[PDF] ï The Walking Dead, Book Six | BY ¸ Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn #2020

  • Title: The Walking Dead, Book Six
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn
  • ISBN: 9781607063278
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Walking Dead, Book Six By Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn JUST IN TIME FOR THE ALL NEW TELEVISION SERIES ON AMC This hardcover features another 12 issues of the hit series, all in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans, new readers, and anyone interested in reading a zombie movie on paper that never ends Collects The Walking Dead 61 72.
    Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn
    Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of that publisher.Robert Kirkman s first comic books were self published under his own Funk o Tron label Along with childhood friend Tony Moore, Kirkman created Battle Pope which was published in late 2001 Battle Pope ran for over 2 years along with other Funk o Tron published books such as InkPunks and Double Take In July of 2002, Robert s first work for another company began, with a 4 part SuperPatriot series for Image, along with Battle Pope backup story artist Cory Walker Robert s creator owned projects followed shortly thereafter, including Tech Jacket, Invincible and Walking Dead.

    The Walking Dead, Book Six By Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn


    The quality is still very good, and like always so much happens that it s hard to pin down the craziest thing that Kirkman puts these guys through.This one is definitely still dark, though And we lose several of the original members of The Group right off the bat.WARNING SPOILERS Sorry, I m trying to keep track of what s happening in these books.Ben, the creepy twin who was dismembering those animals in the last volume, finally goes full on psycho, and plays with his brother Billy s guts in the [...]

    J nnitt v , miten eri tavoin aika jakaantuu tv sarjan ja sarjakuvan aikana Jos oikein k sit n, t ss vaiheessa sarjakuvassa on kulunut n 14 kuukautta zombie ajanlaskun mukaan ja tv sarjassa v h n pidemp n nimitt in 533 p iv eli 1,5 vuotta ja 17 p iv Kovasti odottamaani Terminus vaihetta ei tullut ainakaan viel , kannibaaleja kyll kin oli mukana Ja porukka p tyi viimein Alexandriaan, eli pian suomennetut sarjakuvat ottavat kiinni tv sarjan.

    Wow I started reading these graphic novels around the end of season 4, I believe I m finally caught up with what s currently airing on television I really love the show and the graphic novels even though they re so different I feel like I m getting two different storylines with the same characters in the same universe, so that s cool Can t wait to read the next one The next book will be completely new stuff to me.

    I like this they have explored how far can you be pushed in the wild, now we see whether they can tolerate civilization again.

    Callie Rose Tyler
    This was the best one so far Either Kirkman is getting better or I ve just come to terms with his terrible writting, probably a combination of both This volume seemed to have a even balance between action and talking, words and pictures I am enjoying seeing Carl progress, since he seems to be the only character that is really evolving This was the first time I actually enjoyed reading and was left wondering what would happen next Without giving too much away I think that this book has the most [...]

    I can t handle this series I am reading it so fast and then forgetting to review them It s making me want to rewatch the show from the start so freakin bad 10 10 would definitely recommend

    Chad Bearden
    The story and characterization in Robert Kirkman s The Walking Dead has been impressive not only in its quality, but importantly, in its longevity There have been many comic series that drag on to indefinite lengths with stretches of brilliance here and there depending on the creators There have been many graphic novels with a finite page count and very specific story that that are masterpieces in the genre.With The Walking Dead , Kirkman manages an unlikely blending of the two Having recently [...]

    Powerful, thrilling stuff It is pretty difficult not to just sit and read it all in one or two sittings.

    Michael Hicks
    Tragedy and loss are the backbones of The Walking Dead, an ongoing comic book set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse What creator and writer Robert Kirkman does wisely throughout the series is examine the social implications of life in the aftermath What kinds of trials and tribulations would the survivors face, how would they grow and adapt to these challenges, and how would they cope with this new world order When civilization is gone, what happens to the civilized man in a world without [...]

    Every time I start reading one of these hardcover editions of The Walking Dead, it s always hard to put the damned thing down I often end up staying up later than planned because it s so damned good This one was pretty dark, not as messed up as book three was with all the stuff with The Governor, but still really dark The Terminus group shows up A.K.A The Termites view spoiler Except they are not living in a place called Terminus in the beginning, they are a wandering group of cannibals who stat [...]

    B.A. Wilson
    It s full of hopelessness, which is it s own strange sort of perfection.Pages 304

    Breon Randon
    A seriously messed up continuation of the series Starts of with one of Andrea and Dales twins killing the other, then having Carl wreak vengeance upon him Odd thing how all these grown ups think there is something wrong with this toddler killing someone, when all this kid sees is people killing zombies It was just chilling to hear him say don t worry he ll come back, I didn t hit his brains That was some messed up shit.Side note kudos to Carl for being smarter realistic badasss than 90% of the [...]

    Holden Attradies
    I only read Walking Dead in the nice hardcovers, so as of this point this is as far as I ve gotten I REALLY enjoyed this volume It kind of felt like the series had that fresh story glow again, maybe best described here as the stories second wind Not to say that past volumes were bad, just that this one was particularly good.I thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of two normal post apocalyptic tropes the preacher and the cannibals Once again Kirkman s take on these things comes off as very unique And [...]

    João Batista
    Well, 3.5 stars It is a good book as long as the story goes The group is now changed in every aspect, either with new characters, or with their minds A lot has happened to them and they start to make really hard decisions A priest appears out of the blue with a simple smile and willing to join the group he has a very interesting conversation with the scientist we find out about this scientist later on another group is willing to take each one of them as game Rick organizes a welcoming party to [...]

    In book 6, the group runs into a preacher, a pack of cannibals, and an entire gated community Meanwhile the zombies are starting to act a little funny they re starting to just keel over and sort of die again It ll be interesting to find out what this means, if the creators are going to make this a sort of time elapsed virus that s coming to an end or what I didn t think the new character the preacher really brought anything to the table He tells his sob story and then he s just a hanger on, shad [...]

    Gator Girl
    Spoilers Possible This was good.What has been so enjoyable for me as someone who was a fan of the show first, is comparing the TV show to the graphic novels The creator R.Kirkman has done a great job of converting the graphic novels to the small screen.I enjoy the show but I enjoy the novels too Within this novel we have the situation of one child murdering a sibling, trying to show the group that the roamers aren t badThey re just different So the child kills the sibling to show when the siblin [...]

    Amy Bailey
    I really enjoyed this volume Some difficult things happen here It s interesting for me to read this after having watched the show Everything winds up being a surprise to me because, despite the fact that similar events take place, the show often used different characters who had the same fate of a different character in the book Instead of having the twin boys, the show left out Billy and Ben and put in two young sisters instead They have a very similar story arc when it comes to what eventually [...]

    This series continues to surprise me and keep me interested in what happens to these survivors The first half of this volume provides a closer look at what s going on in Carl s mind and how he differs from other young children, introduces a nasty group that is quickly dispatched, and contains the death of a major character The moral issues that are brought up and grappled with regarding how to deal with outsiders and threats to safety are quite compelling The second half moves a bit slowly with [...]

    The hits keep on coming for Rick s crew New man Abraham nearly loses it when their DC expert turns out to be a liar, Michonne continues to become closer to Carl while distancing herself from her humanity, and Rick finds himself outside a gated community in DC being offered the job of constable Despite getting a house and feeling somewhat normal for the first time in months, the Congressman in charge of the commune is starting to raise red flags After what happened with the Governor back in Woodb [...]

    Deze graphic novel reeks blijft me in z n greep houden Ik moet minstens een keer per boek naar adem happen, want boy oh boy Ik ben blij dat ik de televisiereeks niet moet zien nu, want ik zou toch meer wegkijken dan iets anders De sc ne waarin Michonne even iemand martelt Jikes


    Kruizzer Alvarez
    5 Star rating from the 1st until this 72nd Volume

    The story moves along and the quality stays there.After an encounter with Cannibals, Rick and co join the community of Alexandria

    Kirkman s storytelling improve s the this group progresses while living among the undead Rick has so many great, subtle moments of powerful dialog I m already looking forward to Book Seven

    Mark Anderson
    I m typically not a graphic novel type of guy, but based on a recommendation from a blog post I started reading the series I have been hooked ever since.

    Olisi pit nyt aloittaa n iden lukeminen sitten, kun kaikki osat ovat suomennettu En ehk jaksa odottaa

    Maxym Karpovets
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    Janne Paananen
    Kuudes kirja on hidastempoisempi kuin aikaisemmat Se ei v ltt m tt ole lainkaan huono asia Ensimm isess puoliskossa jalkapuoli Dale katoaa ryhm st Selvi , ett h net on kaapattu Luvassa on pelatusoperaatio Ryhm ll on ollut jo jonkin aikaa sellainen olo, ett heit tarkkaillaan T m kin osoittautuu todeksi Aina uusien ihmisten kohdalla joutuu miettim n, ett ovatko ihmiset hyvi vai pahoja Mit on pahuus kun kaikki ihmiset ovat joutuneet tekem n aivan hirveit asioita Jopa vastaan tuleva pappi.Voiko el t [...]

    Me ha costado much simo terminar este tomo, b sicamente porque es muy irregular Empieza muy bien con la resoluci n del entrenamiento entre Negan y Rick pero a partir de ese momento entramos en un mont n de tramas insulsas que no llevan a ninguna parte y encima Rick ser convierte en un buenazo Con este ritmo cansino nos chupamos cerca de 300 p ginas y no es hasta que aparecen los susurradores que el ritmo y el inter s mejora.A pesar de mis quejas me doy 3 estrellas porque el final es muy bueno y [...]

    Ashley Lynne
    This series continues to keep me sucked in.I love the action and gore and whatnot but in this volume some of my favorite parts were emotional ones.cially with Carl Poor thing He is growing up too fast and to the point where he feels like he can t ever be a kid again My heart aches for him.And as for the way this volume endedI feel like rick is about to make some HUGE mistakes

    • [PDF] ï The Walking Dead, Book Six | BY ¸ Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn
      Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn