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  • Title: Code Name Atlas
  • Author: TonyEvans
  • ISBN: 9781453526873
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook

  • Code Name Atlas By TonyEvans Atlas is a war hero caught between his wife s love or saving the survivors of Earth which has been destroyed by unknown forces The closest thing to organized leadership are the packs of scavengers that take what they want To keep his wife safe, he builds an army To give her the life she wants, he fights To win back their home, he must go to war But she doesn t believeAtlas is a war hero caught between his wife s love or saving the survivors of Earth which has been destroyed by unknown forces The closest thing to organized leadership are the packs of scavengers that take what they want To keep his wife safe, he builds an army To give her the life she wants, he fights To win back their home, he must go to war But she doesn t believe that his sacrifice is for her and his selflessness is driving them apart As he struggles for his wife s devotion he is caught in a war with a tyrannical dictator To win the war and his wife s safety he must give her up and fight a war where defeat is expected To fight a dictator he must become a warlord.Hovering over everything is the threat of an alien invasion which Atlas slowly pieces together through unreliable stories told by the survivors He soon learns that his fight is only a small part in a war that has been raging for hundreds of years and reaches throughout the galaxy.A gritty and realistic action adventure book blends with minimal use of science fiction elements to create a rich, believable contemporary fiction story of one soldier s heart wrenching post apocalyptic journey to keep his family alive Code Name Atlas is a very accomplished, spirited novel of depth and intelligence that grips you in a vice like hold from beginning to end Highly recommended SFBook
    Tony Evans is an American writer of science fiction He has spent 12 months in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom conducting than 50 combat operations where he received the Army Commendation Medal He has a bachelor s degree in Computer Science and lives in Southern California with his wife and daughter His debut novel is Code Name Atlas.

    Code Name Atlas By TonyEvans


    Bob Milne
    Imagine, if you will, a table with three different puzzles sitting upon it Now, imagine somebody taking a handful of pieces from each of those puzzles, carefully placing them together, and creating an entirely new fourth puzzle The pieces almost fit, and the picture they form is clear to the eye, but there are gaps between some pieces, and places where others overlap.That s the best way I can think of to describe what Tony Evans has done with Code Name Atlas At different times and in different p [...]

    The Earth has been decimated by missiles from an unknown source, an electromagnetic field has been pulsed around the world, disrupting communications, radiation is killing millions, crippling a world that is losing its humanity Will this be the end or a new beginning Code Name Atlas by Tony Evans is a dark and jarring story of the will of man to survive, some to attempt to rebuild, others to dominate and control This is classic good vs evil vs the unknown, because there is an unknown A reluctant [...]

    Disclaimer I was given a copy of this book for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.It s hard to know where to begin with a book like this I was intrigued by the storyline, pulled in by the quick pacing, but also confused by the end and unable to reconcile the entire book with the very last few pages.The book begins almost at the end the main character were we ever given his real name I don t remember it being mentioned before he s given his code name is being held prisoner, among [...]

    This book had a very interesting premise, some really interesting characterization, a gripping writing style with a no nonsense practicality, a few unexpected moments, some very questionable and shocking ethical decisions here and thered a very strange and jarring ending.First off, this book is dark Really dark Don t expect everyone to live Or anyone, really The world setting is post apocalyptic with somewhat of a twist, which is part of what makes the premise interesting instead of a typical ho [...]

    Nek0 Neha (BiblioNyan)
    Code Name Atlas is a book that I desperately wanted to like It had an interesting premise that probably could have been molded into a fantastic piece of post apocalyptic science fiction if it received proper editing and attention to detail There are many elements to the story that, if wielded correctly, would have made for a thought provoking and suspenseful tale But the poor execution of fundamental writing prowess made it extremely difficult to absorb One of the very first things that I notice [...]

    Tony Evans has managed to find a gap in the post apocalyptic market I was pleased to read this book and find that zombies were not be the main cause of society s end However, whilst Tony has a great idea, the execution is rather poor.There were a lot of spelling and grammar errors in the copy that I received, alongside many repetitive sentences I was so immersed in the narrative that when I stumbled on this I came out of the world Tony had crafted It s a shame because he has a skill at painting [...]

    A friend of mine brought this book to my attention,and at first I thought Oh great, another zombie apocalypse scenario , which seems to be all the trendy flavor of the month, right But I gave it the attention that it deserves, and the author acutally did a great job with it He must have had some kind of military experience, because the action scenes are well played out There is a lot of attention to detail in that respect There s emotion, there s grit feelings and courage lots of courage, in the [...]

    If you like action packed books set in a post apocalyptic world, then this is definitely the book for you There s twists and turns, there s things you don t expect and things you kinda do and I was sorta complaining about how I expected action at the beginning, but boy did the author end up delivering on that The end was wow It s nice to have a military hero that s not really a hero in his eyes and whose life is far from perfect, but he hides it well I love how he takes command and helps people [...]

    I m not a big SciFi fan but this book has changed my perception of SciFi books Codename Atlas has drama, action, and SciFi There were times when I felt myself feeling what the protagonist felt, If he was upset I was upset The action scenes were my favorite, there were times when I had to slow down and reread what I just read because I got so into the action that I wanted to speed through it just to find out what happened The ending was the only part that left me hanging so I m hoping there is go [...]

    Y. Correa
    It s difficult for me to put my thoughts about the premise of this book in any cohesive order as it s truly a convoluted mess of happenstances All I can say for sure is that it s a dystopian novel based in the not so distant future when man is invaded by some sort of force and then has to fight to survive It s definitely a story that focuses on war so than anything else.Nevertheless, I will give it my best attempt at providing some sort of insight to the premise.The main characters, whom we com [...]

    Norm Davis
    Code Name Atlas, by Tony Evans Read from 2 2 14 to 3 8 14.Everything you need to decide to read this book is in the Overview or within all of the BN 5 star reviews I d actually never heard of it I noticed Tony was one of my friends not exactly sure how that came to be, but always happy to have friends I had a look to see if we liked the same kind of books and discovered Tony had written a book As soon as I knew I immediately purchased it and put it at the top of my reading list That s all on me [...]

    Dave Farmer
    There s a lot to like and dislike about this book I want to like it but I can t overlook how the quality of writing switches back and forth from inspired, well written, well paced structure to abysmal use of repetition, poor characterisation, awkward dialogue and the large volume of contradictions and inconsistencies.For what it s worth I like the plot It has the potential if given a good edit to be a very good read, worthy of a solid 4 stars In its current state, 2 stars is what it deserves.I n [...]

    I had a hard time getting into this book because recently I have been reading and reviewing lots of books with a post apocalyptic world I m not sure if this is how people are feeling toward life or just a popular concept What I liked about the book is that the hero is just that a hero He gives up everything for the greater good even though he is losing the one thing he loves and not matter how hard he fights with himself he can t help but help others in need He runs towards the battlefield not a [...]

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review First Impression I m a sci fi and post apocalyptic fan the cover is reminiscent of Master Chief I m in Characters Atlas, so code named by his wife Amori, is the star of this show Amori comes across as heartless and weak, so it s very hard to sympathize with anything she does Atlas is direct and commanding, if a know it all Unfortunately, he is the only memorable character from Code Name Atlas World Building The world feels all bu [...]

    Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)
    Code Name Atlas has a take on the reason for the destruction of earth that I have never read before I was quite happy to see something new come along like that It was action packed, and the ending left me quite surprised There s a part of the story near the end of the book that I appreciated because it was unusual, but I can t say any without spoiling.The author has the technical skill to pull this off, but still needs to refine his story telling ability I did not even begin to connect with the [...]

    Boundless Book Reviews
    The synopsis of this book really intrigued me and, I am embarrassed to say, it was the cover that sold me I try to follow the traditional saying to never judge a book by its cover but luckily, I was not disappointed.This book has it all love, conflict, heroes, villains and lots of twists Set in a futuristic time when the Earth is destroyed by an unknown force All basic necessities of the life we know, electricity, wireless communication, and clean water are no longer available Scavengers roam th [...]

    Andrew Rose
    It s not a terrible book It s just not a great book The story itself is a little schizophrenic There is an alien war that you only barely hear about at the end as the set up for the sequel, there is the dystopian world wracked in war that the hero who had served in the Iraq war but is only 18 several years later which would somehow be a big deal to the people following him if they knew There is a lot of good in the book He has built his world, that much is clear The author knows where he is goin [...]

    Richard A Peters
    A breath of fresh air during the end of the world.Definitely a new twist on the post apocalyptic thriller genre I mean, the hero s girl isn t supposed to resent him for being a hero and the good guys always win, right From the big to small twists, this tale bucks every rule of action adventure The bad guys are sympathetic and the good guys have a dark side.This is no prepper tale of survival, but a military veteran s take on rebuilding the world As such, it stresses discipline, organization and [...]

    I think that Bob Milne s review best describes my thoughts on this book Without repeating a lot of what he already stated I will just say that first of all I enjoyed reading this book The plot and the action scenes were enough to keep me coming back for The author does a great job of feeding bits of plot the alien ships, the relations between the different human factions, and the hero s personal struggles with dealing with the situations he finds himself in and I think this contributes to motiv [...]

    I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book I really liked the action, the main character and quite many of the cast It was heartbreaking to see some of them dying.Not to mention I hated her I really really hated Amori Yes, I could understand her ideas and thoughts, but didn t she have any intelligent thoughts in her mind Let s run away Run where The world was destroyed There was no place to run to If there was, then sooner or later it would be destroyed Not to mention she was selfish.It is a [...]

    Chris Gillies
    I have to say that I didn t finish this book, I didn t get even halfway I found the narrative style, switching from first to third person, quite jarring, and it felt that the storyline jumped past segments that should have been there in getting from one scene to the next The bit that perplexed me most if I got the story timeline right was Atlas having sex with his wife either the night of or the day after she gave birth to a dead child Drip feeding the back story was too slow, and I kept on thin [...]

    Abel Moreno
    At first this story started out slow for me, but as I read through the chapters everything picked up quick and came together flawlessly There is so much going on, a lot of characters with different backgrounds, and personalities with all sorts of emotions flying everywhere The author is able to sync every character and situation to the overall story that it was enjoyable to read and easy to follow The descriptive work and visuals provided from reading felt like I was paying a cinematic version i [...]

    Seth Brown
    I really liked this book It came out of nowhere for me, but I m glad it came and at the perfect time, too I had just finished The Book of the New Sun and had nothing else to read on my business trip.I ve written a extensive review on my blog here psianhauvyander 2Suffice to say that I would recommend this book to another fan of military science fiction Just one question, Tony When s the next one

    Another sci fi and post apocalyptic fan book I was just not sure at first what to think there are soo many of these books out there But I was impressed with the hero in this book He was just that a hero Always trying to help and running towards trouble not away from it no matter the cost When the world is destroyed and all seems lost we need a great hero I receive this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    I received this book for an honest review The review will be posted on Boundless Book Reviews as soon as it s scheduled I will be posting a link as soon as it s available Feel free to check out our website for all the current reviews AND don t forget to like us boundlessbookreviewsPlease see the full review at boundlessbookreviews

    Chuck Springer
    Yes, another post apocalyptic thriller, not like any other that you ve read before, and without zombies The author did a wonderful job of interweaving the story lines of survival, relationship, drama and action I appreciated the challenges that the lead character faced, but there was a dark side to him that added a bit of an unique dimension to the story There were several twists that kept me intrigued right up to the endwhich stopped on a cliffhanger.I look forward to the next book.

    I actually liked the story a new wrinkle in the post apocalyptic world However I was not crazy about the writing style Might be a personal preference Also, there was some transition between scenes that would have needed a little polish Not bad though

    Macy Klingerman
    Wow, I m so glad the author contacted me about reviewing this book, because I really liked it This is waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, so I wasn t sure what to expect I ended up loving this book I m going to be posting a full review on my blog tomorrow, and then updating this review

    Joe D.
    This was a very good book and if I understand correctly, a first novel, which makes it pretty damn good If you like some military stuff in your fiction, it s a worthy read Not sure why it s so cheap on

    Joe Rooney
    Very Good Book Post apocalyptic meets alien federation under attack meets Greek epic poem Hope author writes a sequel.

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