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  • Title: The Traitor Game. B.R. Collins
  • Author: B.R. Collins
  • ISBN: 9780747594383
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Traitor Game. B.R. Collins By B.R. Collins Michael and Francis are best friends at school, drawn together by their common secret a complete obsession with creating, crafting, adding to and poring over their joint fantasy world, Evgard.
    B.R. Collins
    B.R Collins is a graduate of both university and drama school Her first novel The Traitor Game was published to much acclaim and was both winner of the Branford Boase Award 2009 and longlisted for the 2009 Carnegie Medal Bridget lives in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.A Trick of the Dark, published by Bloomsbury in September 2009 and in paperback in September 2010, is her extraordinary, electric and tautly thrilling second novel.Tyme s End, published by Bloomsbury in January 2011, is a psychological thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats.Gamerunner, published by Bloomsbury in July 2011, is a stunning departure into a future world of computer gaming The Broken Road, published by Bloomsbury in February 2012, is a powerful new novel based around the Children s Crusades Read B R Collins s blog hereWatch the book trailer for Gamerunner

    The Traitor Game. B.R. Collins By B.R. Collins


    Cross posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf InflictedAfter enduring bullying at his old school, Michael Thompson gets a fresh start at St Anselm s His mother introduces him to Francis Harris and the boys become fast friends They have lots in common Both are outsiders, don t make friends easily, and share a common fantasy world called Evgard The boys meet every weekend, spending long hours crafting detailed maps and working out Evgard s history Trouble starts when Evgard s secret is out and Micha [...]

    I would never have read this book if my friend hadn t told me one night that it was the only book to ever make her cry I googled it, mainly to make fun of her for being over emotional instead, I thought it sounded fascinating and the next day, took it out of the library I took the book out at 2.30pm, by 7pm I had finished it, reread a few of my favourite bits and cried several times I can t describe how much this book touched me It made my heart ache and my stomach knot I cried throughout the bo [...]

    Best friends Michael and Francis share a secret, an elaborately crafted fantasy world named Evgard that they have created together Then somebody finds out about Evgard, and Michael is convinced that Francis must have betrayed their secret so he betrays Francis in return, setting the school bully on him with a lie that turns out not to be a lie, shattering their friendship.Having two distinctly separate stories, one in the real world and one in the fantasy realm of Evgard, was an intriguing conce [...]

    Intense Severely bullied at his old school, Michael s transferred to a new school, where he s shared his main escape with his only friend, Francis an imaginary world called Evgard When Michael believes Francis has been deceiving him and using his confidences to mock him to other kids, he makes a counter betrayal in turn one that s especially dangerous for Francis.This brilliantly evoked Michael s state of mind, the paranoia and mistrust and the denial of damage, making himself not feel anything [...]

    OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS BEYOND AMAZING This book made me laugh, cry, swoon and scream I loved every word, sentence, paragraph and chapter To be honest, when I first began reading it I thought I was going to DNF because of how different this book was in terms of style of writing, genre and narration As I continued reading my eyes were glued to the book, my emotions were everywhere and I think I fell in love with the characters.The Traitor Gameis absolutely heartbreaking when it came to reading abo [...]

    Its narrative splits between the real life friendship of two private school boys and the Game of Thrones esq fantasy world that they create together When one boy believes the other has betrayed the secret of their private imaginary realm it begins the deeply painful destruction of their friendship The story is a little like a boy boy version of Heavenly Creatures with an intense friendship formed over the creation of a fantasy world I cried several times reading this because it s heartbreaking w [...]

    Selina James
    Apart from the writing style often written in sort of a common British way which I found slightly irritating at times, I thoroughly enjoyed this book A lot than I expected to.The use of an LGBT character was so well done and I also enjoyed reading about a character suffering from mental illness explained how it really is absolutely awful, instead of sugarcoating or romanticizing it like a lot of books do.The only thing apart from the writing style I disliked a bit is that there is really no des [...]

    Meghan Coffey
    It really wasn t the best book in the world The only part in the book that I actually was thinking , what s going to happen next was when Michael let himself drift into Evgard the fantasy part of it There s also a lot of language that I didn t think was necessary.

    Traitor Games might have been a wrong book at the wrong time for me than anything else.Set in England at some private school, the two main characters were students Young ish, I d guess around fifth grade level in American school terms One of them had been bullied badly in a previous school, the other was from a poor family Thanks to one of the mothers pushing the two together, they became friends.It was quite a realistic story which was the opposite of what I was wanting to read After the Wolf [...]

    This is the second YA book I ve read in a row where the main character makes some terrible mistakes because of their own low self esteem Unlike Ketchup Clouds, in this story it s completely justified by Michael s past history It s natural though horrible that he would assume the worst when anything questionable happens, natural that he cannot talk about it or ask what s going on, and even that he would hit back as hard as he does against his only friend Not forgiveable, perhaps, but understandab [...]

    Zéro Janvier
    Un roman r ussi qui vaut surtout pour son utilisation d un monde m di val imaginaire dans un r cit parall le la trame principale qui tourne autour de l amiti contrari e entre deux adolescents L intrigue n est pas tr s originale mais le double r cit rend l ensemble plus int ressant qu il pourrait l tre.

    Found it hard to empathise with the main character which meant that I didn t really care that bad things were happening to him And I m not entirely sure what the fantasy world sections were supposed to add You could remove them and it wouldn t make any difference to the story Found myself skim reading it by the end.

    Incredible and brutal and fantastic as a story about what sustained pain and fear can do to you.

    Galion Public Library Teens
    Review by M.T I didn t like the slow start but once it picked up, it was interesting 2.5 stars

    Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.When I first heard about this novel, I was really intrigued a story where the fantasy world created by two boys is affected by what happens in their own lives I was really excited to read it, and it was so good Having been severely bullied at his previous school, Michael has decided to keep himself mostly to himself, and spends all his spare time focusing on Evgard, the fantasy world he created His best friend Francis is the only person who knows about E [...]

    Cara Marie
    At last A reader that stood up to the hype the publishers gave about it Although judging from the ratins here, it s one you either love or hate I loved it One of my workmates told me to read it, and she clearly knows me too well Fantasy and intense high school bullying I m there The Traitor Game is the story of the friendship of Michael and Francis, who come together when Michael s mother decides that, as he is starting a new school, it s probably a good idea to know someone beforehand Francis i [...]

    Garrett Schrameyer
    The Traitor Game is a very interesting book that will have you hooked from the start There are a lot of moments where the book will upset you because of Michael s horrible personality A lot of the book was spent with me being upset at Michael because of him not doing what everyone knows he should do He has very low self confidence He REFUSES to talk to people about things and it just leaves him assuming things which leads to him thinking the situation is worse than it actually is Unfortunately, [...]

    This week s review is of The Traitor Game, a novel by B.R Collins This novel is of both the fantasy genre and what I like to call the slice of life genre There s no way to sugar coat this it s not very good Why don t I enjoy this novel Let s jump in and find out.The Traitor Game takes place between two different worlds, much like The Blue Eyed Aborigine s two separate but connected story arcs One half of the book focuses on Michael, a teenager in England, who goes to a private boy s school with [...]

    This has been recategorised as a teen book very verbally abusive lol.Another really good book to go on my list The angle it took when considering bullying was very different to others that I have read but that s what I really liked about it, because you could imagine children who are bullied taking the extreme measures of creating a fantasy world that they control, where they are not the victims Although I was surprised to see the occurrence of Michael the main character the book was written in [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooFantasy meets real life in this adventure by B R Collins Role playing fans of all ages will be intrigued with this intricately crafted tale Michael Thompson has been bullied while attending Comp At the end of the school year, his mother finally pulls him out of that school and enrolls him at St Anselm s Prior to the start of the school year, Michael s mother asks around the church if anyone has a son that attends St Anselm s She figured that it would be easier [...]

    I must admit that I got into this book with some doubts at first, since I thought it was going to be a standard preachy young adult novel, but the moment I started reading the first Esgard chapter I fell completely in love with it.The plot s pretty straightforward Michael, a boy who was bullied mercilessly at his previous school, has a secret world called Evgard which he builds with his new friend Francis Together, they ve written histories, drawn maps, and even created an entire language for Ev [...]

    Jackson Cruikshank
    This review will contain spoilers The book the traitor game is about a boy named Michael Michael doesn t have any friends and when he moves to his new school he meets a boy named Francis Michael mom has Francis over one day and they find an old project of michael s about a fictional country called Evgard The two boys fall in love with this fictional country and every weekend start creating new things about the country like maps, history of what has happened and new events This is the two boys se [...]

    After being bullied at his last school, Michael Thompson transferred to posh private school St Anselm s He made friends with fellow outsider Francis, and together they created a fantasy world called Evgard They came up with maps, stories, etc, planning out their fantasy world to the smallest detail For both of them, Evgard provides an escape from the struggles of their real lives But then someone at school finds out about Evgard and starts sending Michael taunting notes Michael believes Francis [...]

    This has to be the third or fourth time I ve read this book But this is the first time I m reading it as a legal adult The first time I read this book I was nine years old and read it under the covers with a torch I felt grown up and daring, mostly because of the little square of black text on the back of the book that said not suitable for younger readers some scenes contain violence and strong language That little square of text was not wrong In hindsight nine was too young to read this book B [...]

    This book was one of the most important novels of my childhood, and that is no exaggeration Like the main character, Michael, I was that kid that escaped into their own head, made up a country, lived and breathed in that world Now, re reading this as a adult, older, possibly wiser, the magic of this book is still there, just not in the same quantities I felt when I first read it almost ten years ago.This book remains one of the best representations of the effects of bullying I have encountered E [...]

    Reminds me of the Chocolate War the parts in the real world, that is Michael was a sympathetic main character Collins did such a fantastic job of showing things through his eyes, making the reader feel his psychological scars, that even when he was doing crazy things that objectively were downright bad, they felt justified His remorse, too, was palpable The parts of the story in Evgard were likewise excellent the amount of detail that went into the worldbuilding, as well as the descriptions of F [...]

    Posted to my Livejournal in August 2008, saved here for posterity The Traitor Game affected me quite a lot I read a lot of books this summer that made me cry It s a psychological drama fantasy, and it follows Michael, who has PTSD over past severe bullying, and his friend Francis, who has a secret The two boys develop a fantasy world called Evgard together, and the chapters switch between the real world and the fantasy one, where the story follows a slave boy and his tenuous friendship with the [...]

    Fantastic I was in the mood for this book Young Adult Particularly well written novel I loved the action scenes What seemed like a simple story idea or two in one , made complex and interesting by intelligent execution No wonder this book won a prize B.R Collins deserved it, she did In one way, it s an exploration of imagination, and how it works in the writers mind, and how sadly we part with them as the story ends, yet unless you are particularly wanting to be a writer this probably wouldn t s [...]

    Chelsea M
    I would describe this book as a guilty pleasure , if I didn t dislike that term I could see why someone might not enjoy it, but I personally did Yes, Michael is a tad paranoid, and yes, the misunderstanding might be contrived But I ve often gotten in bad situations by assuming things and not communicating enough with people, so that didn t bother me too much.As a non British reader it was difficult to get the full nuance of the setting and social background I had to use Google to find out what a [...]

    Rereading one of the most clever, underrated YA books of all time Also love the author s other work.The Traitor Game is one of those rare books where everyone can take out something different to connect with, whether you ve experienced similar incidents at school, or whether you re drawn into the fantasy elements, it has a little something for both young and older readers The story focuses on the friendship between two boys, who secretly enjoy their adventures in a fantasy world they have create [...]

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