[MOBI] Æ Unlimited ☆ Amelia Bedelia and the Baby : by Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat ✓ #2020

  • Title: Amelia Bedelia and the Baby
  • Author: Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat
  • ISBN: 9780060511050
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback

  • Amelia Bedelia and the Baby By Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat Amelia is a housemaid and does not know about babies As always, she takes her list of instructions literally Mrs Carter brings strawberries and warms special milk bottle that shushes crying Missy Lane Amelia knows how to make yummy berry tarts while she lets Missy nap Amelia uses nice smelling powder on herself, plays with box of toys by herself.
    Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat
    Peggy Parish was the author of the children s story series Amelia Bedelia The series was continued, after her sudden death from an aneurysm, by her nephew Herman Parish Peggy attended the University of South Carolina and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.Herman honored Peggy s life in his book, Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia, by writing in its dedication For Peggy Parish, the real Amelia Bedelia.

    Amelia Bedelia and the Baby By Peggy Parish Lynn Sweat


    I mostly remember this Amelia Bedelia book because it was the book my group chose in gifted class when we had to act out a book, and I got to be the baby I always loved being the baby if I possibly could in any play pretend scenario As per usual with Amelia Bedelia, the text is full of Amelia misunderstanding what she s asked to do and interpreting requests literally She has to give the baby a bottle, but none of the types of bottles she chooses are right No, the baby won t accept them What coul [...]

    Amar Pai
    Amelia Bedelia is very silly She doesn t know anything about babies, but is a good cook.

    Amelia Bedelia is very cute.I love Missy crying like a baby.

    Jacob read this book for his 15min reading time Ellie liked it so much that she read it again for her 15 min reading tim.

    This is a very cute book for young readers.

    Destiny Leskovac
    Amelia Bedelia and the Baby is an amusing story that follows Amelia as she watches a baby for the first time She is left a list of things to do for the baby, Missy, but like always, Amelia misunderstands the list Amelia questions the silly tasks, but does as she is instructed She completes the tasks to the best of her understanding, doing things such as cooking a meal of baby sized food instead of feeding Missy her jar of baby food When Missy s mother gets home, she is understandably upset, but [...]

    Amelia Bedelia is back This time she is asked to babysit by a friend of Mrs Rogers Mrs Lane gives Amelia a list of tasks she needs to do while minding the baby Of course being as literal minded as she is, Amelia a day babysitting turns crazy from the moment Mrs Lane leaves the house.My favorite part is when Amelia cooks the baby dinner She reads the list feed her baby food for dinner So she makes baby hamburgers, baby potatoes and baby tomatoes She covers the food with ketchup and finishes the b [...]

    So torn on how to rate this one I loved this one so much when I was a kid but now haaaate reading it as a grown up A fun book for kids, perhaps I know my daughter likes me to read it But arghhhhhh so frustrating to read out loud

    I enjoyed a lot was i was toddler, i really enjoyed it, i do not remember the details but i recommend it for 4 year old to 5

    Kira Brighton
    My fave Amelia Bedelia book.

    one of my favorite Amelia Bedlia books During my ode to childhood month I know it can not be complete without the antics of Amelia Bedlia She s so much fun

    Ha My Goddaughters loved the antics of Amelia Bedelia in this book especially as I asked them what Amelia was supposed to really do.

    Tamara Pfanstiel
    Love AB The kids laughed and laughed.

    Katie Fitzgerald
    Muddled, child like Amelia Bedelia doesn t know a thing about babies not even the fact that they re children , so it s no surprise she doesn t make a very good babysitter Still, despite her odd ways allowing the baby to mash her own banana, powdering herself instead of the baby, and feeding the baby solid food before she s ready she proves to be the exact kind of babysitter parents love to hire.I was looking for a book to read to a first grade class on Read Across America Day when I came across [...]

    An Odd1
    Amelia is a housemaid and does not know about babies Mrs Carter brings strawberries and warms special milk bottle that shushes crying Missy Lane Amelia knows how to make yummy berry tarts while she lets Missy nap Like rest of series, Amelia takes list literally, but here specialized knowledge applies Amelia uses nice smelling powder on herself, plays herself with box of toys Surprisingly, Amelia does know how to bathe Missy in special small tub If Missy was too young, she could only eat mushy fo [...]

    Israel Graves
    Easy to Read This is a great easy to read book In this book Amelia has to be babysit an infant for the first time and boy does she have an experience Children are introduced to problem solving, getting help from others and following directions Amelia Bedelia has no idea how hard it is to babysit an infant but she soon learns how to improvise to make Missy happy, full and keep her from being fussy The best thing about this book is the humor that it contains Some of the silly mistakes that Amelia [...]

    Karly Winters
    Anyone familiar with the Amelia Bedelia stories know what kind of book this is This is a book of my choosing that I have loved since childhood It is a story about a not so smart nanny named Amelia Bedelia that has to go babysit a baby despite not knowing anything about taking care of them It s fun to watch a grown woman mess up as she tries to take care of a child, which is something that children can surely relate to since they don t know a lot about babies either The pictures are small and hum [...]

    I loved the Amelia Bedilia books I ve never laughed so hard while reading a book to my daughter.You know how when you read aloud and your eyes read ahead of what is actually coming out of your mouth, well half the time I was laughing so hard about something before I managed to read it out loud to my daughter She kept giving me weird looks until I finally managed to read it to her It s been quite a few years since I ve read the books but I loved every Amelia Bedilia book and plan on getting ahold [...]

    Cute, but as a mom, I cringed at the fact that Amelia Bedelia feeds the baby solid foods that she s never eaten before Of course, it works out fine in the story, but in real life this could ve been disastrous And if the neighbor hadn t stopped by, the poor baby never would ve gotten her bottle Somehow, the mother gets over all of this once she tastes Amelia s strawberry tarts typical ending for Bedelia books I love watching A.B fumble housework to do lists, but it s not so funny when there s a b [...]

    Nashiea Edmiston
    This was my first Amelia Bedelia book and although very funny, I just couldn t understand why Amelia did some of the things she did I do not like books where the main character appears to be dumb and I felt that this was the way she was being portrayed, from the attire she wore as well as her actions My daughter, who is 9, thought it was funny but questioned her actions too It s a level 2 beginner reader so a bit advanced than your beginner reader I would recommend to keep in your collection ju [...]

    Ethelen V.
    Parish, P Sweat, L 1981 Amelia Bedelia and the baby New York, NY Greenwillow Books What do babies eat Baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes of course This is classic Amelia Bedelia Amelia is asked to baby sit and the results are unexpected to say the least This book is designed for grades 1 3 It has easy to read large print, short chapters, and colorful childlike artwork Although this book could be read by boys, many boys will see this as a girl book My children loved Amelia Bedelia.

    I grew up on Amelia books and every night when my mom would tuck me into bed, give me my stuffed animals and favorite blanket she would pile all the books I had selected onto my lap so I could start reading before bed Usually the entire top of my bed was filled and I often fell asleep with a book laying over me I remember always choosing as many Amelia books as I could and my mom always said she could hear me laughing from the other room while I read them I recently started looking for copies of [...]

    Rosa Cline
    Amelia Bedelia is always a fun read, She s a unique woman that looks at things a bit different than others generally do But in the end her heart was always in the right place In this story Mrs Rogers the lady she is a maid and housekeeper for suggests she go to the neighbors and take care of their baby Amelia Bedelia has never cared for a baby but gets along with children so she tries She gets in to all sorts of mishaps but in the end everyone is happy, as usual.

    Eh.I don t think I am quite the Amelia Bedelia type of reader She seems very inept Amelia played with the toys while the baby fussed in the playpen I suppose that is where the humor is, but it fell flat for me.I believe Peggy Parish has passed on, but her son continues the stories He presented at a school I taught at several years back.

    As a kid I really enjoyed these books but unfortunately, I read this book this year and I found her communications annoying rather than funny It stills holds a special place in my heart because I read them as a kid and loved them and my dad would always call me Amelia Bedelia but I think I should keep the memory of it in the past and not read any .

    Mrs Rogers sends Amelia Bedelia to Mrs Lane s to babysit a little baby Amelia doesn t understand the directions Doesn t know why the baby would want a bottle, gives the baby strawberry tarts, baby potatoes, baby hamburgers, baby tomatoes, ketchup, and the baby gets it all over Mrs Lane would be mad when she comes home, but her baby likes Amelia and her food a lot.

    Justice Strong
    Overall I enjoyed reading this book The illustrations were not dramatic, but they were effective I felt the flow of the story made the book an easy read I would use this book for group reading or individual practice I liked the author s way of problem solving throughout the story I would add this book to my classroom library.

    Julie Decker
    What happens when Amelia Bedelia, the lady who takes everything literally, is asked to give the baby a bottle Nothing good, that s right Amelia misinterprets all her instructions, as per usual, and seems to get through her babysitting duty without accidentally murdering any children At least she never misinterprets anything that causes her to do something awful.

    Amelia Bedelia and the Babyby Peggy Parisha hilarious story of miss understandingsa great series of mixed up directions and literal meanings, this is a great silly series to show children that mistakes and mix ups are possible if not probable, and that innocence may be of the reason then meaning to do something wrong

    Erin Kelley
    Amelia Bedelia will never get old Her humor and imagination are the greatest I love being able to read this to my nephews because they just laugh She has never baby sat before and takes everything literally This is a series of books that you can do a read aloud with students after lunch She just lightens the mood and can make you happy for the rest of the day.

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