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  • Title: Nightcrawlers
  • Author: Charles Addams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback

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    Charles Addams
    Chas Addams was a cartoonist best known for creating The Addams Family comic characters which have been adapted for a variety of media His signature style was single panels of macabre humor.

    Nightcrawlers By Charles Addams


    Gabriel Salter
    A mysterious and spooky, yet neat, sweet and highly entertaining, collection of cartoons by Charles Addams It s a unique kind of dark, dry comedy where the scary and paranormal are highlighted in a funny way a style that was accurately replicated in the hit 1960 s TV show The Addams Family which was inspired by these cartoons.Read Enjoy Laugh.Repeat.

    I ll admit some of em I didn t get maybe if I look diligently next time around I ll be able to figure those out.

    I used to go to the library about twice a week, and I would read this everytime I went I love his dark humour Gorey like drawings

    Ever wonder where the Addams Family comes from Check out this book.

    dark humor, very detailed, sometimes have to search for the punchline within the illustration

    Even darker than expected Still mostly timeless, although a few gags don t work in 2014 and a couple are borderline racist given a half century of societal growth.

    An outlet for the conformist society of his time, Addams is a 1950s version of Poe with illustrative skills and a dominant humor gene.

    • DOWNLOAD PDF è Nightcrawlers - by Charles Addams
      Charles Addams