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  • Title: Brushing Mom's Hair
  • Author: Andrea Cheng Nicole Wong
  • ISBN: 9781590785997
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Brushing Mom's Hair By Andrea Cheng Nicole Wong When your mom has breast cancer, how do you cope Ann is just short of fifteen when Mom is diagnosed with breast cancer How can she tell the girls in ballet class that her mother had her breasts cut off Her matter of fact sister, Jane, takes charge at home her brother, Nick, calls from California Dad helps when he can, as do friends, teachers, and relatives Still, AnnWhen your mom has breast cancer, how do you cope Ann is just short of fifteen when Mom is diagnosed with breast cancer How can she tell the girls in ballet class that her mother had her breasts cut off Her matter of fact sister, Jane, takes charge at home her brother, Nick, calls from California Dad helps when he can, as do friends, teachers, and relatives Still, Ann is consumed with worry Who s going to make sure that Mom drinks enough water, like the doctor said Unless she is dancing or making pottery, Ann feels completely alone She has a book that says, Don t sweat the small stuff And it s all small stuff Even cancer
    Andrea Cheng Nicole Wong
    Andrea Cheng is a Hungarian American children s author and illustrator The child of Hungarian immigrants, she was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in an extended family with three generations under one roof Her family spoke Hungarian and English at home After graduating with a BA in English from Cornell University, she went to Switzerland, where she apprenticed to a bookbinder, attended a school of bookbinding called The Centro del Bel Libro, and learned French Upon her return, she returned to Cornell to study Chinese and earned an MS in linguistics Now she teaches English as a Second Language at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Her children s books include Grandfather Counts, Marika, The Key Collection, Honeysuckle House, Where the Steps Were, The Bear Makers, and Brushing Mom s Hair With her husband, Jim Cheng, she has three children Nicholas, Jane, and Ann.

    Brushing Mom's Hair By Andrea Cheng Nicole Wong


    Brushing Mom s Hair, a book of prose, is written from Ann s emotional point of view as she watches her mom battle breast cancer The only times when Ann can forget that her mom is sick is when she is writing or dancing Each poem is raw with emotion, honesty and reality It s midnight but I can t sleep so I turn on the light and open my new book to the middle Don t sweat the small stuff and its all small stuff Even Cancer This book is beautifully written with an honesty rarely seen in children s or [...]

    Sandra Stiles
    This is a simple yet beautiful book about the way a young girl deals with her mother s breast cancer It is written in a series of poems Each poem expresses what is happening at that time with her mother or else with her own emotions The reader can feel the emotions and the helplessness in the voice of them poems She handles her worries by dancing and making pottery Through these two creative outlets she can let out her frustrations and deal with not only the everyday things a girl of fifteen mus [...]

    I don t remember where I heard of this, but this story in poems depicts one girl s inner thoughts as her mother struggles with breast cancer It is frank about the mother s mastectomy and the daughter s coping mechanisms, from distracting herself with dance, to potential anorexia My only complaint is the lack of closure mom seems to be on the road to recovery, but what about the daughter Still, many girls may find themselves in this situation, and this would be a book they d identify with and rea [...]

    Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    In a series of poignant poems, a young girl describes her feelings as she watches her mother go through chemotherapy to treat breast cancer What I found especially interesting was that she couldn t talk to her friends about it I would have liked detail about the reasons for that, although I could imagine why Nicole Wong s delicate illustrations were a perfect accompaniment to the text Nicely told, with a genuine feeling of I m all alone in experiencing this Too bad she had no family support gro [...]

    Abby Johnson
    This autobiographical novel in verse is based on the author s youngest daughter s experience watching her mom go through treatment for breast cancer The beautiful verse and illustrations certainly add something to the genre of cancer books for kids The book is well done, but I wonder if its appeal will be limited to kids who are going through or have gone through this experience Still, for those kids it will be an excellent choice.

    Based on the experiences of her youngest daughter during the author s treatment for breast cancer, this deeply moving story is told through a series of connected poems Candid yet sensitive, it portrays how the young girl experiences her mother s illness The story is accompanied by delicate black and white pencil drawings on each page.

    Copyright 2009Genre PoetryThis is a great book for students to help understand what it is like for a family that is dealing with cancer This book has a happy and optimistic ending, so it is also a great book for those needing such a story Cancer affects most lives in some way these days It is nice to have books to go to that help you sort out your thoughts and feelings.

    Another free verse book Sigh This one didn t do much for me, but it might be just the thing for a middle school girl Mom gets cancer, girl is afraid and unable to talk to her friends about it The ending is hopeful, of course Mom goes back to work and her hair starts growing back These are just hard to read.

    Beautiful little book Written in verse and told from a fifteen year old daughter s point of view as her mother is treated for breast cancer Timely would be a great contribution to any library this month.

    This is a short narrative novel in free verse The character s poems express her experiences and emotions as her mother receives treatment for breast cancer Expressive language and simple sketched illustrations Based on the experiences of the author s daughter.

    A quick read The main character is based on Andrea Cheng s youngest daughter who had to watch Andrea go through her own battle with breast cancer This story is told through a series of poems that are accompanied by some lovely illustrations.

    This book is truly beautiful, it is a story of a girl with a mother going through chemotherapy This book shows the daughter s perspective on her mother s struggles And how the daughter sees her mother s triumphs It is a magnificent book, and my favorite poetry book

    Heather Colacurcio
    An extremely short novel in verse with an extraordinary heart In under 60 pages, Cheng manages to make her reader think and feel than most 300 pages novels on the same subject Beautiful and honest.

    My 11 year old Goddaughter recommended we read this together A young teen has learned her mother has cancer A spare book written in poetry leads us on her journey as her mother travels her journey.

    A short but moving story about what it s like to be a teen whose mom is diagnosed with breast cancer Certainly a good choice for anyone experiencing the same or similar circumstances I love novels in verse very effective way to write.

    Narrative told in verse about a young girl dealing with her mom s diagnosis of breast cancer Very quick read.

    Very short, but emotional novel in verse about a girl who s mother has breast cancer I enjoyed it

    Simply told, but very sweet and moving A lot of honest emotion, feeling and pain that will resonate with any reader going through something similar.

    Lovely novel in verse about a teenage girl and how she copes while her mom battles with breast cancer A small gem.

    Not sure on this one Good poems about cancer, stress, and managing through a difficult time Not sure it s a middle grade book, though.

    Good, short, aimed at younger readers than I usually read for.

    Pamela Sloss
    This was a real perspective of a daughter dealing with her mother s cancer treatment Very sweet.

    Joan Marie
    lovely novel in verse about mother s cancer and hope for tomorrow.

    Mrs. Tongate
    Quick verse novel of how Ann s coping at age 15 with her Mom s breast cancer.

    Danielle Smith
    Sweet, sad little book.

    Edward Sullivan
    Daughter trying to cope with her feelings when her mother who is diagnosed with breast cancer Poignant and quite powerful.

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