[MOBI] ☆ The King is Dead | BY ☆ Ellery Queen #2020

  • Title: The King is Dead
  • Author: Ellery Queen
  • ISBN: 9780783892825
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback

  • The King is Dead By Ellery Queen Armed men invade the Queen apartment, led by Abel Bendigo, brother of one of the world s most powerful men King Bendigo of Bodigen Arms is an industrial monster whose tentacles embrace the planet Someone is threatening to kill King, and Ellery must undertake to save his hated life Virtual prisoners, Ellery and his father are whisked away to an island somewhere in the AtArmed men invade the Queen apartment, led by Abel Bendigo, brother of one of the world s most powerful men King Bendigo of Bodigen Arms is an industrial monster whose tentacles embrace the planet Someone is threatening to kill King, and Ellery must undertake to save his hated life Virtual prisoners, Ellery and his father are whisked away to an island somewhere in the Atlantic In a frightening atmosphere of industrial slavery and brute militarism, Ellery comes to grips with a baffling murderer who calmly announces the exact moment of the assassination.
    Ellery Queen
    aka Barnaby Ross Ellery Queen was a pen name created and shared by two cousins, Frederic Dannay 1905 1982 and Manfred B Lee 1905 1971 , as well as the name of their most famous detective Born in Brooklyn, they spent forty two years writing, editing, and anthologizing under the name, gaining a reputation as the foremost American authors of the Golden Age fair play mystery.Although eventually famous on television and radio, Queen s first appearance came in 1928 when the cousins won a mystery writing contest with the book that would eventually be published as The Roman Hat Mystery Their character was an amateur detective who used his spare time to assist his police inspector father in solving baffling crimes Besides writing the Queen novels, Dannay and Lee cofounded Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine, one of the most influential crime publications of all time Although Dannay outlived his cousin by nine years, he retired Queen upon Lee s death.Several of the later Ellery Queen books were written by other authors, including Jack Vance, Avram Davidson, and Theodore Sturgeon.

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    E il mio primo incontro con la versione originale di Ellery Queen e forse non ho scelto il libro giusto I personaggi sono abbastanza piatti e poco credibili il colpevole evidente sin da subito e la soluzione del delitto non convincente Peccato perch mi aspettavo di ritrovare l Ellery Queen dei telefilm che guardavo da bambina che, in effetti, non so quanto corrisponda al suo alter ego cartaceo oppure proprio la mia memoria ad avere alterato il personaggio Per saperlo prover a leggere un altro El [...]

    A me Ellery Queen piace tantissimo, uno dei miei giallisti classici favoriti, ma questo romanzo ho fatto veramente fatica a terminarlo.E sottotono rispetto agli altri, forse per il fatto che l ambientazione non la solita Si svolge infatti su una strana isola in cui un magnate delle armi regna dispoticamente su parenti e dipendenti.Quindi isola inaccessibile pi camera chiusa.Il tutto viene risolto ingegnosamente, ma ripeto, non al solito livello.

    Nice enough locked room mystery set within a militaristic island dictatorship Spends a lot of time setting that up and not enough time knocking it all down the solution is clever but the psychology is silly.

    3 3.5 5

    The characterizations were juvenile and simplistic although King Bendigo is scarily reminiscent of a titan personality frequently in news headlines, but it was a fun read with some humour, and a sharp eyed reader can detect along with Ellery Queen that not everything is as it is presented Abel Bendigo, brother of the fifth richest man in the world, strongly persuades Ellery Queen and his father to jaunt off to a tropical unnamed uncharted island to deduce who is sending King Bendigo death threat [...]

    Tommy Verhaegen
    An epos of enormous proportions, literaly worldwide, with an extremely far fetched plot The whole thing is quite unbeliebable from setup It is not even that billionaires that wield world power don t exist, since they cleary do, it is just the way it is represented here Beginning with the kidnapping of father and son Queen and keeping them locked up on the island for than a month.The actual murder, admittedly the most original closed room scenario i have ever seen, fails The victim lives but kno [...]

    Non avevo mai letto niente di Ellery Queen, solo visto qualche telefilm apprezzandolo Mi sono ritrovata questo in casa e avevo voglia di lettura leggera e coinvolgente Si, leggero e coinvolgente ma abbastanza deludente come plot, semplicistico in modo quasi imbarazzante Molto meglio Nero

    My very least favorite of the Queen books The premise was stilted and over played Felt that the writer s were just trying too hard to make it work.

    Hard to put down.

    Prima parte davvero troppo descrittiva e lenta Nemmeno i personaggi mi hanno entusiasmato L idea di base del libro buona, ma poteva essere sviluppata meglio.La seconda parte pi scorrevole e pi coinvolgente Ci sono alcune idee strutturali che mi sono molto piaciute non aggiungo altro per non anticipare troppo.Alcuni dettagli per la risoluzione del caso sono intuibili, altri meno tutto sommato un giallo niente male.

    The King Is Dead was a 50 cent thrift store buy, so I wasn t expecting too much, nor did I want that much from it As long as I got a quick read with some violent crimes, I was sure I d be pleased In terms of violent crimes, The King Is Dead comes up slightly short, but it makes up for that by being massively entertaining I d never read an Ellery Queen book before, as the other one I own is so fragile I m afraid to take it out of its plastic bag, but the tone and style shifts were done here in ex [...]

    Part of my slow project of reading the EQ mysteries in order, this is the first one that is clearly set after WWII The mystery is fairly weak, especially for a locked room mystery, but it was interesting to see how Ellery and his father act in the post war world The exploration of who the main characters are in the mystery was interesting, and I was quite surprised when the story moved back to Wrightsville I wasn t expecting that On the whole, a competent part of the canon, but not one of the st [...]

    As usual with Ellery Queen, a lot of effort is made to provide a plausible and interesting in and of itself background, in this case the efforts of King Bendigo, the head of a corporate empire situated on a small island, to wreak havoc in international relations in order to widen the market for his arms manufacture The implication is clearly that such monsters do exist and we d better watch out But it remains background material, with the real locus of interest being a locked room mystery and qu [...]

    This mystery opens with not very much happening, and only a moderate amount of mystery A wealthy and reclusive industrialist is getting mysterious death threats Ellery and his father are conscripted to investigate, whisked off to a hidden island, and subjected to the whims of some remarkably rich people And then not much happens for many chapters Once things do get going, a lot happens fast, but the uneven pacing and convoluted storyline leave the reader unsatisfied, despite one of the most spec [...]

    Stephen Osborne
    The premise is maddening A man is told precisely when he will be killed And he knows who is trying to kill him So he s in a locked room, with only his wife, and the man who threatened him is two rooms away, with no loaded weapon, watched all the time Yet, at the exact moment predicted, King Bendigo is shot No gun is found in the room I thought the solution was brilliant, and the characters kept me guessing the whole time Loved the brief return to the world of Wrightsville, which I didn t expect. [...]

    Sadly like all locked room mysteries I ve read, the solution never lives up to the build up and, the extravagant the impossibilities , the outlandish the supposed solution complete with room sized holes On top of that the plot, context and characters don t stand the test of time and it feels like a book written just after the war without the colour, context and such to give it any weight or longevity Ellery Queen has yet, in the two books I ve read of the detective, to step out of the vast sha [...]

    This was something different in the plot of a locked room mystery It takes the Queens out of their New York setting to a tropical island in a secret location Security is over the top but yet there is a murder right under the Queens noses.International intrique and secrecy along with family secrets play into this story All will keep you guessing.

    I read this because it was listed as a classic locked room mystery Unfortunately, the book is painfully dated and the writing is florid beyond all belief The motivations of the characters make little sense The murderers fly Ellery Queen and his father to an exotic island in order to set up a locked room murder Why NO REASON OMFG.

    This verbose and not very entertaining murder mystery draws upon the Biblical tale of Cain and Abel with a dash of Judas for its plot, and required a total suspension of reality even when it was written in order to make one s way through it and its totally unsatisfactory conclusion.

    Ellery Queen and his father are taken to a mysterious island where they are confronted with an impossible death Pretty cool set up for the central mystery but the build up took way too long for no reason.

    Jeff Dixon
    This was a simple read and to the point It is one of the most unique mystery books I have read and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick and enjoyable read.

    Strange who done it, with a killer who informs of his exact time, place and date of murder as well as the victim.

    Murray Moore
    This was the first Ellery Queen book i ve read, and i enjoyed it I look forward to reading .

    Keith Boynton
    Beautifully written, suspenseful, unique The very last moment is wonderful.

    read this SOMETIME in 2011

    Rick Meyer
    this is a different queen mystery could be easily be a tv moviethough i woud recommend for easy reading

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