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  • Title: Feint of Art
  • Author: Hailey Lind
  • ISBN: 9781101198445
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook

  • Feint of Art By Hailey Lind The first in a new mystery series starring art forger Gone good Annie Kincaid Annie breaks the news to her curator ex boyfriend Ernst his museum s new 15 million Caravaggio is a fake Then the janitor is killed, Ernst disappears, and a dealer makes off with several Old Master drawings If she breaks the case using her old connections, Annie can finally pay the rent ButThe first in a new mystery series starring art forger Gone good Annie Kincaid Annie breaks the news to her curator ex boyfriend Ernst his museum s new 15 million Caravaggio is a fake Then the janitor is killed, Ernst disappears, and a dealer makes off with several Old Master drawings If she breaks the case using her old connections, Annie can finally pay the rent But doing so could also draw her back into the underworld of forgers she swore she d left behind.
    Hailey Lind
    This is a psuedonym for the author Juliet Blackwell and her cowriter sister Carolyn.

    Feint of Art By Hailey Lind


    In the first installment of the Art Lovers cozy series by Hailey Lind aka Juliet Maxwell, Feint of Art, we were introduced to Annie Kincaid and the art world The Brock Museum s 15 million new Caravaggio painting was a fake On the night she made her appraisal, the security guard was found dead during the line of duty When a well known art dealer had absconded with the real paintings and swapped them for the forgeries, it was enough to help pay Annie s rent and get her landlord off her back But An [...]

    Well, it should really have been 2.5 stars for the rating I am sucker for art related mysteries so I was keen for a new series However, there were a number of, shall we say, annoyances with this,book It tried way to hard to be cute Stephanie Plum style wise assery the female protagonist attracts so much trouble because she makes truly stupid decisions ALL the time she is wildly attracted to two polar opposites males again with the S Plum who are always rescuing her from her own stupidity I canno [...]

    Tyrannosaurus regina
    Now that was a fun romp Don t get me wrong, there were still genre cliches that pissed me off and the main character could make some truly, deeply stupid decisions, and the love interests were sketched in at best, but it was fun and it was all about art and it was what I was looking for tonight.

    I love this series and I really enjoyed this audio version Read from Hoopla.

    Book of Secrets ☘
    Rating 3 starsI m a big fan of Juliet Blackwell Witchcraft Mystery and Haunted Home Renovation Mystery series , so when I found out she was half of the Hailey Lind writing team, I had to read FEINT OF ART Hailey Lind s other half is Juliet s sister Carolyn J Lawes, a professor of history.FEINT OF ART kicks off the Art Lover s Mystery series, and introduces readers to main character Annie Kincaid Annie spent her teenage years forging artistic masterpieces with her grandfather in Europe But after [...]

    I really enjoyed the beginning of this book It was an exciting premise and one I could instantly connect to being an artist myself.However the last 1 3 of the book was totally wasted space.1 Too many characters to keep track of I had to re read several times especially toward the end to keep track of the list.2 The dialogue was a bit annoying as was the never ending plot line 3 The grandfather, why can t he just have a conversation with her He s constantly avoiding her calls and speaking in cryp [...]

    First in the seriesMy favorite cozy mystery series to date A reformed art forger gone legit finds herself embroiled in a world she tried to leave behind Her art studio in San Francisco would be enough alone to make this book worth reading for me but it s actually a good story, too I really enjoy all the characters in this series and there s a good bit of humor in it, too.

    The first in this art history theft forgery mystery series Somewhere along the line I seem to have developed a soft spot for art thieves It was a welcome development to find this new series that s so well done.

    Loving this so far My daughter recommended, and besides the plot, so enjoy the humor.

    MPB, Such a cool cozy series with a fab premise Definitely look for

    Feint of plot and talent We climbed into the cab, where all was silent but for the sound of heavy breathing I was drenched in sweat, my nose was running, my hands were shaking, and I had one hell of a stitch in my side I was trying to decide whether or not to throw up Several long minutes passed I m thinking faux finishing might be your speed, Annie, Mary said dryly I glared at her, unwilling to spare the oxygen for a snide reply Besides, she had a point Maybe it was time to return to Plan A do [...]

    I really wanted to like this one as I like this author s other series For this one, she teams up with her sister We are introduced to Annie once a prot g of her art forging grandfather and now the owner of an interior design business specializing in faux finishes When an ex calls and asks her opinion on a recent purchase of the museum where she used to work and he still does , she gets sucked into murder and danger and art forging a pleanty I really tried to go with the plot twists and just enjo [...]

    Holly Doyal
    Probably on the lower end of 3 stars Maybe even 2.5 stars I love all books related to art so I really wanted to like his one But I just couldn t get into it It seemed very shallow and not well written and I found it hard to follow at times The general overview is Annie has been recognized as a wonderful art forger since childhood She uses that talent to authenticate paintings and she discovered that a museum spent quite a bit of money on a fake She is trying to get the reward money to help her f [...]

    Like art related mysteriesAnnie kincaid former art forget now owner of own faux painting company sounded like a great beginningbut vas the story progressed Annie turns into this bumbling idiotic person trying to solve murders.has two maybe love interests who keep bailing her out of situations Ranger bailing another crime solver out of trouble , by the time the end came there were so many people to keep straight I almost gave upn t know if I ll read another

    This is a pretty solid first installment I really liked Annie and her slightly unsavory backstory, as well as most of the supporting cast The cast did get pretty unwieldy though, to the point that I couldn t tell who was on what side of the theft Also, I found some of the descriptive prose to ramble on too long Other than that, this looks like an interesting series 3.5 stars.

    Annie Kincaid is the granddaughter of a well known art forger And that just seems to haunt her A fake painting or and faked sketches, missing collectors and museum employees, a guy with a weird name and a new landlord and dead bodies, kidnapping and arson, are just part of her to do list.

    I picked this up at a library book sale A fun read, despite the now dated technology Pay phones, what are those I enjoyed the character s voice and the whole art forgery angle made it unique and interesting.

    Melanie Richardson
    A fun readAs a long time reader of Juliet Blackwell, it was fun to read an earlier work This one has similar character expression and fun romantic queries The Element of the second author creates and interesting set of contradictions and plot twists A delightful read.

    Kathy Kennerley
    I loved it The characters are great and Annie is hilarious I love this author s other series so when I found out she had books using a pseudonym I was so happy

    This is the debut novel in the Annie Kincaid Mystery series by the writing team of Hailey Lind The book was an Agatha Award First Novel nominee in 2006 Our protagonist, Annie Kincaid is a 31 year old faux finish artist with a studio in San Francisco She is also a restoration artist, a muralist, a portraitist and a former art forger in the Old Masters genre That last talent, taught to her by her grandfather, surfaced at the age of 10 and ended at the age of 17 when she finally got caught and jail [...]

    At first, I really liked this book at least, as much as I could see myself liking any book in this style By that, I mean that it s the sort of mystery that places ultimate value on the puzzle inherent in the plot of the novel A lot of people who read generic mass market mysteries like these really only care about being entertained while they try to guess whodunit before they get to the end And considering that this book has multiple murders which are committed by multiple murderers, I suppose in [...]

    As soon as I read the first page of Feint of Art, I knew that this book would be a good n Annie Kincaid has painting in her blood or to be precise, forgery By the age of 10 after painting a perfect copy of the Mona Lisa she was hailed a prodigy, but in her late teens after spending time with her professional forger Grandfather in France, she discovered that unless she wanted a life on the run with the threat of prison hanging over her, she needed a career change.Despite her best efforts, her pa [...]

    In the first book of the Art Lover s Mystery series by Hailey Lind we are introduced to Annie Kincaid Annie is the granddaughter of the infamous art forger George LeFleur We find that she spent her young formative years growing up learning how to forge some of the greatest masterpieces of the Renaissance era until she ended up caught and spent her 17th birthday in a Parisian jail Since that time she has tried to lead a life on the straight and narrow, earning a degree in art restoration and doin [...]

    Michelle Randall
    Feint of Art is the first book in the Annie Kincaid Mystery series which is written by Hailey Lind, which just happens to be a name created when Juliet Blackwell and her sister write together Now, I happen to love Juliet s books, and I am not sure what name her sister writes under normally, or if she does, but I would be happy to say that she is just as good as her sister, if this book is any indication I loved it The story revolves around our main character, Annie Kincaid, she is the grand daug [...]

    Action packed and colourful Juliet Blackwell joined her sister Carolyn, to form Hailey Lind I miss the mysticism, even though this crime geared mystery has lively characterization and evolves differently from the mould The humour is great but renders suspense an impossibility supplying too much of the fabric In later work, Juliet masters enriching detail but this novel s pace is laden with it Another novelist heedlessly touted coffee seeking, carrying, drinking it Eating and dressing are overdon [...]

    Feint of Art is a fun read that offers an interesting insight into the professional world of art as well as the underbelly of it , but it s not for those whose sensibilities are easily offended Strict principles have no place in the world of Annie Kincaid not the least because she has a rather colourful past with art forgery.Despite attempting to keep herself on the right path, the state of her moral compass is still rather dubious and her sympathies don t always lie on the side of the law I per [...]

    This cozy was fantastic It had a little action than most cozies, enough that I d totally watch it as a show on USA or TNT Annie is a struggling artist who had a little run in with the law as a teen when she joined her grandfather in a forgery spree After quickly learning her lesson and going straight, she tried to make a career in art restoration, only to have her past bite her in the butt as she got booted out personally by the Brocks of the Brock Museum.Fast forward several years and after a [...]

    At a young age Annie Kincaid was a brilliant painter At the age of seventeen she became a crook because her brilliance at painting led to forgery Now she is putting her talent to use, honestly, as a faux finisher in San Francisco She s put her past behind her and has finally started to make a name for herself in her new business But sometimes the past just won t stay in the past Her ex boyfriend, Ernst Pettigrew, asks her to authenticate a Caravaggio painting for him at the Brock Museum where he [...]

    This mystery was similar to the Stephanie Plum books in that both feature a heroine who s trying to solve a mystery despite being way out of her league, and although this book was not nearly as funny as some of the Stephanie Plum novels, it was still quite entertaining Annie Kincaid used to be an art forger but is now a reputable businesswomen, owning her own faux finishing company Her ex boyfriend, a museum curator, has Annie appraise a new painting that his museum has obtained, and after Annie [...]

    Susie Pedigo
    Annie Kincaid, 32 year old, single daughter of an art proffessor and a talented watercolorist, and grandaughter of Georges Lefluer, international art forger attempts to stay on the right side of the law by opening a faux finishing company Because of her background, friends in the art world use her to identify forgeries.In this book, two forgeries and the orginal picture are swapped back and forth innumeralbe times The museum ends up with one of the forgeries and Georges Lefluer wins a prize at t [...]

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