[E-Book] ✓ Ugly Pie | BY ✓ Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon #2020

  • Title: Ugly Pie
  • Author: Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon
  • ISBN: 9780152167547
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Ugly Pie By Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon Ol Bear wakes one morning with a hankering for Ugly Pie, so he goes on a search from neighbor to neighbor All he finds are pies that please the eye and ingredients Wait a second Maybe it s time for Ol Bear to start cookin up something ugly himself Ol Bear shares that Ugly Pie with his generous neighbors and he shares his secret recipe, too, in the back of thOl Bear wakes one morning with a hankering for Ugly Pie, so he goes on a search from neighbor to neighbor All he finds are pies that please the eye and ingredients Wait a second Maybe it s time for Ol Bear to start cookin up something ugly himself Ol Bear shares that Ugly Pie with his generous neighbors and he shares his secret recipe, too, in the back of this book Lisa Wheeler s story is a joy to read aloud and some parts just beg to be sung Heather Solomon s illustrations aren t the least bit ugly, but full of lovely details and charming bears with big ol appetites for pie.
    Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon
    Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ugly Pie book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon author readers around the world.

    Ugly Pie By Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon


    How do you handle a hungry bear Give him the ingredients to make his own pie, apparently.Meh the story and artwork are only so so, HOWEVER, the recipe at the back of the book sounds yummystlyhomemademom 2015

    Peggy Gay
    Audience primaryGenre Fantasy picture bookPer reading strategy Word Wall I would use this strategy because the story has many good vocabulary words and repeats them offering practice Also there are several slang phrases to investigate, phrases like hitch of his britches Ol Bear and I m just itchin truly itchin for some Ugly Pie.Start out with five words on a wall or blank space I would begin with Pie, Kitchen, Hope, Walked and Sniff Before reading discuss the words with the class Then give each [...]

    Kathleen Ferrel
    Children grades 1st through 5th will get a thrill when reading this creative story about a bear in search of Ugly Pie Younger elementary grades will love the repetition of each pie that is introduced to the bear as he searches for his Ugly Pie Children will also enjoy singing along with the bear as he chants songs throughout the book in search of his Ugly Pie This book will guarantee anyone who reads it a great adventure Ugly Pie

    Jimmy B Grande
    This story took me back to my childhood I had a distant uncle who we would visit and he would make what he called ugly soup He didn t go collecting from the neighbors but he would look to see what he had in his kitchen and it all basically ended up in a pot Before we knew it we were eating soup It was always pretty good soup and never the same twice His ugly soup.

    Bear has a yen to eat some Ugly Pie He sets out to visit his neighbors and they each give him some ugly food they have He gets home and makes the most beautiful Ugly Pie ever and is thrilled to share it with everyone Fun rhyming text.

    Rosa Cline
    I couldn t help but fall in love with this book as I read it out loud to my adult special needs son He liked it as well It caught his attention and kept it throughout the book The illustrations were just as great Bear had a craving for a certain pie and went to his neighbors each neighbor gave him something out of their kitchen and when he got home he made his ugly pie that he was craving And at the back of the book they give you the recipe so you can make that same pie.

    Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler is a truly wonderful fantasy book about Ol Bear who is just itchin for some pie ugly pie that is The main character is Ol Bear and his hankerin for ugly pie has gotten the best of him He travels around the forest asking his friends and family if they have any ugly pie But each must attest that they do not have ugly pie Rather, each friend has some ugly old ingredient that they pass on to Ol Bear Ol Bear accepts the gifts, but when he gets home and empties the contents of [...]

    Audience PrimaryGenre Picture Book FantasyPre Reading Strategy Shared ReadingOkay, Class Today we are going to be reading Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Heather Solomon Before we start let s take a look at the cover Does anyone have any idea what this story is going to be about What do you think Ugly Pie means Read story aloud Pg 1 Does anyone know what hankerin means Do you think Ol Bear is going to make a pie What kind of pie Pg 2 3 What do you think is in ugly pie Who s house are [...]

    Audience Primary ages 4 8Genre FictionFormat Picture BookPre Reading Strategy Visual Imagery I like this strategy because it encourages the students to visualize what is being read as they look at the pictures and hear the words It helps the students to live the book The visual imagery strategy also allows students to process what is being read by pausing and thinking about what they read.I would begin reading the first page of the book, and then stop to discuss what is going on in the picture a [...]

    If you love to eat pie, give me a belly rub and say My oh my Well, Ol Bear loves pie too, but today he is in the mood for a special pie Raise your hand if you have a favorite kind of pie We are going to make a graph of everyone s favorite pie I will start with apple pie, if your favorite pie is apple pie raise your hand Next, cherry pie, who loves cherry pie I love cherry pie, so I m going to add Mrs Pekarsky to the cherry list Raise your hand if you like pumpkin pie If your favorite pie is not [...]

    Summary Critique A bear have a big craving for ugly pie, but he does not have the ingredients for it He goes around to his neighbors to see if any of them have ugly pie They do not, but they each give him an ugly ingredient When he goes back home he realizes he has enough ingredients to make ugly pie, so he does All his friends show up and the bear shares the pie with all of them.Critique This story takes items that people associate with good and yummy and calls it ugly It s ironic humor is show [...]

    Vanessa Kirk
    Audience The audience in this book is Primary elementary students I would say anywhere from first through third grade students would love this book Appeal I think this book would best appeal to students from first through third grade because it is a very fun book It involves adventure to different houses along with baking fun pies I know they would love the recipe given at the end of the book to make an ugly pie I could give them the recipe to take home to bake a pie with their parents Applicati [...]

    Ashley Steffen
    Audience This book could be read to boys or girls Since there is a recipe to make in the back, it could be good to use to show boys that they can bake, too This would probably be best to read to first or second grade children The story line is pretty simple and easy for young students to follow along Appeal This book has rhyming throughout and a sing song flow to it It s very colorful and the drawings in it are humorous for children Application I could use this book to introduce the students to [...]

    Audience The target age range for this book is kindergarten through third grade The story is simple enough for kindergarteners to understand, and the ingredient list on the back cover is something that would interest the older kids.Appeal This book is filled with colorful illustrations and a sing song rhyme which makes it a great choice for the lower primary group Application I would use it during our class meeting time where we talk about a specific topic in this case, kindness for a specified [...]

    Hayley Zamzow
    I m just itchin truly itchin for some ugly pie Ugly pie Yes, ugly pie Ol Bear starts out his day in Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler with a hankerin for ugly pie What is ugly pie you ask Well, it is the exact opposite of the pretty, sweet pies normal people yearn for He sets out to find some ugly pie Sadly he doesn t encounter any But, as he approaches each of his friends, they at least give him some ugly, old ingredient they do not need Very polite and adorable, Ol Bear eventually gets an idea that wil [...]

    Shelli Holechek
    Ugly PieAuthor Lisa WheelerIllustrator Heather SolomonUgly Pie is a truly enjoyable, rhyming book for lower elementary grades Ol Bear, the main character, takes off on a hunt for ingredients to make his ugly pie that he has been craving With a little help from his friends he finds everything he needs for his ugly pie And when you have finished the book, you too can make some ugly pie, as the recipe is listed in the back of the book Opening Moves 1 Show cover of the book, identify author and illu [...]

    I used this book during a food themed storytime for Head Start preschoolers aged 3 5 Normally I wouldn t use a book that is as long to read aloud 5 minutes , because my kids generally just don t have the attention span to sit through a story that long, but I really loved the story so I took a chance on reading it anyway I would say out of the 4 books I read in total, this was the biggest hit, despite it s length My favorite part of the story is the lyrical nature of the text it is really a pleas [...]

    Leigh Anne
    Audience This book is from the Nebraska Golden Sower Awards list It s great for children in kindergarten 3rd grade.Appeal The book is very colorful, full of great pictures to help illustrate the story Also, with the recipe at the end of the book, it adds another element to draw kids into the story There s also a natural sing songy feel to this book, which makes the story flow nicely.Application I like this book as a aid to match image to everyday language such as apple with a page full of apples [...]

    Ugly PieBy Lisa WheelerAwards 2012 2013 Nebraska Golden Sower Award NomineeIowa Goldfinch Award 2013 2014Audience Primary K 2Genre Picture Book FictionPre reading Strategy Pie ChartPoll your students about the different flavors of pie they like Make a pie chart showing student preferences for different flavored pies You might try a fun pie chart generator like this nces.ed nceskids createagr Then ask students if they have ever had ugly pie Of course, they will all say, What is that Then you can [...]

    Natalie McGovern
    Audience PrimaryGenre Children s Story Book Fantasy Fiction, a mixture of a cumulative and beast talePre Reading Strategy Anticipatory SetThis pre reading strategy is one in which you get your kids excited for the lesson you are about to present It catches their attention and if done right, makes them sit on the edge of their seat with excitement for what is coming next For the book, Ugly Pie, the anticipatory set is easy to think of The directions on how to make your ugly pie are in the back of [...]

    Ol Bear decides that he wants some ugly pie and so he sets off to find one The plot is kind of a stone soup in reverse everyone gives what they happen to have and Ol Bear makes an ugly pie to share This is a wonderful read aloud and younger readers will love the rhymes, rhythm, and repetition The illustrations have a charming folksy, country feel to it As much as I love the read aloud potential of the book, I don t think that it s one that stands up as well for independent reading Perhaps a pick [...]

    Joselyn Whitney
    Golden SowerAudience I think that this book would be good for students in grade Pre K 1st or 2nd because I think that a book like this can reach the younger audience because of the songs like pages The younger children love to sing songs and they are able to be entertained by the rhyme and rhythm in this book.Appeal This book is great because you can mold and shape it into what you want it to be You can turn the words into songs or you can have reading buddies Read Aloud together The book captur [...]

    Audience This book could be used for K 3rd graders It is simple enough and short enough for the younger kids but also complex enough for the older students.Appeal Students would like this book because of the repetition that they could join in on, the pictures, and of course all the funny ugly ingredients that are used for the pie.Application You could use this in the classroom by having the students make their own list of ingredients that they would put in their pie You could also use this on a [...]

    Betty Hinton
    This book is great for both boys and girls in 1st or 2nd grade The title Ugly Pie will spark young students interest of what an Ugly Pie is The book is repetitive and rhymes throughout the story which students will enjoy I think this book could be used to encourage students to be creative It also gives the recipe on how to make an Ugly Pie at the end of the book that students can take home and make with their families.This book was a nominated for the 2012 Washington Children s Choice Picture Bo [...]

    State Award BookAudience Ages 4 and up, all genders and backgroundsAppeal This book would appeal to kids that like food that s everyone, right , those interested in animal based stories, kids that enjoy song and rhyme The Southern dialect might make some students a little confused, but usually most get the hang of that sort of thing pretty quick.Application I would use this book to help demonstrate visual imagery with my students.Award List 2012 2013 Nebraska Golden Sower Award Nominee

    Zachary Eastman
    Title Ugly PieAudience PrimaryGenre Children s picture storybookThe pre reading strategy I would choose for this book is the anticipation guide strategy It will help the students to make predictions and to verify their predictions This strategy will help the students build curiosity about the book Some examples from the book that I could ask are What do you think ugly pie is , What ingredients do you think you need to have in order to make an ugly pie and Why do you think the bear wants to make [...]

    Katie Williams
    A bear hsa a hankering for ugly pie but unfortunately has no ingredients ugly enough to make his pie So he sets out to see what his neighbors are baking and if they have anything ugly enough to use to make his pie At the end of the book, there is a recipe to make some ugly pie A fun little cooking experiment could take place after reading this book Students would be given measuring tools, ingredients, and instructions to make ugly pie Also, students could engage in creative writing by making up [...]

    Jordyn Braun
    Audience This is great book for grades K 3rd It could also be benefical in a music classroom.Appeal Ugly Pie is full of very creative rhymes It also includes some country slang words and abbreviations which would need to be explained to the students This book would be great to use in a music classroom as well, due to the songs that the bears sing throughout the story It would be easy to get the class involved by singing them as well Award List 2012 2013 Golden Sower Nominee

    Krystal Spilger
    Audience K 2 grade classroom teachers, music teachers, and students.Appeal Students will find this book comical as the bear tries to gather ingredients for his ugly pie The students will be singing with the story by the end Students that enjoy music and repetition will like Ugly Pie The addition of the Recipe for Ugly Pie at the end provides readers the opportunity to make ugly pie at home Golden Sower Nominee 2012 2013

    Alaina Rogers
    Audience Boys and Girls around kindergarden to third gradeAppeal The pictures are all very colorful and there is a lot to look at on each page It would also be easy for a child to follow what is going on in the book.Application You could use this book when talking about manner and have the kids pick out what manners are nice and ones they should do You could also use this in a math lesson becaues of the recipe in the back.Awards List Golden Sower Nominee

    • [E-Book] ✓ Ugly Pie | BY ✓ Lisa Wheeler Heather M. Solomon
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