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  • Title: Dangerous Distraction
  • Author: Mia Watts
  • ISBN: 9780857151179
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook

  • Dangerous Distraction By Mia Watts Will a dare and amazing sex get Rook out of the closet, or will he lose the love of his life to fear or even murder An afterhours dare has Detective David Rook kissing the sexiest pair of lips he s seen in a long time He doesn t expect it will shake his closeted lifestyle to the core Now ATF Agent Nate Giamanti is working with him on a case, Rook can t avoid his forbiddeWill a dare and amazing sex get Rook out of the closet, or will he lose the love of his life to fear or even murder An afterhours dare has Detective David Rook kissing the sexiest pair of lips he s seen in a long time He doesn t expect it will shake his closeted lifestyle to the core Now ATF Agent Nate Giamanti is working with him on a case, Rook can t avoid his forbidden desires.Nate challenges Rook with every encounter, but when Rook backs off, Nate doesn t want the drama that goes with hiding his sexuality, even if it means he could have a lot of the detective in his bed When their suspect trains his sights on Nate, will Rook finally get queened or lose the game to a killer
    Mia Watts
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    Dangerous Distraction By Mia Watts


    Serena Yates
    Short enough for a quick break, fast moving and hot It takes the main characters a while to figure out they belong together, but once they do they don t hold back The murder mystery adds enough of a plot to make the story enjoyable, but it definitely wasn t the focus of my attention.


    I m not real good at reviews so bear with me For a short story it was well written and a lite read With the length of the book getting very deep into the characters is a hard go but I think the author did a wonderful job in bringing the characters to life Yes, the characters could have been deeper and the story intense but with the length of the book the reader is still able to get a good feel for the story and the character This was the first book I ve read from this author and I look forward [...]

    Grammar Detective David Rook is in the closet, his friends dont know that he is gay, so when he kisses the ATF agent Nate Giamanti as a joke in a bar to make him and his collegues leave, his friends just laugh and clap their hands at the bold move, but Rook cant forget that pair of lips I really cant understand why he thought that Kissing Nate would make he and his pals leave the bar, but in the end it works When Nate is leaving he whispers in David s ear that he knows he got hard from the kiss [...]

    bazinga ~Lisa
    Ok story about an in the closet detective, David, and an out and proud ATF agent, Nick Closet boy decides he is done being alone and takes the plunge and publicly announces he is gay Danger threatens but the little twist is closet boy comes out before the life threatenung incident On the other hand it was a little hard to believe that after David rushes to Nick s house to warn him the bad guy is going to kill him that they have sex and conveniently enough they finish just before bullets start fl [...]

    Inked Reads
    FiveStarsThis was my favorite couple so far in the Boys in Blue series Two cops, one that is out and one that is still in the closet.There is a murder case going on that keeps pulling the two together.The dynamics of the couple was intriguing The battle of one to ignore his attraction because he simply can t go back to hiding who he is after the difficulty of coming out while the other faces the impossible decision of coming out to be with someone when there is no certainty it will last.Another [...]

    Emanuela ~plastic duck~
    3.5 stars.Cute story about two cops and their dangerous attraction One of them is out, the other is in the closet They meet one night at a bar and both play top Alpha dog, setting in motion a game that shakes their world They both want the other man at their own terms, and while the seduction is easy, convincing the other there s something than attraction is difficult There s something a bit forced in their first encounter, but then the way they chase each other in turns is hot and very enterta [...]

    This is a 3.5 but I am feeling the holiday spirit and will round up.For a short is was really good I loved the back and forth between Nate and David When David first walked up to Nate and kissed in the bar I was like wow , what a great way to start the booklol Two Alpha males fighting over their territory and one kissing the other in front of their coworkers was genius.I know these were meant to be shorts but the storylines have the potential for a great novel.

    Nate and David are very likeable characters, good looking and sexy, but I wished we could have been given a little bit background information It would ve made their attraction even better Now their romance developed a bit too fast imo But this still was a fun read with great scenes when the guys were together If only this short story would ve been twice as long Nevertheless I enjoyed myself a lot with Dangerous Distraction 3.75 stars

    Another cute short in this series Nate and Rook are seen at the very end of the last book as guests at Mac s family BBQ It was a nice tie in, especially as we end up at the BBQ at the end of this book as well I liked Nate and Rook but the character development was a little underdone due to the length of the story.

    An out ATF agent sparring with a closeted homicide detective while bringing in the bad guys nummy Loved these manly men and the glimpses of raw emotion beneath all the tough guy banter While the whole in love thing seemed to happen too quickly, that didn t keep this from being a fun, fast and intriguing read from start to finish I so wish Mia would give us MORE PAGES

    Third in the Boys in Blue series, this story involved a detective and an ATF agent Their cases overlap serial homicides at the arms deal sites However, Det David Rook is in the closet and Agent Nate Giamanti is not David has to fight his fear and decide just how badly he wants Nate and if it s worth it to finally come out.

    I repeat same words for describe the books by Watts not because are equal but because the story, the style , the dialogues are ever nice, true, authentic and never trivial Between Rook and Nate there is chemistry and passion and must work out for their love and not only the bad guys but also the their fears

    Sue bowdley
    Oh i loved this.Nate and david Rook.A few mistakes but hey nothing to complain too much about.I loved the ending view spoiler When Rooks new partner walked in called KnightReminded me of a certain Sean Michael book hide spoiler x

    My Dichotomy Life
    I loved the two MC s they are my favourite couple in this series, however the last part of the book was so rushed it really affected my enjoyment of the book The explanation appeared from nowhere and the ending was mediocre, it s a shame because it had such potential.

    I like Mia Watts, but this one has too little story and too much insta love.

    The story s quite good, but sadly, it s too short for this kind of story I was hoping a lot than that.

    2,5 stars

    3.5 stars

    Cerita polisi Gayyan lah, cukup menghibur hatiku yg sedang gundah iihihiihii.piu lengkap menyusul

    4.5 starsI would have given it 5 stars, but it just was not LONG enough I absolutely LOVED these two I REALLY, REALLY wanted SOOOOOO much of them LOVED IT all the same

    Rating 3.5

    like a 4.5, i would have loved it if they had time at the end before the bad guy showed up, it was so cute it should have been a longer lovey dovey part

    Angsty, hot, sweetJust the way I like it

    3.5 stars

    (ツ) Hache
    Not as great as the first 2

    didn t like it all that much

    AstriNasthasia Videlia
    Lumayan laah tapi ga sebagus cerita GEO Mack entah kenapa Geo Mack lebih romantis haghaghaghaghaghag,.

    Jilrene ♥
    Fun read I liked it OFY macho cop story.

    • [EPUB] Ñ Dangerous Distraction | By ↠ Mia Watts
      220 Mia Watts
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