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  • Title: The Addict: One Patient, One Doctor, One Year
  • Author: Michael Stein
  • ISBN: 9780061368134
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Addict: One Patient, One Doctor, One Year By Michael Stein A gripping, illuminating book Dr Stein is drawn, in an almost Sherlock Holmesian way, toward trying to fathom and analyze addicts behavior hauntingly and successfully, Stein lets readers make a doctor s experiences their own New York Times Beautifully told with great insight, empathy and compassion Abraham Verghese, author of The Tennis Partner, A gripping, illuminating book Dr Stein is drawn, in an almost Sherlock Holmesian way, toward trying to fathom and analyze addicts behavior hauntingly and successfully, Stein lets readers make a doctor s experiences their own New York Times Beautifully told with great insight, empathy and compassion Abraham Verghese, author of The Tennis Partner, My Own Country, and Cutting for StoneThe Addict is the powerful and revealing narrative of Dr Michael Stein s year long treatment of a young woman addicted to Vicodin Dr Stein has followed up his award winning book The Lonely Patient with a useful, sensible, and often inspiring guide to how the medical profession does and should treat the sick, and the sick at heart Francine Prose, O magazine
    Michael Stein
    Michael Stein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Addict: One Patient, One Doctor, One Year book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Stein author readers around the world.

    The Addict: One Patient, One Doctor, One Year By Michael Stein


    I didn t really care for this book much It probably should ve been called The Addiction Doctor as it was about him rather than his patients He came off a little judgmental and over confident.

    It may not be fair to give a star or none to this book, since I stopped reading after a few dozen pages I hated this book I didn t like the writing too self indulgent and I didn t like the story much, either I was thoroughly disgusted that a doctor would explain how his assistants his MEDICAL assistants rated the relative attractiveness of each of his patients I was also put off when Dr Stein observed that his new, female patient had turned off the sensual part of her personality during their ve [...]

    This book made me want to take vicodin That s probably not a good thing.

    Unfortunately, Stein had a very interesting story to tell I say unfortunately because he is a very tedious writer The story he spins is fascinating, helpfully punctuated by references to other addicts experiences It paints in equal parts the struggle of quiting narcotics and treating addicts, which is a fresh, interesting take return What is not interesting is every minute detail that Stein thinks he needs to share with us The shape of one woman s mouth, the article he read in the newspaper that [...]

    This book is painful to read It took me than a month to finish it which shows you unfortunately just how much I struggled to read it since I usually finish a book I start reading within a day or two This book was boring There was no real ending It was clinical and cold I couldn t connect to the characters at all The author had the doctor hold the patients at arms length but he also did that to the reader I would not recommend this book at all.

    This insightful book is written by a doctor about his treatment of prescription drug addicts This is NOT the addict portrayed in the movies but the real life side from the doctor s viewpoint, factual, deep, and moving This book gives you the real scoop on what addiction is like.He mostly writes about one patient, Lucy, and her addiction to Vicodin, but he also mentions several other patients for comparison and insight This is an inside look at how a doctor must think, feel, and then react to wha [...]

    This book really makes me appreciate addiction with all of its complexities In the beginning of the book, Dr.Stein made the assertion that although many people experimented with drugs, only a very small percentage of those who tried drugs become heavily addicted Of those addicted, what were the contributing factors It seems that a combination of factors are at play genetic predisposition, personality, and a history of trauma, although in my experience I ve also heard of patients who fell into ad [...]

    I would happily give this book another 1 2 star rating if it were an option for me.This book tells the story of an addict s road to recovery as seen through the eyes of the doctor treating her It is informative and factual but rarely delves into an overly emotional narrative Nevertheless, I found myself willing Lucy to succeed in her choice to seek treatment for her drug addiction.Without spoiling the story, I will say the final two chapters were particularly moving and brought me close to tears [...]

    An amazing look at addiction from a treating physician s perspective The view of the relationship with the clients is especially enlightening.

    Maria Morozova
    I found it a bit difficult to follow the plot The book is full of medical terms of some drugs etc.

    When I read the little blurb about this book I figured it was about one patient and everything that that patient went through for that whole year As I read the book I started to realize that the author is talking about one kind of patient and not just one person Michael introduces us to Lucy, who is the main patient he talks about in the book The kind of patient he is also talking about in the book is the patient that is an Opiate addict The author mentions other addicts who are either addicted [...]

    I was in the middle of reading this book when Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away It is an interesting look into the relationship between an addiction treatment doctor and his patients It is also a commentary on the way we see perceive individuals that are either current or recovering addicts So many of the comments I saw upon hearing of Hoffman s death were that it was a waste of his life I don t consider any life wasted Hoffman made an impact He had a family, children, and a world of fans who e [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, which records one year of treating a woman addicted to Vicodin It really isn t Lucy s story, however it s really a meditation from Stein on the nature of addiction and its treatment, and the role of the doctor in this situation.Lucy s story really isn t all that special Really, she is just an in, a focal point for Stein s musings The book as a whole is fascinating reading, though, particularly for the window it gives into the though processes of one doctor I love know [...]

    Stacy Cook
    Before I tell you this is the best book I have read in years I must first tell you I am a recovering addict alcoholic w bipolar disorder I felt I must reveal this in order for you to get where I m coming from If you do not suffer from some form of addiction or are not close to someone suffering from addiction you may not get the same experience I did when when reading this book.The book is written by an doctor of Internal medicine who, in addition to his regular practice treats opiate addicts wi [...]

    I ll be frank only because I know this can be an invaluable tool for anyone dealing with this disease This book, with all it s minute, meaningless details actually precipitated my full recovery.To see an addict from a doctors point of view was an interesting take you just don t come across often with these stories I personally felt incredibly connected to a different part of every one of his patients Loneliness and to an extent, isolation, is a side effect of this particular strand of addiction [...]

    Erika Nerdypants
    Dr Stein is an internist who specializes in treating patients who are addicted to opiates One of the most difficult and rapidly growing addictions for humans to beat because the body quickly in about 2 weeks of consistent use , develops a physiological dependence Users experience a variety of very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, that drives most of them to obtain opiates and use again in order to alleviate the withdrawal, creating a vicious cycle The book was informative, and in some ways surpr [...]

    I would have given this a higher rating, but ask myself, How much can a person ENJOY a book focused on drug addiction It s very well written and helped me feel empathy for those dealing with addiction I have some friends whose husbands have become addicted to opiates perscription pain pills after a work related injury, etc Their addiction destroyed their marriage and family Very sad Reading this book helped me understand what does on behind that ugly story Why do people start abusing perscriptio [...]

    Elise Cohen
    Michael Stein is an MD with a practice designed to be able to treat some substance use disorders This is of course dependent on the assumption that substance use disorders are inherently treatable return In this book, Stein presents one long term case study of his relationship with a patient who comes to him for addiction treatment He covers her psychosocial adjustments, outside influences, and medical issues in some depth though not medical depth, just narrative detail He also discusses various [...]

    The Addict follows Dr Michael Stein in his treatment of Lucy Fields and a few other opiate addicts as they embark or at least attempt to embark upon a course of buprenorphine, a drug that eases dependence on opiates It was interesting to read about addiction and treatment from the point of view of an internist rather than from a mental health professional or an addict herself, and Dr Stein is clearly knowledgeable and seems to have a genuine interest in his patients wellness I found the informat [...]

    Cynthia Kane
    While I generally liked this book, I did find it a bit condescending on the side of the doctor toward his patients I think this kind of treatment is important, and it was interesting to read about, and it does work for some people, but without psychological therapy meaning I guess talk therapy along side, how does one ever get to the core of their pain This doctor never prescribes it He kind of sits in for a therapist as well as internist.Also I know there s a need for confidentiality, but I was [...]

    DNFI just couldn t do it It started out okay but got increasingly boring as it went on I did stick it out to the half way mark hoping for a change but ,sadly, I finally had to acknowledge it was not for me By 50 percent of the book I feel I should be emotionally invested in the characters or the issues being written about This book just failed to engage me Well documented and the doctors work is to be applauded Stein did managed to feed me information on prescription drugs that I was unaware of [...]

    Many of us are quick to think of an addict as a monster What the monster really is, however, is the addiction not the addict Michael Stein does a wonderful job of showing us the people behind the addiction, not vilifying them, but not taking away any responsibility they have for their actions either We are able to follow the story of Lucy, the main patient discussed in this book, as she struggles to remove the chains of her addiction It does not take long for the reader to see that conquering an [...]

    Craig Allen
    What a tremendous book It was the story of a woman named Lucy addicted to vicodin and her treatment with the same doctor the author over the course of a year, the ups and downs of addiction There were also other stories of patients he saw not as detailed but they were sprinkled throughout the book and updated regularly so I actually found them just as and in some cases compelling as the main character s story Lucy was a very complex character who changed in many ways as the story goes along If [...]

    This was an eye opening adventure, following a medical doctor s view, observations, and reflections of one patient over the course of one year The patient is a young, single, white female who has her bachelor s degree, came from a nice family, but for some reason, took pain meds to kill the hurt in life Now, she is near 30 years old, and finds that she is sick of depending on her abusive boyfriend for access to prescription pain killers opiates She turns to Doctor Michael Stein for help.

    An interesting read, however Stein writes with an inquisitive approach that requires a certain taste to be enjoyable Although this book highlighted problems and experiences his patients have had, about midway through, the author focuses in on his own questions and thoughts In fact, the last portion of the book read like a journal than a recollection of patients.This book can be very enjoyable and insightful, however one has to keep an open mind while reading Overall, I d probably only recommen [...]

    I liked this book There are many books out there by addicts and a handful by parents of addicts, but this offered a totally different perspective At first I was a little uncomfortable with Stein s internal dialogue during Lucy s visits, but then I realized that what I was reading was an intimate look at one physician s view of a patient, not just a clinical view, but a human one, too I think Stein s book was as much a personal reflection on and questioning of his role as it was a look at another [...]

    I didn t relate to the addicts in this book, I don t have an addictive personality or genetic inclination, but I alsocouldn t relate to the doctor He seemed cold and ineffective and I am not sure how any of his patientsever recovered from their addictions It seems maybe just luck Whatever, this is a lesson not to take anything, not even prescribed medications because it seems addiction can sneak up on you and your life is ruined.You would think this would make for an interesting read, but not re [...]

    There are some very cool glimpses into the inner monologue of a doctor here, but overall I thought this book was pretty lacking A large part of it might be that a lot of the book is extended quotes from the patient, waxing discursive about the why and how of her situation, and I thought the patient was full of shit Maybe that was the point, but either way the end result isn t that engaging or enlightening.

    I really liked this book The writing was great and I could relate to the stories he told Even though it says one patient , he actually talks about then one, although he focuses mainly on the one.The authors is an internist but specializes in addiction, specifically vicodin.There were a lot of interesting facts in this book I really don t know what else to say about this book, except that I really liked it, and that is mostly do that I related.

    Tahni Fortin
    I really enjoyed this book It was refreshing to read about addiction as told by the doctor, rather than the patient If you re looking for a raw and gritty novel about drug use and addiction this likely isn t exactly what you are looking for and, I believe that s why some of the reviews on here have been written as they were with such low ratings This book is eloquently written, insightful and honest.

    • [PDF] ½ The Addict: One Patient, One Doctor, One Year | BY Ù Michael Stein
      Michael Stein