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  • Title: Lone
  • Author: Rowan McBride
  • ISBN: 9781602725126
  • Page: 363
  • Format: ebook

  • Lone By Rowan McBride Professor Seth Anderson has finally found sanctuary in Brier, Iowa Even better, he s found Raphael Rafe Dirisio, a strong, giant of a man who owns the town pool hall, and Seth has never felt so comfortable, safe, or close to anyone When Seth is asked to give a series of lectures in Washington, DC, it seems only natural that Rafe come along But in a few surreal days, SProfessor Seth Anderson has finally found sanctuary in Brier, Iowa Even better, he s found Raphael Rafe Dirisio, a strong, giant of a man who owns the town pool hall, and Seth has never felt so comfortable, safe, or close to anyone When Seth is asked to give a series of lectures in Washington, DC, it seems only natural that Rafe come along But in a few surreal days, Seth s true nature is exposed and he brings both their lives crashing down around them Because Seth is not only a werewolf, he s also something much, much worse
    Rowan McBride
    Born an Air Force dependent, Rowan McBride traveled the world and totally missed the 80 s as most Americans know it In exchange, xe s gotten to walk in clogs, break an arm at Mt Fuji, and say prayers at a Korean Buddhist temple So far it seems like a fair trade Although xe graduated from high school in Hawaii, xe didn t learn to hula and make leis until going to college in Iowa After leaving the Midwest, xe moved to Washington, DC and very nearly got xemself a Juris Doctor degree Now xe s chilling out in Texas, diabolically planning road trips that could span years.People say xyr life is random, and that s probably true Rowan comforts xemself with the working theory that a random life makes for good stories When that doesn t work, there s Pocky Lots and lots of Pocky.

    Lone By Rowan McBride


    Emma Sea
    I was disappointed in the book because of the characterization The MCs both have tons of potential, and I really liked aspects of them, but they weren t fully realised.Seth has a PhD in mathematics and lectures at university, as well as being extensively published So him whining Seth bad to Rafe like he was some kind of barely human shifter throwback completely pissed me off Seth hates being referred to as puppy, so why would he talk like one At the very beginning of the story Seth speaks normal [...]

    Trisha Harrington
    I loved this book For me it was perfect, but I do understand why others would have issues with the story I will warn people now, this book isn t exactly great if you want a straightforward, honest relationship It was understandable for me but I know others don t like that.So the story starts with Rafe and Seth They have bee together three months and there is a secret Seth is keeping from Rafe You see, the reason he keeps it is because he knows he won t be able to stay with Rafe, but he wants him [...]

    Surprisingly good plot, but some elements that made me uneasyWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10 PROS Two men who are vastly different and yet equally protective of each other Each uses his strengths to cover the other s weaknesses, and their devotion is touching Interesting subversion of the dominant submissive dichotomy This isn t BDSM there are no toys, no bondage, no whipping, etc But the werewolf stories I ve read in the past not that I ve read m [...]

    Jimmy Hanson
    Three words Beautiful, deep, and memorable Seth is just the kind of character I love submissive, caring, timid at times, but practically invincible inside No one wants to mess with him, and those that make the mistake of pushing him too far only do it once.Rafe is the perfect matching character Alpha, strong, loving, and willing to forgive, will to keep trying His flaws are human but his recovery from them is the major difference that defines a good man and a normal man in their simplest terms T [...]

    I expect GR to start bombarding me with werewolf books recommendations now I don t like werewolves, I like Rowan McBride Because in his books there is always much than you think layers, questions This book started so cheap horror movie like But somehow it turned out surprising and deep and touching Okay, I must say I really liked Seth s dual nature I see from some reviews people hated it I think it was pretty clear when and why he reverted to childlike puppy like behavior I also liked how he [...]

    I have mixed feelings about this story The story had great potential and I really enjoyed the concept of the Nightkin and would have loved to have that explored a lot always love a good paranormal book The beginning of the story was good and Rafe and Seth seemed to be interesting characters Then things changed when we find out exactly who Seth is His character changed and it seemed like the author just completely forgot about how Seth was portrayed in the beginning and it started to become very [...]

    Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    Man this book had me hooked from beginning to end I loved this book, I was it was a series because I would love to see of Rafe Seth Seth was a shifter I hadn t read about yet and I was awe d and wanted He was so sweet and cute, but when he lost it he was powerful and domineering Loved the Bad Seth, Good Seth aspect I wish we could have learned about Rafe s heritage and his supernatural abilities, I felt like if we did it would have been a 5 star read for me I really enjoyed this, still disapp [...]

    Giving 2 stars for its originality It s VERY original and I like it BUT.It s not for me, didn t enjoy this book And for PETER S SAKE before a book is release with Italian phrasesLET A ITALIAN READ IT The Italian phrases are embarrassing wrong One is a nonsense about cooling the pain It CAN T BE SAID that way Google translator is not a good source, ok People, please, if you are thinking in be a writer better let a native speakers control if you decide to use phrases in other language, or it can b [...]

    If i could give than 5, i would have.A wonderful story really different from all the werewolves story i read till now Overwhelming emotions, beautiful dialogues.Seth s character is so complexed but so loving And Rafe is so true The plot is amazing and well paced.A must read absolutely.

    this really was a great heartwarming story The other reveiws do it justice.

    4.5 stars I really enjoyed this story Seth is werewolf but than that and he s been hiding his nature from Rafe, his boyfriend of 3 months When circumstances force Seth s true nature to be revealed Rafe must decide if fear or love win And if it s worth it to even try I think that Seth is such an interesting character He s so many different things at once And Rafe is an amazing person I enjoyed following the journey of Rafe as he tried to understand Seth and I I equally enjoyed Seth attempting to [...]

    Vfields Don"t touch my happy!
    Lone, was a fun shifter story with a new twist on the werewolf hierarchy as I know it The story is simple, Seth has one heck of a secret and Rafe has a big choice to make For me Lone worked in a good silly at the same time way I got a kick out of Seth s dog speak I know it annoyed some readers but not me The Fight scenes were very well written and easy to visualize Which most of the time I have no idea who hit what It s the type of read you enjoy only if you re in the right mood Another note, Ro [...]

    I m not a MM shifter romance fan, but I just read one I really liked Well written, nice depth of character, unique take on paranormal beings Nicely edited Would like to have experienced better world building All in all, a very good shifter story.Jan 2018 Still holds up as a solid, wonderful 4 Star read.

    In parts I felt the narrative was a little choppy and needed to be a little tighter But, for all that I enjoyed the read Much, much angst and the smex between the two main characters is freakin hot and well worth a read I think it was the difference in size and body type that nailed it for me Merowarrow.wordpress 2009 05

    This is one of those times when I thinkwhy I didn t read this sooner wonderful story, I loved it

    I love this book There was one part made my eyes sting but after that its happily everafter No cheating, no angsty and no girly bits Just the way I luv it

    Lone is an interesting book with a very intriguing world created for paranormal and supernatural beings The characters and writing are tight and solid and the book reads incredibly fast from the first scene to the end Unfortunately, there are some problems with the book from character problems and repetition but these may or may not bother other readers For those that enjoy well written, creative plots with high angst, heavily melodramatic characters with a lack of any self worth yet redeemable [...]

    Barb ~rede-2-read~
    Seth is than a werewolf he s a Ravager, an abomination, and the Nightkin Council has him marked for death Nightkins are those with supernatural powers werewolves, vampires, witches, warlocks His boyfriend Rafe loves him, against all odds against all sanity, Rafe loves him But Ravagers cannot love, they only feel lust and rage, and though he wants to be with Rafe, he can t begin to tell him about his true nature But, while accompanying Seth to DC for a series of lectures Seth is delivering at Ge [...]

    Brenda Maldonado
    4.5 starsI really, really, really liked this story It is rare to find a unique wolf shifter m m story these days Yet, Rowan managed to pen a tale that is not only unique but very touching Seth is a than just a werewolf His nature makes him so strong and volatile that he is considered a danger that must be eradicated, even by Nightkin standards Somehow he has managed to not only survive but thrive professionally in the human world Yet, he remains Lone, no pack, no family, no love until he meets [...]

    Bryl Tyne
    I truly enjoyed this book.Seth Anderson altered many aspects of life to keep the inner beast at bay He may even have eluded the hunters, found the ideal front the perfect refuge in Rafe Dirisio s arms in Brier, Iowa Until Rafe, Seth s Human, is threatened, and the Scavenger, and surprisingly an Alpha, is released from within Seth and with a vengeance With hunters hot on Seth s trail all Rafe longs for is a slice of normal But nothing in the life of a hybrid Were is ever normal.Marketed as angsty [...]

    This is slightly different take on the world of shapeshifters and vampires, and the originality of it is definitely appealing Seth is Nightkin, part of the preternatural world made up of werewolves, vampires, warlocks and seers, yet for reasons best left unsaid spoilers , he has always been on the outside of that world, so when he finally feels safe in a relationship with Rafe, he begins, finally, to have a little hope for his future Rafe is totally ignorant of the realities of Seth s life It is [...]

    I read this book for my very first challenge book and it was quite something I have a few things I will say about itIt is not your typical shifter story it is really unique there is a lot of love and angst and all sorts of confusion going on here Seth is a wolf who is a ravager that means a shifter who can t shift completely and is shunned by the magic world for being an abomination He is scary and ruthless but the love of Rafe his partner of 3 months is what makes him special Seth has gone a lo [...]

    Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    Nice take on shifters and vampires and a paranormal world Really hated the way he speaks like an idiot when he s a werewolf presumably because he s half animal but he reasons like a human being during that time and the way he talks is inconsistent It was heartbreaking at points but beautiful I loved the story and the characters there was a dubcon moment I didn t care for but most people probably wouldn t even notice Needed names and fewer pronouns many times it was confusing who was speaking an [...]

    A werewolf story with a twist I really liked the dynamics between Rafe and Seth Rafe is big and strong and noble and brave.rding to Seth and Seth is just lone, alone and lonelyriously heartbreaking It is really hard to review this without givin anything awayi keep writing and erasing So i guess the best i can do is say read it, its good and its worth it I am really surprised that i have not heard about one I really liked and read it in one day.

    The world building was interestingI really would have liked to read about it I liked both of the heroes Overall, the author did a nice job of combining solid characterization, steaminess and a nice plot This was an easy, engaging read.d it left me wanting just a tad A nice epilogueor a deeper discussion of the dynamics of the heroes relationship.

    A.K.M. Miles
    I loved, loved, loved this book Really do recommend it.

    Elisa Rolle
    2009 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

    First, the good The writing is, for the most part, stellar, both in a technical sense and an artistic one There are some particular exceptions lazy description of the fight scene as like The Matrix , forced and stilted dialogues to facilitate infodumps, and frequently confusing pronoun use but in general, the emotions come through strongly, and the narrative is cohesive I would definitely look for selections from this author.Now, that said, I did not like this book For one thing, the character [...]

    K. Piet
    This story came recommended to me, but as I read, I couldn t find too much that I really enjoyed in it Nevertheless, here are a few pros and cons and my general impression of the book.Pros Background of Nightkin Though I was given peeks instead of full blown world building, the Nightkin concept was interesting in that it involved four different creatures that were born instead of made or infected in some way to become different than humans Warlocks, seers, vampires, and werewolves make up the Ni [...]

    Okay, I really, really, really liked this I probably ruined my flow by losing myself in certain obsessions during my breaks, inadvertently extending them for hours, but even that couldn t fully obstruct my fascination Right now, after finishing this I m just brimming over with happy.This is one of those instances where a story really works that involves an already, and recently at that, involved couple.It s strangely fascinating For all that some books try to portray paranormal beings as terribl [...]

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