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  • Title: Nietzsche - Life as Literature (Paper)
  • Author: Alexander Nehamas
  • ISBN: 9780674624269
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

  • Nietzsche - Life as Literature (Paper) By Alexander Nehamas Argues that Nietzsche tried to create a specific literary character in his writings and discusses the paradoxes of his work.
    Alexander Nehamas
    Alexander Nehamas Greek born 1946 is Professor of philosophy and Edmund N Carpenter, II Class of 1943 Professor in the Humanities at Princeton University and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts Sciences He works on Greek philosophy, aesthetics, Nietzsche, Foucault, and literary theory.He was born in Athens, Greece in 1946 In 1964, he enrolled to Swarth College He graduated in 1967 and completed his doctorate on Predication in Plato s Phaedo under the direction of Gregory Vlastos at Princeton in 1971 He taught at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pennsylvania before joining the Princeton faculty in 1990.His early work was on Platonic metaphysics and aesthetics as well as the philosophy of Socrates, but he gained a wider audience with his 1985 book Nietzsche Life as Literature, which argued that Nietzsche thought of life and the world on the model of a literary text Nehamas has said, The virtues of life are comparable to the virtues of good writing style, connectedness, grace, elegance and also, we must not forget, sometimes getting it right More recently, he has become well known for his view that philosophy should provide a form of life, as well as for his endorsement of the artistic value of television In 2008, he delivered the Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh.

    Nietzsche - Life as Literature (Paper) By Alexander Nehamas


    William West
    This has become one of the most respected and referenced interpretive works on Nietzsche and I can see why It was first published in 1985, and Nehamas does a fine job of seeing past the competing extremes of Nietzsche interpretation to arrive at a mature, thoughtful portrayal that takes the best aspects from various modes of Nietzsche scholarship Nehamas s Nietzsche is neither the secular humanist in disguise that an existentialist like Walter Kaufman would present us with, nor is he the executi [...]

    Thomas Dineen
    Can anyone who concludes a scholarly work about Nietzsche by dismissing him as a miserable little man really be trusted to give a balanced assessment of the great philosopher No, Alexander Nehamas can t To him, Nietzsche was c ruel and heartless, neither protective nor respectful of the sensibilities of others The pathetic curmudgeon was d isdainful and contemptuous of the values and lives of most people and has offended and hurt many and will doubtless continue to do so in the future Speaking o [...]

    مسعود حسینی
    view interpretation character 1 2 .


    This is the best book I ve ever read on Nietzsche Nehamas explication of Nietzsche s thinking is clear and thoughtful, and helps to make sense of one of the modern era s most important, but least systematic, thinkers a thinker who has been unfairly accused of all sorts of misanthropy and dangerous ideas As someone interested in Rorty s neo pragmatist approach, I found the discussion of Nietzsche s perspectivism particularly compelling Nehamas central argument that Nietzsche views the world as a [...]

    A wonderful introduction to Nietzsche and a rewarding read for those already in the know Nehamas is one of those writers who can cram every sentence full without slowing you down Highly recommended.

    Andy Arnold
    A different interpretation of Nietzsche and one not without its critics But, I found it compelling and inspiring Highly recommend this book to students of philosophy and readers of Nietzsche Read twice, and I almost never read a book twice.

    I wasn t impressed I just couldn t by his thesis.

    Fascinating, leaves me with a lot to think about What can one ask from a book than that

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