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  • Title: While the Women are Sleeping
  • Author: Javier Marías
  • ISBN: 9780701186197
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover

  • While the Women are Sleeping By Javier Marías Celebrated as one of the greatest writers of his generation, Javier Mar as is best known for his spy trilogy, Your Face Tomorrow, which has been compared to Proust and hailed as one of the great modern European novels In his first short story collection for fifteen years, beautifully translated by Margaret Jull Costa, he brings together tales which span his entire writingCelebrated as one of the greatest writers of his generation, Javier Mar as is best known for his spy trilogy, Your Face Tomorrow, which has been compared to Proust and hailed as one of the great modern European novels In his first short story collection for fifteen years, beautifully translated by Margaret Jull Costa, he brings together tales which span his entire writing career from the 1960s to the present Mar as characters are slippery, and they live on the edges of society a tramp, a butler, a bodyguard, a ghost They threaten the everyday, rational world, and, compelled by desperation, are driven to perverse acts of obsession In the title story an obscenely fat man fixated with his much younger lover endlessly videotapes her every move, and, in a chance midnight rendezvous, confides his shocking plans for her to a stranger in The Resignation Letter of Se or of Santiesteban a ghost is condemned to repeatedly resign from his job and, in perhaps the most perfectly conceived story, when a man of impeccable taste and refinement meets his doppelg nger at a work dinner it was like dining opposite mirror made flesh , he starts changing his dress and behaviour, in ways he previously would have abhorred, to mark the difference, only to find, at the next work convention, that his ghoulish twin has done exactly the same.Mesmerising, unexpected and disturbing, these creepy, haunting stories inspire the reader to look at the normal things of life aslant.
    Javier Marías
    Javier Mar as was born in Madrid His father was the philosopher Juli n Mar as, who was briefly imprisoned and then banned from teaching for opposing Franco Parts of his childhood were spent in the United States, where his father taught at various institutions, including Yale University and Wellesley College His mother died when Javier was 26 years old He was educated at the Colegio Estudio in Madrid.Mar as began writing in earnest at an early age The Life and Death of Marcelino Iturriaga , one of the short stories in While the Women are Sleeping 2010 , was written when he was just 14 He wrote his first novel, Los dominios del lobo The Dominions of the Wolf , at age 17, after running away to Paris Mar as operates a small publishing house under the name of Reino de Redonda He also writes a weekly column in El Pa s An English version of his column La Zona Fantasma is published in the monthly magazine The Believer.

    While the Women are Sleeping By Javier Marías


    Mike Puma
    A strange, if uneven, collection of short stories, probably best serving the interests of the Mar as aficionado This is not the volume I d recommend to someone new to the author I m reluctant to recommend it to anyone who is familiar with the author Some creepy mofos inhabit the mind of Se or Mar as While the Women Are Sleeping an island vacation reveals the difference between love and adoration immobilization by prescience a variation on a Lolita esque theme Gualta when a man meets his physical [...]

    Suppose someone twisted their back at work Sure, it hurt but it was the end of the day Going home, suppose some guy noshed on bread and hummus and watched some of the Arsenal West Brom match Discomfort was on the rise Adjourning to the bedroom, the sad sack aquiesced to the attentions of his Mrs Ibuprfin and icy hot topical patches ensued Cracking the cover of this garish hardcover, escape and relief were foremost on the menu What followed was a seasonal array of doppelg ngers and mirrored exist [...]

    of the ten stories that make up while the women are sleeping, javier mar as second collection to be translated into english, all but one of them were written before he was forty including the life and death of marcelino iturriaga, written when he was only fourteen published in spanish as mientras ellas duermen, this translation rendered by the incomparable margaret jull costa omits four of the stories featured in the original edition while the women are sleeping contains some strong pieces, yet, [...]

    Justin Evans
    In which I learn, definitively, that Marias is a novelist, one of the best alive, and can t write short stories to save his life The title story is excellent the very nice, well worked out conceit man films his out of his league girlfriend constantly, the narrator tries to work out why lets Marias use the same tricks and skills he uses in his novels The others feature rather too many doppelgangers and ghosts for my taste and, I assume, for the taste of anyone who made it out of the eighties aliv [...]

    Conoscevo Marias solo di fama, ma non l avevo ancora affrontato con la lettura, e forse partire da una raccolta di racconti, essendo la sua fama incentrata sui romanzi, non stato il modo pi corretto E forse anche per questo che ho tardato nel recensirlo, avendo tra le mani anche un romanzo in corso di lettura Il Secolo e preferendo farmi almeno un idea anche sul Marias romanziere prima di esprimere un qualsiasi parere.Ecco a me sembra che Marias sia uno scrittore di classe eccelsa colto, forbito [...]

    Tim Lepczyk
    While the Women Are Sleeping is the first work I ve read by Javier Marias It s a collection of short stories spanning over 30 years of writing I tend to think of collections like this as greatest hits album A writer s been around for a while, re releases a bunch of stuff, it takes minimal effort, and generates some interest That may not be a fair comparison Though written in vastly different times, the stories are linked together by their tone and subject matter Whether it s a difference in tran [...]

    Tyler Jones
    At first I was a little annoyed at what appears to be sloppy editing work by New Directions The first, and most obvious, sign that due care and attention was lacking is the claim on the back that this book contains a dozen stories when in fact it has only ten Am I being nit picky If you can t even get this most basic fact straight then what other errors have you made I like to see a publisher take pride in their work and the glaring typos I found in the first few stories seemed to confirm that N [...]

    They say that Javier Marias is going to win the Nobel Prize one of these days If that is true, it will have to be on the strength of his other books, because this particular collection of short stories does not really stack up It spans three decades of the writer s career and reveals what is evidently a very long standing fascination with the spooky and the supernatural Doppelgangers and unquiet ghosts abound they are present even in what the writer informs us was his very first short story Marc [...]

    Some disturbing, some spooky short stories However not my favourite Marias, it still gave me a chance to see what this writer is capable of.

    An Epigram of fealty The life and death of marcelina iturriaga .

    Joshunda Sanders
    The writing is beautiful and haunting This is a collection of his stories that had been previously published, though So, while it s not new writing, it was new to me, and I dug it It was sort of dark, lots of death and ghosts But it s been a long time since I read a good ghost story and there s a great one in this collection that I adored.

    Creepy short story Reminded me of The Comfort of Strangers in a way.

    This is a collection of short stories by a Spanish author often compared to Carlos Ruiz Zaf n, whose works I have greatly enjoyed Interesting fact is that one of the stories was written when the author was only 14 years old They have the same Gothic, dark and mysterious elements so prevalent in Zafon s works Several deal with death, ghosts and and dark magic Interesting, but not overly impressive One of the author s recent novels is on my to read list.

    The first story in this collection was stellar the others didn t quite live up to the promise of the first Marias is a first rate novelist, though Perhaps short stories just aren t so much his form.

    Very unusual stories which are enjoyable but quite unsettling.

    MB Taylor
    I finished reading While the Women Are Sleeping on the bus ride home tonight It s a quick read at only 129 pages 2 pages of introduction There are two longish stories, While the Women Are Sleeping at 30 pages and The Resignation Letter of Se or de Santiesteban at 26 Most of the rest are 10 pages or less This is the first work by Mar as that I ve read.My favorites were the three longest, the two mentioned above and the last, What the Butler Said although, The Epigram of Fealty was also quite nice [...]

    Primo anniversario della sua morte I fiori portati da Esperancita sono un intralcio, un generoso mazzo di garofani La vista di Marcelino da l ostacolata La vita poco movimentata del giovane Mr Lilburn considerevolmente soggetta a mutamenti ora che gli stato offerto un incarico dal direttore dell Istituto Britannico di Madrid Il caso del capitano Louvet dell esercito francese, una vicenda intrecciata, lo spunto per una riflessione Trascorrere la vita a tentare di risolvere un enigma Momentanee cr [...]

    En esta recopilaci n, Mar as nos ofrece algunos de sus cuentos, que abarcan desde finales de los 60 hasta finales de los 90 He de confesar que me ha parecido un libro bastante flojo Casi ning n relato est a la altura de lo que se espera de Mar as, es decir, del ltimo Mar as, donde destaca por su lucidez y perspicacia Demasiado realismo m gico que no me gusta y absurdos que me gustan a n menos.Estos son los cuentos contenidos en la antolog a, destacando especialmente La canci n de Lord Rendall , [...]

    Isaac VR
    Creo que nunca hab a le do a Javier Mar as en cuentos Su prosa, grandilocuente y elegante, se adapta perfectamente al ritmo narrativo que exige una novela.Llegu a Mientras Ellas Duermen con el escepticismo de quien no est seguro de que un boxeador acostumbrado a la decisi n un nime pudiera sentirse c modo intentando noquear como dice esa vieja met fora Pero lo logra.Todos los cuentos del libro son afortunados, los mejores, sin duda son Mientras Ellas Duermen y el del mayordomo, los dem s juegan [...]

    I feel like I d heard a lot about Marias, but when I got to the library, this was the only title that seemed familiar It might be the wrong place to start with Marias, given that it s stories, and I think he s better known for his novels.It s not like I thought this was terrible these wry stories of doppelgangers, ghosts, and other magical realist elements felt a little too familiar to me, to be honest I d say he s closer to Borges than Marquez, the way he often passes something off as being sch [...]

    Javier Marias is not primarily known as a writer of gothic fiction This slender collection brings together a number of dark tales which he wrote over the past decades, including a number of fine ghost stories Marias is a noted Anglophile and he tends to avoid shock and horror in favour of an elegant and understated style of narration typical of the English ghost story tradition The fear which haunts many of the male protagonists is a very human sense of insecurity, especially in their relations [...]

    I was curious to see how a writer who can spend 50 pages on describing something that takes only five minutes does short stories Pretty good, I have to say, given how generally disappointed I get with short stories The writing is beautiful, and Mar as s brilliance shines through in some of the stories My favorite was the story about a man who meets another man who looks just like him in every respect, and he despises him so much that he decides to change himself and the other man is doing the sa [...]

    La gente dice lo que quiere, y habla de abnegaci n, de renuncia, de generosidad, de conformidad y resignaci n, todo es falso, lo normal es que la gente crea desear lo que le va llegando naturalmente, lo que le va sucediendo, lo que va consiguiendo o lo que le van dando, sin que haya verdaderos deseos previos Pero sean previos o no, a cada uno le importa su propia vida y, frente a ella, las de los dem s s lo importan en la medida en que est n imbricadas y forman parte de la nuestra, y tambi n en [...]

    Dave Holcomb
    An excellent collection of short stories This book was a pleasant surprise for me, as I made it only a few pages into the first volume of Javier Marias Your Face Tomorrow trilogy before I bogged down in the 300 word sentences and the Clarice Lispectoresque internal monologues These short stories, on the other hand, are generally crisp and thoughtful, centering on universal themes of love, obsession, magic, and the blurring of the lines between the daylight world and the twilight of mind and soul [...]

    Dominic Stevenson
    This collection of ten short stories ranges from the earliest works of Javier Marias to stories that are very modern in their outlook Each one of the stories in While the women are sleeping takes a macabre look at an incredibly wide range of subjects From ghosts to lookalikes, Marias had me wanting and in the end I was truly disappointed to reach the end of the collection His work translates brilliantly to the English language and his stories are utterly relatable wherever you re from.

    Early stories and minor tales, slight but sophisticated, some Borgesian plots about doubles, rare books, mistaken identities, and benign ghosts Death and the erotic feature in almost all of these stories, but only in a detached and highly mediated fashion sex, killing, and dying are never described firsthand, only reported or alluded to Very genteel.

    Worth reading Two of the stories are long the rest brief One of the longer stories appeared in electric literature 3, which I read recently If you like stories with endings in which the endings aren t necessarily on the paper you ll enjoy these He wrote these over several decades Props to the Botero looking image on the cover

    I ve been wanting to read something by Mar as for ages, but judging by the reviews on for this collection, it s not the one to choose as a first look at his work, and maybe that s why I had trouble fully connecting with it However, I did like the creepiness of the stories, whether it was due to a paranormal element or simply the weirdness of human nature.

    Colin N.
    Entertaining gothic stories interspersed here and there with typical interesting Mariasian thoughts on language and identity Lacking perhaps in the profound blend of ideas and drama that he perfected in his later works the stories here mostly date from early in his career they are nevertheless entertaining, fun, and quick to read So good, if a bit fluffy.

    Russell George
    These were great, and I m definitely going to seek out one of his novels Trouble is, I finished this a few weeks back and can t remember than just feeling pleased that I found it, and relieved that, as short stories, each one was small and almost perfectly formed As short stories should be.

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