[KINDLE] ☆ Ice Run | by ✓ Steve Hamilton #2020

  • Title: Ice Run
  • Author: Steve Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780312932961
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ice Run By Steve Hamilton New York Times Bestselling Author of Die a StrangerEdgar Award winner Steve Hamilton introduced one of the most compelling characters in modern fiction with Alex McKnight In Ice Run, Alex finds himself in the middle of a very strange mystery with much greater consequences than he ever anticipated Alex McKnight is happier than he can remember being in a long time AnNew York Times Bestselling Author of Die a StrangerEdgar Award winner Steve Hamilton introduced one of the most compelling characters in modern fiction with Alex McKnight In Ice Run, Alex finds himself in the middle of a very strange mystery with much greater consequences than he ever anticipated Alex McKnight is happier than he can remember being in a long time And it s all because of a woman Natalie Reynaud, a Canadian police officer When they take a romantic weekend together at an old luxury hotel, however, they receive an unexpected message someone has left a hat filled with snow, and a note that reads, I know who you are As Alex searches for an explanation, he must face up against a terrible Reynaud family secret, a secret that to this day still drives men to kill.
    Steve Hamilton
    EXIT STRATEGY, the second book in the Nick Mason series, will be released on May 16, 2017.

    Ice Run By Steve Hamilton


    Darn you, Steve Hamilton How am I supposed to get any work done around the house once I ve started one of your Alex McKnight novels They are almost impossible to put down, and Ice Run is no exception.Who knew that there was so much mystery to mine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Yeah, OK, Henry Kisor Joseph Heyward did, but we ll leave them to reviews of their own works Even if you do occasionally foray across the border into southwestern Ontario Yes, your characters Alex, Jackie, Vinnie, and [...]

    I ve read all the books in the series and I m starting to feel like Alex McKnight is a real person There is a paragraph in this book that I marked to quote I d known enough liars in my life You can t be a cop without meeting plenty of them For the worst of them, the truly hopeless born liars, maybe this is how it all starts, by keeping a tight lid on your own secrets By never revealing the truth about yourself When you ve learned to control the truth, then you can start bending it Just a little [...]

    Matt Allen
    I think it s safe to classify me as a fan of Steve Hamilton s by now Ice Run is money in the bank and is a good example of why.The Alex McKnight series has created memorable characters and locales that are so easy to fit right back into, a warm glove The series and Ice Run has a pitch perfect balance of setting, plot, and dialogue The pace crackles but doesn t move so fast that you can t feel the cold in your bones, the intrigue of the plot, and the emotion of the characters In fact, there s ver [...]


    The fisticuffs and slit eyebrows and concussions and cracked ribs get really, really, really, really, really tiresome and repetitive in this series Alex should be dead by now from CTE if not blood loss and what HAS TO BE a migrating bullet near his heart, given all the punches he s taken to the chest Hamilton writes great scenes but his plotting and wrap ups leave much to be desired I need a break from this series He writes just as well or better than C.J Box and William Kent Krueger both of who [...]

    We listened to this as an audiobook on the drive up to Mackinac for summer vacation I freely admit the narrator whose name eludes me didn t help the book s case, but here s my review, in summary.Oh, my, GOD She looked at me with THOSE EYES GOD DAMMIT ALL Son of A bitch Good guy Bad guy Family feud THOSE EYES Blood Blood Spinning THOSE EYEEEES That face GOD DAMMIT ALL Perhaps if I d read other books in the series, the characters might ve resonated I suspect that, overall, this isn t much worse o [...]

    Richard Brand
    it is not clear how the romance will end The couple were together at the end of the book But it is open ended meaning Hamilton can get a different girl friend for his hero if he needs one It is in a James Lee Burke style Independent guy Ex cop Doesn t always think first Has some very loyal and helpful friends Hero gets beat up badly This is a love interest The Grant boys get the raw end of the deal all the way around The Deus ex machina of a solution is a video tape I wanted to finish the story [...]

    Hamilton writes really well, but some things in his stories really irritates me In this book, Natalie Reynaud was all over the place and really annoying Also, I understand it s a story, but there are some things an ex cop and or a current cop wouldn t do As I like Hamilton s writing style, I will continue to read the books and finish the series I just hope the rest of the series is put together a little better not all over the place and a little believable.

    An exciting page turner, but not up to the usual standards of the series Motives, characters, and plot are just a touch too unbelievable for me Alex has gotten himself beat up a few too many times, and Natalie has just gotten annoying as his eager then reluctant girlfriend Still, the cold, stormy, remote, life threatening Upper Peninsula is almost a character in itself, and scary as it is, it s far less dangerous than that dark, ocean sized lake out there.

    Haw Kuang
    First time to read Hamilton and enjoyed it very much But it revealed too much of the previous books in the series, which make it less desirable for me to read them Perhaps I should have read it from 1 in the series Anyway, it was a good read and glad to find a new author to follow.

    Laurie Blacker
    I love being in the middle of a good seriesCan wait for the next one It ll be a sad day when I get to the end of this series.

    all the Mcknight series of novels draw me in as if I am there and I am just captivated and do not want to stop reading until I am thru the whole book I usually read them in 1 to 2 days.

    1st from hamilton for me ice run, alex mcknight, 6 paperback, 2004dicated to nonna and donnastory begins in a land of hard winters, the hardest of all is the winter that fills you with false hope it s the kind of winter that starts out easy you get the white christmas, but it s a light snow, six inches tops, the stuff that makes everything look like a postcard the sun comes out during the day you can take your coat off if you re working hard enough the nights are quiet the stars shine between th [...]

    Superfast paced book, lots of actionWhat the author s do with this series Steve Hamilton started off slow but gets better and better This is part of the series called the Alex McKnight Novels This paragraph applies to all books in this series Alex is a former pro baseball player and a former cop Both of those careers ended before they barely got started McKnight becomes a very reluctant private investigator and brings a level of expertise not seen in most books The author always gives us a tour [...]

    Dale Safford
    The book gets a little dismal at times with the old guy young girl relationship and the constant snow and cold But the mystery of why the girl is acting so strange keeps you reading UP setting is great Alex McKnight has a new girlfriend, Natalie Reynaud, an officer from the ONtario Provincial Police that he was involved with on a case Living in Paradise, Michigan on Lake Superior, he goes occasionally to her place across the border and east to Blind River a long trip So one time they meet at a h [...]

    I do really like this series and these characters The mystery certainly took some twists In this outing, however, Alex does make some really dumb choices for a man who was once a cop and a P.I I love that he s a flawed and fallible character with baggage, but when he s does stuff like that it smacks of action used to propel the story forward and nothing that a relatively intelligent man of his background would do I d rather have seen him pull off something a bit clever to propel the story inste [...]

    Hans Brienesse
    Not a bad read actually The story read a bit like watching a TV show I really don t know just how these people have all manner of physical punishment heaped upon them and yet can still function as if they have just fallen off a bicycle or something That aside it had a good plot and kept moving along without too many changes of direction or distractions I shall look out for from this author.

    Alton Motobu
    Web of lies, deceit and murders from 75 years ago lead to beatings of Alex several times, but he recovers to go on snowmobile chases cross country hard to follow since story involves 3 generations of two families and everyone lies at least 3 are murdered Author really makes you feel cold during winter in northern Michigan.

    I usually like the Alex McKnight books, but this one seemed a little disjointed and far reaching in the plot, and was a little too introspective for my tastes It is a fast paced book with lots of action, but a little unbelievable.

    Brian O"Leary
    Still a great series, but not the best in the series, probably the worst

    3.5 stars I really like this author and this series.

    3.7 stars

    Margaret Rosinski
    Probably 3.5

    Jerry King

    Colin Slider
    really enjoying the series Alex McKnight is a little naive, with some genuine flaws, which is one of the things that makes the series

    Sarah Alawami
    I really thought alex was going to die in this series The author describes very well what trouble he s in this time and I feel like I m really there as he goes through his trials.

    A great suspense thriller if you re a fan of the Longmire books and are looking for something in a similar style, without being a copy.

    Steve Sawczyn
    I can t believe we made it this far without a love interest entering the story line This will either make or break the series for me, looking forward to reading the next one.

    Another confusing cast of characters, covering 4 generations Still a page turner, though Always enjoy these escapes.

    Michael T Bradley
    Not much to say here, but I definitely enjoyed this one Super brief plot synopsis Natalie Alex are now dating or some damn thing, and her past comes back to haunt her in a manner that confused me to the point that I just stopped even trying to figure out the family history focused on the present day action.Alex s misadventures are getting a bit preposterous with each outing, but here s what I liked 1 his relationship with Natalie is explored NOT written out in one or fewer sentences like a cert [...]

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      Steve Hamilton