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  • Title: Bear in Underwear
  • Author: Todd Harris Goldman
  • ISBN: 9781609050160
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Bear in Underwear By Todd Harris Goldman Bestselling pop artist Todd Goldman makes his Blue Apple Books debut with a zany story about a bear, a backpack filled with underwear, and his group of furry friends who cheer him on in search of the perfect fit Features comic style illustrations and giggle inspiring tighty whities.
    Todd Harris Goldman
    Todd Harris Goldman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bear in Underwear book, this is one of the most wanted Todd Harris Goldman author readers around the world.

    Bear in Underwear By Todd Harris Goldman


    i mean this book is getting 5 stars from me because i do not understand it, and i do not like the low star ratings by people who fear this book for the wrong reasons yes, i am the judge of reasons right now scary, huh but this review is a gem for so many reasons, and its only comment kills me i laffff.but i understand some of the low star reviews, i do because there used to be a time when children s books had a message, right standards a moral this one seems like an explosion of terrible ideas s [...]

    Stumbled upon a copy of this at Target and read it with my younger cousin We had a good laugh over it, and now I ve decided to add it to my shelf to help me meet my reading goal for people interested in children s books I am curious as to why someone would stuff a backpack full of underwear, and I m also curious as to why a bear would proceed to try on the underwear let s hope they re new with his friends in the hope of finding the perfect fit But, I suppose the book is for kids.

    Kathy (Kindle-aholic)
    Have you ever been around 4 year olds They are obsessed with anything potty, booty or underwear related They go into hysterics if someone farts or burps.This book is for them.Is the story silly oh yes A bear finds a backpack full of underwear and tries them all on until he finds the right ones that fit That s it.And the kids think it is the funniest damn book they have ever read The kids read it to each other and bust out laughing They read lots of books, some silly than others I don t take the [...]

    Haley Shaffer
    keeton s rating, not mine Because, well, underwear and Big Foot

    Cute Animals in underwearwhat s not cute about that

    Sue Smith
    I mean how can you not give a children s book that talks about underwear types a five star rating Tighty whities no less It gives hope for all of those people out there who would like to write a book but don t know about what.or whether their idea has merit enough to be published Tighty whiteys people your published book opportunity is waiting I can t honestly say what attracted me to this book the most It s not content, although it is a wee bit of a scream Definitely kids would love it Underwea [...]

    Cliff Bathke
    Bear in UnderwearBy Todd H Doodler1 This book is about bear and his friends It starts off with a game of hide and go seek Bear is such a good hider that no one can find him He get hungry and decides to go home On his way home he finds a back pack with lots of underwear in it Bear and all his friend end up trying on underwear and having a fun time laughing and joking about the different styles of underwear.2 This book is perfect for kindergarten.3 This book would have to be for a fun time read A [...]

    I love books about underwear not a very well hidden secret

    Mary Ann
    While I like the artwork in this book reminiscent of Scaredy Squirrel the story and consistency leave much to be desired When the bear runs across someone s backpack and hesistates to pick it up, children know this is a good thing you don t look into someone s bag if you don t know whose it is But when Bear reaches his friends, they all start pulling out the underwear, without any comment on whether this is OK or not Kids are left wondering why Bear hesitated at first, and why he went along with [...]

    Andrew Stockle
    Bear in Underwear in order to understand Bear in Underwear it is important to first address the cover It depicts a bear in his tighty whities The weirdest part, however, is that the underwear is real fabric, which would normally invite the reader to have a tactile experience however, if the reader chooses to participate in this experience it is rather awkward due to the fact that the fabric is his underwear and therefore placed in an area that one wouldn t normally like to encourage touching The [...]

    This book is silly and giggle inspiring The thing is, parents, teachers,aunts, uncles, and grandparents are adults We read a lot into things because we have the experience of life And it s our job to make sure children don t go around trying on the random backpacks full of underwear they run into on a daily basis The book is harmless, and makes every child I have given it to dissolve into fits of laughter The same kind of laughter that is a result of saying, A B C D E F Butt The pictures are fun [...]

    I was really excited about reading this book to my 2 year old First, to get him excited about potty training and wearing underwear, and secondly, because he loves animals and the illustrations were just TOO CUTE Here s what I did not like This book is peer pressure at it s worst and it uses some words that I would not use with my toddler like lame and dorky or, for that matter, want him to hear I would like to think that he should be a little bit older before using words like this The whole prem [...]

    This book is weird and kind of hilarious Some forest animals are playing hide and seek when Bear gets hungry and abandons his hiding place to go home for food Along the way he finds a backpack and takes it with him He arrives home and all his friends urge him to OPEN IT Finally, he does The backpack is full of underwear He tries them all on getting comments from his friends like, Too big, too dirty, too girly The last pair are tighty whities that fit just right This story is so random that my tw [...]

    Spunky A great word to describe this book I saw it and was instantly interested in what the book was going to be about Of course, it s about a little bear whose critter friends cheer and push him along with a backpack full of underwear that he found in search of the perfect fit The illustrations are so cute and funny you can t help but giggle Young children would get a kick out of this book The content is innocent, but it is up to your judgement on whether or not you would let you children read [...]

    What else do you need to know This is the story of a bear in underwear If you are not already giggling, thenyou should see a doctor because your funny bone is probably broken.The illustrations are great and it s a cure story Plus, if you are one ofthose people that are looking for a book to do that entertain, this onehas a nice little lesson that everyone is different and that is OK.Tee he he, it s a bear who tries on funny underwear How are you notrushing to your nearest bookstore for a copy

    The front cover to the book is so pervasive I am still in disbelief that it actually is available to children The fact that you can TOUCH the bear s underwear s a cotton fabric so that it gives the illusion to children that it is alright not only to touch themselves but other children in underwearI really think it will become one of those unbecoming books that promote masterbation and early on mis behavior if read.cially by teachers or librariansNO WAY Why would you read a book to children that [...]

    A bear finds a suitcase in the forest and opens it up to find underwear He tries on all the different pairs, and finally one pair fits He then shares the rest with all of his friends, so all of the animals in the forest have undies Classroom This book is about sharing, and we can try to predict as well Relating it to real life is important too do we put clothes on animals What would you do if you saw a bear in underwear

    While I still don t fully understand the book, my kids love it and haul it off the Oldies But Goodies shelf at least once a month Maybe it s the cloth underwear on the cover Maybe it s Bigfoot playing hide and seek Maybe it s the bear in pink girl s underwear I m not quite sure But, I do know that if I find a backpack of underwear in the forest, I m not likely to try them on Maybe that s how I know that I m an adult now Hmmm.

    I received a free copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This in no way influenced my review This would be a great book to read before a child goes to sleep It is a cute book about a little bear that goes camping The meter for this book was fantastic and made it very catchy and song like.

    Sure to become a classic, Bear in Underwear is funny Bear stumbles upon a backpack full of underwear and tries them all before he finds the pair that works for him He then cheerfully shares the remaining underwear with all of his friends much to the delight of readers young and old Laugh out loud illustrations and text.

    The story and illustrations are really funny but I was a bit unsure of the premise A backpack full of underwear just laying in the forest Not to mention that the bear tries them all on I guess I m too much of an adult to see the appeal of trying on a bunch of underwear found in a bag A bit strange.

    Brenda Pritchard
    toddler preschool story time print motivation, narrative skills, phonological awareness This book is about a bear who must find the right pair of underwear Other pairs are too big, too small, too colorful, until he find the right pair.Silly story about underwear and children will laugh The cover includes cloth feel to the underwear offering sensory aspect of the book.

    Jenna Arntz
    This book did not have much of a point to it It was mainly just humorous because the bear was trying on all different kinds of silly underwear I do not think there was any kind of underlying lesson or moral to the story However, kids would most likely enjoy this book due to the silly illustrations.

    Cute pictures though I m not exactly sure what the point of animals wearing underwear is In fact, I ve had to remove a star in case children reading this think it s okay to start trying on strange undergarments they find in a mysterious backpack I love the characterization of the bear s friends and my favourite picture is Big Foot hiding behind a tree.

    I was checking this in at the brary and had to read it It was a fun little read and amusing enough, but the plot was weakeven for a children s book Still, it gets points for having a backpack that explodes with colorful underwear.

    I love this book It is so much fun and silly, it also helps to explain why daddy walks around the house in his underwear it s cause he is a bear This book is an inside joke in our house also sells a stuffed bear in underwear.

    This was a very silly book It doesn t really have much of a story, but kids will laugh at the underwear I did appreciate the illustrations, and also that BigFoot is a character in the cast of forest creatures Fun for kids parents will roll their eyes.

    I like Aliens Love Underpants better, but this one is fun for little kids, so I gave it a 3.

    Mrs Bond
    Cute, silly story Not a whole lot of substance, not a good fit for the school library Underpants as a topic I can deal with, but little underpants attached to the cover is just inviting insanity My 6 yo son, who claims he doesn t like to read, loved this book.

    Kind of a dare I say it dumb idea for a story.That said I do like the illustrator s style.And as I m flipping through I just kept seeing a group of kinder or first graders LOVING this book Of me having to get them back down to a voice level one because of all the giggling.

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