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  • Title: Jenniemae & James: A Memoir in Black and White
  • Author: Brooke Newman
  • ISBN: 9780307462992
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Jenniemae & James: A Memoir in Black and White By Brooke Newman James Newman was a brilliant mathematician, the man who introduced the mathematical concept googol and googolplex aka google and googleplex to the world, and a friend of Einstein s He was also a notorious philanderer with an insatiable appetite for women and fast cars, a man who challenged intellectual and emotional limits, and a man of excess who oftentimes felJames Newman was a brilliant mathematician, the man who introduced the mathematical concept googol and googolplex aka google and googleplex to the world, and a friend of Einstein s He was also a notorious philanderer with an insatiable appetite for women and fast cars, a man who challenged intellectual and emotional limits, and a man of excess who oftentimes fell victim to his own anxiety Jenniemae Harrington was an uneducated, illiterate African American maid from Alabama who began working for the Newman family in 1948 and who, despite her devout Christianity, played the illegal, underground lottery called policy, which she won with astonishing frequency Though highly implausible, these two dissimilar individuals developed a deep and loyal friendship, largely because of their common love of numbers and their quick wits.Theirs was a friendship that endured even during an era when segregation still prevailed For James, Jenniemae provided a particular ease and shared sense of irreverent humor that he found difficult to duplicate with his beautiful, intelligent, and artistic wife, Ruth And when the Newman home was darkened by the tensions of the political climate during the Cold War, or by James s affairs, or by Ruth s bouts of depression, it was Jenniemae who maintained the point of gravity, caring for the family s children when their parents were often lost in their own worlds From Jenniemae s perspective, James offered than just a steady income He became an unlikely and loyal friend He taught her to read, and he drove her to and from his upscale suburban house and her home in the impoverished section of Washington, D.C and sometimes, much to her chagrin, in his Rolls Royce , after she had been raped by a white bus driver Intrigued by her uncanny wins at the lottery, James even installed a second telephone line in the house so that Jenniemae could keep track of her bets a decision that raised a few eyebrows at the time.It is this extraordinary relationship that the Newmans daughter, Brooke, reveals in Jenniemae James, as she elegantly weaves together the story of two very distinct and different people who each had a significant impact on her upbringing In doing so, she also paints a vivid political and cultural picture of the time when the world was terrified by the possibility of nuclear war when America was reeling from the McCarthy hearings when technological advances like televisions, satellites, and interstate highways were changing the country when America was just beginning to venture into Vietnam and when African Americans were still considered second class citizens with limited rights, before the explosion of racial tensions in the early 1960s Jenniemae James is an inspiring, heartwarming memoir about friendship and love across the racial barrier.
    Brooke Newman
    Brooke Newman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jenniemae & James: A Memoir in Black and White book, this is one of the most wanted Brooke Newman author readers around the world.

    Jenniemae & James: A Memoir in Black and White By Brooke Newman


    A true story and interesting from the first page I read it in one night.

    Nancy Kennedy
    Jenniemae Harrington came to work as a housekeeper for the author s family in its posh Washington, D.C home in the late 1940s In this warped household of lies and evasions, a friendship blossoms in an atmosphere of honesty and good humor between Jenniemae and Brooke Newman s father, James, a well known mathematician who hobnobs with the likes of Albert Einstein.The author ties the two together through their love of numbers James Newman s as a profession and Jenniemae s in her success with the lo [...]

    Received this from the very fine folks at readitforward I live in mathematically minded household fascination with numbers runs deep I had high hopes for this memoir from Brooke Newman Her father was quite an interesting fellow For those who don t know of his mathematical prowess, he hung around with Einstein, and is the fellow who coined the term googol Though his daughter is a bit older than I am, we both shared a spot and time in history the DC of the 50 s and 60 s Jenniemae Harrington was th [...]

    Newman s memoir is an honest, tender portrayal of the exceptional relationship between her egocentric, mathematician father and their levelheaded, illiterate African American housekeeper, Jenniemae Harrington.James is a genius, moody, at times deeply depressed, philandering husband Brooke s mother, Ruth, is emotionally disturbed but fascinatingly complex, struggling to cope with her husband s infidelity and balancing career and home life, and at least once, demonstrating extreme compassion Brook [...]

    I m actually reading the RIF uncorrected version, not Kindle Very pleased to have read it Brooke Newman is the daughter of a brilliant and in some ways seemingly mad mathematician and tells this biographical about the unlikely bond between her father and their maid, Jenniemae.In the first few pages, I d noted that Newman s storytelling style fit nicely with my natural preference and knew this would be a pleasurable read It s also appealing because Newman s father worked with Albert Einstein and [...]

    I started this book yesterday and find it very engaging I received it as an uncorrected proof, a few months back, but only now got to reading it.It s about the very unusual relationship between the brilliant white man who is best known to the public as the man who coined the word, googol and his illiterate black housekeeper It s a memoir, written by the man s daughter This was actually a quick read Some of the dialogue and scenarios are made up , so to speak the author wasn t witness to them but [...]

    I received the book Jenniemae and James from Readitforward I had been looking forward to reading this story I have always enjoyed reading memoirs and biographies because of the looks they provide into other people s lives maybe that makes me nosy haha Upon picking up this book, I assumed that it was very much about the relationship between Jennimae and James However, after finishing the book, I feel that I still don t know very much about their relationship The book was about a little bit of eve [...]

    Some of the most enjoyable moments of reading come from catching a glimpse of a life or time that is different from our own, Jenniemae James A Memoir in Black White affords the read with both Depicting life in an unconventional family in Washington DC during the 1950 s and 1960 s, Brooke Newman introduces the reader to her father, James, and their African American housekeeper Jenniemae While it seems the two would have very little in common, they form a unique friendship that provides the reader [...]

    The story is enjoyable and written in a nice, warm way Brooke also adds what happened outside the house on certain years, as they will explain a bit better how attitudes and opinions changed from the 1940s to 1960s These changes or attitudes from a perpective of a person living in US wasn t really something they d think of showing in the history lessons in school in Europe, they didn t even bother mentioning anything about Black Panthers.Jenniemae seems like a wonderful character that is in a wa [...]

    This was a book I received from ReadItForward It might not have been one I would have picked up on my own This is what I like aboutg ReadItForward Opens me up to new authors and genres I knew nothing about James Jim Newman This book gave a background of his historical professional persona, as well as a bird s eye view of his home life One utterly and completely different than mine The sections that expanded on Jennimae s life were by far the most captivating parts of the book Brooke rights as if [...]

    I really enjoyed this story of James complex man, his family, his work and personal life, and his unique relationship with the family s housekeeper, Jenniemae The author revealed a great deal that many families would prefer to keep hidden, such as adultery and heavy drinking Nonetheless, James was a man of great selflessness in the midst of his selfishness And Jenniemae I fell in love with her An uneducated but very wise and intelligent woman she was I would happily recommend this book to others [...]

    The premise behind this book was promising but the story fell flat The author was writing about the unusual relationship between her father and their black maid in the 50s and 60s James was a genius and Jenniemae was strong and intuitive They helped each other get through the most difficult times in their lives Sadly the way the author told the story made everything seem boring Sometimes she was writing from first person, sometimes she was calling her father James It was very removed and unfeeli [...]

    The premise of the book telling the story of the friendship between the author s brilliant father and the household maid who was an emotional life saver for the author is a good one, but the writing is weak, the dialogue that the author creates out of thin air is flat, and the story veers off at the end of the book to praise her father and his accomplishments Most chapters started with a run down of what was happening, historically, and I found it irritating too sketchy to be meaningful, and a t [...]

    Melinda Johnson
    This was a fascinating firsthand account of a unexpected friendship between two people who appeared to have nothing at all in common It is also a thoughtful exploration of the day to day effects of both family and cultural dysfunction The characters became important to me as I read their stories, and I was interested in the ways the writer used this recounting of her family s history to sort out its effects on herself and her life.

    I enjoyed this book because it reminded me of family members who are now dead It reflected a time and a culture with which I am familiar James Newman s family lived much like my Washington, D.C relatives, who probably knew the Newman family themselves However, I don t think there s enough in this book of social history or family history to interest most people, unless they are already interested in James Newman I enjoyed it but I think the appeal of this book is really pretty limited.

    The story was intriguing, and I became attached to the unlikely pairing of these characters than I had expected The author did a fine job of providing a historical timeline of world events as they affected the characters I would like to read an entire book focusing on Jenniemae, if the author writes one Her relationship with numbers is exciting than James I received the book for free through Readitforward

    Very interesting non fiction version of The Help Set in the 1940 s and 50 s in Washington D.C in a very non traditional household Even without the addition of a black southern maid, Brooke Newman s childhood was bizarre Her parents were years ahead of their time and the sexual revolution The addition of Jenniemae was probably the author s saving grace Great read.

    I enjoyed this book with its vivid portrayals and unique, brittle characters The author s narrative style was honest,but not brutal.I was fascinated by Jenniemae s dreams about numerals I learned that James Newman wrote a 1950 s bestseller called The World of Mathematics and that a three digit numbers bet is a gig.

    Another good one Brooke Newman makes her father and their black maid really come alive She provides insight into and understanding of their lives and the times in a very lively manner and without excess or moralizing It leaves you thinking about so many things race relations, family relationships, the ethics of science, and war and the nuclear arms race.

    A wonderful memoir about friendship across racial lines The story of Jeniemae and James totally captivated me It is not only a compelling personal narrative but also an important read on the racism that pervaded this country in the 20th century.

    A very readable book that does a great job capturing 1950s life in Washington DC Jenniemae and James are both interesting personality and the author shares their life with great warmth While the book has great stories in it, it doesn t have a steady flow to it.

    imeh it was well written but the story wasnt enthralling there were some insights into a pair of mismatched but complex characters and while the authors note acknowledges that she takes liberty to create conversation when she was either a child or not present it felt forced

    This book was very interesting It seemed like she didn t have enough material so she filled it with historical facts and senseless dialogue The dialogue writing was not very good I enjoyed the book sans the dialogue.

    Really interesting characters, the author s father THE James Newman mathematician and anti bomb rabble rouser and the household maid, Jenniemae Harrington and of course the rest of the family as well Well worth the read.

    I liked the relationship between Jenniemae and James it reminded me of the book The Help And James was amazingly smart and did a lot for our country, but his personal life style was horrible and I don t know how his family survived it.

    Lisa Gierczak
    Great story about 2 very different people and how they found common ground and formed a bond both were clear thinkers in very different ways Interesting how his daughter perceived the situation as well Well told story

    Elena Davis
    another interesting view of the American racialdivide very engaging

    Summer Sterling
    One of the best memoirs I ve read We should all be so fortunate to have a Jenniemae in our lives.

    Julie Chappell
    Interesting subject matter, but not so hot execution.

    Kat Warren
    Remarkable memoir.

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