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  • Title: Starfire
  • Author: Stuart Vaughn Stockton
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  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Starfire By Stuart Vaughn Stockton Rathe is a late hatch saurn with something to prove Someone born into such a low caste has no hope of achieving much of anything in this life unless he can prove himself as a warrior Through his own skill and a fortuitous encounter with a massive creature, Rathe seeks to rise through the trials to secure a position within the imperial army.But larger forces are at workRathe is a late hatch saurn with something to prove Someone born into such a low caste has no hope of achieving much of anything in this life unless he can prove himself as a warrior Through his own skill and a fortuitous encounter with a massive creature, Rathe seeks to rise through the trials to secure a position within the imperial army.But larger forces are at work in the world, and Rathe has been chosen for a grand and terrible destiny Through an enemy invasion, revitalized technology from an ancient civilization, and supernatural entities beyond his understanding, Rathe is presented with an unfathomable choice No matter what he decides, it seems an empire or a world will be destroyed And the only things informing Rathe s decision are affection for a small saurin under his care and the admonitions from the mystical representative of a god Rathe doesn t believe in.
    Stuart Vaughn Stockton
    Stuart Vaughn Stockton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Starfire book, this is one of the most wanted Stuart Vaughn Stockton author readers around the world.

    Starfire By Stuart Vaughn Stockton


    Jill Williamson
    Review by Jill WilliamsonRathe, a Yanguch dinosaur, happens upon a dying Jerkrenak in the Draskil Skereta Mines He also discovers a maimed hatchling that the Jerkrenak had doubtlessly planned to kill Rathe sees his chance to rise above his low rank He takes a fang from the Jerkrenak s mouth, carries the hatchling to safety, and claims to have killed the beast His heroism gives him the opportunity to rise to a new level of rank in the imperial army, a rank no five five level hatching has ever man [...]

    Carin Marais
    When I first read the description of Starfire, I was intrigued I love dinosaurs, but knew that this book, with its dinosaur people would either be very good or awful I am glad to say that I really enjoyed this wonderful book Stockton s world is at once alien and familiar and the worldbuilding is superb Within the first pages the reader is fully enmeshed in a world where the dominant species is sentient dinosaurs, called Saurians, who even has and uses technology far surpassing our own Yet, altho [...]

    Wow Sentient dinosaurs, ancient prophecies, mysterious messengers, a demonic cabal, bone crunching military action, all with boldly visualized technologies and rich backstory reminiscent of Niven and Pournelle at their best in Mote in God s Eye Wow In Starfire The Mending the young warrior Rathe becomes the focus of a planetary battle on both the physical and spiritual planes Before you think this is a lightsaber remix, author Stuart Vaughn Stockton presents a unique alien world in which the dom [...]

    Thank God for glossaries Without one, I would have been lost in Sauria, Stuart Vaughn Stockton s alien world Reading sample chapters online had left me drowning in unfamiliar places, people, and terms After obtaining a copy and paging through the glossary at the back of the book a few times, though, I was ready to tackle Stockton s debut novel, Starfire The book was long over five hundred pages, glossary and introductory material included , but well worth the week and a half I spent devouring it [...]

    Kat Heckenbach
    It s been a while since I ve read an honest to goodness sci fi novel I tend toward fantasy way , but something about this book intrigued me It s part of the second run from Marcher Lord Press a publisher I d be submitting to in a heartbeat if they took YA , and endorsed by Donita K Paul all the reason I personally needed to buy it But those factors aside the book rocks.This story has all the classic elements an Empire at war, a young soldier who rose above his lowly origins, a prophecybut with [...]

    Caleb Lang
    Starfire is book 1 of the mending series I really enjoyed this book and though I am fairly new to the fantasy sci fi genre, I was able to pick up this book and understand it really well, I was able to see the world and creatures as I read it Rathe is a low born dinosaur creature person that happens across a creature that is dying and had been trying to kill a hatchling Seeing it as a chance to improve his status he rescues the hatchling and claims to have killed the creature that attempted to ki [...]

    Morgan Busse
    It took a couple chapters for me to immerse myself into Starfire, but once I did, I was blown away Stuart Stockton does an excellent job getting the reader inside the skin of his dinosaur heroes I could see the volcanoes in the distant, taste the Seethe juice, feel the cold as a cold blooded reptile would.But not only was the world building great, I found myself thinking about the characters I couldn t decide whether Karey Or should be destroyed to save the many or if Starfire should be fired to [...]

    K.M. Carroll
    If you like generic space marine sci fi with great battles, you will enjoy this book.If you want solid, intriguing world building, you will like this book.If you are looking for any kind of character development for the hero allosaurus, you will dislike this book.If you expect decent handling of anthro dinosaurs, you will dislike this book They are humans with claws and tails Especially tails All emotions are expressed by the tail.This is only book 1, and there isn t likely to be any The ending [...]

    Jaymes Lauser
    Stuart was able to masterfully immerse me in a foreign world, with foreign mindsets, with foreign cultures, with foreign languages, with foreign religions, and make me connect with it very deeply I loved every minute of it.Stuart takes the primal within us, the conflicts we all face, the struggles we all meet, the evasion of the Truth we all make, and the Truth we all need to learn, and brings it before us in a new way.Highly recommended.

    K.M. Weiland
    On the plus side A wonderfully unique and interesting world On the negative side The premise s main pull technogically advanced dinosaurs is never really developed instead the characters come across as entirely human, save for tails and claws On the plus side A surprisingly complex treatment of morals and theme On the negative side A relatively straightforward and sometimes even flat presentation of plot and characters.

    I suppose I really can t rate this truly When I realized I the person I was reading about was a dinasour with a snout and tail, it was too hard to finish so I skimmed to the end Three stars just means I didn t hate it but couldn t bring myself to read seriously about a sentient reptile Maybe if he were a large cat

    Chronicler Enigma
    One of the most imaginative dinosaur stories ever Opened new doors for me Very revolutionary and inspiring in my reading experience This one deserves five stars I love this book

    Slow start Good for fans of military SF Great if you want to read about intelligent dinosaurs.

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