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  • Title: Death's Jest-Book
  • Author: Reginald Hill
  • ISBN: 9780007123391
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Death's Jest-Book By Reginald Hill Latest in ever popular and consistently acclaimed Dalziel Pascoe series Reginald Hill stands head and shoulders above any other writer of homebred crime fiction Tom Hiney, ObserverEx convict and aspiring academic, Franny Roote, has started writing enigmatic letters to DCI Peter Pascoe who immediately smells a rat DS Edgar Wield, intervening in a suspected kidnapping, tLatest in ever popular and consistently acclaimed Dalziel Pascoe series Reginald Hill stands head and shoulders above any other writer of homebred crime fiction Tom Hiney, ObserverEx convict and aspiring academic, Franny Roote, has started writing enigmatic letters to DCI Peter Pascoe who immediately smells a rat DS Edgar Wield, intervening in a suspected kidnapping, takes a vulnerable rentboy under his wing, one who is hiding an earth shattering secret And young DC Bowler is looking forward to a weekend away with his girlfriend but her dreams are filled with a horror too terrifying to share.Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Dalziel, lording it over his team, is famed for his omniscience But even he is unable to foresee the disaster towards which they are all tumbling
    Reginald Hill
    Reginald Charles Hill is a contemporary English crime writer, and the winner in 1995 of the Crime Writers Association Cartier Diamond Dagger for Lifetime Achievement.After National Service 1955 57 and studying English at St Catherine s College, Oxford University 1957 60 he worked as a teacher for many years, rising to Senior Lecturer at Doncaster College of Education In 1980 he retired from salaried work in order to devote himself full time to writing.Hill is best known for his than 20 novels featuring the Yorkshire detectives Andrew Dalziel, Peter Pascoe and Edgar Wield He has also written than 30 other novels, including five featuring Joe Sixsmith, a black machine operator turned private detective in a fictional Luton Novels originally published under the pseudonyms of Patrick Ruell, Dick Morland, and Charles Underhill have now appeared under his own name Hill is also a writer of short stories, and ghost tales.

    Death's Jest-Book By Reginald Hill


    DEATH S JEST BOOK 2003 Reginald HillThis novel can be viewed as a sequel to an earlier novel by Hill in which his main character first appeared, or it can be read as a stand alone either way works The problem is that either way you approach it you are still faced with a book of inordinate length By the time you get about half way through about 300 pages , you are sure that the second part will be titled The New Testament There is no way that any suspense can be maintained over this long a tract [...]

    Herb Hastings
    This is the first book that I have read by this author It is from the middle part of a series I m not sure if these need to be read in order It took a little while to get going but someone familiar with the series may feel differently.Essentially this is a well written novel that just happens to be about police officers, their relationships to colleagues, to families and to loved ones The crime element seems to be secondary to character development I can t remember the last time a crime novel se [...]

    I always marvel at the complexity of the Dalziel and Pascoe series by Reginald Hill The books take you to places in the past and present that you don t expect at all This is one of his better ones It starts out during Christmas which was kind of fun, however that s only part of the story This is a continuation of the people in Dialogues of the Dead that included a rookie police officer, Bowler, who inevitably acquires the nickname of Hat In that book, he rescued the beautiful Rye Pomona and near [...]

    I ve quite forgotten how much I enjoy reading the Dalziel Pascoe series, and this is certainly in top notch form Something big is going on in Sheffield, and it s up to the cops to discover what it is Franny Roote, a free man once again, now hobnobbing with academics and politicians and incidentally, leaving bodies in his wake, is haunting Pascoe through ghostly sightings and psychologically astute correspondence Wield got himself an admirer in a rentboy who is also acting as his snout Hat Bowler [...]

    This book is labeled a mystery but for the first 475 pages there is no crime and then when a crime happens it is no mystery There are some themes carried over from his previous book and what is interesting is how Mr Hill uses those themes in this book to tell a story about each of the characters, their development and interaction with each other So we have a mystery book with no mystery but yet you keep reading to find out what happens.Mr Hill has a sharp sense of humor and he can easily make yo [...]

    Chris Wright
    This is superb Gripping, convincing characters, humour It had me constantly thinking about the plot, characters and locations when I had to put it down to react to the real world It made me feel that it had some deep meaning and that I would be enriched by finishing it It also made me go and read the original by Thomas Beddoes.I think this is what reviewers mean when they say a book is immersive Death s Jest Book

    Colin Mitchell
    This is a continuation of the Wordman case which had appeared in the previous book and follows the lives of Rye Pomona the librarian and DC Hat Bowler add into the mix DCI Pascoe s fixation with Francis Roote who is now pursuing an academic career but is he quite who he seems The theme is Beddoes Death s Jest Book and this is the running theme through the novel Various interwoven threads make it a good read although a long book 669 pages in the paperback edition.

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    Reginald Hill and his excellent creations Peter Pascoe, a literate Yorkshire police detective, and his boss The Fat Man Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel, are two of the most engaging and entertaining policemen working these days Throw in an ambience of non London England in current time and you have a true winner in the mystery genre.

    Wow Just wow Another great Dalziel Pascoe mystery Though, I feel this volume exceeds the mystery genre Several parallel storylines wind through this story and eventually end up intertwining at the end of the story Engaging, thrilling, and just plain fun Pascoe, Dalziel, Ellie, Wieldy, and the new addition Hat Bowler are like a family who I love to visit again and again.

    it seems that reginald hill starts three different stories but at the end all of them resolve wonderfully in one and what a thrilling end it is as always wonderful characters dalziel, pascoe, wield and all the others are great developed it just wants to make you read about them.

    A kind of sequel to Dialogues of the Dead, which it would be useful to have read before this It works well as a stand alone in the series, but works better as a complement to the earlier novel referred.

    I ve been re reading a few books that I either remember fondly or don t remember much at all This is a difficult read because of multiple complex story lines, but in the end I think I m going to revise my rating Hill is amazing at character development and the subtlety of evil in ordinary people.

    Good riddance, Franny Roote I was entirely sick of him by the end of this Diappointed wasn t made out of the Rye Hat situation, that could have been really good Liked the last one so much better

    A bit tedious to read But in the end it leaves you feeling that the slow pace and heavy writing was worth it, if only for the poignancy of the ending Lovely book

    a little hard to get into when lacking knowledge of the rest of the series, but worth the effort.Not a book i would recommend to my mother or others preferring a clean read.

    Excellent book, intricately plotted with fascinating characters It s beautifully written and I loved it

    558 pages of English detection good plot, way too long for solution to mystery

    A Tour de Force That s what this book was intended to be, but it fell a bit short Instead, this is a well written, though a bit overly long, novel of crime, murder and police work in Yorkshire, U.K As usual, Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel and Detective Chief Inspector Peter Pascoe, along with the rest of the crew at Mid Yorkshire CID, is hot on the heels of criminals engaged in multiple crimes The story involves multiple, simultaneous plot lines that are complex, but not confusing A reade [...]

    Alison C
    DCI Peter Pascoe is again being bedeviled by his nemesis, Franny Roote, this time through long, chatty letters that Roote keeps sending him detailing his travels in academia and Europe Pascoe remains convinced that Roote is a serial killer, especially as numerous individuals connected to him keep mysteriously dying in such a way that gives an advantage to Roote, but as ever, he cannot prove this Meanwhile, DC Hat Bowler is pursuing a romance with the woman of his dreams, Rye, but readers of the [...]

    Read Dialogues of the Dead first as this continues with characters and situations from that book The plot details will make sense if you read the books in order This is another Pascoe and Dalziel Yorkshire set mystery Literary references to Thomas Lovell Beddoes reoccur as Pascoe copes with letters from Franny Roote and Wield tries his best with another young man with a father fixation Hans Holbein the Younger s Dance of Death illustrate the story I don t care for Roote, but Dalziel s comments [...]

    Jill Hutchinson
    Review to follow

    Joe Rodeck
    Wordy, babbly.

    Before this system dumps my review again before I finish I liked it very much, and already have the next in line to see how Hat, Frannie, and Pascoe and his family pull through this.

    This is only the second novel I have read by this author and I enjoyed this a lot than the first There is just so much going on, strange letters from a released convict, a Roman horde to be shipped out of the country, a young drunk up on charges, a disturbed young woman and There were so many red herrings, that I was constantly see sawing from complete convidence that I had worked it all out, to utter confusion as another character was introduced And with so much of the action being described [...]

    Kirsty Darbyshire
    God, Reginald Hill knows how to keep readers happy decade after decade Something different every time, I can t find enough superlatives.As my commenters have noted before me this is very much a follow on from Dialogues of the Dead and not a book to be read by itself If you came to this as your first Hill you d be wondering quite what the author was thinking of For the most part there s little in the way of a new mystery here, it s very much about continuing the huge stories that began in the pre [...]

    Hannah Givens
    I really enjoyed this On the one hand it s a pretty standard mystery paperback, but on the other hand there are a lot of strange things about it There s no real crime until most of the way through the book, but it does deal with a crime from the previous book I think , so maybe that counts I love the way the author slowly layers POVs and themes, spinning an ever complicated yarn Each new POV juts out into a deep new facet of the whole thing I also love the way the detectives are sort of blunt i [...]

    Maggie Kiely
    I hot this as an Audiobook This is my first book by this author and I persevered for several hours trying to get to grip with the story and I cannot I have to concede defeat I would not pick up another book by this author I would not in any way recommend it This is my first time listening to this narrator and I found him clear and could say that he gave an excellent narrative I would happily listen to him again I bought this some time ago from Audible so I cannot get a refund I am very disappoin [...]

    Reginald Hill master writer plotamatician Another perfectly written and constructed entrant into the Dalziel Pascoe series Every book has multiple layers just like the lead characters Hill s the master of blending full on smarty pants academic literary threads with the crassness of a good police procedural Dan Brown is a kindergartner compared to Hill One note of caution this one is really a sequel to Dialogues Of The Dead so will have a much bigger impact if you read them in order.

    I just grabbed this book from my home library were my paretns keep their books and it looked interesting to me because ever since 6th grade i really liked mystery books and i also like mystery tv shows that have to do with crime and stuff because it will teach me about it, and i want to know about this because i want to be a lawyer when i grow up and i would like to start reading and knowing about it since know And also by reading the back and reading it it sounds really intersting and scary ca [...]

    • UNLIMITED BOOK î Death's Jest-Book - by Reginald Hill
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