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  • Title: Daughter of Exile
  • Author: Isabel Glass
  • ISBN: 9780765307453
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Daughter of Exile By Isabel Glass Book by Glass, Isabel
    Isabel Glass
    A pseudonym of Lisa Goldstein.

    Daughter of Exile By Isabel Glass


    This was a random book I grabbed on my way through the library And I m glad I did It was slow at first, but kept building up to a beautiful and rather surprising ending Not all characters are good, and not all good characters end up happy Such is life, and such is this book Worth a casual read.

    My full review is here diamondlovestoreadThis book was a strong fantasy novel, with danger and suspense and bits of romance weaved through We follow Angarred, the daughter of exile from her home where she has lived in exile her entire life, with her father She lives far from the city of her birth Pergodi And we travel with her on her journey through the country, to Pergodi, and in between It s not so much where she goes as what she learns while she travels Whether it s Pergodi or the royal court [...]

    3.5 stars.This book sounded great and I was in the mood for some whimsical fantasy I ve heard this book being compared to Patricia A McKillip and I can see where other readers are coming from The tone and mood the book is written in is quite similar to the sort of dreamy gloss the McKillip s have, and the plot is fairly original and comes together nicely, but it doesn t really have the same scope and depth as her writing does.McKillip s writing is beautiful lyrical, evocative, and filled to the [...]

    I think romantic fantasy is a good tag to put on this book It was light, sweet, relatively cliche but in a charming sort of way The pacing was a little bit wonky, a few of the plot points were pretty weak, and I don t think the characters were all that deep, but I honestly enjoyed it as a whole The world itself was interesting, even if its details weren t delved into too much, and the basic story was intriguing It was pretty dramatic, with many a plot twist I feel like, if Lifetime were to tackl [...]

    This is the story of a girl.This is a story about realizing that no one is who you think they are, that people aren t always purely good or purely bad, that power corrupts and that adulthood is a kind of exile.This is the story of a girl becoming a woman, because she leaves home to seek justice.This book made me want to read Patricia McKillip.It was mildly interesting, and in a setting that could perhaps have been McKillips, but without the magic The unexpected and wondrous that s always around [...]

    This was a fairly slow read for me While there was action and intrigue in the story, somehow it just didn t capture my attention The main character, Angarrad, did not inspire me to feel sorry for her in any way, despite the misfortunes that befall her and while I figured out who the hidden antagonist was ahead of time, when it was finally revealed, it wasn t especially climactic, and there was only a sense of well, I was right about that one.Overall I didn t dislike it, but wasn t thrilled This [...]

    This book has a really pretty cover, and the characters have pretty cool names Other than that, the story is pretty shallow and you will figure out what is going on about a third of the way into the book and have to spend the rest waiting for the characters to finish flailing around and figure it out, too.

    This is terrific romantic fantasy, recommended for fans of Patricia McKillip A young girl seeking justice for her father s murder becomes embroiled in court politics, family secrets, and magic I love Angarred s fish out of water adventures

    This was a great book, and I read it in almost one day and I m usually a slow reader It was exciting and a intriguing story The sequel came in the mail and I read it in a matter of hours I might be a fan of Mathewar and Angarred for life.

    Michelle Szetela
    Stereotypical cliche historical romance.

    Paper Droids
    I think I may have misunderstood the description literary fantasy I assumed that Daughter of Exile by Isabel Glass was going to be a fantasy novel that pushed the genre, playing with image and theme in ways that you don t usually find in epic fantasy, piling on those multiple levels of meaning that my English Lit professors loved to torture us with, and generally blending fantasy with the best elements of literature I thought it would be an imaginative, evocative twist on the genre, pulling piec [...]

    Life is too short to read books you don t enjoy I really tried, but I couldn t force myself to finish this one The premise was good, but the plot meandered too much Too little time was spent on some really interesting characters in favor of others who were too shallow and or irritating Try Patricia McKillip, Sheri Tepper, or Garth Nix for similar themes with tight storylines, solid characters, and exceptional writing.

    This was quite good, if a bit slow in places, and it reminded me a lot of Patricia McKillip, except much straightforward and without so much intricate language Angarred, the main character is a heroine much like McKillip s, a bit naive, a bit wild and rather an unlikely heroine who proves her mettle by the end of the adventure I m interested to read by this author.

    Read 60 pages then quit Boring as heck And I so did not care if the heroine got off on men being jerks to her And I did not care if she spread her legs for anyone either so the author did not have to divulge Did not care.

    Well this was really good A bit slow paced, with some things that didn t seem necessary to write about unexplained subplots and mysterious bits , but overall it was a lot of fun to read The world really came into its own and there was actual character development which is GREAT.

    Sarah Dane
    I bought this for the cover since it looks pretty interesting Never finished the book though.

    Just a really long and drawn out story It was interesting in the beginning, but just lost my interest after a while In the end, I kept reading just to get it over with.

    Perhaps a worthwhile entry point for someone who has never read any fantasy, but slow, predictable, and a bit deus ex machina for anyone who s already been around that block.

    The characters were flat and a lot of dialogue felt forced.

    Random, very good book I foud in the library Pick this one if you like fantasy.

    As many other reviewers have noted, this is similar in style to Patricia McKillip, which is why I wasn t terribly engaged or interested while reading it.

    The story was interesting as were the characters However I found the pacing to be a bit off in places.

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