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  • Title: How the Light Gets In
  • Author: M.J. Hyland
  • ISBN: 9781841955483
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback

  • How the Light Gets In By M.J. Hyland Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersSixteen year old Lou Connor is presented with the chance of a lifetime Born in Australia to a family mired in poverty, she s accepted by a student exchange program and embarks on a trip to Chicago to spend a year with an affluent American family It s an opportunity to leave her unemployed, shiftless parents and her equally uniBarnes Noble Discover Great New WritersSixteen year old Lou Connor is presented with the chance of a lifetime Born in Australia to a family mired in poverty, she s accepted by a student exchange program and embarks on a trip to Chicago to spend a year with an affluent American family It s an opportunity to leave her unemployed, shiftless parents and her equally unimpressive sisters behind But the question is, will Lou truly be able to break free of her past In the protagonist of Lou, Hyland has created a smart and perceptive young woman who spends her last few days at home reading poetry at the kitchen table, while her parents lounge on the couch, watching TV And Lou s host parents, despite their initial appeal, seem as emotionally inaccessible as her Aussie ones An unusual coming of age story, How the Light Gets In is also a stunning social satire For Lou s host family, a younger version of Jonathan Franzen s Lambert clan, leaves her feeling isolated and alone, and her reaction is a horrifying self sabotage Hyland seems to be questioning the current zeitgeist in a stinging rebuke If Lou can t make it despite the rare gift she s been given, then what hope is there for the rest of our kids Readers who enjoyed the exploration of a family s dysfunction and its effect on a teenage protagonist in last season s Like the Red Panda are sure to enjoy this debut, too Fall 2004 Selection
    M.J. Hyland
    M.J Hyland was born in London to Irish parents in 1968 and spent her early childhood in Dublin She studied English and law at the University of Melbourne, Australia and worked as a lawyer for several years Her first novel, How the Light Gets In 2003 was short listed for the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Age Book of the Year and also took third place in the Barnes Noble, Discover Great New Writers Award How the Light Gets In was also joint winner of the Best Young Australian Novelist Award.Carry Me Down 2006 , her second novel, was winner of both the Encore Prize 2007 and the Hawthornden Prize 2007 and was also short listed for the Man Booker Prize 2006 Hyland lives in Manchester, England, where she teaches in the Centre for New Writing at Manchester University.

    How the Light Gets In By M.J. Hyland


    Picking this book up was a wild stab in the dark I was thinking to maybe dig up some Salinger but I couldn t find The Catcher in the Rye, so I went to a shelf I usually don t remember to check and scanned the spines with my eyes all like half closed, and this one just leapt out at me It s one of the last books I took from the Strand before I got fired, just because of the cool cover and all, and I kind of didn t think I d ever really read it.But Wow, it was really quite good And it s funny that [...]

    I ve knocked off a lot of good books over the last couple of weeks including David Cohen s Disappearing off the face of the earth, Per Petterson s It s Fine By Me and Graeme Simsion s The Rosie Project Despite this competition, I expected How The Light Gets In to be the star and I have not been disappointed.Like Gail Jones Black Mirror, it s a first novel by an Australian The similarities stop there How the Light Gets In is a perfect novel Utterly gripping, with a creepy flawed main character wh [...]

    I didn t hate it I didn t love it It tried too hard to be Catcher in the Rye I think she says that is her favorite book 870 times throughout the story and how she relates to we get it you are the female version But I ve read worse.

    Jayne Charles
    This was very readable in terms of the writing style, and the theme was interesting enough a gifted Australian teenager from a deprived background travels to Chicago to live with a family on some kind of exchange scheme I didn t enjoy it as much as I expected to though it was a bit like driving down a long, straight road where the scenery doesn t change However much you don t want to, you find yourself drifting off In the novel, protagonist Lou makes various social faux pas, mostly by thinking t [...]

    hyland another excellent shrinky suggestion this book was also another heartbreaking one the main character, lou, comes to the us on exchange, but ends up getting in trouble i couldn t identify so much with the character s behaviour, but i could so identify with her thoughts, especially the longing to have a whole new start in a new place and basically be a new person maybe i can learn to be confident maybe i will change if i can do this one thing right i ll change who i am forever also, the try [...]

    Louisa O'Donnell
    I really didn t like this book Lou was selfish and really didn t take any notice of what was happening around her I get that she came from a shitty place and wanted to start afresh, but the way she approached the situation was dismal It s been a few years since I read it but the main thing I recall that really turned me off Lou was towards the end of the book when the US family she was staying with was having a family crisis and while they were rushing out the door to go to the hospital or where [...]

    I have an announcement It s still pretty early, but I m confident that I have found a writer to add to my list of faves Old list of faves, meet M.J Hyland M.J Hyland, meet my boring, old, long unchanged list I found M.J in an issue of Granta She was writing about a diagnosis of MS and I just really liked the way she put sentences together She gave me no reason to stop reading I ll stop reading at the first boring word or blah blah paragraph or if the page s aesthetic is off and by the end of it [...]

    I love this sentence Sometimes I sit in the mezzanine of the library and look down at the tennis courts and wonder what it would be like to wear a pair of shorts and sit with my knees apart opposite somebody who is also wearing shorts sitting with their knees apart Somehow that sentence says everything you need to know about this book Who hasn t watched a commercial for, say, breakfast cereal or fabric softener and wanted to jump through the TV screen and live in that world of crisp white sheets [...]

    When I studied creative writing at uni, my tutor was M.J Hyland She always struck me as analytical and deep in thought She would ask questions of people and really, really study them when they gave the answer This book is written with that same analytical, watchful eye.The story is sad and lamenting and being Australian myself a great depiction of a certain kind of Australian family.That constant longing for being something else or being better or confident, popular, less awkward, happier is s [...]

    Disclaimer I have never read The Catcher in the Rye I never had to read it for school and I really have no inclination of my own to read it I did not pick this book up because it was supposed to be like Catcher in the Rye because, obviously, that meant nothing to me It just sounded mildly interesting while perusing the shelves of the used bookstore the boy and I like to frequent, so I bought it.I have never encountered such a stupid, frustrating heroine in my entire life The writing quality was [...]

    Elizabeth Michael
    This is a really curious book, with an odd and at times off putting heroine I ve read it several differnt times trying to get a firmer grip on what exactly I think of it as a whole, but each time all I can honestly conclude is that there is something very hypnotic and compelling about it At every step it was apparent to me how and why she ended up where she did, even though to every once else around her, it would appear that her amazingly high IQ could ve afforded her many better opportunities.

    Lou knows her life is going to change when she gets a place on an exchange student program She goes from Sydney, Australia to America, leaving her no good family and joining the wealthy Hardings Margaret and Henry and their two children Bridget and James Lou wants to fit in with them, hoping she ll never have to leave America But Lou is her own worst enemy and events quickly spiral out of control.Lou isn t an easy character to relate to She seems to live in her own head and finds it very hard to [...]

    Tress Huntley
    I thought this was just meh Quick read, filled some time, shattered no thought processes for me I finished it a few days ago and have been waiting to see if some latent impression of brilliance would set in that often happens to me but it has not Maybe I am the only person alive who did not LOVE J D Salinger, even as a teen, or maybe I am just at a point in life where I cannot enjoy reading a book from the POV of a teenager who is trapped inside her own self absorbency All of the adults were one [...]

    Heartbreaking book about how difficulty it is to escape from poverty While the main character Lou has enormous intellect and potential, she is so emotional scarred that her downfall is inevitable What was particularly sad was there were so many opportunities for people to assist her change her behaviour and situation but, due to their own flaws and problems, and Lou s inability to be truthful, effective help does not eventuate Beautifully written, however sometimes disturbing, as it is written f [...]

    After having read and loved Hyland s This is How last year, I was anxious to read by her How the Light Gets In is about a high school exchange student from Australia who gets placed with a host family in the Chicago suburbs, and much of the novel focuses on her trying, quite unsuccessfully, to fit in despite coming from a very different family and background Unfortunately, I couldn t emphasize or sympathize much with the main character which made reading the novel difficult for me I spent most [...]

    This book was really interesting because it showed me a demomgraphic I had never read about or met before It revolved around a poor young girl from Austrailia living with her unbearable family The girl, Lou, enters into a foregin exchange program in which she goes to live with a very wealthy family in California Lou has an extremely difficult time dealing with a family that enforces rules such as no smoking The book goes through her troubles and how she is mistreated and judged because of where [...]

    Lou Connor is no Holden Caulfield Let s just get that out of the way.Lou Connor is a conniving teenager that uses her sexuality and intellect to get what she wants The book uses Lou s exchange student status as a literary vehicle to show the morbundity of American suburbiayada yada yada.Frankly, I think two hours of your time watching American Beauty would do a better job The writing is good, but not good enough for me to recommend the book.

    This turned into a non stop almost read Louisa and her life as an exchange student in a Chicago family ensconced in suburban life is endearing, witty and overall rather a sad portrait of coming to self awareness and discovering exactly where ones own individuality lies.

    I m well aware that I should do my reviews as soon as I ve finished reading something, otherwise all my delerious passion hatred love whatever emotions were conjured up, dissipate I liked this book Three stars looks like a dismal rating because there s those two empty unclicked little stars looking all sad and shit, but I really did like this book It was one of those easy to read, don t have to think books But still well written I m not talking Twilight here, I mean, I had to think a lot when I [...]

    Oh, thank you Oxfam Books in Kentish Town for this 99p treat on a cold Thursday afternoon I sat in a coffee shop and read so much of this I forgot what I was meant to be doing next MJ Hyland slips straight into the voice of Lou, the smart, self destructive Australian teenager, who somehow manages to scholarship herself out of her trailer trash family straight into the bosom of an ambitious, right on, American one Despite her chaotic streak, hers is the voice you trust, the host family are too cl [...]

    Holden Caulfield appears three times on the back cover, but I m not sure I see the actual connection I liked parts of this book, and was heartily annoyed by other partswhich I suppose means it was good in its own way Definitely might recommend it to young adults in the true sense of the world 20 yr olds , but only ones who will have the patience to stick with it I think you might have to be able to identify with the disaffected, emotionally challenged, highly intelligent main character in order [...]

    Our book club just finished a review of How the Light Gets In by M.J Hyland This book is a small slice of the life of a teenage exchange student, Lou, coming from Australia to live with a suburban family in the United States She was looking to get away from her dysfunctional family and find a new start in a new place, but she managed to ruin it with immaturity Lou never seemed to learn anything from her mistakes in each situation I kept waiting for an explanation for her irrational behavior that [...]

    Torn between 3 or 4 stars 4 because it held my interest throughout and 3 because it left me feeling depressed I normally like depressing books but they have to either make me grateful for the life I have or make me shed a few girlie tears reminiscent of watching Bambi This was too hard hitting for either of those self satisfied moments This novel tells the story of Lou, over from Sydney on a student exchange in Chicago where she is plunged into a world she always dreamed of but would never fit i [...]

    Justin Pahl
    The first hundred pages of Hyland s debut are captivating The richness, the uniqueness of the voice carries you forward Unfortunately, what it carries you into is a narrative that s messy and, at times, redundant The characters outside of Lou are never quite developed beyond the vivid sketches of her unreliable impressions The book is an impressive exercise in voice, but that voice never takes us anywhere deeper which is the problem with many first novels, and I m not surprised that Hyland s nex [...]

    Nick Traynor
    It was ok For most of the book, the main character was staying with a family as an exchange student and that made reading kind of onerous because they were all so loathsome Once the character left the family though, it was enjoyable I related a lot to the main character wanting to be an exchange student, going somewhere else and wanting to become a different person, liking books and being alone but the book really suffered from not having a clear theme or compelling reason for existence Also I [...]

    highly recommended Hyland writes like she is still an adolescent She captures the all the emotions and uncertainty and of a teen in a strange place If you even remember your teen years you should read this just to have it eloquently portrayed Also, there is another layer to her writing Her characters are always special in some way just like all adolescents would like to be but it becomes a hurdle for them Superior writing.

    Jude Brown
    I do love Hyland s writing style and the way she portrays outsiders You really get under Lou s skin Really enjoyed this novel lost it s tightness at one point but the dynamics between Lou and her surroundings are fascinating and it delivered a just ending It s my second Hyland book Read This is How did enjoy that But would recommend and will read by this author.

    A fairly quich read dealing with the challenges of adolescence, addiction and being an outcast.

    All the comparisons to Catcher in the Rye are accurate insofar as both books are painful to read when you re older than 16.

    This was very involving but also suffered from what, for me, makes literary fiction hard to read everyone is awful I think I feel worse after reading it.

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