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  • Title: Lotus in the Wild
  • Author: Fae Sutherland Marguerite Labbe
  • ISBN: 9781615812233
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback

  • Lotus in the Wild By Fae Sutherland Marguerite Labbe Six months after freeing his slave Roman and his thrall Aron, Wulfgar finds himself bored with the choices of bed partners in his lands Thus while on a twice yearly trip to Londinium to replenish supplies, Wulfgar visits the local slave auction in hopes of finding something to pique his interest His eye is caught by Kintaro, a beautiful, feminine slave boy from the Far ESix months after freeing his slave Roman and his thrall Aron, Wulfgar finds himself bored with the choices of bed partners in his lands Thus while on a twice yearly trip to Londinium to replenish supplies, Wulfgar visits the local slave auction in hopes of finding something to pique his interest His eye is caught by Kintaro, a beautiful, feminine slave boy from the Far East.Enthralled, Wulfgar doesn t care how much Kintaro costs he s got to have him But Kintaro is a very different sort of slave from Roman He loves his duties, is proud of his skills, and as the former prized slave of an official of his homeland, is used to being spoiled and pampered in return for his efforts.Though oblivious to matters of the heart, Wulfgar is enad of Kintaro, but his son Gaeric is furious that this new slave feeds his father s unnatural desires Wulfgar s passion, Kintaro s pride, and Gaeric s temper will clash as a ritual from the past and a dream of the future come to fruition and Wulfgar s heart is finally fulfilled.
    Fae Sutherland Marguerite Labbe
    Fae Sutherland is the award winning, bestselling author of 30 M M erotic romance novels co authored and solo She also writes M F erotic romance under a pen name.When Fae s not working on new stories to make her readers sweat, she loves website design, spending too much time on Twitter, and watching oodles of Food Network with her beloved life partner If there s any time left over, it s spent snuggling the cat.

    Lotus in the Wild By Fae Sutherland Marguerite Labbe


    The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    Sigh I never set out to absolutely hate a book, but in this case, Dorothy Parker s quip about this not being a book to be taken lightly but hurled against the wall with great force holds true Unfortunately, it s an e book and I m not inclined to punish my poor Nook for the sins of this hot mess There are several precious hours of my life I will never get back Lotus in the Wild had all the elements for a wonderful read, especially featuring an Asian male character, and to say it was a let down is [...]

    Serena Yates
    What a wonderful spin off for Bee Among The Clover Where I found the first volume hard to read in places and never thought I could learn to like Wulfgar, he comes into his own in this second book Which, by the way, can be read on its own.I loved Kintaro, who is an unashamed bedslave The way he tried to hold onto his culture despite Wulfgar s misguided attempts to make him behave differently was utterly believable and charming Seeing Wulfgar struggle with trying not to make the same mistakes he m [...]

    So I didn t read Bee Among The Clover, the first book in this series but I don t think you have to even though I now probably will To understand how Wulgar, the thane, has grown as a person from his relationship with his other two slaves, Roman Marcus and Aron, I will probably need to get it But this book can stand by itself You get enough of the background to understand what went on but it s not so bogged down in that history that you lose the present story I love stories with the exquisitely b [...]

    Angel Martinez
    As some of us often point out, a five star rating system isn t always adequate I want shading in my reviews, gradation for works like this.Gut reaction first Or heart reaction My heart adores this book It plucked all the right chords and accomplished all the right things a romance should I wanted for Wulfgar, I wanted someone to come along just for him And here we are I love both protagonists, our enormous, gruff thane and feisty little Kintaro yes, yes, he s a little over the top in some sce [...]

    Why, why did the authors insist in using a paranormal element Urgggh, I m so frustrated And disappointed view spoiler Despite the way too many sex scenes present in about half the chapters the book had a potential to be something special Kintaro was such an interested character A bed slave that reveled his station and was proud in his abilities and he had such a diva streak in him that not even a language barrier could stop And Wulfgar was my favorite character in the previous book But then the [...]

    Alexi Silversmith
    Genre M M Historical Romance, interracialLength Novel 271 Pages Rating 4 stars out of 5Summary ReviewA moving and well written romance that just misses excellence because of a really annoying Deux Ex MachinaE BLURB Six months after freeing his slave Roman and his thrall Aron, Wulfgar finds himself bored with the choices of bed partners in his lands Thus while on a twice yearly trip to Londinium to replenish supplies, Wulfgar visits the local slave auction in hopes of finding something to pique h [...]

    H.B. Pattskyn
    More like a 3.75Simply a beautiful if slightly unconventional love story Oh yeah, the sex was great, too I love Kintaro s spunk He might be a slave, but he isn t one to be bossed around there were times when it wasn t quite clear who really owned whom.spoiler view spoiler My only issue with this one was the supernatural element I didn t think it was necessary, but that s just me I hadn t read the first book, so I wasn t aware of it going in hide spoiler

    Really loved it I think than Bee in the Clover actually Kintaro is just fun to read He s bold and brazen This book made me laugh quite a bit I ll probably reread this at some point.

    Felicia (Ferishia)
    This was read for the M M Monthly Challenge.I cannot believe that I hadn t read this book until now I purchase this book back in 2010 facepalm probably about the same time I purchased Bee Among the Clover That would explain why I only had a vague recollection of the previous book and characters Wulfgard I remembered, but his previous two slaves, Aaron and Marcus Roman , I did not That did not stand in the way of my enjoyment of this book though I still liked Wulfgard, even though he had on very [...]

    Definitely felt good while reading this although there was a tad too much canoodling in every other chapter A bit longer than it should have been but Kintaro is just so adorable that it s okay Just wished that Kintaro s speech would have improved, given his admission of proficiency in learning languages All those third person Kintaro wants, Kintaro wishes , etc does grate a bit Most uttered phrase F k Wulf gar sama Hahahaha

    Likeable characters and a very healthy dose of sexWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS Kintaro is a slave, but he is much empowered than such characters tend to be in fiction He has no qualms about letting his master know exactly what he wants or exactly what it is about certain situations that make him unhappy He certainly isn t a doormat The change that is wrought in each of the characters is significant, yet I felt as though their respective aw [...]

    I really enjoyed the authors erotic romance, Bee Among the Clover, so I was excited for this sequel After reading it, I felt that the first novel had a better story, but this sequel had a better romance Aron was forced to become a thrall to his thane, Wulfgar, after his father failed to pay his tithe Thereafter, Aron meets Roman, who has been the bed slave of the thane for 4 years The two are the central figures of that romance Here, Wulfgar and his new slave Kintaro are the focus.The reason I t [...]

    Wulfgar is not happy with the choices for bed partners he is facing since he freed his slave Roman and his thrall Aron six months ago Hoping to change that situation he visits the slave auction in Londinium when he goes to replenish his supplies during one of his twice yearly visits When Wulfgar sets eyes on Kintaro he finds a slave he has to have no matter the cost Kintaro is from the Far East and is very proud of his status of slave and greatly enjoys his duties as such He is used to being pam [...]

    Lotus in the Wild is the story of a young bed slave, Kintaro, and Wulfgar a Viking chief Kintaro has grown up and been trained as a bed slave From a very young age he was taught how to be the most pleasing bed partner and how to be everything that his Master would need of him The story begins with Wulfgar, he is a Viking chief and on a shopping trip in Londonium decides that it is time he found a new lover as he had been abandoned by the two he had previously had when they fell in love with each [...]

    Yay, happy ending After reading about Wolfgar getting jerked around in Bee Among the Clover I felt genuinely bad for him, and wanted him to get his happy ending In Lotus in the Wild he got it in the most gratifying way.This book was so sweet Admittedly it didn t inspire in me emotional range of its predecessor, but I had grown so attached to Wolfgar s character that I didn t care That being said, the story was a bit weak and Kintaro s broken English kind of got to me at times I mean the whole th [...]

    A total guilty pleasure read I thoroughly enjoyed Kintaro and Wulfgar I think I ve been waiting for a pairing like these two for a long time Technically, this book was a bit sloppy, clearly being the result of role play writing The constant POV switching would have been annoying if I wasn t totally into the characters I thought the kidnapping was odd and only there to show off characters from a previous book But, again, I was fine with it because I was just totally into the main characters I m s [...]

    Domino (aka Meme)
    this was such a lovely novel i believe it had romance than the novel it follows Wulfgar and Kintaro were definitely meant for each other and i just loved the ceremony at the end were they said their vows too cute Dthis novel also tied up the story Wulfgar was able to see Aron and Roman again and realize her was over their betrayal he also realized how in love he was with Kintaro i just wish something had happened between Cate and Brandr there was definitely a spark hehee punishment Wulfgar gave [...]

    Smokinhotbooks K.C.
    Confession I stayed up until 5 00am reading Lotus in the Wild and Bee Among the Clover When I saw this was Viking man love story I immediately said yes please I read the first story Bee among the Clover and although I liked it, I feel that Lotus in the Wild didn t have as many forced sex issues Kintaro has always been a slave and enjoys being with Wulfgar so there wasn t that forced sex situation like in the previous book I liked their relationship dynamic so in this one P.S I am now wearing my [...]

    Read as part of my QGB Q2 Challenge picked by Alyosha I totally adored Kintaro and Wulfgar s story I liked that there were no pretenses between the two In fact, I was almost annoyed that Cate created the situation that brings about their declarations of love I understood the need for closure on Wulfgar s part regarding his former slaves but did not feel it was absolutely necessary Nevertheless, I enjoyed the interactions between Kintaro and Wulfgar even Kintaro s so called punishments which Kint [...]

    I loved this liked it than the first book, actually Wulfgar is such an interesting character There was something that bothered me in this book however There was some foreshadowing about the character, Brendr, throughout some sections in the book but nothing ever happened with him I don t know if the author was initially planning to write a third book but it s been 6 years since this book was published, so I don t think I can expect a continuation Brendr was interesting as well

    While I would say the story was well thought out and an okay read, I did not like any of the characters Wulfgar is an unintelligent moron I disliked him in the first book, Bee Among The Clover, and Lotus did not change my mind.All I wanted to do was drown Kintaro What loving yet hateful little bee For all his better qualities, I could not like him eitherW, is the tall guy on the cover Wulfgar Where is his beard The other thing was that there were too many ebook pages of the character s reflectio [...]

    3.5 starsI could have loved this one but I spent the majority of my time skimming through sex and wishing Kintaro wasnt speaking in broken English it seriously made no sense that after a year he d still be speaking like that I did enjoy the world that was built I liked the characters I wished there were details about some things and a crap ton less sex.

    I loved this Wulfgar and Kintaro are just lovely together I love big, tough guy Wulfgar being brought to his knees by his little wisp of a slave I loved that Kintaro loved himself and what he was enough to just enjoy being what he was.

    Excellent writing and characters, sex to advance, not overwhelm the story definitely will be rereading

    Elisa Rolle
    2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

    I don t like slave stories, but this one I found I couldn t put down A good paranormal historical mm romance.

    Haven t started yetBUT the cover is SO sexy

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