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  • Title: Cookie Dough or Die
  • Author: Virginia Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780425240670
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Cookie Dough or Die By Virginia Lowell Olivia Greyson is the proud owner of The Gingerbread House a quaint shop that specializes in all things cookie and her best friend, Maddie, is her sidekick, baking up scrumptious treats for their cookie themed parties But now they must take a break from baking and turn their attention to recreating a recipe for murderNo one is shocked than Olivia when prominent buOlivia Greyson is the proud owner of The Gingerbread House a quaint shop that specializes in all things cookie and her best friend, Maddie, is her sidekick, baking up scrumptious treats for their cookie themed parties But now they must take a break from baking and turn their attention to recreating a recipe for murderNo one is shocked than Olivia when prominent business owner Clarisse Chamberlain is found dead It was Clarisse who encouraged Olivia to open The Gingerbread House and she was one of her best customers The sheriff is ready to call the case a suicide, but Olivia s convinced there s a murder to solve.Then word spreads that Clarisse left Olivia a large sum of money, along with a collection of valuable, antique cookie cutters Suddenly, Olivia is the prime suspect, with some fingers pointing to Maddie when the local postman falls ill after sampling one of their cookies If the cookie loving duo doesn t find the real killer, their reputation and quite possibly their lives will be battered for good
    Virginia Lowell
    Virginia Lowell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cookie Dough or Die book, this is one of the most wanted Virginia Lowell author readers around the world.

    Cookie Dough or Die By Virginia Lowell


    Stacie Amelotte
    Was it an accident, suicide or murder This book has been on my to be read pile forever, it was released in 2011 I m glad to finally start this series Culinary cozies are my favorite so I enjoyed the idea of a shop devoted to cookies and cookie cutters I must admit the beginning was a little slow and I struggled a bit Truly I believe my frame of mind influenced me so I was determined to give this book a chance I m really glad I did The plot is enjoyable and will keep you guessing as there are ple [...]

    I found the whole situation unbelievable How could a store completely devoted to selling cookie cutters plus a few baking utensils support two employees The characters are suppose to be in their early thirties and have the experiences of people of that age college, careers, failed first marriages but act as though they barely in their twenties acting like moon sick calves with their new love interests, throwing caution to the wind trying to catch a dangerous murderer, and even eating nothing but [...]

    I really hate to give a bad review that s why I m not I just really think it was me this time and not the book I just couldn t get into the plot and the characters I will have to pick it up and re read it at a later date soDear Cookie Dough or Die, I sincerely regret to inform you, that I am finished reading you for now It is just not working out between us and to be truthful I m just not that in to you Fortunately it is not your fault this time it s all me Don t worry I m sure I will pick you u [...]

    The mystery itself was fine plenty of suspects, plenty of motives and red herrings to keep the reader guessing.But I am a knit picker, so I question whether a town that is so small that it only has two officers of the law could really support a store that specializes in cookie cutters Unless it is a known tourist destination, but then wouldn t there be that two police officers and provide enough income for two people Also, did Livie and Maddie sell the cookies they made or only use them as samp [...]

    Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    I found this book very gentle and handled being a new series well There were murder mysteries and the clues were placed, not obviously, throughout the book I had a sense of the culprit but was not sure until the ending.I would make the recommendation that our new friends, Olivia and Maddie learn to eat something other than pizza I do understand about not being a cook but a baker, however, with the world of take out at our finger tips, it seems, a lasagna, ravioli, sub sandwich, something Then, I [...]

    Hilary S
    The start of a series with a nice cast of characters, Olivia came back to her home town after her marriage to a surgeon broke down and soon became friends with Clarisse Chamberlain, Clarisse encouraged Olivia to open her cookie shop selling items for making cookies rather than selling cookies, although a lot of baking does happen, especially as they provide cookies for parties etc , after Clarisse dies suddenly Olivia and Maddie her best friend and co worker start to investigate as an accident s [...]

    Really 3.5 stars but I rounded up.I really enjoyed this book It suffered from a few first book blunders, but overall it was an enjoyable read.The characters were excellently written I especially loved Livie and Del Maddie could get a little bit annoying, but for the most part she was an enjoyable character However, at the same time I absolutely detested Lucas and Hugh, I don t know what it was about them, but I just did not like them.The mystery was simply alright The MC did a good amount of sle [...]

    Dharia Scarab
    Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    like pretty much everyone else has already said can a shop that only sells cookie cutters survive and, can the main character survive when she only eats pizza and cookies the story makes a point out of how she can still fit into a fitted dress, so good for her I didn t really get involved in the mystery or characters I found the cookie themed reveal kind of bizarre at some point in time I might keep reading this series, but it s not first on my list.

    It was a decent mystery, but not all I d hoped it could be Some parts of the story were implausible, and could have used editing.

    Olivia Livie Greyson is the owner of The Gingerbread House, a store on the main level of her Victorian home in Chatterley Heights The Gingerbread House is a quaint little store that specializes in cookie cutters from brand new to antique Olivia also owns a rescue dog named Spunky who certainly brings his own bit of charm to the story, and his interactions in the park with his lab friend Buddy, who is owned by the Deputy Sheriff, are just awesome Olivia s business partner is her best friend, Made [...]

    Olivia Greyson is the owner of The Gingerbread House which occupies the first floor of her Victorian home in Chatterley Heights It is a shop that features cookie cutters and other baking items Olivia lives upstairs with her tiny dog Spunky Olivia Livie and her friend Maddie run the shop and Maddie bakes and creates the most yummy cookies Olivia gets to be close friends with prominent Chatterley Heights citizen and business woman Clarisse Chamberlain who also has a passion for cookie cutters She [...]

    Somewhere between 3 4 stars Enough to want to read but not enough to say this book was great.Olivia Greyson has returned to her hometown after her divorce to open The Gingerbread House, a quaint boutique shop that sells vintage and modern cookie cutters Her best friend Maddie is the baker and creative genius behind the shop s scrumptious treats Olivia owes her success to a local businesswoman, Clarisse Chamberlain It was Clarisse who encouraged Olivia to start a business and who helped mentor h [...]

    Cookie Dough or Die by Virginia Lowell is the first book of the Cookie Cutter Shop cozy mystery series set in a contemporary small town near Balti, Maryland Olivia Greyson lives in a Victorian house, upstairs over The Gingerbread House, her cookie cutter shop Olivia specializes in antique cookie cutter designs her best friend and business partner Maddie specializes in baking artistic cookies Life is mostly idyllic for the two young women, who do what they love and love what they do everyday When [...]

    Wow, a mystery centered around cookie cutters and collectors I love that this book is dedicated to members of the Cookie Cutter Collector s Club and to our newsletter Cookie Crumbs I wish there was a shop like the Gingerbread House in my city She talks about D.C collectors coming in a van to shop at her little store I am wondering if any of my friends were in that van I do wish that she had included a little bit of the cookie cutter lore This is an example of a cozy mystery Olivia has gone home [...]

    I loved this cozy mystery by Virginia Lowell I just finished a dark, graphic, violent serial killler type novel and needed something a bit lighter I couldn t put this one down Olivia, livvy owns a cookie shop with her good friend Maddie Since moving back to her small hometown, Livvy became close with Clarrise When Clarrise is found dead, Olivia can t believe it It looks like Clarrise either accidentally consumed too much wine while taking pills, or committed suicide Livvy just doesn t buy it and [...]

    Nicole Cadet
    While this is an enjoyable mystery romp being the first in the series , with some well rounded interesting characters, it was be a little slow in parts There seemed to be at times a repetitiveness with the descriptions of the baking and decoration of cookies yes, the primary character and her sidekick run a cookie cutter store with a side of catering, but it did detract at times from the main story The books did not give away too many hints about who the actual killer was, which was probably a s [...]

    I wanted to like this book because it takes place in a cookie cutter shop named The Gingerbread House how cute is that I liked the main character, Olivia or Livie, as she likes to be called because she is smart, tough, and determined Her dog, Spunky, is a realistic characteration of a typical small dog, all bark and a lot of love The way the story evolved, in my opinion, was too slow at the beginning However, it really picked up during the last 100 pages of the book Overall, it was an enjoyable [...]

    Oliva owns a cookie cutter shop with her best friend Maddie When her mentor dies under suspicious circumstances, and the police think it was accidental suicide, Oliva makes it her mission to find out what really happened I really enjoyed this book especially the small town setting, Olivia s relationship with Maddie which is tested by Maddie s new love , and Olivia s Yorkie Spunkey I also liked the cookie cutter theme I had no idea they were so collectible and the baking cookie decorating they in [...]

    Do people really collect cookie cutters I guess so, probably the same people who collect salt and pepper shakers It takes all kinds.Livie Greyson runs The Gingerbread House that makes cookies and sells cookie cutters When a friend and fellow collector dies, Livie s not convinced that it was an accident Unlike some of the recent cozies I ve read, she at least investigates without being an idiot about it I found it an easy, fluffy read, no heavy lifting needed For a first book in a series, it was [...]

    Ramona Walker
    This was a really good book as a first in a series The introductions were smooth and I grew to know the characters over the course of the story I had misgivings about the story being centered around a cookie cutter shop, but it managed to be a fine setting It is a little hard to relate to because I do not live in a place where such a shop could likely thrive.The story was good and had enough branches entwined to lead you on an adventure A few red herrings were included making you doubt some of y [...]

    ❂ Jennifer
    Well, I started out not liking this book and putting it back down to read others But I think it may have just been the mood I was in, because when I picked it back up I fell immediately into the story Nice plot line and even though you know who the strongest suspects are throughout most of the book, she did a nice job of keeping me from guessing who really did it Nice character development as well This book was enjoyable enough that I ll read the next one.

    I enjoyed this book very much I wihs there was a recipe in the back for cookie dough, as I have never tried to make cookies like these, now I m ready to give it a chance I liked the characters, but had a hard time picturing them in my mind just me, probably It was a nice between books read, easy to follow although I still didn t figure out who did it I never do If you have some reading time on your hands, and enjoy a little myster give it a try.

    Meh Well On the bright side, this book was an easy read However, the dialogue struck me as off I kept thinking, no one would ever say that The method used at the end to expose the killer made me roll my eyes and seemed forced The mystery was a bit predictable as I guessed the killer almost immediately and nothing swayed me to change my mind Not my favorite cozy.

    What a pleasant little cozy At first I was not sure of a cookie cutter themed cozy but you know what it works and I loved it The book went at a good pace and most important this book broke my reading slump So needless to say will be reading of this series.

    This is my first cookie cutter mystery, and it was better than I had anticipated The main characters we were defined with room to grow Whether they cook or not, they need to expand their menus beyond Petes diner and pizza Ellie is a character I hope to see of in future stories.

    Olivia and her best friend Maddie are owners of The Gingerbread House, a lovely store specializing in cookie cutters and anything you can imagine having to do with cookies The twosome also bake for cookie themed parties Olivia is shocked when she learns that her friend and mentor, Clarisse Chamberlain, is found dead While is appears to be a horrible accident, Livie can not accept that Clarisse could have been so careless.Livie decides that she must prove her friend was murdered and enlists Maddi [...]

    Olivia run a cookie cutter store and is shocked when business owner Clarisse is found dead Clarisse had encouraged Olivia to open the store and was one of her best customers The police think it was an accident but Olivia is sure it was murder Olivia is left a large amount of money and the rumor is that Olivia killed Clarisse so she has to clear her name Interesting information about cookie cutters and always amazing what a big deal cookie cutters are to some people.

    Karen Holman
    This story has interesting characters a setting in Maryland, and an ending that will lead to books Overall the story had the usual divorced main character and future love interests The story had a mystery that may surprise the reader.

    Mark Mackenzie
    Slow to start But stay with it, gets better better.

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