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  • Title: Lair of the Bat Monster
  • Author: Ursula Vernon
  • ISBN: 9780803735255
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Lair of the Bat Monster By Ursula Vernon Danny Dragonbreath is hoping to see lots of cool bats when he and his best friend, Wendell, visit Danny s cousin, a bat specialist in Mexico But he isn t expecting to get up close and personal with a giant bat monster, who kidnaps Danny and carries him off to her lair Now nerdy Wendell will finally get a chance to be a hero but only if he can hunt down the bat monsDanny Dragonbreath is hoping to see lots of cool bats when he and his best friend, Wendell, visit Danny s cousin, a bat specialist in Mexico But he isn t expecting to get up close and personal with a giant bat monster, who kidnaps Danny and carries him off to her lair Now nerdy Wendell will finally get a chance to be a hero but only if he can hunt down the bat monster before she permanently adopts Danny as her bat monster baby Ursula Vernon has packed the fourth book in this laugh until smoke comes out of your nose series with fantastic bat facts and hilarity of the highest order Wimpy Kid fans everywhere will love this decidedly un wimpy but often unlucky dragon Perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid and Bad Kitty Watch a Video
    Ursula Vernon
    Ursula Vernon is a freelance writer, artist and illustrator She is best known for the webcomic Digger and the children s books Dragonbreath and Nurk The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a Somewhat Brave Shrew Ursula is also a prolific painter and the creator of the Biting Pear of Salamanca, a work which became an internet meme in the form of the LOL WUT pear.Ursula s cover for Best in Show won the 2003 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration She was nominated for the 2006 Eisner Awards in the category Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for her work on Digger She was also a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2004 and 2009, and the Artist Guest of Honor at Further Confusion 2010.The daughter of an artist, she attempted to rebel and become a scientist, but in the end couldn t fight her destiny She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she writes, draws, and in her words, creates weird thingies She also writes under the name of T Kingfisher.

    Lair of the Bat Monster By Ursula Vernon


    Noorain K
    12 13 12I finished reading Dragonbreath Lair of the Bat Monster by Ursula Vernon the story is about Danny and Wendell found a bat at their pool they both go to Mexico to see Steve a bat expert one night Danny gets token away by the bat monster Wendell and Steve had to save Danny will they or will they not find out if you read the book One way I m like Danny is that I like bats like him Vernon describes inner thought well like when Danny was token away by the bat monster the bat gave him a fish t [...]

    Julian P
    I m currently reading this great book called Dragonbreath Lair of the Bat Monster by Ursula Vernon I m around the middle of it and currently the 2 main characters Danny and Wendall have met Danny s cousin Steve and have been researching bats together At dusk they all went to the bat cave that all the bats live in and watched the bats fly out of it The bats returned a few minutes later and they seemed to be disturbed by something They went out to see what was bothering them and then they saw a gi [...]

    Angela Oliver
    Another hilarious younger reader adventure by Ursula Vernon, science geek and artist extraordinaire The fast paced fun, entertaining dialogue, quirky characters and events are sure to appeal to children, particularly boys, aged 6 The delightful illustrations enhance the text and bring the story to life.After rescuing a bat from a swimming pool, Danny Dragonbreath and his brainy and sensible friend Wendall, take the bus down to Mexico where they journey deep into the rainforest to meet up wtih Da [...]

    It s cute and has scary parts.

    In which we meet the nicest Aztec bat god, and also some snakes And a tiny angry injured bat.

    This was a good one I liked that Danny had to be rescued Would have liked to have seen what happened to the bat monsters.

    I love how much RANDOM SCIENCE and mythology makes its way into these

    Mary Ann
    When 4th graders come up to me and want something funny, I am glad to suggest the Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon It s a fun illustrated novel, with enough of a feel of a comic book to lighten anyone s mood Best of all, Ursula Vernon really gets what makes kids laugh gross slime, creepy dark caves, and best friends who need rescuing from all sorts of situations The latest in this series Dragonbreath Lair of the Bat Monster is sure to please kids who want humor, comics and a dash of adventur [...]

    Nicola Mansfield
    Reason for Reading Next in the series.This is the fourth book in the series and Ms Vernon is still going strong I ll say this was not my favourite of the bunch but it is still a worthy entry in the series Danny and Wendell save a tiny bat from drowning and true to the form that the series ventured from in book three, Danny asks him mom for a relative who can help them save the bat s life So she sends them off to visit cousin Steve in the rain forests of Mexico as he is conducting research on bat [...]

    This is the fourth book in the Dragonbreath series I enjoyed this one as much as the others I loved it.This time best friends, Danny a dragon, and Wendell, an iguana find an injured bat at pool They take the bat back to Danny s to see is his mother can help She tells them to take the bat to Danny s cousin Steve, a bat expert Steve lives in Mexico, so once again Danny and Wendell will be taking the very reliable and unexplainable bus system all dragons use Steve s patches up the bat and teaches D [...]

    Part graphic novel, part chapter book, this is an entertaining and somewhat educational story about an adolescent anthropomorphic dragon and his iguana pal It s the fourth book in the Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon We borrowed this book from our local library as an ebook and our girls really liked reading the full color book on a tablet The story is a quick read and the graphic novel like scenes are woven throughout the story in a seamless way This would be a great book for a child who lik [...]

    Ms. Yingling
    When Danny and his friend Wendell find a bat at the local swimming pool, Danny s mom is not able to help it, so suggests that the two go on the bus which is somehow magical to Mexico to consult with Danny s Uncle Steve, who is a scientist studying bats in the area When they arrive, they are irritated by the amount of bugs, but also by the fact that miners are blasting in caves where bats make their homes They aren t the only ones who are irritated a huge bat comes and kidnaps Danny Wendell and S [...]

    As posted on Outside of a Dog Danny the dragon is back in another adventure from funny gal Ursula Vernon Lair of the Bat Monster finds our hero, along with his best friend Wendell and his cousin Steve, in Mexico After saving a small brown bat actually of the species big brown bat , Danny and Wendell want to learn about bats, so they accompany bat expert Steve to the caves where he does his research and while there, they discover the stuff of legend The Camazotz, the enormous lord of the bats on [...]

    Holly Letson
    This one is about bats I learned a few things about bats while reading it, and enjoyed it Just so you know, the lettering on the library edition is blue and white, instead of yellow It s Summertime School is out, and everyone is chillin down at the local pool That s where Danny finds a hurt young bat that has holes in its wing and cannot fly.He takes it home to his mother, asking for help She instructs him to go on a bus to see his cousin, Steve, in Mexico Steve is studying bats Lots of wonderfu [...]

    Dragonbreath Lair Of The Bat Monster by Ursula Vernon is the fourth book in the Dragonbreath graphic novel series aimed at middle graders The premise of the series is basically that Danny is a dragon who ends up going on all kinds of adventures with his levelheaded BFF Wendell the Iguana, who usually ends up pulling Danny out of scrapes In Lair Of The Bat Monster Danny and Wendell find a bat trapped in a pool filter Confused about what to do, they end up in Mexico to see Danny s cousin Steve, a [...]

    This addition to the Dragonbreath series is good like the first book of the series is a combination of information on a focused topic and the unbelievable Lair of the Bat Monster teaches young readers all about bats in humorous sometimes laugh out loud ways through endearing characters and cheeky dialogue I appreciate that Vernon mixes up her normal series formula in this book The two main characters, Danny Dragonbreath and Wendell the iguana, get separated in this adventure, and Wendell is the [...]

    Camazotz means death bat Isn t that the most awesome thing ever Natasha and I share a hardcore love for these books They are silly and imaginative and adventurous We love that the bus will take Danny and Wendell anywhere in two hours a fantasy Japan or a Mexican research station But mostly, we love that there was a whole story about bats Reading this aloud to Natasha enabled us to recapture the fun of Franny K Stein s Crate of Danger, a series that delighted us.Library copy.

    This one was kind of sad I felt bad for the giant bats and although it is complete and utter fiction i would hope they have a happy ending to their journey I m a sucker for a good sob story and i was not expecting a sad story since all of the others have either been funny or scary

    Danielle Hammelef
    This is another fun book to read by Ursula Vernon Friendship, adventure, and nonfiction facts about bats and animal conservation are interjected in fun ways Bats are helpful creatures for our environment and this book would help kids see that bats are not intentionally harming people and don t need to be feared or killed I enjoyed the illustrations which made this book almost a cross between graphic novel and chapter book This author s sense of humor shines through and I highly recommend this bo [...]

    Erica Sonzogni
    Another Dragonbreath book, another suspenseful, action packed storyline This series does a great job of tying in past events from previous books without being redundant while making the reader want to pick up the next one It also has a balance between strong vocabulary, dialogue, comic like illustrations, and character development.


    Danny finds an injured bat at the public pool so his mom suggests he go visit his cousin Steve in Mexico because he is researching bats I have to admit that cousin Steve has been my favorite relative so far Wendell and Danny learn a lot about bats and then Danny gets kidnapped by a giant one I thought it was a cute, action packed, and funny adventure.

    Texas State Poder
    Danny dragon breath lair of the bat monster is a great book It is about Danny, Wendell and Steve But Steve comes later So Danny and Wendell were at a swimming pool Danny wanted to have fun, so he jumped in and splash Big Eddy Big Eddy said yeah dork breath you splashed me Danny said you were already wet Big Eddy said but i was almost dried So that was that said Wendell But Danny Saw something, so h went to check He said it s a bat said Danny Wendell said really, come on Danny and Wendell said it [...]

    Becky B
    Danny and Wendell find a bat in the pool they think is injured They take the little thing to Danny s mom who sends them down to visit Danny s cousin Steve, who is researching bats in Mexico Needless to say with Danny and Wendell, they re trek in the jungle gets way exciting than planned.Danny Dragonbreath is as funny as ever with his do cool stuff now think later attitude, and Wendell provides his own entertainment by freaking out over every little and not so little thing I love how Vernon mixe [...]

    Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend Wendell find a bat in the public swimming pools and take it to Danny s cousin Steve in the jungles of Mexico Where they learn than Wendell wants to know about bats and jungle life return return This the fourth book in the Dragonbreath series It continues to be entertaining Danny is indefatigable in his imagination and enthusiasm for adventure and always to manages to drag Wendell into trouble with him return return The whimsical plot and clear illustration [...]

    Ashley Nelson
    Another fun adventure with Danny Dragonbreath and Wendell his iguana bff This time, with bats D W rescue a small bat with a hurt wing from the drain at the local swimming pool They travel by bus of course to the wilds of Mexico to consult Danny s Uncle Steve, a feathered dragon who just so happens to be a bat researcher There s piranhas, dark caves, spooky jungles, guano beetles, and a giant bat monster of ancient folklore Danny is very brave, and Wendell is very neurotic Dry humor and nice less [...]

    The continuing story of Danny and his buddy, Wendell, takes us to an exotic jungle in Mexico As the title indicates, this time the two are dealing with bats As usual, the creatures they encounter are never the normal versions of the creatures we are familiar with This time they met an ancient species of bat that was worshiped by ancient tribes of people The bat is known as Camazotz Lord of the Bats This is another fun, easy read that is enjoyable for reluctant and exuberant readers alike Recomme [...]

    BATS.Actually, it was reading this one that I realized how surprisingly educational the Dragonbreath books are I mean, of course they are, you get cool ninja facts or ocean facts or whatever, but I actually learned a LOT about bats from this book, and also about fire serpents in Aztec mythology, which is fascinating and not something I ever expected to learn Danny s relatives, man.Also, BATS.

    Malcolm says, I like bats and I like squid battles, and he talks about a squid battle all the time I like Camazotz and the second Camazotz that was bigger than the first, and I liked those beetles that ate the poop, and I really like caves and I really like the wings of the bats and I really like that ugly bat, and I really like that he was a monster bat but he wasn t really big like Camazotz I really like animals and that s all.

    Exciting, dorky adventure With cool graphic illustrations So far, this whole series has been enjoyableif you happen to have a warped, slightly odd sense of humor However, there are some mentions of gods which I absolutely hate, and of ancient Indians sacrificing to themwhich of course, is historical, so that s not really any big deal But the fact that the huge bat appears and everyone is still jokingly calling it a god makes me knock down my rating to a 3.

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