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  • Title: The Red Velvet Turnshoe
  • Author: Cassandra Clark
  • ISBN: 9781848540293
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Red Velvet Turnshoe By Cassandra Clark Black February in the year 1383 rain started to fall before Martinmas, sweeping through France, Flanders and Tuscany, and barely ceased all year Floods brought famine Famine brought disease The Black Death bestowed its grace on town after town Bodies were piled in open pits.The lime was spread Paris shut its gates Cologne and Florence followed suit Into this wateryBlack February in the year 1383 rain started to fall before Martinmas, sweeping through France, Flanders and Tuscany, and barely ceased all year Floods brought famine Famine brought disease The Black Death bestowed its grace on town after town Bodies were piled in open pits.The lime was spread Paris shut its gates Cologne and Florence followed suit Into this watery world, against a background of plague and the political turmoil of the Hundred Years War, the nun Hildegard is sent across Europe in search of a precious relic, the Cross of Constantine.Strong willed and independent, she will need remarkable skills to survive such a dangerous quest For with the English Crown at stake there are many who want her mission to fail and one, above all, who plans a deadly revenge .
    Cassandra Clark
    I m mad about the middle ages and love writing this series of medieval whodunits featuring nun sleuth Hildegard of Meaux When I started with Hangman Blind I thought Hildegard would become an abbess but then she joined the Cistercians who only allowed women to be prioresses so she s had to put up with that It surprises me that I m writing historical novels at all, especially ones involving crime, as before this I wrote contemporary plays and romance I m doubtful about putting too much violence in the stories as there is already so much in the world and I don t like the idea of adding to it, even if only in the imagination, but then, it s part of that world too so it cannot be avoided I would love to write a book shadowing every year of Richard II s reign with a different, multi layered mystery for Hildegard to solve She s about 32 now, with two children living in different households as was the custom then, so by the time poor Richard is murdered, she s going to be quite old I wonder if she and Hubert will ever be together Who knows It s a question readers often ask me but we ll have to wait and see.

    The Red Velvet Turnshoe By Cassandra Clark


    This is the second in one of my favorite new series and is equal to or better than the first The year is 1383 and a plot is afoot to surpress the story of what really happened to the leaders after the Peasant s Revolt or Wat Tyler s Rebellion John of Gaunt, King Richard II s uncle and chancellor, is not depicted in a good light at all here, which is different than in other historical fiction of the period that I have read Sister Hildegard is sent on a journey to Italy to purchase a reliquary cro [...]

    Pamela Mclaren
    This was a really good mystery with strong characters in realistic situations and enough action throughout to keep you glued to this story set during the period when the boy king Richard II is beset by enemies and usurpers.Hildegard of Beaux is sent on a secret mission to bring back the legendary Cross of Constantine to York She is escorted part of the way and joined by a minstrel who may or may not have murdered a clerk Reaching the Alps, her escort killed by an assassin who was out to kill her [...]

    Sonya Bria
    Apparently this is book 2 in the medieval mystery seriesI missed the first one, but I was able to follow along just fine I love the heroine Hildegard and the underlying story of her forbidden love for the abbot It was well written, love all the history of England intertwined I have to go find the other book now

    Jacqueline Seewald
    First I ve read of this series Clark is incredibly knowledgeable regarding the medieval period I wouldn t hesitate to read another in the series.

    The second book in the Abbess of Meaux series, set in the late 1300 s, Hildegard is summoned to go on a secret mission to Italy to obtain a holy relic, the Cross of Constantine, to help protect the king She is sent under the guise of a pilgrimage, with only her two dogs and a tournament knight as protection Before she leaves, she is shocked and dismayed by the actions and appearance of the Abbott, for whom she has feelings that cannot be realized due to their respective positions She joins a bag [...]

    I much preferred this second book in the Abbess of Meaux series Set in the 1300 s, a time when England is being devastated by a power struggle between its current King and those who would like to replace him and the church has been divided between 2 rival popes, it tells the take of Hildegarde, a nun, who is sent from her home in the North of England to retrieve a relic in Italy She is accompanied at various times in her journey by a tournament Knight, a minstrel, merchants, a group of mercenari [...]

    Clark sends her Sister Hildegarde on a mission to Florence in this second outing Same quality of historical research as her debut novel, Hangman Blind as well as intricately woven plots and sub plots Hildegarde is accompanied by a chivalrous knight, a trio of mercenaries, and an minstrel accused of murder She is also shadowed by an enemy bent on revenge Meanwhile, the nations rage and our nun plays her not very small part Some series require a breath between volumes, but not this one On to the n [...]

    I normally enjoy historical fiction, but our dear sister just wasn t real to me She s described as beautiful, and every man she meets seems to fall for her She s a nun, but has no problems with a young man telling her he s been abused by priests, she seems to just accept it making no comment at all She tells us that the young man is homosexual, though we ve seen noting to lead us in this direction of thought There are too many instances when she is left alone with a man, something that I don t b [...]

    second in series of medieval mysteries Protagonist is an independent women which is to say a nun who is also a widow with some resources Historical element is strong Political complexity from the first one feuding popes, feuding local authorities, general social unrest continues and it is slowly becoming comprehensible Suggests to me that reading in order is important Mystery is fine but isn t really what drives it New settings introduced pilgrimage to the holy land that I found very effective [...]

    Had to circle back to read this since I read the book that comes after it I have not read any of the books in this series in proper order, but thenat s me I tend to select cleanest books off shelf at library This one had important things I needed to know to fit the puzzle together Still, though, the very first book I read and reviewed remains true in that I find the perilous adventures the heroine nun throws herself into are outlandish Still enjoyable reading if one is in the mood to suspend bel [...]

    I enjoyed the second in the series, actually found it to be a faster read than the first However, at times the author leaves things too vague, and I just wish she d get to the point or be a little direct I ll still continue on to the next, and either assume I m not going to figure it all out I actually felt like a whole chapter was missing towards the end which would have resolved plotlines better , or I hope that she s not as vague in the third book.

    History is my thing The further back it is the it grabs my attention The book takes place in the 14th century A time when having the wrong thought can be the end of your days The Black Plague is ending its deadly reign through Europe, as a Nun tries to figure out the murder of a manor scribe The down fall is that the book is 2nd in a series IntriguedI m going to order the 1st one from the Lib and then carry on with the series.

    Val Sanford
    So it s true I read these books out of order, starting with the 3rd in the series, and then backing up and fitting in 1 and 2 I had a lot of problems with this book The premise is super fun and the adventure across the Alps was interesting, but the bizarre interactions between Hildegard and the Abbot of Meaux was just not clear Difficult to follow and a little head shaking If you can get over that, it s a fun read.I loved book 1 and 3 so

    Heavens, a book about the anonimalle chronicle I wrote a paper about the Peasants Revolt for which that chronicle was the primary source Would have appreciated an author s note to tell us whether there really was a base document, whether that is proved or conjecture, or whether the author made it up.

    Ann Boytim
    An intense reading story with twists and turns and not sure how it really ended It was interesting to see how long it took for people to travel across Europe in the middle ages, intense conditions and slow going A nun is sent on a mission to retrieve a holy cross and there is murders along the way Someone is falsely accused and she defends this young man and saves him from execution.

    This is the second installment in a trilogy featuring a nun named Hildegard This book takes Hildegard on a perilous journey to Italy Her prioress sends Hildegard on a secret mission that puts Hildegard in the path of a murderer Very enjoyable read I loved the details of the journey across Europe and was intrigued by what happens when Hildegard returns at the Abbey of Meaux.

    These Abbess of Meaux tales are really are amazing The mysteries are complicated and tied to historic occurrences of the day The historical detail is intense these are not lightweight cozies but rich historical fiction in the vein of CJ Sanson and Ariana Franklin I can t wait to start the next one.

    Heidi Kneale
    Loved the historical detail, enjoyed the mystery elements, but I simply couldn t get into the characters I couldn t grok their motivations and emotions This might be because I haven t read the first book in the series, and I missed out on a whole lot of character development.I really wanted to love this book and couldn t.

    I don t think I m going to read any from this series The mysteries are good, and I like the main character But I feel like she tries to be too cryptic and subtle with her wrap ups I got to the epilogue in this book without feeling like the mystery was solved Maybe I should have paid closer attention to details, but I feel like she could also have explained things a little better.

    Good story Glad I went back to read early books of the series after starting out with the latest as it helps fill in some grey areas Looking forward to the next book Ms Clark writes in this series.

    This is a complex murder mystery story of political intrigue set in the aftermath of Wat Tyler s Rebellion I still haven t figured out the allegiances of all the recurring characters in the series The lead characters are appealing and I look forward to the next book in the series.

    Charlotte Smith
    Finally got round to read this second book of the series and found it a lot easily to read then the first book It s all about a nun who is set to go and bring back something and has adventures on the way

    Cyn Mcdonald
    The entire story was pointless Although set in 1383, with John of Gaunt in power, there was no real sense of the time or the politics And at the end, Hildegard announces that the identity of the murderer was proven beyond doubt but if it was, I didn t notice.

    I didn t know this was a 2 book I felt a little lost It just didn t hold my interest Maybe I ll try and read the 1st book some time.

    I m enjoying this It s the second in the series, I couldn t get the first one though have tracked it down now.

    3.5 stars

    Sometime, maybe in the distant future, the weaker side will become the stong Their tyranny will match that of their oppressor This is the law of life The lust for power is the same in all men

    I like this one better than the first mostly because I think Clark did a better job explaining some of the historical context and there s a glossary and time line

    sequel to Hangman Blind

    I enjoy the cast of characters and I am looking forward to reading However, I did have to read the end a second time to understand the political background.

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