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  • Title: Dante's Equation
  • Author: Jane Jensen
  • ISBN: 9780345430373
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback

  • Dante's Equation By Jane Jensen In a breathless thriller that explores the relationship between science and the divine, good and evil, space and time, Jane Jensen takes us from the world we know into a reality we could only scarcely imagine Until now.Rabbi Aharon Handalman s expertise with Torah code rearranging words and letters in the Bible has uncovered a man s name Who is Yosef Kobinski, and why diIn a breathless thriller that explores the relationship between science and the divine, good and evil, space and time, Jane Jensen takes us from the world we know into a reality we could only scarcely imagine Until now.Rabbi Aharon Handalman s expertise with Torah code rearranging words and letters in the Bible has uncovered a man s name Who is Yosef Kobinski, and why did God hide his name in His sacred text To find the answers, Aharon begins an investigation, and discovers that Kobinski, a Polish rabbi, was not only a mystic but also a brilliant physicist who authored what may be the most important lost work in human history.In Seattle, Jill Talcott s work with energy wave equations is being linked to Yosef Kobinski, now deceased, who claimed nearly fifty years ago that he discovered an actual physical law of good and evil But when Jill s lab explodes, she is forced to flee for her life, realizing that her cutting edge research is far dangerous than she ever has imagined And that powerful people have a stake in what she may have uncovered.Now Jill, her research partner, and a writer fascinated by Kobinski are about to meet Handalman in Poland all four desperate to solve the astonishing riddle Searching through the past, they trace Kobinski to a clearing in the woods near Auschwitz And in that clearing they come face to face with the inexplicable that Kobinski, drawing on his own alchemy of science and the Kabbalah, made himself vanish from the death camp in a blaze of fire Now, with intelligence agents hot on their trail, the investigators have no choice They must follow Kobinski to wherever he may have gone
    Jane Jensen
    Jane Jensen is the game designer of the popular and critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight adventure games and author of the novels Judgement Day and Dante s Equation.Jane Jensen was born Jane Elizabeth Smith, the youngest of seven children She received a BA in Computer Science from Anderson University in Indiana and worked as a systems programmer for Hewlett Packard Her love of both computers and creative writing eventually led her to the computer gaming industry and Sierra Online where she worked as a writer on Police Quest III The Kindred and EcoQuest The Search for Cetus After co designing King s Quest VI Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow with veteran game designer Roberta Williams, Jensen designed her first solo game Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers, which was released in 1993 The dark, supernatural mystery was a departure for Sierra but the game was enthusiastically received, with the strength of Jensen s writing, along with the game s horror and gothic sensibilities coming in for particular praise from the gaming press and earning the title Computer Gaming World s Adventure Game of the Year title.Jensen followed up Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers with two sequels The Beast Within A Gabriel Knight Mystery in 1995 and Gabriel Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned in 1999 Somewhat unusually for an adventure game series, each Gabriel Knight title was produced in an entirely different format to the others Whereas the original was a traditional 2D animated game, the sequels were realised through full motion video and a custom built 3D engine, respectively Despite further acclaim for Jensen s design in both cases The Beast Within was Computer Gaming World s Game of the Year , the large expenses associated with making the sequels, coupled with the declining marketability of adventure games especially within Sierra meant that a fourth in the series was not commissioned.In 1996, Jensen published a novelization of the first Gabriel Knight game A second Gabriel Knight novelization followed in 1998 In 1999, Jensen published her first non adapted novel, Millennium Rising later retitled Judgment Day Her fourth book, Dante s Equation was published in 2003 Dante s Equation was nominated for the Philip K Dick Award.Jensen has been involved in designing casual online games at Oberon Media, of which she is a co founder Her work in the Hidden Object light adventure category can partially be credited with moving casual games in the direction of full adventure games in puzzle and story sophistication Some of her notable recent hits include Deadtime Stories 2009 and Dying for Daylight 2010 After leaving Oberon in 2011, she briefly worked at Zynga.Jensen s most recent full adventure game was called Gray Matter, which was developed by Wizarbox and published by dtp entertainment in 2010 On April 2, 2008 the game, originally intended to be developed by Hungarian software house Tonuzaba, switched to another developer, French company Wizarbox as a result, the tentative release was changed and shifted to 2010.Jane Jensen owns a farm in Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband, composer Robert Holmes, who composed the music for the Gabriel Knight series and for Gray Matter On April 5, 2012, the couple announced the formation of Pinkerton Road, a new game development studio to be headquartered on their Lancaster, Pennsylvania farm The studio will use a Community Supported Gaming CSG model to give subscribers direct access to the games they produce, similar to Community Supported Agriculture CSA where small farms provide consumers with regular produce deliveries With this announcement, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds for the studio s first year of game development.Jensen is also a story consultant on Phoenix Online Studios adventure game Cognition An Erica Reed Thriller.

    Dante's Equation By Jane Jensen


    This is one of those rare books that when I m finished, I say Wow How did she come up with THAT I hesitate to label this book science fiction for fear that it may scare some readers off I would hope not Jensen only really uses the science fiction to get where she s going, and where she s going is very unique in our world of seen it all books and movies To say Jensen has a vivid imagination would be a major understatement And she has the writing skills to back it up The first half of this book co [...]

    Dante s Equation, by Jane Jensen, is a wonderful little sci fi thriller The first third and last third of the book are a Ludlum esque thriller involving quantum theory, wave mechanics, Hebrew mysticism, and of course the sinister workings of the US Department of Defense The middle third is an unusual combination of metaphysical self examination and sci fi elements that, surprisingly enough, works quite well when put all together.The characters are well developed and the plot is not as hokey as m [...]

    5 StarsWhat do you get when you cross Judaism, Christianity, Physics, Meglomania, Cult Worshipping, Work Worshipping, and Physics If you throw in a great deal of good versus evil, Heaven and Hell, and yes physics, you get a taste of what you will be getting yourself into when you read Dante s Equation.The first two thirds of this book are some of the most thought provoking and amazing look at good versus evil and how it fits into our Newtonian world I was blown away I mean, holy crap, Jane Jen [...]

    Un libro que me tomo demasiado tiempo y esfuerzo terminar Tarde meses, y tuve que re leer muchos cap tulos as como tener mi diccionario a mi lado as como hacer un par de investigaciones sobre teolog a y f sica La premisa del libro, en si no es mala pero el ritmo es pesado, lento y la narrativa complicada hacen que se vuelva una lectura tediosa En general esta bien escrito pero abundan los conceptos de f sica y de la religi n jud a, la historia avanza tan lentamente que se llega a un punto en el [...]

    The one in which the meaning of life turns out to be essentially a Myers Briggs assessment The first half is a clever thriller based on crackpot wave research and letter patterns in the Torah, in which Our Heroes and Villains are introduced the second half, once the reader gets past the initial WTF didn t see that coming, is science fiction with a Moral in which each Hero and Villain gets what he or she deserves, and the denouement ties it all up neatly with a karmic bow Well written and reasona [...]

    La Esquina de Lucifer
    Sighs Este libro WOW es un wow definitivamente.Cuando comenc a leerlo, debo admitir, tuve que investigar, tuve muchos conceptos que por m s que los personajes explicaran, me costaba un poco entender realmente lo que significaban, cosas como un estanque de energ a que a n no entiendo completamente, raz n por la cual leer a el libro de nuevo , o la tecnolog a de ondas, que a pesar de que Nate es el que mejor las explica, siguen existiendo puntos en ella que no entiendo y ni siquiera s que es lo qu [...]

    Silash Ruparell
    This review also appears on my blog silashruparellMy one liner Some of the passages can be a little jarring But you need to ignore that, as the author has attempted a remarkable feat here, in attempting to unify the karmic mysticism of Kabbalah with the undiscovered potential of quantum mechanics With some substantial success The author Jane Jensen is a computer scientist and computer games author, so I was optimistic that she would make a good stab at exploring, in fictional form, the possibili [...]

    Un poco larga y confusa debido al grosor del libro y tambi n de que tienes que prestar mucha atenci n para no perderte nada.Pero a mi me encanto y creo que es una de las novelas de mi vida,ya que llego en el momento justo y la disfrute demasiado.Personajes carism ticos y escenarios que literalmente est n fuera de este mundo

    Arian Stoetzer
    Clever and unique book.

    Nancy Oakes
    When I started reading this book I was enthralled Since I absolutely love fiction that involves hidden codes, sought after manuscripts that hold keys from the past that affect the future, conspiracies, and especially all of that in a religious setting, I figured I had hit the mother lode And the book kept up its fascination for me through the entire first part, but after that I was thinkingis is so disappointing It was all I could do to remain focused because it seemed to me that the book lost s [...]

    Rick Bass
    EL final es muy malo

    Alejandra Dehollain
    Very entertaining, for those who love fiction mixed with a little history.

    Peter Goodman
    Dante s Equation, by Jane Jensen Del Rey, 2003 Well, this book has most everything a good SF reader wants, even if he doesn t know it yet Orthodox Judaism, kaballah mysticism, particle physics, the question of good and evil, fleshed out characters, clearly imagined worlds, solid writing Quickly Josef Kobinski, a chemistry teacher imprisoned in Auschwitz, discovers that Jewish mysticism can be used to understand the balance between good and evil in all creation, and that there are tiny black hole [...]

    Warning the following contains spoilers.This was a book of 3 halves The first was really enjoyable where the main characters went chasing around North America and Europe looking for information on the 1 minus 1 wave or the religous writings of a jew who was at Auschwitz or people who vanished In the end they were all looking for the same thing and the Department of Defense were looking for them In the end they all came together.The second was set in various world where they ended up and each wor [...]

    Esma Tezgi
    lk b l m eksikleriyle, g zellikleriyle okuduk derken ikinci b l mde hayattan so udum Reading slump k y lar nda gezindim durdum ki bu bana ok nadiren olur Kitab okumamak i in bahaneler retirken dedim art k unu okuyup bitireyim, yar da b rakmamak i in istemeye istemeye okudum Kitap o kadar m k t yd derseniz, k t de ildi belki ama ben hi be enmedim, okurken s k ld m, sa ma buldum ve kand r lm hissettim Kitab n ad Dante Denklemi ama kitapta Dante nin ad bir kez ge iyor ve i eri i Dante den tamamen b [...]

    It took me a fair while to get into this book because I initially found it difficult to read several of the characters whose point of view we see from, them being particularly extreme in behaviour and views in a couple of cases, but I m glad I stuck with it A lot of the book has you waiting to see how the various threads intersect and weave together, not that I minded that build up, but midway where it changes to the 2nd book within this volume there is an abrupt change in the settings which may [...]

    In my last two years of college, I went through a time when I was utterly infatuated with Jane Jensen s work because I bought all the Gabriel Knight games and loved them I even bought the Sins of the Fathers novelization I wanted to read play experience everything Jensen Then I read this book This book was just stupid Or to put it another way, the first 3 4s of the book are as good as anything else Jensen has ever written, but the ending relies on a philosophical fallacy so ridiculous that it ru [...]

    Alman soyk r m s ras nda Polonya da toplama kamp ndaki bir bilim ve din adam aniden ortadan kaybolur.G n m zde Jill ad ndaki bilim kad n yard mc s Nate ile dalga boylar ile ilgili bir ara t rma yaparlar.Ayn anda bir gazeteci toplama kamp ndaki adam n Kobinski ilgin hikayesini ara t r r.Ve savunma bakanl ndan bir adam Jillin yapt ara t rmayla ilgilenir.Yollar kesi ir.Kobinskinin ba na geldi i gibi kta kaybolurlar ayn yerde.Hepsi karakterlerine g re farkl evrenlere giderler.Sonunda Jill ve Nate sa [...]

    Laura Oviedo
    Al principio dude en leer este libro por el volumen de p ginas, pero la verdad es que no fue muy pesado leerlo, en algunas partes la historia si se volv a un poco lenta, pero en general se manten a interesante, adem s la forma en la que esta narrada la hizo mucho m s din mica, me gust la forma en la se desarrollaron los personajes, algunos me agradaron m s que otros en ciertas partes de la historia, pero creo que eso fue una de las razones porque la historia se manten a interesante.Hab a veces e [...]

    Tats V
    WoW Fui gratamente sorprendida por este libro y por todo el contenido en el, cuando lo compre no tenia ninguna expectativa y ahora creo que ha llenado mas de una.La lectura es realmente estimulante, plantea aunque con un poco de ficci n, la proyecci n de la materia, la interacci n entre el tiempo y el espacio, la evoluci n f sica Y ESPIRITUAL del alma y la vibraci n intelectual para llegar a un plano superior, respecto al punto emocional en el que estabas al morir.Mas all de la ficci n te deja l [...]

    Este libro lo compr solo por el nombre y su descripci n No conocia a Jane Jensen, fue una compra a ciegas Ahora que lo termin de leer, me dejo un grato sabor Las historias de los distintos personajes y la forma en la que se reunen, no lo esperaba asi Mucho menos la historia de otros mundos ficticios ligados a parte de la f sica La forma de ver la vida con el libro del tormento y la dura batalla personan de Kobinski en Auschwitz Me gusto la manera en que llega a la conclusi n de no importar qu se [...]

    A book of ideas disguised as a thriller Don t be put off by the sudden left turn half way through It seems like it s a book about international spy action and running from government agents and hiding a truth that could lead to devastating new weapons, but it s not It s actually a book about self knowledge and redemption It s about good and evil, positive and negative, and the way that creation needs entropy to be meaningful, just as chaos needs order to be comprehensible The science is just as [...]

    If you like the promise of what could be, this is the book for you Not because it s sci fi though certainly there is a good what if element to this novel but because of the wasted potential This could have been a great book plenty of action, interesting ideas, varied characters but it all tried too hard, tried to do too much, and it never felt like there was a true harmony The pacing feels off here, dialogue is flat predictable there, and so on In short, felt like an awful lot of meh.

    It is incredible It starts out slow but once it gets going you can hardly put it down Dante s Euation takes Government intrique and religous mystism and combines Kabbala and science It looks at alternative universes from a scientific and religous aspect This was one of the best books I ve ever read It makes you think, about Good and evil in a new way It is like Dan Brown meets Robert Ludlum.

    Ya bu tarz,ilgi alan m de il ya da kitap bu konuda ba ar s z olmu.Ad ndan yola karak mistik bir kitap beklemi tim halbuki hatta belki biraz adrenalin de olabilirdi i inde ama yok Bence yavan Kitab n ilk yar s na kadar her sayfada ha ilgin bir eyler geldi ha gelecek diye bekledim kinci yar s nda en h zl okudu um b l mler Jill ve Nate ikilisinin maceralar oldu.Hele ki ba ka d nyalar n tasvirleri bana ok s k c geldi.Bilmiyorum

    Dante s Equation was a hard book to put down The first part of the book was a thriller, and the rest was a karmic sci fi romp where you couldn t help but wonder where the choices in your life may someday take you All of the characters, with the exception of Farris were fully fleshed out and Farris was just a few justifications and explanations away from being solid The ending wrapped up a little too neatly for me, but maybe I was just hoping the book was longer.

    mr. 阿創
    Dan Brown Michael Crichton Jane Jenson

    This was a really good book with some interesting concepts how various waves affect matter and the space time continuum itself I really liked it up until the 2nd part of the book when it went into fantasy mode with the alternate realities I was a bit bored with that part and was anxious to get back to the main storyline even though some of what happened in those realities was relevant But, everything came back together, and the plot was wrapped up neatly and in a satisfying manner.

    If I could give this book 3.5 stars, I would It wasn t great, but it s much better than good Some of the philosophy was very good and appealing The story, however, was slow at the beginning and was beginning to feel like a lackluster Da Vinci Code The second half of the book was much compelling What if you went to another world and another universe that was the place that you deserved Would you grow Or would you just accept it

    The second section really threw me for a loop at first, but ended up really appreciating what the author was doing A very unique book, indeed, does not easily fit the mold, which alone makes it worth reading The excellent character development and imaginative plot, with excellent writing, helps too.

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