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  • Title: The Breaking Point
  • Author: KarenBall
  • ISBN: 9781590520338
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Breaking Point By KarenBall Caught in a blizzard, they expected to fight for their lives What they didn t expect was a miracle Renee and Gabe Roman are on the edge relationally and spiritually Both believe they are followers of Christ who know God So why is their marriage so difficult After years of struggle, they wonder if it s all been for nothing.Then, on an anniversary trip to a remote resortCaught in a blizzard, they expected to fight for their lives What they didn t expect was a miracle Renee and Gabe Roman are on the edge relationally and spiritually Both believe they are followers of Christ who know God So why is their marriage so difficult After years of struggle, they wonder if it s all been for nothing.Then, on an anniversary trip to a remote resort, their truck hurtles down the side of a mountain Suddenly, they find themselves at the mercy of the rugged Oregon wilderness, forced to fight for survival by relying on each other But both must surrender their last defenses if they are to come home at last to God and to each other.Can the Romans overcome their greatest obstacle themselves in time
    Karen s latest full length novel, What Lies Within, has been nominated as the Best Inspirational Novel of the Year Readers regularly call Karen s writing powerful, uplifting, and fun She writes from her home in Oregon, where she lives with her husband, Don, and their two kids Dasha, a mischievous 4 month old Siberian husky, and Dakota, an Aussie Terrier mix that should have been named Psycho Next to working with words, Karen s greatest joys are playing with her dogs, laughing, savoring nature and wildlife, and finding wonder in everyday life.

    The Breaking Point By KarenBall


    Randy Alcorn
    The Breaking Point is compelling and strikingly honest This story touches the heart and gives hope for struggling marriages Karen Ball writes with clarity, depth, and power.

    Jeni Enjaian
    I am really disappointed with this book It has the potential to be brilliant, thus why I gave it three stars instead of two However, this book fails to live up to that potential and instead comes disturbingly close to the rut of traditional trite Christian fiction Again, it doesn t actually fall into that run that would have garnered two stars, maybe even one, if it had Gabe and Renee are flawed characters living in a flawed marriage Trite Christian fiction usually avoids subjects like flawed ma [...]

    Audrey Henning
    This was an incredible book Some people have pointed out that the book was slow, but I believe that was intentional.It s definatly obvious that the author has gone through troubling times in her own marriage The way she writes is fantastic I myself have been through what the 2 main characters in this book are going through She truly hit the nail on the head It s a depressing booktly not something that s going to put you in a happy mood for most of it.I like all the background we get on the 2 mai [...]

    Shay Freeman
    This is an awesome fiction book about a marriage the details may not be the same in your marriage but we must learn that our spouses are not there to make us happy, we must be happy with ourselves and enjoy our spouse Great honest read

    Becky Doughty
    This story is one not often told in fiction It didn t move quickly, nor did I feel that it really revolved around the physical crisis this couple found themselves in the middle of the blizzard, but rather on the accumulation of crises through their marriage coming to a head I did find myself wondering what things would be like for this couple after they went home so often we hit a wall or a breaking point and choose changebut then life gets in the way and we slowly revert back to the way we were [...]

    This was my first book from this author the writing wasn t as good as some I have read, but the message was excellently executed Although the book is fiction, it is based some on the author s own marriage and journey with her husband to discover what marriage really means The acknowledgements section was not only that, but also a testimony of her marriage journey and the wonders of God s hand in a Christ centered marriage The story really brought back memories of my early marriage, the struggles [...]

    slow moving story with a good message about how marriage is a struggle, that you can t just give up when things don t go as expected The couple, Gabe and Renee get in a car accident and slide off a mountain in a snow storm As they struggle to survive in the cold and find help, their past struggles are revisited Lessons learned expectations in a marriage cause problems The only person you can change is you In a marriage it is being the best that you can be for the other person regardless of what [...]

    Knowing that this story is partially based on the author s life experience brought a lingering sense of awe as I read the heart rending scenes Karen has a beautiful ability to craft a moment the sights, smells, and emotions that draw a reader in This book will be a ministry tool for me to share with friends who are struggling with baggage in their marriage It s real, provocative, and life giving.

    Trish Boese
    3 This book is a moving story of marriage A lot of times Gabe and Renee s marriage reminded me of my own The characters are real and flawed, in need of God s grace Gabe is a stereotypical tough kid from an abusive home, while Renee is an idealistic girl from a loving home They love each other deeply, but their expectations get in the way The author writes the story drawing from her own experiences, and the rawness shines through.

    Jenne Smith
    This was my first by this author, I found some of it a little tedious, but I loved the message behind her writing, which is that marriage is hard work and you can t just give in You have to work at it constantly I loved the quotes and little personal notes she put in it I found a lot of their fights very real to life, the frustrations and miscommunication could happen to anyone.

    Zzzzzzzzz nead I say The jacket made the book sound like something that might be a good read and I read some reviews that seemed positive Eeek, I was nearly bored to tears that I couldn t even make it to 100 pages before I gave up.

    It had a good story message, but it just didn t seem to flow I think I would have liked it better if it wouldn t have jumped back and forth in time, but instead went chronologically I think the jumping around took away from the story.

    July 2011 Lit n Latte Selection

    I needed to read this The story of a marriage on the brink and how it was saved.

    Boring and predictable, on top of that it was almost nothing like what the jacket cover described.

    reflective fiction book about marriage.Reads quickly and the ending was real not sappy.

    Great conversation If you like flashbacks this is a good one to read

    Absolutely LOVED this heart breaking story of love, pain, doing the right thing no matter how much it hurts and breaking free of the pain we hold in our hearts and the masks we hide behind.

    It started out very well, it got me hooked but then it started getting repetitive and pretty depressing near the end It could have had a better, possibly longer or detailed ending as well.

    Anita Crockett
    I really enjoyed this book Would definitely recommend it to others.

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