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  • Title: Mortal Fear
  • Author: Greg Iles
  • ISBN: 9780340686010
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mortal Fear By Greg Iles By day, Harper Cole trades commodities from his farmhouse in the isolated Mississippi Delta But at night, Harper serves as system operator for E.R.O.S a highly exclusive, sexually explicit on line service whose clients range from the glitterati of Hollywood to the literati of New York Shielded by a guarantee of absolute anonymity, these clients pour their secrets intoBy day, Harper Cole trades commodities from his farmhouse in the isolated Mississippi Delta But at night, Harper serves as system operator for E.R.O.S a highly exclusive, sexually explicit on line service whose clients range from the glitterati of Hollywood to the literati of New York Shielded by a guarantee of absolute anonymity, these clients pour their secrets into the digital confession box of E.R.O.S Only sysops like Harper the high priests of the system know and see all When six female clients inexplicably drop off the network, Harper suspects that something is amiss But when a world famous New Orleans author and E.R.O.S client is decapitated in her mansion, Harper breaks the code of silence and contacts the police They are as shocked as Harper to learn that all six women have been brutally murdered, each with a different weapon, and in a different city And each time the killer has claimed the same bizarre trophy Horrified to find himself the prime suspect in the murders he reported, Harper is swept into a secret manhunt led by the FBI s Investigative Support Unit While the FBI uses the technology of the future and the psychology of the past to trap the brilliant killer, Harper realizes that he alone stands a chance of luring the elusive madman into the open.
    Greg Iles
    Greg Iles was born in Germany in 1960 He grew up in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983 He was active in a band called Frankly Scarlet , but quit after realizing that the touring lifestyle was not conducive with his family life Once no longer busy with the band, he turned his attention to writing.Greg s novels have been translated into various languages and are published in than 20 countries In addition to his popular novels, he wrote the original script for the movie 24 Hours later renamed Trapped.When not writing, Greg spends some of his time playing music He s a member of The Rock Bottom Remainders , which includes other authors Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Stephen King, Scott Turow, Amy Tan, Mitch Albom, Roy Blount, Jr Matt Groening, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, and James McBride.Greg still lives in Natchez, Mississippi, with his wife and two children.

    Mortal Fear By Greg Iles


    Let me preface my review with this I LOVE this guy s work His books are engrossing and full of suspense That said, this book literally drove me nuts I couldn t put it down The suspense was unreal I m not the best with words, so I m sure this review sounds lame All I can say is you will not be disappointed if you read this book.

    Give Greg Iles credit he never writes the same book twice.By day, Harper Cole is a self employed commodities trader By night, he s a system administrator and participant in the erotic on line community EROS Populated by highly successful and affluent people, the EROS offers discreet on line connections for those seeking something or someone different Married to his high school sweetheart, Harper has his own sets of secrets not just related to his communications on EROS but also to his personal a [...]

    I am almost finished with this book and it is my least favorite of Iles books It is technologically outdated, and in 1997 it may have seemed pretty interesting, but not so much in 2009 That aside, it is too long, and needs vigorous editing I skipped over pages of extraneous information I think it would have been a much better read if it had been cleaned up The plot is not believable and the some of the characters do stupid things which irritated me Of course, some of that is due to the use of t [...]

    Wow This is the best suspense novel I have read in ages I ve got to thank Dave, who visited my site and recommended Greg Iles to me If you like psychological suspense and you re familiar with the Internet of course you are you re here, aren t you you will devour this novel Harper Cole runs EROS, an online sex chatroom service, and begins to suspect foul play when women customers begin to disappear from the service but haven t canceled their expensive subscriptions He discovers one of the women h [...]

    With a little medical mystery, a little computer espionage and a lot of cybersex and murder, Mortal Fear is the ultimate thriller A serial killer infiltrates Eros Known by many usernames, he toys with women while trying to achieve a higher purpose The main character, Harper, is a hero, a villain and a victim, being placed into every possible category during this constant race against time trying to save victim after victim Harper s personal life, his job and his dalliances on Eros the sex site h [...]

    Bill MacDonald, a regular reader of this book list, sent me e mail a couple of weeks ago and told me to read this book right away Do I ever owe him a big thanks This may well be the best book I ve read in several years Really, seriously I don t really have the vocabulary to adequately describe why It s a gripping, compelling plot, expertly told without a flaw anywhere and so full of memorable characters and scenes that I feel like I ve seen the best movie ever Harper Cole is a commodities trader [...]

    Jeff French
    This is a great thriller Sure some of the tech talk AOL, Compuserve dates it, but no than a book mentioning Facebook or Instagram written today, might be dated 10 years or so in the future I certainly doesn t take away from the story, which works on a number of levels This novel is better than your average, run of the mill serial killer novel The reasons the killer murders his victims are twofold and the way he hunts his victims is clever This is an intelligent killer I love the way he toys wit [...]

    Sometimes I find Greg Iles highly irritating, and this was one of those times The hero in this book was a jerk, and even the excitement of the ending showdown with a serial killer couldn t make up for that fact The hero, Harper Cole, sleeps with his wife s sister, and impregnates her He spends the first 2 3 of the book trying to rationalize justify and hide this fact Then, once the truth is out, he bemoans the fact that he made the mistake of telling her the truth, and ruined his life Well, no, [...]

    My least favorite read of a favorite author Just didn t like the characters that much.

    I really like Greg Iles, but this was not a good book and if his name wasn t on it, no one would be able to convince me he wrote it I wish I had never bought it or wasted my time on it yuck.

    J Jahir
    fue tal como yo me lo esperaba, e incluso mejor.Es incre ble el manejo psicol gico y desarrollo que Greg Iles le da a sus personajes, en especial a su protagonista, harper, que ayuda trabajando en la empresa de EROS, y se ve involucrado en la desaparici n y asesinatos de 7 mujeres que pertenecen a esa red la historia est narrada en primera persona, de forma que podemos ver y meternos en la piel de harper, viendo c mo es su proceso de descubrimiento e infiltraci n a su vez, el libro cuenta con un [...]

    Wendy Ballard
    Greg Iles will always be one of my favorite authors however, his books could be about 100 150 pages shorter and still deliver the huge punches that keep readers coming back Mortal Fear was no exception both to the greatness of the writing story characters, but also to the need to be shorter Harper Cole has a good life He is wealthy, has two jobs he enjoys and a great wife Well, but then we find out that all is not Paradise and there are a few glitches First, he realizes that with his job at an o [...]

    First, I really like Greg Iles as an author I have read several of his books and they are great They definitely go into dark places Murder, sex, gorel a big part of his plot However, the thing I like about his writing is the suspense and the action which keep me riveted and reading for long periods of time.So, now let s talk about this book.It was good The problem is, it was total thriller overload It was too much It took me forever to finish because I would read a couple chapters and I couldn t [...]

    I ve enjoyed many of Iles other books but Mortal Fear isn t a favorite of mine but you have to enjoy the psychological drama and, tho out dated in 2017, in 97 it would have been better appreciated The story has a very slow start before it picks up any speed.

    Sue Smith
    It s a big read at 700 pages A little slow to start I had to be 150 pages in and then I was hooked I enjoyed the very up to date technology but had to suspend belief on some of the relationships in the book Big Boss battle at the end has something for everyone.

    Stacey Kennedy
    I ve read Mr Iles s work before in his Penn Cage series and was eager to try something different from him and loved this as well Greg Iles does an excellent job of writing the evil characters in his murder mysteries even so in this book, which is even of a psychological thriller.Harper Cole leads a double life in than one way he is a commodity trader by day but also works for EROS, a high end, erotic on line social media site He was brought into this company by his childhood friend, Miles Tur [...]

    My introduction to Greg Iles was a recommendation from and I have yet to be disappointed with his thrillers That being said, the two best books I ve read by him were the first two, so the last two books, including this one, are a little bit of a letdown Mortal Fear has all the elements of every Iles book I ve read Well drawn first person protagonist, sex and violence that in this book almost becomes gratuitous but mostly presented tastefully, a compelling story line, and a strong villian charact [...]

    Tim Warner
    First of all, I was afraid that the publication date 1997 would handicap a book which plot relies heavily upon computer technology I found it to be absolutely no problem as I was drawn into the story Greg Iles is a terrific writer I have been thoroughly committed to each of the now four books by him which I have read The man loves to write And he creates stories which have all the depth one could ask for as well as , in this case, all the nail biting suspense and page turning frenzy one could as [...]

    Whilst being a good psychological thriller, I felt that this book was not up to the author s normal high standard I enjoyed the fact that it was about a hunt for an elusive serial killer, and that it had a certain edginess to it, but I have to say that in parts it did feel a bit long winded.The serial killer seems to be targeting women who belong to something called EROS, an internet based erotic chat group No one links the killings apart from Harper Cole, a systems operator for EROS He wants to [...]

    Cara St.Hilaire
    Even though the technological aspect of this book is totally outdated frequent references to AOL and Compuserve it is kindof comical as I write this review in 2010, it is a total page turner The dated computer references are minute in comparison to the storyline, however This author has the most intense character creation and he is a top notch writer as well The most incredible character is the villain a completely deranged psychopath that is part genius and part erotic mess when you learn of hi [...]

    I have always said for years that this is my ALL time favorite book You ll loose sleep over this one cuz you can t stop turning the pages You think you have it figured out and the most unexpected happens This book climaxes like three times but you see you have several pages to go, maybe not quite half done and you know there has to be another turn It s been awhile but I remember a couple parts, I really should read it again A real page turner The first chapter is quite sexually explicit It is ab [...]

    Marco den Ouden
    Greg Iles is one of my favorite writers but this book was a bit of a let down The plot is a bit tawdry and sordid, dealing with an psycho killer who stalks his victims in an exclusive pricey internet chat room The book was written in the 1990s so the technology is almost ancient by today s standards Modems, exchange of jpeg images no face to face contact as with Skype or similar services So as a period piece it has some interest But the plot struck me as a bit strained and forced Still interesti [...]

    Dalton Lynne
    Greg Iles is one of my favorite authors and with this book he does not disappoint Iles is truly a gifted storyteller his ability to create characters and scenes that come to life never ceases to impress me The story takes a while to build up to intensity, and the way certain scenes were written specifically something that the wife does at the end both had a hand in keeping this away from a 5 star review But those were fairly trivial matters when the entire piece of work is taken into context Rec [...]

    I had never heard of Greg Iles, until the book challenge and needed an author with my initials Not only did we share the same initials, but we both went to the same school It was a very well written book, with a few twists, I will read of his books.

    Some passed this book along to me and I m sure glad they did Although it was written a few years ago, I really enjoyed it.The writing is excellent and the plot sucks you in I couldn t put it down It s the first Greg Iles book I have read but most certainly won t be my last

    One of the most disturbing beginnings of a book I have read I almost stopped and moved on to something else but it was an audio book and I was busy What luck Ended up being a very good story that encouraged me to read by Iles.

    I finished this last month a bit behind in updating my I like Greg Iles books He writes page turners that involve enough psychological layers and nuances along with intelligent characters that always seem to hit the right spot for me.

    This book was a serious 4 1 2 stars I considered rating it a full five stars, but it started off just a bit slow for my liking However, when it took off BAM I couldn t put it down What a start to a series All I can say is wow

    Ugh Terrible writing and dated plot I couldn t make it very far into the book before tossing it aside.

    Aaron Boyes
    Another great read by Greg Iles It was a nice twist on the usual murder mystery genre with excellent characters and plot twists I was completely engaged the entire time.

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