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  • Title: Doctor Who and theSunmakers
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9780426200598
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback

  • Doctor Who and theSunmakers By Terrance Dicks Everyone knows that Pluto is a barren airless rock So naturally the Doctor is surprised when he discovers artificial suns, an ultra modern industrial city and a group of colonists being worked and taxed to death in this inhospitable and supposedly undeveloped part of the universeWith the help of his companion Leela and the faithful K9, the Doctor takes on the mysteEveryone knows that Pluto is a barren airless rock So naturally the Doctor is surprised when he discovers artificial suns, an ultra modern industrial city and a group of colonists being worked and taxed to death in this inhospitable and supposedly undeveloped part of the universeWith the help of his companion Leela and the faithful K9, the Doctor takes on the mysterious and powerful Company, ruthless exploiter of planets and their people.
    Terrance Dicks
    Terrance Dicks is an English writer, best known for his work in television and for writing a large number of popular children s books during the 1970s and 80s.His break in television came when his friend Malcolm Hulke asked for his help with the writing of an episode of the popular ABC ITV action adventure series The Avengers, on which Dicks received a co writer s credit on the broadcast He also wrote for the popular ATV soap opera Crossroads In 1968 he was employed as the assistant script editor on the BBC s popular science fiction series Doctor Who Dicks went on to become the main script editor on the programme the following year, and earned his first writing credit on the show when he and Hulke co wrote the epic ten part story The War Games which closed the sixth season and the era of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton Dicks went on to form a highly productive working relationship with incoming Doctor Who producer Barry Letts, working as the script editor on each of Letts five seasons in charge of the programme from 1970 to 1974 After his departure, Dicks continued to be associated with the programme, writing four scripts Robot 1975, the opening story of Tom Baker s era as the Fourth Doctor , The Brain of Morbius 1976 , Horror of Fang Rock 1977 , State of Decay 1981 and the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors 1983.Dicks also contributed heavily to Target Books range of novelisations of Doctor Who television stories, writing than sixty of the titles published by the company In this role, he would attempt to enlist the original teleplay author to write the books whenever possible, but if they could not or would not, then Dicks would often end up writing the books himself although he also enlisted other writers including one time Doctor Who actor Ian Marter and former series producer Philip Hinchcliffe During the 1990s, Dicks contributed to Virgin Publishing s line of full length, officially licensed original Doctor Who novels, the New Adventures, which carried on the story of the series following its cancellation as an ongoing television programme in 1989 He wrote the first of the Eighth Doctor Adventures, The Eight Doctors, which was for a time the best selling original Doctor Who novel His most recent contributions to the range are the Quick Reads books Made of Steel and Revenge of the Judoon, both featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.It was through his work on Doctor Who books that he became a writer of children s fiction, penning many successful titles during the 1970s and 80s In 1976, Dicks wrote a trilogy of books published by Target Books called The Mounties about a recruit in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police These were followed in 1979 1983 by another Target trilogy Star Quest , which were later reprinted by Big Finish Productions.Starting in 1978, Dicks began a series called The Baker Street Irregulars which eventually ran to ten books, the last being published in 1987 In 1981, Dicks also began a series of six children s horror novels with Cry Vampire.1987 saw Dicks start a new series of books for very young children called T R Bear , amounting to a further seven books These were followed by the Sally Ann series about a determined ragdoll, Magnificent Max about a cat and The Adventures of Goliath about a golden retriever The Goliath series is Dicks largest amounting to eighteen books Another five books about a St Bernard dog made up the Harvey series Jonathan s Ghost and three sequels were published in 1988, and the three book MacMagic series followed in 1990 The Littlest Dinosaur was published in 1993 and The Littlest on Guard in 1994 Other works published in 1994 include Woof the Never Ending Tale , the Cold Blood series four books , the Chronicles of a Computer Game Addict four books Between 1998 and 2000 Dicks produced the three novel Changing Universe series Since then, Dicks has been engaged

    Doctor Who and theSunmakers By Terrance Dicks


    A Bald Mage** Steve
    Doctor Who meets a short arse alien tax man very amusing story 6 10

    An absolutely cracking novelistation It fully captures the quirky ness and humor of the original story For anybody who is a fan of this story Like me I think you ll really enjoy it.I give it a 10 10

    Doctor Who and the Sunmakers, by Terrance Dicks Target, 1982 Original script by Robert Holmes, 1977 127 pages, paperback Number 60 in the Doctor Who Library This is seriously poking the establishment in the eye with a sharp stick The Company has defeated humanity some distant time in the future, not by military force but by sheer economics The Collector has control over the colony on Pluto before it was demoted from planet hood where it has six suns Six The work units, i.e the population, pay ta [...]

    This novelisation is of a Doctor Who episode from the time of the 4th doctor He is travelling with Leela, and they land on Pluto, which they had thought uninhabited But when they find a city with artificial suns, air conditioning a gas introduced into the pipes conditions the people to submit to The Company , and a crippling tax system, of course they have to get to the bottom of the matter There is a funny running joke with the titles used to address one of the people in charge your Omnipresenc [...]

    Nicholas Whyte
    nhwvejournal 1007902ml return return Doctor Who and the Sunmakers is probably the best of these nine Leela novelisations Dicks clearly appreciated Robert Holmes script and seems to have really got into the spirit of it There is an interesting scene in the book but not in the TV series where Leela encounters some elderly workers waiting for euthanasia Various other minor details are tweaked and basically improved in Dicks telling of the story.

    I learned this weekend that this was Louise Jameson s favourite Leela adventure I watched the episodes shortly before reading the book and I can see why It s a great story, future distopia, where humans are forced to work and drugged into compliance It s a great comdemnation of capatalism and taxation, and ends with a successful workers rebellion The novelisation only adds a few details to the story, but it does so very well Definitely one of the best Leela stories.

    A really good sci fi adventure, which is also a cute satire on the British tax system.Lots of running down corridors, captures, rescues, k 9 action and an odd alien bad guy.Nothing earth shaking, but clever and entertaining.

    Daniel Kukwa
    Although I don t agree with all of Terrance Dick s reinterpretations in this book he tones down a number of script writer Robert Holmes moments of black humour , it s clearly a story he is enthusiastic aboutd the result is another satisfying novelization from the 4th Doctor s era.

    Mike Farris
    I didn t really know anything about Doctor Who before I read this and I really enjoyed it I think I ll check out the TV show now.

    Anandh Sundar
    What happens when private companies are allowed to colonize space The book is about the Doctor s adventures on Pluto which has been colonized by a trans galaxy organization The company

    Reuben Herfindahl
    Terrance Dicks covering Robert Holmes is usually pretty good, and this is no exception I ve always enjoyed The Sunmakers, and the novelization works well.

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