decided when her parents divorced that love wasn t real, and believing some fairy tale prince will sweep her off her feet only keeps her from reality.Her siste [...]

    Sisters Daphne and Gabby Rivera are as different as night and day Older sis Gabriella is all straight A s and neat freak genes, according to younger, impulsively romantic sister Daffy Sensible Gabby works part time to help her single mom make ends meet while studying hard for a scholarship so she can get out of Barton, Texas On the other hand, unsensible Daphne lives in a dream world, shopping for prom dresses instead of applying for jobs and literally falling head over heels in love with the ne [...]

    Kate Dana
    I m twenty six and have to admit it has been a long time since I have read anything in the Young Adult YA genre, but if everything in YA is as wonderful as Sass and Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler then I am really missing out.Sass and Serendipity Sass was inspired by Jane Austen s Sense and Sensibility SS and published during the 200th anniversary The story explores the relationship between sisters Gabby, as Elinor, and Daphne as Marianne Both are dealing with their parents divorce in different [...]

    Looking at the cover of Sass Serendipity I cringed a little This book just looks like a middle grade novel with no substance except for butterflies and pretty dresses at first glance, especially due to the wording of Sass But I couldn t have been wrong What drew me in and past the cover was that Jennifer Ziegler wrote this as a contemporary retelling of Sense and Sensibility, one of my favorite Jane Austen books I absolutely love that the release coincides with the 200th anniversary of the orig [...]

    Two things that initially grabbed me about this book is 1 it s a Jane Austen Tribute published during the bicentennial of Sense and Sensibility and 2 serendipity is my all time favorite word.Honestly, I was very much hoping for a fortunate accident when it came to this read I even imagined myself coming up with lesson plans and ways to integrate it into my Jane Austen unit that I also imagine myself teaching someday.However, I m not so sure that will actually happen.Sass Serendipity is the story [...]

    Sass and Serendipity centers on two teenaged sisters, Gabby and Daphne Once close, the sisters have drifted apart since their parents divorce, largely because of their differing views on love Due to their parents divorce, and a tragedy in her past, Gabby shuns love, believing that men are not to be trusted and that eventually every love story ends in divorce Daphne is much optimistic, believing in true love and love at first sight The sisters relationship is further complicated by their loyalty [...]

    WOW What a great read Sass and Serendipity will make you want to read the original book, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen I m so curious about Sense and Sensibility Sass and Serendipity is a hilarious and crazy book Sass and Serendipity will attract the attentions of younger readers, usually around twelve to fifteen It s cute, but not realistic or believable Despite that, I love Sass and Serendipity.The plot Written and created brilliantly by Jennifer Ziegler Every twist and turn was so incr [...]

    This book came out the year Jane Austen s Sense and Sensibility turned 200 This novel plays homage to the classic with a modern twist.Gabby and Daphne are sisters with nothing in common Gabby, the older sister, has stepped up to help her mother after her father left them She s the sensible sister who works hard, studies to get good grades, and does her best to make sure her sister behaves Considering how her father broke her mother s heart, Gabby doesn t believe in love and wants nothing to do w [...]

    Is Jane Austen s book Sense and Sensibility your favourite pick Do you love the story of the Dashwood Sisters For me personally, I have always held a torch to the different renditions of the Austen tales so than probably the originals though that is not to say I haven t read them all as they sit nicely on my bookshelf in the new Twilight Inspired covers Sass and Serendipity goes into the world of the Rivera family , where Mum Liz has just seperated from her husband and works long hours , Oldest [...]

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