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  • Title: The Crocodile Bird
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780440218654
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Crocodile Bird By Ruth Rendell A mother and a daughter live quietly in the rustic gatehouse of Shrove House, an isolated British estate Their life seems perfectly ordinary except that daughter Liza has been kept isolated from the outside world for all of her sixteen years And that she has seen her beautiful mother commit murder than once Now, as the police come searching for a missing man, LiA mother and a daughter live quietly in the rustic gatehouse of Shrove House, an isolated British estate Their life seems perfectly ordinary except that daughter Liza has been kept isolated from the outside world for all of her sixteen years And that she has seen her beautiful mother commit murder than once Now, as the police come searching for a missing man, Liza s sheltered, strange world begins to fall apart Piece by piece she will reveal her mother s tale of betrayal, desire, and obsession Step by step we discover how much like mother, like daughter she is.
    Ruth Rendell
    A.K.A Barbara VineRuth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh, CBE, who also wrote under the pseudonym Barbara Vine, was an acclaimed English crime writer, known for her many psychological thrillers and murder mysteries and above all for Inspector Wexford.

    The Crocodile Bird By Ruth Rendell


    Jacob Overmark
    101 NightsStories told to a boyfriend by that small bird who picks the teeth of a crocodile and remains unhurt How did it all begin how did it get so far Having a mother who is Oxford schooled but now mysteriously is the warden of an old manor in a remote UK setting, a manor that further is only occasionally visited by its is owner, did give now 16 year old Liza childhood experiences few others would have had Being home schooled she reads Latin and French and recites Shakespeare by heart from an [...]

    One of Rendell s finest works, combining the right mix of thrills with atmosphere The story, set in rural England, tells the tale of a young girl whose mother has severely sheltered her from all aspects of the world She does not associate with young people her age, she does not go to school, she rarely accompanies her mother into town for shopping, etc When her mother gets arrested, she is forced to flee the only home and solace she has ever known She begins to slowly share her dark, mysterious [...]

    If you ve got mother issues and, oh boy, have I got them in spades, read this book It s about a young girl who has been hidden away by the world by her crazy mum Whenever I get one of my famous Mother s Day migraines, I pick up this book and console myself that things could be worse Gloriously written, Rendell is the finest novelist of our time Period.

    A psychological study of a girl Lizzy growing up in a reclusive situation with her mother Eve The story opens with Lizzy being sent away from home for the first time, because police are coming to arrest her mother for murder Running to her secret boyfriend s trailer for safety, she then tells him of her secluded life and what led up to the arrest.Although the novel is not a thriller , it did keep me turning pages to read about Lizzy s life with her strange mother The writing is very good, but su [...]

    4,5 5

    This book has reinforced my belief that Barbara Vine Ruth Rendell is one of the best psychological mystery writers ever Starting a Vine book is like taking the first bite of a comfort food I am sure that I will be sated, and will never be disappointed Recently, I have started listening to Barbara Vine audios because the narrators do a wonderful job with the London and village accents which make me feel I am an invisible presence out there.This would perhaps be one of my best ever books by her I [...]

    Ruth Rendell is not your typical formula crime mystery writer i.e Create a flawed detective, male or female, doesn t matter, give him or her a side kick or a love interest or both Create an interesting backdrop Now, create a ruthless, sadistic killer, serial killers and pedophiles being in particular in high demand Now, as the bodies pile up, have your detective get beat up time or two, then kill the bad guy in a crowning scene of excessive violence and mayhem.Repeat as needed, to keep your publ [...]

    Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
    A fascinating taunt tale about a girl who lives as a recluse with her mother She struggles to come to terms with the horrifying probability that she s inherited her mother s murderous instincts.

    Lady Delacour
    Original, creative storytelling,from the imagination of Ruth Rendell.This was a Today s Special.Purchased it because of author.Started listening not knowingwhat the story was about I try never to read reviews orbook jackets, until after I listen.They often tell to much of the story.Narrator Jill Tanner did a nice job.Not Clean but, on the milder side.Some Foul Language.

    Maria João Fernandes
    Shrove House the palace, the house of pictures and secrets, dolls and keys, books and shadows The Crocodile Bird tem uma introdu o bastante misteriosa Eve e Liza s o, respectivamente, m e e filha Longe da sociedade, vivem isoladas por op o pr pria, como residentes da Casa de Shrove, uma mans o na qual Eve governanta, sucessora da sua m e Atormentada por um passado distante mas doloroso, Eve est determinada a criar a sua filha longe de qualquer contacto com o mundo real.Ruth Rendell insere nos nu [...]

    Once again I have been overwhelmed by Ruth Rendell s writing skill A master storyteller, Rendell is capable of creating the most intriguing plots filled with ordinary characters with propensities to commit murder In this instance, the story is set in a remote countryside, not far from a small village Living in the gatehouse with her mother Eve, Liza grows up isolated from everyone other than Jonathan, owner of Shrove House, and the two men who take care of the grounds Never imagining living anyw [...]

    CROCODILE BIRD Ruth Rendell has rarely failed to please me I continue to be astounded by the multitude of psychological and social pathologies with which she endows her characters Perhaps these eccentricities are the very things which attract me to her books Eve and her daughter, Liza live in a wealthy country estate, isolated from almost an entire segment of humanity They have no TV, no bathroom and receive no newspapers The rare visitors are viewed with suspicion and even fear Mother tutors he [...]

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    Oh, jeez where do I start I reckon with the characters First, you ve got Liza, a Mary Sue who is so naive I kind of want to smack her Shit, I want to smack every character in this book But than Liza, I would like to smack Sean, her pedophile boyfriend Granted, I m American, which by default makes me ignorant, so I have no idea if it s okay for a 22 year old to be dating a 16 year old in Britain, but in my culture, you re considered a sexual predator By the end of the book, Liza realizes he s a [...]

    I don t consider myself a huge Rendell fan on the whole, largely because I find her to be inconsistent Maybe it s due to her being overly prolific with such a large and frequent output, she seems to have a lot of hits and misses However, when Rendell is at her best, she is an exceptional writer, as The Crocodile Bird ably demonstrates An incredibly compelling mother daughter relationship forms the heart of a novel that explores the politics and psychology of possession by traveling through a ser [...]

    Lauren Davis
    What fun I can t believe this is the first book by Rendell I ve read What I ve been missing A terrific literary psychological thriller that kept me glued to the text.

    Liza a bright, insightful 16 years old, raised in isolation at Shrove House by her mother, Eve and sent to make a solitary trip to her mother s friend in London so as to avoid the police Instead, she joins up with Sean the young man who works in the estate lands and with whom she has developed a sexual relationship with And over the next 6 months she tells Sean in a Sheherazade type story telling way the story of her life, as she gains the knowledge and skills she needs to live in the real world [...]

    Strange, Surreal yet Tragic and ResoluteA symbiotic relationship in nature is one where two creatures provide mutually beneficial services to each other A crocodile bird will clean the meat from between the crocodile s teeth The crocodile, in turn, provides the bird food and protection from its enemies The bird is always safe with the crocodile where nothing else is The mother, Eve, is the crocodile, and her daughter, Liza, is the bird The story starts like this A reclusive, young, beautiful mot [...]

    r its other name was the crocodile bird, so called because it is the only creature that can enter with impunity the mouth of a crocodile and pick its teeth The Crocodile Bird, page 160I can see why Ruth Rendell has won so many awards for her books This is the first book of hers that I have read and it was recommended to me by my friend, Linda I have seen all of the Ruth Rendell mysteries on Netflix so I was familiar with her style before I read this book.Rendell is an amazing storyteller I just [...]

    The Crocodile Bird is hard to put down Eve is a protective, sheltering mother She is determined to shield Liza from the disappointments and cruelties of life Liza is a happy, carefree child engaged in learning about nature, books, history, and languages Liza is smart, intuitive, and curious At the age of sixteen she must leave home The circumstance of her leaving is where the novel begins The story is told reflectively as Liza comes to terms with freedom by understanding her past The journey is [...]

    This starts with a bang, as 17 year old Liza is told by her mother Eve that she must immediately leave the small gatehouse where she and Eve have always lived in isolation Liza must leave because Eve has killed a man and knows that the police will soon be coming for her Liza runs away to her secret lover, and dual narratives unfold, as Liza tells her lover the story of her upbringing with Eve and learns to live in the real world The suspense grows as Liza reveals and of her past, and Rendell k [...]

    Diane Fanning
    AN odd but brilliant psychological study of a teenager raised in bizarre circumstances that guide her life in a collision course with homicide And of course, Rendall s writing and storytelling is, as always, exquisitely executed.

    I ve been glued to this book for the past two days Rendell combines intense characters and plot at a steady pace There s no good place to take a breather, I had to force myself to put it down And I woke up grabbing for it again Rendell has a new fan in me.

    Moonlight Reader
    Available through kindle unlimited.My second Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine through KU.A modern take on 1001 nights with an engaging narrator Repressed mother, fucked up family Well done.

    Skillful portrait of heartbreaking symbiotic relationships which end in tragedy One of my favorite Rendells.

    One of my favorite books.

    Bijzonder verhaal Leuk geschreven en het blijft boeiend

    This was just a bit to close to being a Flowers in the Attic type of thing for me with Shrove and all of its surrounding land being Rendell s attic I am working my way through the Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine books and I am definitely glad that I did not start with this one because I would probably have quit right then It just did not appeal to me for the most part I guess I just do not have enough Mommy issues to find a connection to the book I read the reviews that gave this 5 stars and a lot of [...]

    belva hullp
    Liza tells her story over several nights and in the process finds salvation After the police question her mother about the death of the owner of Shrove House, 16 year old Liza runs away with Sean, the young gardener It is to him, over the course of 101 nights, that Liza gradually reveals her strange upbringing She lived alone with her mother in the gatehouse of the estate She was schooled by her mother and isolated from all society except the mailman, groundskeeper and the few men whom her mothe [...]

    As a longtime fan of Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine, she can do no wrong This has become an immediate favorite, not her usual ending but can t give away anything Her characters are fascinating and well developed I think I know Liza after reading the book A book narrated by a child is always good reading, their view is limited and their interpretations and misinterpretations are fascinating Watching Liza finally realize the truth about her childhood is scary and the author keeps us guessing as to how [...]

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