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  • Title: City Boy
  • Author: Jan Michael
  • ISBN: 9780547223100
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover

  • City Boy By Jan Michael Set in contemporary Malawi, a poignant account of an orphaned boy s transition from city life to village life Sam s widowed mother has died from the Disease, and Sam is claimed by his aunt Mercy, who lives in the small African village where Sam s mother was born and raised The gap between Sam s life in the city, where he had his own room, attended private school, and uSet in contemporary Malawi, a poignant account of an orphaned boy s transition from city life to village life Sam s widowed mother has died from the Disease, and Sam is claimed by his aunt Mercy, who lives in the small African village where Sam s mother was born and raised The gap between Sam s life in the city, where he had his own room, attended private school, and used a computer, and his new life in the dirt floored one room hut, which he is to share with his aunt and cousins, is vast beyond imagining Grief, loneliness, and the absence of everything familiar make for a rocky transition to a traditional culture where possessions count for little and everyone is expected to do his or her share.
    Jan Michael
    Born on the Yorkshire moors, Jan Michael spent an idyllic childhood there and in the Seychelles Then came boarding school in North Wales and visits home to different countries in Africa and Asia only once a year After university at Bristol, she worked in a London publishing house as editor She left the UK in 1976 to go and live and work in Amsterdam where she works mainly as a literary agent dealing with translation rights She returns regularly to the UK especially to Suffolk where she has a base.Jan Michael began to write for children after her third novel was accepted by her Dutch publishers The first children s novel Hill of Darkness was published in 1995 by Faber and Faber, as well as by Leopold in the Netherlands and Mondadori in Italy The Dutch translation of the next children s novel, Piggy in the Middle, came out in August 1997 and was runner up in the Silver Pencil Award Having completed another adult novel in the interim, Jan also had her children s novel, The Rock Boy, published by The O Brien Press Jan s latest novel, Just Joshua, was published the The O Brien Press in spring 2003.

    City Boy By Jan Michael


    Sam has lived in the city in Malawi with his father and mother and has lived a modern life with his own bedroom, lots of clothes, and a computer His father died three years before the start of the novel and his mother has just died of the Disease when the book begins Sam s relatives get together and decide that Sam should go live with his Aunty out in the country instead of being sent to an orphanage in the city The bonds of family are chosen over the advantages of modern life.Sam s Aunty is lov [...]

    Yusuf Farag
    Attention Spoiler Alert City Boy by Jan Michael is a book about a Malawi boy named Sam who had to move out of his fancy house in the town to a poor village that his aunt and his cousins in after the death of both his parents Even worse, he is expected to share his possessions with his cousins I highly recommend City Boy because it shows the difference of life between the rich and poor community In addition, I also recommend this book because Sam began in an environment very similar to the enviro [...]

    Edward Park
    Warning Contains Spoilers 1 The story starts with this boy Sam who lost his parents because of unknown diseases He is worried about his future but he still wants to live where he used to live with his parents However, his aunt Mercy decided to take him to Malawi, Africa with her First, Sam doesn t get along with Africa The house he has to live in was really small and everything has to be shared His cousins try to help him sort out However, one of there happens a big conflict between Sam and his [...]

    Elaine Bearden
    What an interesting book Focusing on the life of a boy living in Malawi named Sam whose mother dies from the disease two years after his father has died early in the book and he must leave his life in the city to live with his mother s sister and her family in the country The author really gives you a feel for what it is like to live in this country What will connect with kids, I think, is that Sam s life in the city is so much like what their lives are in America today computer, special sports [...]

    City Boy carries the timeless tale of a boy who has to grow up quicker than he would like to when his mother dies He is forced to move from his high position home in the city to the back country of Africa to live with his aunt who takes in multiple family members whose parents have died of the coughing sickness AIDS related deaths His acclimation to the country life and all of its myth, folklore, and magic is full of minute adventures and emotional scenes As the story progresses the reader can f [...]

    2.5 starsThe unusual southern African setting in Malawi is probably the reason this book has found itself on several best of the year lists It is rare to see children s fiction with an African setting that is accessible to middle grade readers The European author has lived in Africa and spent time in Malawi, giving the book authenticity.The story centers around a young orphan boy His parents have recently died of AIDS and Sam, an only child, is suddenly uprooted from his relatively affluent life [...]

    When only child Sam Salanga s mother dies of the Disease in Malawi, he is taken in by his Aunt Mercy, because his father died of the Disease a few years earlier Sam must adjust to a very different life in the rural village of his aunt and cousins Ezelina, Enock, Chikondi, and the annoying MacDonald He goes from a house to a mud hut without electricity, with no computer, where he sleeps on a mat on the floor instead of a bed, and where he has some difficulty learning to share Worst of all, he is [...]

    Miki Garrison
    After Sam s mother dies of AIDS, he has to leave the only life he has known in urban Malawi and return with his aunt to the rural village where his mother grew up This was a really interesting, thought provoking story about the struggles and changes Sam goes through as he tries to deal with his grief while being plunged into a completely different world one without electricity or computers or video games, to begin with Sam has a hard time figuring out where he fits in, and his frustration and is [...]

    City BoyBy Jan Michael Sam looked at the whole that was being dug and the smell of the newly dug earth City boy is about a boy that looses both his parents to a really bad cough, at one point he had to move to the village Whiles the is at the village he has to cope with the new things that he has to do everyday Something that I can connect to is that I also live in Africa where this book takes place When i am reading this book I start to feel bad for Sam and what he is going through This is a af [...]

    This book about Sam an only child in Malawi whose parents die from AIDS Not only does he have to come to terms with the loss of his parents, he has to adjust to living with his aunt and four other children, sleeping on a mat in a village without electricity It s a compelling read with a hint of adventure as well as the emotional issues and I think it will resonate with all children regardless of where they live.

    This book takes place in Malawi where a city boy is orphaned when both parents die from AIDS related illnesses He goes with his aunt to live in a very rural village and the book is primarily about his rocky adjustment to a very different lifestyle than he was used to I enjoyed they setting of the book but found myself often annoyed at the personality of the main character and it felt like the problems he faced were somewhat forced.

    Sam, who lives in a city in Malawi, is taken to live with his aunt s family after the death of his mom and dad from the disease He learns that he will no longer have a computer, he will no longer go to a private school, he will have to share his clothes, and he will no longer live in a house, when he ends up in a country village living in a mud hut.

    Samuel s mother is late dead from Aids, as was his father before him They live in modern Malawi where Samuel know electricity, computers, and a bed But as an orphan he must go live with his Aunt Mercy in the country in a mud hut, with no power or modern conveniences while dealing with his grief.

    Somewhat likeable protagonist Set in contemporary Malawi A city boy s parents both die of AIDS and is sent to live in a small village with his aunt and cousins A good story of culture shock within one s own country Sometimes I was a little annoyed with the main character, but then I remembered the trauma he was experiencing.

    One Sentence Review This really slipped under the radar, but it was quite the remarkable book and if you haven t read it yourself I recommend it highly.

    Brief, cute tale about a little African boy forced to live in a village with his aunt and cousins after being orphaned by his parents who died from AIDS.

    This book taught me how life is in africa and those areas of culture It was good but slow and i wouldn t recommend it for a report since some things in the book are hard to understand.

    Great book but would recommend to read with a group of several other people like a book club.

    Eric W
    In africa people lived in houses with cement floors and slept on mats at night.

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