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  • Title: Inked
  • Author: Karen Chance Marjorie M. Liu Yasmine Galenorn Eileen Wilks
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  • Page: 386
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  • Inked By Karen Chance Marjorie M. Liu Yasmine Galenorn Eileen Wilks Four of today s hottest urban fantasy writers together for the first time From today s most provocative authors come four tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance exploring body art that is than it seems in a world of magic and mayhem that always leaves its mark This captivating tattoo theme surrounds each author s popular characters and worlds Karen ChanceFour of today s hottest urban fantasy writers together for the first time From today s most provocative authors come four tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance exploring body art that is than it seems in a world of magic and mayhem that always leaves its mark This captivating tattoo theme surrounds each author s popular characters and worlds Karen Chance s war mage Lia de Croissets, Marjorie M Liu s demon hunter Maxine Kiss, Yasmine Galenorn s Otherworld Intelligence Agency operative Camille D Artigo, and Eileen Wilk s Lupi world.
    Karen Chance Marjorie M. Liu Yasmine Galenorn Eileen Wilks
    Karen Chance is the author of two New York Times bestselling series, plus a number of novellas and short stories, all set in the Cassandra Palmer universe A full time writer since 2008, she was previously a university history teacher, which comes in handy when writing the time travel aspect of Cassie s crazy adventures She loves Las Vegas, the main setting for her novels, but currently lives in Florida near her family home Visit her website or connect with her on Facebook here.

    Inked By Karen Chance Marjorie M. Liu Yasmine Galenorn Eileen Wilks


    This book should have been BEFORE the last one because we had to go back in time to read this I hate going back in time If I had a time machine, I might go back to kill baby Hitler, but other than that, I have no interest in the past Keep things moving, people So, I was reluctant to read this one because of this, but I forced myself to because I am in a buddy read, and the first rule of Buddy Reading is never to talk about Buddy Reading Wait, wrong club The first rule in Buddy Reading is not to [...]

    Magical tatoos are the thread that ties together four substantial short stories by popular urban fantasy authors Karen Chance, Marjorie Liu, Yasmine Galenorn and Eileen Wilks These stories are just the quick fix to tide us fans over while waiting for the next books in our favorite series but with a nice mix of story, suspense and even a bit of steam they are also great introductions to these authors wonderful urban fantasy worlds Chance s Skin Deep is the third short starring half werewolf war m [...]

    I raced through a few favorite Urban Fantasy series and skipped a couple of the themed anthologies that contained the shorter stories in the series Finally, I m going back for them This anthology which by the way has a cool theme only contains two series I m following so I ll read those first, but I do plan to read the other two as well since they are authors I am interested in.First up, I read Skin Deep by Karen Chance 4.5 Stars 4.5 Cassandra Palmer seriesThis story took side character, Lia de [...]

    Laura (Kyahgirl)
    March 2016 I just re read the Eileen Wilks story as part of my World of the Lupi re read This story runs concurrently with the events of book 4, Night Season Great short story 2010 review I didn t like the Yasmine Galenorn short story but the Wilks and Chance stories were 4 star and the Liu story was a 3 star.

    All Things Urban Fantasy
    Courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyReview Skin Deep by Karen Chance Karen s story once again features War Mage were Lia who is featured on the cover and her werewolf love interest Cyrus If you want to read all of the stories about these characters and you should because they are fantastic the reading order would be 1 Rogue Elements included in the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology 2 Vegas Odds included in the Strange Brew anthology 3 Skin Deep included in the Inked anthology Each of these stories [...]

    This is a set of four novella length stories that deal in some way with tattoos Skin Deep by Karen Chance Every time I read a story about Lia I think I d like to read about her in a series but it seems that so far she s destined only to appear in anthologies like these For some reason, the Cassandra Palmer series never really did it for me Anyway, it s a good story although the tattoo aspect seems tangential to the story.Armor of Roses by Marjorie M Liu This was probably my favorite story, but I [...]

    I read this book for the Marjorie Liu Hunter Kiss story and that alone was worth the read Having another Eileen Wilks Lupi story with Lily and Rule made reading through the end worthwhile The other stories by Karen Chance and Yasmine Galenorn had hot sex and the Chance story made me put Touch the Dark higher up on my TBR pile The Galenorn story had very, very hot sex but a confusing story The Liu story takes Maxine back in time to save the lives of four children but that s not the real reason he [...]

    5 starsAll the short stories were very good Liked all the characters Can t wait to read stories from these worlds

    Dark Faerie Tales
    Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Four novellas featuring love and ink.The Review This anthology contains four stories of love, loss, and tattoos that move, shift, kill, protect, empower and even turn into demons If only my ink did any one of those things, well not kill, but still Skin Deep by Karen ChanceSkin Deep features a half were half human heroine, who is also a mage and a member in the War Mage Corps, which is kind of like the magical police Her mate is a full blooded wolf [...]

    ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad!
    Inked is a collection of four short storysSkin Deep by Karen Chance, pages 1 125 Lia de Croissets short story 3 occurred after Curse the Dawnother Lia short storys occurred short story 1 Wolfsbane and Mistletoeshort story 2 Strange BrewLia managed to get a dark mage ward stuck to her and even with the help of caleb and jamie kick ass war mages cant seem to get rid of the thing, between that and trying to save the werewolves from a skin hunter you could say lia is having a bad dayl the character [...]

    Eileen Wilks Human Nature is a short story that takes place in the Lupi world A Lupus has been murdered and another lupus, Jason Chance, is being accused of the murder Lily and Rule must travel home to San Diego to help solve this mystery This is Jason s first appearance but his character plays a minor role in Wilks next novel in the series, Blood Magic 5 starsMarjorie M Liu s Armor of Roses okay, my review may be a little biased but I read her Hunter Kiss series The first book wasn t bad but by [...]

    Lynn Calvin
    preorder.I m sort of torn about these anthologies that have 4.5 of this series, and 3.5 of another series This anthology I don t mind, because I would buy an anthology for any one of three of the stories I just haven t gotten into Gaelorn This anthology I didn t mind, three excellent must buy authors, and one that was fine to pass the time I m glad, because sometimes I end up buying these for one story and feeling robbed This was good value.I love Chance, I love Liu and I love Wilks All three of [...]

    First things first The blurbs at the back are EXTREMELY misleading Don t base your expectations of the novella on them.The anthology averaged 3 stars but let s spread it outKaren Chance 5 stars I love Lia de Croisset s stories and this one was well balanced action and emotions I re read the ending several times.Marjorie M Liu 2 stars It was boring and heading nowhere and I developed a strong dislike of the heroine The only reason it got 2 stars instead of one was the last page, which I found tou [...]

    Diane ~Firefly~
    Pretty good anthology I enjoyed 3 of the 4 stories.Skin Deep by Karen Chance I really enjoy the short stories of the war mage, Lia If she ever gets her own book, I will definitely pick it up Although I wouldn t mind seeing her and Cyrus together for of the story.Armor of Roses by Marjorie M Liu first I ve read by this author Premise was intriguing with demons who live on the heroine and protect her from danger This story was so so for me, but intrigued me enough to put The Iron Hunt on my wishl [...]

    Starting with the first book in the series with Karen Chance, I had actually tried to read her other stories before and I didn t like her writing style, and then I got to read this story Skin Deep, I really enjoyed this book and would love to read of this story, still not a fan of her other books but this one was great And then came Marjorie M Liu, I really loved the dynamics of the story and the history that came with it, I have allready added the series to my must be read booksAs for Yasmine [...]

    I ve only read the Karen Chance story so far.Skin Deep Cassie Palmer 4.4 by Karen ChanceI just love Lia and Cyrus and was glad to see Skin Deep was another short story about them.This story is set in the Cassie Palmer world with 2 characters that haven t appeared in the full novels yet I hope they will so this short story can be read without reading the series Although it might be easier to follow if you know what the Silver Circle is, the war and why the werewolves allied with the humans becaus [...]

    This rating was mostly due to one story dragging down the rest Without it, it would probably be a 3 maybe 4 star The Karen Chance and Eileen Wilks stories were good full of action and decent bit of information about the world and characters to bring in readers who don t read their series The Marjorie Liu story was okay not terrible but I just didn t enjoy the plot or the characters The Yasmin Galenorn story was so bad I couldn t even finish it So horrid Writing was bad, characters awful and the [...]

    Skin deep by Karen Chance I ve liked it a lot 4 I don t like very much Cassandra s book but Lia de Crochet, yes, I do, I ve read her story at Strange brew and I enjoyed a lot I ve to look for Wolfbane and Mistletoes.Armour of roses by Marjorie M Liu I ve liked it, and I ve finished with a little twitch in my guts 4 Perhaps I ll continue with the series.Etched in silver by Yasmine Galenorn I couldn t finish it I don t know, I don t feel it right for me.Human nature by Eileen Wilks The one I ve en [...]

    Carolyn F.
    My review is 3.5 because two of the stories I loved and two I didn t Well, at least I didn t like the Yasmine Garenorn story UNTIL I read the summary of her next book with Camille Trillian This story felt rushed with it s HEA but then the next book, it doesn t look like that all Marjorie Liu s story was so confusing Maybe if I d read her other books, I would have enjoyed it I loved Eileen Wilk s Lily story and Karen Chance s story Would recommend the book just for those two.

    Rating is for Human Nature by Eileen Wilks.I nicely done story featuring Lily and Rule at set at the same time as Night Season Probably not absolutely necessary, but I suspect also a good one to read as it has so interesting Nokolai background in it I hope we see of Jason and Mannie as the series progresses Maybe even Mariah.

    Just read Skin Deep by Karen Chance and Human Nature by Eileen Wilks and both were excellent Skin Deep could be omitted from the Cassie Palmer stories and it wouldn t matter, except you d miss some fine writing and storytelling.Human Nature introduces Robert Friar in a personal way, and reinforces Rule and Lilly s relationship, and should be read if you re into World of the Lupi.

    Aly is so frigging bored
    5 for Karen Chance s SS

    it only gets the four because on Wilkes Chance s story was ok and the others i could have done without.

    This book was comprised of 4 novellas from 4 different authors Quite frankly, I read this book because of Karen Chance, but I did finish reading the entire book I gave 3 stars to this book overall Individual ratings as follows the reviews may contain spoilers so please proceed with caution.Skin Deep by Karen Chance 4 starsThis novella was centered on a half mage, half shapeshifter character, Lia I have read Lia s stories before from other works by Karen Chance Lia s world was set in the same uni [...]

    Adam Duclos
    This book had an excellent short story from Marjorie Liu s Hunter s Kiss series It seemed pretty obvious where the story was going and considering that, it seemed odd that the main character didn t come to that conclusion from the start , but it defied my expectations Fun That s pretty much it I couldn t get past the first few pages of the other three stories Story one starts out with a magical tatoo trying to crawl into someone s butt, then other areas I think it was trying to be sexy If so, it [...]

    I was surprised at how much I actually liked this short story I usually don t enjoy Karen as much as I want to, but the short was quite nice

    Tim Mercer

    Review first posted on My Blog Check out all my reviews there.A collection of urban fantasy novellas with tattoos figuring heavily into the story.Skin Deep by Karen Chance A story that takes place in the world of Cassie Palmer Lia is a war mage who has been sidelined due to injury but now she has a magical ward that has taken up residence on her skin which she has no idea how to remove or what it does She can t be bothered with that when she finds out that her boyfriend, the werewolf Cyrus, has [...]

    Melissa Hayden
    Skin Deep By Karen ChanceI really enjoyed the adventure of the mystery in following Lia in finding her boyfriend Cyrus There is a connection between Lia and Cyrus she is not aware of until it appears for her Lia, being a mage on light duty, has to find Cyrus hiding in Tartarus the shifting underground Vegas to see if he has a clue or is he in trouble since there are weres being killed at the very moment of changing for their skins Who ever is doing this has to be good, fore the change is instant [...]

    Inked by Karen Chance, Marjorie M Liu, Yasmine Galenorn and Eileen Wilks This book is also four stand alone stories by four different authors Skin Deep by Karen Chance is a little different from the others The main character, Lia, is part Were part human However, her story isn t that of an ongoing series She has instead appeared in other collaboration books with other authors However, I really liked her world, where mages, Weres, and other people and creatures exist They use tattoos as conduits [...]

    • [EPUB] ✓ Inked | by ☆ Karen Chance Marjorie M. Liu Yasmine Galenorn Eileen Wilks
      386 Karen Chance Marjorie M. Liu Yasmine Galenorn Eileen Wilks
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