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  • Title: And the Rain Came Down
  • Author: S.A. Bailey
  • ISBN: 9781932996319
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback

  • And the Rain Came Down By S.A. Bailey A roughneck, redneck, and brawler, Jebediah Shaw had a wild streak wider than a country mile when he left home, and he was happy to have a war to fight Now, battle scarred and weary, he s returned to the girl of his dreams and the small East Texas town he calls home Jebediah is anxious to start the real life he d promised himself in the desert of Iraq Only the new demA roughneck, redneck, and brawler, Jebediah Shaw had a wild streak wider than a country mile when he left home, and he was happy to have a war to fight Now, battle scarred and weary, he s returned to the girl of his dreams and the small East Texas town he calls home Jebediah is anxious to start the real life he d promised himself in the desert of Iraq Only the new demands of becoming a college student, husband, and provider soon prove to be a heavy burden while trudging away as the muscle for a local bondsman It s a handout of a job from an old friend Even that can t save him Running down bail jumpers and muscling deadbeat dads isn t enough Swarming in debt, consumed by his failures, staring his own demons in the face, and drowning in the widening gulf of despair he s created with the woman he loves so dearly, he knows he s going to lose it all Then someone with too much money throws him a life preserver In exchange for a simple task, one if the few he s qualified for, he can be back on his feet He takes it without question, knowing full well it can t be that simple Because in East Texas, a land on the ragged edge of the Old South, where Gothic mysticism collides violently with the rugged individualism of the Old West, nothing is ever quite what it seems, nothing is ever easy, and when it rains, it pours.
    S.A. Bailey
    A goddamn vulgar, degenerate, functionally alcoholic writer, gun nut, and veteran of Iraq Libertarian in all things except killing and torturing terrorists, people who support gun control, and people who abuse dogs Eh, maybe it ll even out.I ve been a farm hand, roustabout, and pizza boy I worked off and on as a projectionist in a movie theater I did not splice porn into children s movies, but I did spike the pink lemonade, on multiple occasions I ve been a landscaper, furniture mover and a Wal Mart drone I was a waiter for less than two days When they wouldn t pay me, I stole a trashcan It was a nice trashcan I ve driven drunker n shit in nine countries on three continents, one of which was a war zone It happens I can tell you the very best brothel in Frankfurt is right next to The Pure Platinum Never ever, under any circumstances, enter the FOO FOO Room The Foo FOO Room, exist, existed across the street from the Moulin Rouge, in Paris You really, really don t want to know why I once spent a semester working as a permanent sub in charge of an In School Suspension program at a public high school Worst job ever Ever I ve worked as an office drone, a cab driver, doorman at a gentleman s club, and as a security guard Now I m a veteran, a gun nut, a writer, and angry Libertarian.

    And the Rain Came Down By S.A. Bailey


    Dellani Oakes
    Desperate for money, Army veteran, Jeb Shaw, is ready to take any job he can get When rich man, Buddy Harrison, offers him 10,000 to find his younger sister bring her home, Jeb jumps at the chance.Unfortunately, no job is ever simple, a fact that Jeb realizes all too late Trapped in a mire of drugs, deception death, he must rely on his skills cunning to survive.Author S.A Bailey weaves a riveting tale of mystery intrigue in his novel, And the Rain Came Down Readers move through the plot with Jeb [...]

    And the Rain Came Down Seth BaileyWhen the world around you appears as dark as an upcoming raging storm filled with dark clouds, strong wind and lightning you often try to find a place for cover Sometimes a person s life feels like it s coming apart as a strong storm might cause the limbs of a tree or many trees to fall and branches to break off so can the life of someone facing many hardships feels the same way Jebediah Shaw appears to be than just down on his luck Coming back from a tour in I [...]

    Cym Lowell
    I love reading all kinds of books I was captivated by And the Rain Came Down from the moment I picked it up, for many reasons My captivation did not end until I completed the read.The author and I share many things in common Roots in East Texas, living in Dallas, military experience, and a love of writing.And the Rain Came Down is mystery and a thriller Jebediah has returned from service in Iraq He got through combat with the dream of returning to the arms of his bride, Abigail While he reminds [...]

    Bailey s debut novel is nearly three years old, but the writing is just as fresh as if he laid down the ink yesterday Bailey demonstrates a certain agility as he balances the violence of East Texas with a dangerous love affair with the region and its people, leaving nothing rushed or unfinished Deciphering Bailey s love hate relationship with East Texas is half the experience of his writing And the Rain Came Down is a multi layered beauty that carries its own strident relevance as the nation gea [...]

    Matt Howard
    I couldn t put this book down I was surprised how quickly I was drawn into the book and the characters while, at the same time struggling with whether or not I really liked the main protagonist It s a violent dark story that isn t just a action packed thriller book, but also sheds pretty compelling light on the thoughts actions of someone who is struggling with PTSD The inner dialog between the main character and his demon, especially when they spill over into the outside world are remarkable, a [...]

    This is a great book There were many times when I stopped reading just so I could share a passage aloud with my girlfriend It s rare that a fiction book is so tightly written and finely worded that I actually appreciate the language, but this one is just that.Besides the awesome writing the author tells an action packed, captivating story AND he knows his guns Can t wait to read the sequels

    Paul Norton
    Great read Excellent character development Currently reading the sequel Not really a detective action reader but this one held me and got me to buy the sequel.

    Jeb Shaw is a man trying to make a life for himself and the woman he loves The problem is that Jeb has a very particular skillset that lends itself to solving problems in a permanent fashion misunderstood, angry, and depressed, Jeb just tries to do the right thing When offered a job by a rich man he despises, Jeb decides it is just the opportunity he needs, but it may also be the ruin of everything.

    Christian D.Orr
    Do you like detective stories Then you ll love S.A Bailey s And the Rain Came Down Do you like action adventure stories with lotsa gunplay Then you ll love And the Rain Came Down And if you re the kind of person who spends an inordinate amount of your spare time in strip clubs er, um, I m neither confirming nor denying en you ll definitely love And the Rain Came Down My good buddy S eth A nderson Bailey, Iraq war vet cum up and coming writer, has turned out a fine first published novel with a li [...]

    I found And the Rain Came Down to be a refreshing, down to earth read The story was clever, and despite my lack of knowledge when it comes to things like rural East Texas, military life, and firearms, it kept my genuine interest and attention I had a difficult time putting the book down, and I consumed it within a day.While I enjoy reading the author s posts on Facebook, and his apparent gift for words is what lured me into reading his work, I was skeptical at first I feared that the story would [...]

    Alex Peterson
    I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I started this But the I started reading, the I couldn t put it down It reads like exactly what you yearn for when you search for a good action, crime thriller, or crime drama movie The character development in the book is brilliant Jeb, the protagonist is very much what you d expect out of the good guy , but flawed enough to seem real To me he s the coolest thing since Frank Castle The Punisher or John McClain Die Hard movie fame Jeb Shaw is an exceptio [...]

    Lance Storm
    A good start to a great series.

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