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  • Title: A Man on the Moon
  • Author: Andrew Chaikin Tom Hanks Bronson Pinchot Michael Kramer
  • ISBN: 9780140272017
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

  • A Man on the Moon By Andrew Chaikin Tom Hanks Bronson Pinchot Michael Kramer On the night of July 20, 1969, our world changed forever when two Americans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, walked on the moon Now the greatest event of the twentieth century is magnificently retold through the eyes and ears of the people who were there Based on the interviews with twentythree moon voyagers, as well as those who struggled to get the program moving, jourOn the night of July 20, 1969, our world changed forever when two Americans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, walked on the moon Now the greatest event of the twentieth century is magnificently retold through the eyes and ears of the people who were there Based on the interviews with twentythree moon voyagers, as well as those who struggled to get the program moving, journalist Andrew Chaikin conveys every aspect of the missions with breathtaking immediacy from the rush of liftoff, to the heartstopping lunar touchdown, to the final hurdle of reentry.
    Andrew Chaikin Tom Hanks Bronson Pinchot Michael Kramer
    Award winning science journalist and space historian Andrew Chaikin has authored books and articles about space exploration and astronomy for than 25 years Writer director and explorer James Cameron Titanic, Aliens of the Deep called him our best historian of the space age Chaikin is best known as the author of A Man on the Moon The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts, widely regarded as the definitive account of the moon missions First published in 1994, this acclaimed work was the main basis for Tom Hanks 12 part HBO miniseries, From the Earth to the Moon, which won the Emmy for best miniseries in 1998 Chaikin spent eight years writing and researching A Man on the Moon, including over 150 hours of personal interviews with 23 of the 24 lunar astronauts Apollo 13 s Jack Swigert was already deceased Apollo moonwalker Gene Cernan said of the book, I ve been there Chaikin took me back A new edition of the book, with a new afterword for the 50th anniversary of the space age, was published by Penguin in 2007 Chaikin s newest book is A Passion for Mars, published in September 2008 by Abrams Apollo 11 astronaut and author Michael Collins called it a masterpiece of a book, and Rocket Boys author Homer Hickam said, I am completely and utterly in love with this book Upcoming works to be published in May 2009 are Voices from the Moon Viking Studio featuring excerpts from his conversations with Apollo astronauts, and Mission Control, This is Apollo Viking Childrens a book for middle school readers illustrated with paintings by Apollo moonwalker Alan Bean He is also the author of Air and Space The National Air and Space Museum Story of Flight, published in 1997 by Bulfinch Press Chaikin s illustrated narrative of space exploration, SPACE A History of Space Exploration in Photographs, was published in 2002 by Carlton Books He co authored the text for the highly successful collection of Apollo photography, Full Moon, which was published by Knopf in 1999 Chaikin collaborated with moonwalker turned artist Alan Bean to write Apollo An Eyewitness Account, published in 1998 by the Greenwich Workshop Press He also co edited The New Solar System, a compendium of writings by planetary scientists, now in its fourth edition His essays include the chapter on human spaceflight in The National Geographic Encyclopedia of Space, published in 2004, and Live from the Moon The Societal Impact of Apollo for NASA s 2007 book The Societal Impact of Spaceflight.From 1999 to 2001 Chaikin served as Executive Editor for Space and Science at SPACE, the definitive website for all things space He was also the editor of SPACE s print magazine, Space Illustrated.Chaikin is a commentator for National Public Radio s Morning Edition, and has appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, and the NPR programs Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation He has been an advisor to NASA on space policy and public communications.A former editor of Sky Telescope magazine, Chaikin has also been a contributing editor of Popular Science and has written for Newsweek, AirSpace Smithsonian, World Book Encyclopedia, Scientific American, and other publications.A graduate of Brown University, Chaikin served on the Viking missions to Mars at NASA s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and was a researcher at the Smithsonian s Center for Earth and Planetary Studies before becoming a science journalist in 1980 He is an amateur musician and songwriter he has also been an occasional space artist, and is one of the founders of the International Association of Astronomical Artists.

    A Man on the Moon By Andrew Chaikin Tom Hanks Bronson Pinchot Michael Kramer


    The Apollo project was the culmination of the Soviet American space race, the magnificently mad endeavor with no purpose other than national prestige, a twentieth century equivalent of the Great Sphinx of Giza The Soviets were the first to orbit a satellite around the Earth, to orbit a man, and to land a probe on the Moon, Venus and Mars Yet the Americans landed a man on the Moon, which the Soviets tried and failed to do The project used machines complicated than a Yamato class battleship of th [...]

    I am not a believer in the conspiracy theory of the moon landings There were just too many people involved, and that many people simply can t be counted upon to keep their mouths shut for all these years.Perhaps I am a little biased, though As an expatriate Yankee, one who is shamed and saddened by much of what my country has done, the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions are one of the few things my country did in the Twentieth Century and so far in the Twenty First for which I am actually proud [...]

    This review was written in the late nineties just for myself , and it was buried in amongst my things until today, when I uncovered the journal it was written in I have transcribed it verbatim from all those years ago although square brackets indicate some additional information for the sake of readability It is one of my lost reviews.What a personally powerful book A Man on the Moon is such a wonderful reminder of what we are capable of as a species and what wonderful things we can accomplish w [...]

    Kristy Miller
    This is not about the scientists, or the engineers, or the thousands of people that made Apollo possible This book is about the personal lives and inner thoughts of the astronauts And it is fascinating Chaikin s book served as the basis for the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon, which I must now watch We only have a few Apollo astronauts left living And we have not been back to the moon Our president this week announced that he wanted to privatize the International Space Station, and I despe [...]

    Alec Ritchie
    Very thorough history of the Apollo moon landing Chaikin is obviously very passionate about the subject matter and his prose is pleasing to read If you have ever wanted to know what the birth of NASA and the subsequent Apollo program is all about, I think you d be hard pressed to do better than this book.

    Dude, totally amazing Okay, so, I ve owned this book for at least five years now and I kept putting off reading it because I ve read a bunch of books about NASA before and also becauseI mean, it s really big When s the last time you read a nonfiction book that is 720 pages long Holy shit I mainly read YA and graphic novels these days, so it was kind of intimidating But anyway, I think there was recently some deal where I got it for 5 on audible and I figured I d put it off long enough, dammit An [...]

    Marceline Smith
    I got this for Christmas and it was all I could do not to sit sit down and read the whole thing from cover to cover, enormous though it is I ve been a space nut since I was very small wait, I am still very small and this book is just a joy It describes NASA s Apollo program in great detail, going through each mission from the disastrous beginnings through to the six Moon landings While sometimes bogged down by technical language and military customs, it does a great job of explaining how it all [...]

    Steve Mitchell
    This is the true story of what was arguably the greatest technological and engineering achievement of the twentieth century No less a commentator that Arthur C Clarke said that the moon landings will be the defining moment of our age that will be remembered in a thousand years time Anybody that doubts the genuine significance of the moon landings upon our understanding of the formation of the solar system and how the universe works should read this book If you are one of those people that believ [...]

    Jonathan Deaux
    This is the go to book for nearly all things related to the Apollo Program for the average person interested in one of the greatest achievements of human history and the faces that made the trip If you can only afford one book about Apollo, this is it One reviewer seems to think that there may not be enough actual political background and engineering involved with this account I read aviation and engineering books often than not and this is not a book on the in depth engineering involved with t [...]

    Just A. Bean
    If you want to know about the astronauts of the Apollo Program, this is the best book I ve read It really digs into their lives and what it was like to work in space in that period The book is funny and interesting, and covers a lot of the technical challenges, the training, and how the crews worked together.It does not try to cover any other aspect of the Apollo Program Mission Control is mentioned as a place that exists, but mostly in so far as the astronauts interact with it An engineering te [...]

    John Behle
    The moon landings and those joyous lunar walks later they brought along a car will always make a superb story The science, the passion, the skills involved are a pinnacle of human achievement Add the feelings extracted from days of interviews with not just the astronauts, but the engineers, the geologists, wives current and ex and the resulting souffle of a work is fine listening I enjoyed the 19 CD package indeed The clarion timbre of Bronson Pinchot holds true throughout.Andrew Chaikin whips t [...]

    This was an incredible accomplishment of space documentation Andrew Chaikin s writing kept me spellbound through the many stories of the Apollo space missions to the moon Bronson Pinchot was the perfect narrator for the audiobook, his voice filled with wonder, reverence, and urgency at the right times during each mission An essential book for anyone interested in the history of manned space flight.

    Jacob Folkman
    Hyper engaging, cinematic coverage of the Apollo missions Can t recommend enough if you have even a passing interest in human space travel.

    Leah K
    A very interesting history of the Apollo missions Well researched and many interviews Did the audio version which clocked in at over 23 hours narrator did great and kept my interest.

    A tale of the greatest adventure ever undertaken by humanity And every day it strikes me as simply crazy that no one has walked on the moon in 45 years

    Paul Anheier
    Spanning the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs, Chaikin managed to scratch pretty much all my space exploration itches in one book It has triumph, tragedy, lots of science, and a behind the scenes look at the tens of thousands of people that helped propel the astronauts to the moon and back Though the coverage is undoubtedly skewed towards the astronauts, it s hard to come away from this book without a deeper appreciation for the expansive national resources involved in these programs Importa [...]

    I actually finished this about a week ago, but have been wanting to find the time to give it the glowing detailed review it deserves Looks like that s not going to happen, so i better just get it out here and simply say THIS IS GREAT.It s what the HBO Series From the Earth to the Moon was based on It s what the actors read when preparing for Apollo 13 It s simply a thorough, engagingly written overview of the whole Apollo program as someone who missed the tv film renditions of this information, [...]

    Alex Templeton
    I rewatched Apollo 13 for the however many time earlier this summer, and was reminded of just how incredible all things moon exploration were I wanted to read a book that would give me a history of the Apollo program and some explanation of how all the science worked This was the perfect book, and a fantastic read Chaikin clearly conducted tons of interviews and research to write it, and his narratives of each Apollo mission make the reader go on the adventures right along with the astronauts Th [...]

    Michael Dorosh
    Brilliant book Chaikin weaves myth and fact into a readable story of the odyssey of the Apollo astronauts, laying bare the foibles of the astronauts as plainly as their bravery Not hidden is the technical brilliance of the support teams in Mission Control or the scope of the effort that put them into space, encompassing thousands of people in cottage industries across the nation, though the focus is firmly on the astronauts and the trouble shooters at the consoles rather than the workers on the [...]

    Andreas Kwiatkowski
    A comprehensive biographical collection of many important people involved in the Apollo program and their unique careers and stories while primarily focussing on the astronauts and a bit on their spouses and families, less than on the many driven contributors behind the scenes of this epic endeavor.

    Thorough to a fault but a fascinating examination of the last Apollo missions when most of us were no longer paying attention The personalities are intriguing and the dialogue of the astronauts was immensely entertaining and interesting If you re an American space exploration fan it s a must read.

    I read this in preparation for our trip to Florida to meet the Apollo Astronauts and I m so glad I did The book was written to where you couldn t put it down I hadn t thought much of the space program being the age I am, but now I see why these men are such heros.

    Brought back very powerful memories for me I was riveted to the TV during all the Apollo landings I also purchased the multi disk DVD program that is based on the book Great stuff

    A very detailed look at the Apollo program, from its catastrophic beginning, through the heyday of the moon landings, to its lack of vision ending.

    Derek Collett
    This is a very clear, detailed and comprehensive account of the Apollo programme, beginning with President Kennedy s 1961 Rice University speech in which he pledged to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade and ending with Apollo 17, the last of the moon missions It is the astronauts story, in the sense that everything is seen through their eyes and ears, although, curiously to my mind, Chaikin hardly ever quotes from them, despite evidently having conducted many hours of interviews Inst [...]

    Fraser Kinnear
    Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this Although I could read books about NASA until my eyes fall outSome things this book does better than other NASA books the blow by blow Apollo 11 landing, the Apollo 8 vomit, the cause of Apollo 13 s disasterMore important to me , Chaikin provides much detail around the less remembered not 8,11, or 13 missions The great engineering feats accomplished on Apollo 9, the really exciting science and geology performed on 15 through 17Random details Apollo 11 only ven [...]

    4.5 StarsAs I continue down the rabbit hole of space books, I chose this because it spans the entire duration of the Apollo missions and seemed to be a good primer for golden age NASA history However, this books does not contain exhaustive technical detail or behind the scenes, on the ground glimpses of the entire NASA team, instead choosing to follow the astronauts themselves That is still an ambitious number of stories and people to bring to life, and I felt that Andrew Chapman did a good job [...]

    Stop If you are thinking of reading this book drop whatever you are doing and get your hands on a copy immediately I must say I was a bit worried about reading a 600 book on the Apollo Program when I first stumbled across it, but I gave it a try and haven t looked back.The book is extremely well researched, drawing on many secondary sources and interviews with astronauts, their families and support staff I found myself sitting alongside the likes of Armstrong, Aldrin, Schmitt, Cernan, Collins et [...]

    Matt Ryall
    Note that this book is not currently available as an ebook I listened to it on Audible.This book shares the amazing stories of the astronauts and their journeys to the moon It isn t a book about rocket technology or orbital mechanics it s about the people, their lives before and after Apollo, and what they thought and felt through the incredible missions to the moon.Chaikin interviewed 23 out of the 24 Apollo astronauts, and dozens of other related people The background he got from this make the [...]

    This is the extended edition bluray dvd 3d with commentary of the iconic videos of Apollo astronauts touching ground on the Moon It s very detailed, but don t be scared off by that aspect Andrew Chaikin s research is very enjoyable to read and it s cool to finally understand the astro babble you hear on the background when the Eagle has landed or translunar injection or what not.It s also amazing how something as futuristic as walking on the Moon could be so far in the past There s hope with Spa [...]

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