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  • Title: Morning Is Dead
  • Author: Andersen Prunty
  • ISBN: 9780982628102
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

  • Morning Is Dead By Andersen Prunty Things went wrong for Alvin and April Blue In a hospital at night, April sits next to Alvin, bandages covering his burned skin, listening to his heart beat on a monitor, and wonders how they ended up here But she can never imagine the world of insanity, drugs, and crime that Alvin has fallen into A place where fetuses are used to create simulacra, radiation victims prowThings went wrong for Alvin and April Blue In a hospital at night, April sits next to Alvin, bandages covering his burned skin, listening to his heart beat on a monitor, and wonders how they ended up here But she can never imagine the world of insanity, drugs, and crime that Alvin has fallen into A place where fetuses are used to create simulacra, radiation victims prowl the streets looking for sacrifice, houses are arbitrarily detonated, and the police force is like a marauding gang of thugs A place where it s always dark and morning is dead
    Andersen Prunty
    Andersen Prunty lives in Ohio He writes novels and short stories Visit him at andersenprunty.

    Morning Is Dead By Andersen Prunty


    I am very happy I read this book Since I ve been dipping a toe or two into the bizarro reading pool, I have encountered many wonderful, original, and freaky ideas but this is the first book with the trifecta of a character I genuinely liked, a world I was interested in, and a story I wanted to know the ending to The writing is effortless, with a wonderful flow and there is a real story here The book easily fits in the bizarro genre but there is a plot, or point, something missing from most other [...]

    Janie C.
    This story is set in a city of surreal night a dreamscape of chaos and grotesqueries You cannot wake from this dream It guides your movements while you try to hide in the shadows Monsters are everywhere and your last hope is about to explode Brush aside the rust Can you open your eyes

    Steve Lowe
    Andersen Prunty s night people in MORNING IS DEAD are an intriguing breed They are fornicators and wretches, consumed by violence and sex and all manner of vice As they process deeper into the night, their hopelessness grows and their humanity dims What makes Prunty s night different here is that it is populated by radioactive people called rades , all night abortion clinics and its overwhelming clientele, covert technicians who wire homes to detonate, and a police force dangerous than the wors [...]

    11811 (Eleven)
    Strange, unique, imaginative, batshit crazy Well worth my time.

    Thank you , and Grindhouse for the very first, First Reads, books I ve won that I can say I really enjoyed Although I think if my first first reads win, that sorry excuse of a book by the Sped s had been mixed with this book the results would have been even better a note to ALL authors present, future, and well fuck it past too Heidi and Spencer inserted as main characters into any book would instantly make the book at least twenty percent better the equivalent of at least one star rating , besi [...]

    Robert Beveridge
    Andersen Prunty, Morning Is Dead Grindhouse Press, 2010 The big twist at the end of this novel has been revealed in a couple of other reviews I ve read I will avoid doing so here, but were I you, I would avoid reading other reviews of the book until after you ve read the book itself in order to save yourself for the final chapter Anyway.Coming into this book, I thought I knew two things The first was the word on the street that Andersen Prunty was poised to become the first bizarro author who co [...]

    I really enjoyed this book Anderson Prunty writes extremely atmospheric books with the right slow burning pace This is one of those books I will be reading and enjoying again d again, and again, and again

    Matthew Revert
    I could say everything that needs saying about this book like this it lives up to its cover Brandon Duncan s cover art for Morning is Dead is a treat for the eyes So much so, that I was a little scared of reading what the cover represented, lest I walked away disappointed I don t normally start reviews with covergasms, but I really couldn t help it in this case.The tantalizingly named, Andersen Prunty is an author I only recently started exploring His novel, The Beard , was made available as a f [...]

    Craig DiLouie
    MORNING IS DEAD by Andersen Prunty Grindhouse Press, 2010 tells the story of Alvin and April, an unhappy couple reeling from a horrifying event.Alvin is in a hospital, barely alive April keeps watch at his bedside.While April reveals the story of what happened to bring Alvin to this state in the real world, Alvin enters a parallel dilapidated world of permanent night where cops are drug addled goons, psychopaths roam the streets, demolition crews randomly blow up houses, radioactive zombies prow [...]

    Morning is Dead is another nice job by Andersen Prunty In fact, I think it s probably my favorite book of his so far The book is darker than some of his previous works But, at the same time I found humor in Morning is Dead Maybe Mr Prunty did not intend to be funny and it s possible that I m just a sick bastard However, with police characters named Officer Fuckpants and Officer Bitchhole, I can t help but to think that Prunty had to be grinning while he was writing parts of this one.I won t bot [...]

    2.5 stars with no inclination to round up.Another two star reviewer mentioned she started reading this, set it down one day, and then just never felt like picking it back up so never reached the end I nearly did the same, finishing Morning is Dead only so I could get it off my dining room table where it sat collecting dust The story is decent and the dual perspective helps keeps the reader from being completely lost, but the writing is underwhelming and there s no reason to care about anyone or [...]

    Freaky and depressing It was pretty easy to see why things were happening the way that they were, but the sort of Silent Hill ish characters made it interesting anyway Sort of like reading the implosion of a person in reverse.

    Nick Cato
    I ll never forget one of the first reviews I read for the David Lynch film, ERASERHEAD The reviewer had said it was The closest anyone has come to capturing a dream on film Now with countless viewings under my belt, I fully agree.While a bit easier to piece together than Lynch s film, Prunty s latest novella has the feel of one of those dreams we all have where insane things begin to come into our lives and we can do very little to change them In MORNING IS DEAD s case, a man named Archer has hi [...]

    Grant Wamack
    Morning is Dead is a short bizarro horror novel written by Andersen Prunty I m not going to lie to you Prunty is one of my favorite authors so I always have high expectations and he has never fell short.This particular story is told through alternating chapters One involves Alvin Blue, an ordinary man who gets sucked into the night The other story involves Alvin s wife, April, who is watching over Alvin s comatose body and takes place entirely inside of a hospital room.Alvin is introduced to the [...]

    Andersen Prunty doesn t believe in foreplay He gets right into the grittiness and the weirdness of his story then leaves you to sort out the meaning as you helplessly read along In Morning is Dead protagonist Alvin Blue is both in a coma and is battling through a world in which his house is being prepared for detonation, the police are no than drug and sex addled thugs, and radiated monsters called rades roam the eternal night Saying anything else about the plot of this 142 page novel would not [...]

    Natalie Pietro
    Morning is Dead is surreal I adored every moment Anderson Prunty is genuine in his writing He doesn t hold back Each page grabs you and hold you tight Page after page the devilish story had a mind of its own Each moment glorious then the next I could not put this book down It was immoral in a way but something said yes Yes Please read me You must Understand the mysterious side I itch for More of this book The end confussed me Dragging me down a deep hole of puke and misunderstanding However, da [...]

    J. Ewbank
    WOW , I have read King and I have read Koontz, but this is unlike anything else that I have ever read.Received this book from and am happy to have done so.This book is not one with smooth transitions but it is stark, it is harsh, it is in your face with its comments and the story.King and Koontz work awhile with the normal and then gradually move things so that you are hardly aware of the transition into the horror aspect of the book This book moves you to the horror part immediately and you are [...]

    My interest in this book came from the description on the back, making it appear to be a post apocalyptic, futuristic story Upon reading it, I discovered that that assumption was way off base, and that the actual plot moves inside of some crazy guy s head, while he s actually doing bad things in reality life All in all, it wasn t my thing It didn t make enough crazy sense to me, and sort of felt like the book only gave the middle and the end of the story What the f happened and what exactly was [...]

    Donald Armfield
    This is an extraordinary read What happen to Alvin April Blue is the question The back and fourth narrative of April at Alvin s bed side talking to her friend bout Alvin s past As for Alvin who is in a coma or an alternate universe where radioactive fades walk the streets to kill off humanity I ll leave it at that a must read with a twist at the end not expected.

    Hunter Shea
    Anderson Prunty is one of the best bizzaro authors around and this is one of his best

    I would have hated this book if it were any longer.

    This was short and sweet Not sweet as in happy in anyway, but satisfying I loved it This is good shit.

    This was the book I was waiting to read from Andersen Prunty I don t know a lot about him, he seems kind of elusive, but I d read a few of his books before The last one I read was Creep House, and I was really let down by it After Sun Ruined and Hi I m a Social Disease, I was expecting to one day read a real short masterpiece, but Creep House almost made me break my Kindle But I had bought Morning is Dead at the same time, and went ahead and read it, promising to break off my Andersen Prunty fli [...]

    M.C. O'Neill
    This review contains massive spoilers Don t read this until you ve read the book.This book is, like I ve titled this review, a suffocating nightmare And that s a good thing Sure, we ve all enjoyed stories featuring a confused narrator experiencing the threshold of death s door a la An Occurrance at Owl Creek Bridge, but this yarn is a very clever and relevant take on this trope Not only is the character of Alvin leaving his life as he roils in a coma, he s not leaving much of one behind in the f [...]

    Written with the creative flair of a high school boy The female characters were particularly horribly written, existing for no other reason than to beg the bad ass hero for sex.

    This was my introduction to Bizarro as opposed to just bizarre fiction So far, so good it left me interested in reading .Mild spoilers ahead The fact that this was pretty short worked for me, since I figured early on that the hospital chapters were set in the real world and the ones detailing Alvin s increasingly surreal exploits were the product of his drug addiction, mental illness, or both And you know, I just read Dhalgren this past year so I kind of need to take it easy for a bit Is that ac [...]

    William M.
    This is my first experience reading author Andersen Prunty I ve heard his name thrown around in the horror and bizarre genre for a while now, and decided to give him a try I wasn t sure what to expect with this story, since the plot description on the back is fairly vague However, I really enjoyed the book, with its colorful characters and twisted setting It has the dreadful feeling of a nightmare you just can t wake up from And while a few elements failed to connect for me in the way I think th [...]

    Stephen Glover
    Andersen Prunty is a new author for me and this is the shortest of his fiction works I have come across I m no stranger to the world of Bizarro but I didn t actually think this was too bizarre at all In fact I found it quite clever the way the story flips between the real world and the dream world It got me thinking if the main character was mad, on drugs or had just been sucked into a weird alternate reality as he attempted to fight his way out of a coma.Many of the ideas were almost on a par w [...]

    Ken Sodemann
    The book starts with April in a hospital room watching over her estranged husband, who is badly burned and could die at any moment Prior to this, Alvin has slipped into a world of insanity where he is becoming a person of darkness and the night Alvin could have been pulled into this world, it seems, through drugs, boredom, the relentless drone of working life, or a combination of all of that The book alternates between April s reality in the real world, and Alvin s reality in the world of the ni [...]

    This reads like a slightly cohesive John Dies at the End really, really weird things happen Prunty uses a framing story, though protagonist Alvin gets to enjoy most of the action He meets nice people like Officers Fuckpants and Bitchhole, and generally tries to keep his shit together in a world that gets increasingly dangerous and incomprehensible.Prunty has written up a nightmare It wasn t perfect, but it was compelling, and for a measly three bucks on the Kindle, it s a purchase of very littl [...]

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