[E-Book] ✓ A Matter of Time Book IV | By ✓ Mary Calmes #2020

  • Title: A Matter of Time Book IV
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: 9781897532881
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook

  • A Matter of Time Book IV By Mary Calmes Jory Harcourt is back in trouble An old threat has shown up, and soon Jory is running from a madman who ll do anything to see him dead When Jory is kidnapped it soon becomes clear he is up against something bigger than he ever imagined Sam Kage, the police detective he loves, is caught in the crossfire, and ends up fighting for his life in a hospital bed Jory springs iJory Harcourt is back in trouble An old threat has shown up, and soon Jory is running from a madman who ll do anything to see him dead When Jory is kidnapped it soon becomes clear he is up against something bigger than he ever imagined Sam Kage, the police detective he loves, is caught in the crossfire, and ends up fighting for his life in a hospital bed Jory springs into action, and goes on the defensive to catch a serial killer The trail leads from his home in Chicago to Dallas and back More resourceful than anyone imagined, Jory cracks the case, or does he And can his love affair with Sam withstand the pressure This edition is out of print.
    Mary Calmes
    Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja follow her on Twitter MaryCalmes, connect with her on Facebook, and subscribe to her Mary s Mob newsletter.

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    Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    3 Stars We re all mad, Jory, you re an idiot Which was probably true I couldn t really defend myself.Jory annoyed me to no end in this book Sit down, shut the fuck up and listen when you re being given GOOD FUCKING ADVICE Have some fucking common sense And for the love of Alexander Graham Bell, quit fucking hanging up the phone on people I have no idea how Sam puts up with him most of the time I cannot believe that my family, your brother, all our friends, and an entire police force can t keep t [...]

    Written October 30, 20144 1 2 Stars A startling conclusion after 4 fantastic anxious to me books I m hereby passionately in love with this fascinating Jory world.Book 4What an adventure this has been For almost an entire week have I listened to these first four of six audio books about the beautiful, flashy, so heavenly loving and always so brave, Jory and his sexy burly detective Sam When I finished this fourth book a couple of days ago was I completely exhausted and needed a few days for a rev [...]

    I have been putting off writing this review for days now It s time to put on my Big Girl Pants and get it done.I had surgery on Oct 13, 2014 and knew I was going to have 14 glorious days of doing absolutely nothing to spend reading all the books I have been dying to read, but needed uninterrupted time to enjoy them On that list was the Cut and Run series because, duh and Amy Lane s Promises series along with several stand alone titles One of those stand alone titles was Mary Calmes All Kinds of [...]

    BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    I was just so glad it was over you can see my thoughts in my comments if you really care This series was not for me This is what i thought of Jory

    Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    Might contains spoilers Why am I continuing with this series There s too many goddamn I love you s in the book I m sure there s at least 20 The series bores me and though I love Mary Calmes writing, I don t like her writing styles for this series the suddenly two weeks laters, the doing of this and not getting it really written, the characters not being all that affected by life It s like a tv show Each book is a episode and we are just looking from the outside, seeing the couple Jory Harcourt 2 [...]

    Oi I loved the first few books, but this one not so much Jory, Jory, Jory Duuuude You made me want to pull my hair out And I won t even get started on the breaking up and getting back together between Sam and Jory _ I m going to take a quick break and then come back to the series It s all beginning to feel repetitive AF so a break is in order Don t worry Jory and Sam

    Heather C
    I could not finish this book I hated Jory I hated Sam And I hated the story I loved Dane though To bad the story wasn t about him.

    Hey A Matter of Time Series, how s it goin So, you re doing pretty well for yourself 4.25 stars That s really great Um, I ve liked our time together We ve had some fun, but this last time I just hmph it was just okay Don t get me wrong there were some good moments, but then everything just went over the top and it was getting a little ridiculous I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing at you often than not And that s not really how I want us to be I guess what I m trying to say is I think w [...]

    Few books have ever made me as angry as this one did The author s knack for breaking up the main characters in every book no longer had me empathising with them as much as I had when I began reading this series, but the bitter taste that this one particularly left in my mouth isn t something I can easily forget The complete and utter lack of respect that Sam showed Jory in this one astounded me Not acknowledging him in public at the wedding they attended together was bad enough considering this [...]

    Jory is the King of the World He s the hottest and charming man in the whole planet Even the almighty Rego James respects him Please I hadn t read a book so unrealistic since Twilight, and there are 150 books or so in between them I ll quote Jory It was the most ridiculous situation ever The kidnapper had gotten car jacked Hysterical I didn t know whether to laugh or cry Half the time I felt like I was in FF reading a slash fic And to think the first book is in my favorites shelfThen, there s t [...]

    OMG romantic comedy is not dead yet D And it s in form of male male romantic fiction I chose this book expecting angst because of the summary but I literally gobbled up all 4 titles of this book in less than a day What a ride, what a story, such adorable characters This series needs to be read if one already has ALL 4 titles ready WHY Because each book except book 4 ends with a cliffhanger that can make one goes crazy I am so in love with Jory and the people in his life He is SO, SO adorable He [...]

    Jory and Sam are going strong in this last installmentbut Jory spends most of it separated from Sam as he tries to solve a mystery and does a better job then the local police AND the FBI The last leg of the journey was way over the top but incredibly fun to read Watching Jory get in and out of trouble was a riot What a way to end the ride I hope we hear from Jory and Sam I have no doubt that Jory will not be able to stay out of trouble and Sam is just the guy to try and keep him in line It is u [...]

    Absolutely addictive And I m the constant addict

    Book 4 was a blast though I could have done without Sam humoring Amanda s advances at Beverly s wedding Sure, Sam was just having a bit of fun watching Jory seethe with jealousy but I was a little tired by the time I reached the end of this story and I just wanted to see Jory rested and happy.Don t get me wrong Sam and Jory have a great, sweet HEA with Sam reiterating the fact that there s no one else in their lives except each other The mystery suspense revs up in this final installment, which [...]

    reread 3 2016reread 5 2015 skipped some of the middle as this was a refresher in order to get to the next book.Damn 2.5 for this one Technically speaking there were multiple errors some grammatical, but not all of inconsistency One biggie that jumped out at me was when asked for his phone number, the main character specifically gave the number to a pizza place near his apartment a fake number , yet 2 3 pages later that person called him on his cell phone Ummm There were a number of these types o [...]

    Audible All wounds heal with time As much as I love Jory and Sam, this instalment was my least favourite so far Jory s unreasonable behaviour has tired me out The mystery didn t impress me either, and I thought the story could have been told in half the length of this book It felt dragged and manufactured I was exhausted Having said that, the wonderful voice of Paul Morey had rescued the book for me If not for him, I m not sure I wouldn t have given up on it He has done an amazing job, not only [...]

    Mary Calmes, I have a gift for you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Okay, there No, wait, here s some ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Take them, use them liberally Just splash them on there I promise you, it helps I just don t get it, you are clearly a lovely author and while Jory made me want to punch him in the face a lot, I quite enjoyed the series But why the dearth of commas Are you allergic to them Are you haunted by some kind of weird ghost that eats commas Does a fairy [...]

    Victorialove books
    Second readHow I have missed these two Its been almost a year sins my first read and I still love them just as much These guys have a very special place in my heart 14 June 2015IT ONLY GETS BETTER WOWFull review at the end of the series

    Re read June 2017

    Holy crap Not sure even where to start on this, but as you can see I reserved my review for the last and fourth book rather that writing it on the first or each one Always save the best for last I say First, I ll warn any who do want to read this series of one of the best damn series I ve ever read that if you re going to purchase the first book to read it you better be ready to purchase them all Why you might ask Because each book ends on a cliffhanger that I assure you your curiosity and appet [...]

    Sorry Ami,I really wanted to like it but this is seriously one of the most unrealistic and ridiculous books I ever read While the romance part was sweet and I love Sam Jory the baby became annoying after a while though ,the rest just ruined everything for me The murders and kidnappings and then Jory playing detectiveI just wanted it to be over because it was so incredibly bad written

    Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    DON T READ THIS BOOK unless you re ready to read all four of the first books at once and you are ready to be really upset for awhile Apparently the four were written as all one book but the publisher felt it was to long and cut it into four parts I m very angry with the publisher These are emotionally draining.I m going to review all of the first four together because they really are one book I ve noticed that now 1 2 are called Book I and 3 and 4 are Book II in some places but books 1 2 both en [...]

    I own the Dreamspinner Press edition of this book This review contains spoilers.Right up to 95% it was a solid 5 star read for me I didn t think it was even possible to cut down one star just because of the last 5% of a book And yet that s exactly what happened here I hated, abso bloody lutely HATED the last chapter I get it why Sam and Jory decided not to reveal at that wedding the fact they were married for a year already , what with the bride s family being Catholics and all that, but why did [...]

    Elizabeth H.
    At least this fourth book in the series had a true story arc with basic details the reader could follow, or at least try to piece together The problem with the presentation of time is still in this book, but add to that Sam s miraculous recovery from major abdominal surgery, Jory s tendency to black out at the drop of a hat, and a total lack of sense of place It was hard to tell what season it was and what city Jory was in When he ran to Dallas, it could have been San Diego or Mars for all the s [...]

    A.J. Llewellyn
    I enjoyed the final chapter in the Jory and Sam soap opera in spite of some plot holes and the over the top, hard to believe storyline.Some genuinely chilling moments are marred by errors They walked threw a maze of corridors etc How did Jory manage plane travel and renting cars without a driver s license for ID Kinda impossible to do in this post 9 11 era Very early in the story his brother, Dane, replaces Jory s cell phone and credit cards and makes a point to tell him he needs to get a new dr [...]

    I don t know what to say about this now that it s over.Fun, exciting, entertaining, completely ridiculous, fraught with coincidence after fluke followed by plain dumb luck, populated by heroic, beautiful, filthy stinking rich and successful characters who are too stupid to live, who are in turn stalked by ravening, serial killing, on the lam schizophrenics.I don t have good enough grammar to write a run on sentence long enough to describe the breathless ludicrousness of this book and neither doe [...]

    2.5 starsI thought I should be jealous of gorgeous, wonderful Jory Harcourt He s the target of everyone s lust, love, and affection Who wouldn t want that But, really, he s just a target of everyone s obsession, worry, and psychosis Is he that lucky I think if the author had dealt in any of the books with this dichotomy, there would be a much stronger story.It s a mystery why I still care this edition like the others is too indulgent toward Sam and Jory It s just plain indulgent in general This [...]

    This was better than the previous installments, thankfully Still, if the author had spent half the time fleshing out the story at the beginning of Jory and Sam s life together that she spent repeating the Jory is beautiful and everybody wants him message, this would have been a lot better.And please, Please, PRETTY PLEASE Would somebody hand the author a bucket of commas and tell her how to use them I cannot believe this story was edited for content or grammar At all.On to Bulletproof, 5 in the [...]

    Julio Genao
    Fun Also impossible to set aside.

    I guess I just fell in love with Sam and Jory

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