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  • Title: Marriage: To Claim his Twins
  • Author: Penny Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780263213539
  • Page: 206
  • Format: ebook

  • Marriage: To Claim his Twins By Penny Jordan Alexander Konstantinakos has discovered that one passionate night in England had its consequences two, to be precise Out of the blue he s turned up on Ruby Wareham s doorstep to take his twin sons back to Greece Ruby s shocked that she s still so attracted to dark, sexy and powerful Alexander She s afraid she might lose her beautiful boys, whom she s struggled to bringAlexander Konstantinakos has discovered that one passionate night in England had its consequences two, to be precise Out of the blue he s turned up on Ruby Wareham s doorstep to take his twin sons back to Greece Ruby s shocked that she s still so attracted to dark, sexy and powerful Alexander She s afraid she might lose her beautiful boys, whom she s struggled to bring up on her own, but maybe there s a solution Can she wed Sander a virtual stranger and live as his wife, and in his bed
    Penny Jordan
    Penelope Jones Halsallaka Caroline Courtney, Annie Groves, Lydia Hitchcock, Melinda WrightPenelope Penny Jones was born on November 24, 1946 at about seven pounds in a nursing home in Preston, Lancashire, England She was the first child of Anthony Winn Jones, an engineer, who died at 85, and his wife Margaret Louise Groves Jones She has a brother, Anthony, and a sister, Prudence Pru.She had been a keen reader from the childhood her mother used to leave her in the children s section of their local library whilst she changed her father s library books She was a storyteller long before she began to write romantic fiction At the age of eight, she was creating serialized bedtime stories, featuring make believe adventures, for her younger sister Prue, who was always the heroine At eleven, she fell in love with Mills Boon, and with their heroes In those days the books could only be obtained via private lending libraries, and she quickly became a devoted fan she was thrilled to bits when the books went on full sale in shops and she could have them for keeps.Penny left grammar school in Rochdale with O Levels in English Language, English Literature and Geography She first discovered Mills Boon books, via a girl she worked with She married Steve Halsall, an accountant and a lovely man , who smoked and drank too heavily, and suffered oral cancer with bravery and dignity Her husband bought her the small electric typewriter on which she typed her first novels, at a time when he could ill afford it He died at the beginning of 21st century.She earned a living as a writer since the 1970s when, as a shorthand typist, she entered a competition run by the Romantic Novelists Association Although she didn t win, Penny found an agent who was looking for a new Georgette Heyer She published four regency novels as Caroline Courtney, before changing her nom de plume to Melinda Wright for three air hostess romps and then she wrote two thrillers as Lydia Hitchcock Soon after that, Mills and Boon accepted her first novel for them, Falcon s Prey as Penny Jordan However, for her historical romance novels, she adopted her mother s maiden name to become Annie Groves Almost 70 of her 167 Mills and Boon novels have been sold worldwide.Penny Halsall lived in a neo Georgian house in Nantwich, Cheshire, with her Alsatian Sheba and cat Posh She worked from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by her pets, and welcomed interruptions from her friends and family.

    Marriage: To Claim his Twins By Penny Jordan


    and by twins he means boobs

    I asked karen to send me this book because with a title like this I thought it must be really good Who knows maybe even some threesome action But no No threesomes The twins were his sons Don t despair though There was lots of sex anyway The main character had sex once in her life when she was 17 or so But during that one night she climaxed so many times she was all good for the next 6 years of celibate Then that mysterious stranger reappears in her life and they are at it like rabbits He makes h [...]

    Lisa Kay
    I didn t particularly like this one The hero was an asshat for too long, especially considering the heroine s age at the time of their first meeting Granted, he didn t know it then, but he did later and continued to think badly of her And she knew how he felt, but she still melted for him He had enough money to investigate how she d been living and that she wasn t a slut Boo to him Lisa Kay blows raspberry I agree with Jacqueline s review the secret baby theme has been done better by other autho [...]

    This was a re read that I will not read again The hero literally called the heroine a whore and a gold digger right up until the last chapter At no point did she display any of these qualities Hello, she kept their twins a secret for 5 years and never once asked for money when she was so obviously struggling financially I liked the heroine and given how young she was, I can see how she let herself get bullied by the hero I love alpha heroes but this guy was just an a hole And his threat of you b [...]

    KC 2.0
    Sander acted cruel at times, but underwent significant character development by the time the novel ended That counts for something in my book Ruby may have once let Sander use her without impunity at age 17 he did not know her real age , but she made up it for later by sticking up for herself after reuniting with him She d matured, and had children to think of first now In addition to Sander s metamorphosis and Ruby s present day backbone, I also liked the strong chemistry between them Plus, the [...]

    Secret babies have been better done elsewhere The plot was thin but cudos to the author for coming up with a twist Instead of him forcing her to marriage, she forces him.

    Chantal ❤️
    Wow an almost 30 year old guy gets a 17 year old grieving girl pregnant with twins as a lesson in the consequences that happen when he go with an older guy at a party Seriously grow up man He was like a little kid constantly throwing a tantrum You will go on the pill for there can be no other mistakes Wtf Why the hell did he not use a f ing condom if he was truly thinking she was a slut and on what evidence did he base this on Let s see nothing Ass Just a total male dominating ass She was a Virg [...]

    Asshole alpha hero, lots of sexual tension, cute twin boys There were so many times I wanted to slap the hero for being so cruel and condescending But as much as I got annoyed, I was drawn into the story and their emotions 3.5 stars

    Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love*
    Estranho Sedutor Harlequin Paix o 205 paperback portuguese edition

    Double Standards.The hero is feeling pressure by his father to be some upstanding greek traditional guy As a result he goes to a bar where a lot of football groupies hang out to get it on with some football players He sees the heroine, who is 17 by the way, and decides to have sex with the little groupie in order to get back at his daddy for trying to plan his life.Oh yeah, he s great.Meanwhile, 17 year old heroine of the story recently lost both of her parents and her older sister is now the bo [...]

    Fiona Marsden
    I enjoyed it I kind of feel a bit guilty about enjoying after reading some of the other reviews but I m a Penny Jordan fan I will excuse her heroes a lot because they are rarely manwhores In fact we have absolutely no idea if he had affairs in the last six years because it is never explicitly mentioned.So six years ago, both Sander and Ruby were in really bad places in their lives His granddad was trying to marry him off to a cheating adulterous widow just like Sander s faithless unloving mother [...]

    Didn t like this one 1.51 h was 17, H 28 when they met and had sexWhen they reconnected he was 34 she 23 they spend 6 years apart H didn t know she was so young at the time, but still She went with a friend to a bar all made up like a whore his words, basically and looked adult They got into the bar, even though they were underage Though I did Google and see drinking age in the UK is 16 so maybe they would have had access at 17 I don t really know In the US, with drinking age 21, it s different [...]

    lily waheed
    heroine made me cry , God that asshole was mean to her , I hated him.

    welll, um pouco mais do mesmo.a trama fraquita, muito elementar e pouco desenvolvida.o modelo comum que n o traz nada de novo d para uma horita de vazio mental em que nao tem propriamente de se pensar basta ler e visualizar algumas das cenas um nadita mais gr ficas, coisa que vem sendo comum neste tipo de historia.um bilionario grego o que nao poderia deixar de ser e uma mocinha virgem de 17 anos uma noite de paixao e a cena passa para 5 anos depois onde, j existem uns gemeos amorosos um encont [...]

    I must agree with another reviewer, the twins were her boobs He loveded them boobsl through the book Ok This is the third and final book in a series about the Wareham sisters I read all three and I m glad that s over I was disappointed in the first two books and I am disappointed in this book as well I know it s a Harlequin, but this story is just too over the top to have any sense of reality The hero is just freaking mean to the mother of his kids and she let s him talk down to her, accusing he [...]

    Sandra TheSnarkyOne
    It was an ok read Penny J was not up to her usual standard but I m still a fan as always If you haven t read any Penny J before maybe you ll like this one otherwise don t bother, you ll just be disappointed I thought the way they met and came together was not bad but after that, it barely held my interest maybe because I hate it when heroines are too young 17 when they have babies.

    Kaycee ❤️
    I don t like it at all The hero was a major asshole from beginning to end The epilogue was the only reason why I gave this book a 2 stars.

    The third sister, the one with twin sons, gets her story here Back when she was 17, she tarted herself up and went out on the town, hit on a billionaire and ended up losing her virginity to him Then she got kicked to the curb the next morning She ended up pregnant with twins, but never told the father 5 or 6 years later, he shows up on her doorstep demanding his sons She bluffs saying he can t have them unless he marries her and he calls her bluff, trapping her into a marriage with him Of course [...]

    Contemporary Greek billionaire secret babies romance plot I ve been to Greece and it is a beautiful and corrupt place so anyone that is a billionaire would have to be entirely ruthless because working down there is tough because there is a lot of unemployment So I would normally be seriously insulted by the behavior of Alexander Konstantinakos because he is a series of belittling snarky mean spirited comments about the young Ruby Wareham who he had a sexy one night stand six years ago But Sander [...]

    Aisha Oaktree
    I love reading these books, they are my little guilty pleasure They generally aren t deep or thought provoking they simply are fast, secy sometimes great reads This story the couple hooked up and a few years later Alexander discovers that the Ruby had gotten pregnant and had his children He returns to claim them because he believes the kind of woman he met when they were conseived didn t have the right to raise his children Ruby is a loving mom who regrets her one mistake but doesn t regret the [...]

    Tonya Warner
    A light, fast paced story An easy, enjoyable read.Alexander Konstantinakos is called to task after the discovery that he had fathered twin boys and they are not claimed by him He had never know of their existance, but he recognized the woman in the photo as a one night stand from a very stressful time in his life He did not want the tramp around his sons, but when Ruby Wareham is confronted by him, she demands to stay with her sons, and the he must marry her.Sander believes Ruby is like his own [...]

    Debbie DiFiore
    On rereading this it wasn t that bad He met her at a bar when she was 17 and thought she was a slut and he used her He kicked her out the next morning and tried to give her money but she thought they fell in love Remember she was 17 and a virgin and thought sex was love She ended up pregnant and raised the twins on a very tight budget She couldn t even afford to buy herself a coat because she spent everything on the boys so they wouldn t suffer They were really poor Hero sees a picture his siste [...]

    I cannot understand girls in stories like this They let the guys treat them like crap Then when they decided that enough is enough, the guy would suddenly do a 360 degree This time, the girl would welcome him with open arms I d let him walk on a thread though before I forgive asshats like him.

    the plot of this book is good but I think the story is too rushed it s like we almost reach the climax but it already ended especially on the last chapters ybe if it s not being rushed it would become such a great story since the plot is interesting

    Aw I just can t finish this now It s the Read J and YA Challenge, and this silly book isn t that I wanted to read about twins, cuz I have them But maybe I ll do Moira Young s second Dust Lands book, instead That one looks awesome And has twins.

    love the epilogue, but feel that the story itself is so so expected , after the previous 2 books.

    it was good but i found the girl really spineless.i mean she was so helpless when it comes to her desire for heroe hero was okay.

    secret baby plot SECRET BABY PLOT throws book against wall I HATE secret baby plot And this book has it, not once, but twice gags

    Rebecca Roberts
    Such a cheesy ending D

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