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  • Title: Till Morning Is Nigh
  • Author: Leisha Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780800718879
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Till Morning Is Nigh By Leisha Kelly It is December of 1932, just one year after the Worthams and the Hammonds lost Wilametta Hammond and Emma Graham in one terrible night The Christmas spirit seems largely absent again this year George Hammond has disappeared, and Julia Wortham s house is filled to overflowing with the Hammond children, several of whom are coming down with a mysterious illness As ChristmaIt is December of 1932, just one year after the Worthams and the Hammonds lost Wilametta Hammond and Emma Graham in one terrible night The Christmas spirit seems largely absent again this year George Hammond has disappeared, and Julia Wortham s house is filled to overflowing with the Hammond children, several of whom are coming down with a mysterious illness As Christmas nears, the children s homemade nativity scene takes on a life of its own, bringing comfort in the midst of uncertainty and hard times This heartfelt novella lets readers share Christmas with the Worthams and the Hammonds and discover the strength of faith, love, and family.
    Leisha Kelly
    aka L.A KellyA resident of Clayton, Ill Kelly authored 11 books, including the best selling historical fiction series centered around the Wortham and Hammond families published by Revell Baker Publishing Group Her most recent book, The House on Malcolm Street, was published by Revell in September 2010.Kelly, who home schooled her two children, served as children s ministry director and youth minister at her family s church.On January 25, 2011, Leisha and her son, Justice, were killed in a traffic accident.

    Till Morning Is Nigh By Leisha Kelly


    I LOVE Leisha Kelly stories While the stories uplift me, my heart is still saddened to have lost such a wonderful writer at such a young age I cannot recommend her stories for those who like old fashioned tales, and tales of simple Christians who truly live their faith.

    Helen Pickering
    Till morning is nighWhat a sweet Christmas story of faith and family a lesson in how to make do with what we have and the joy of sharing

    Julia Wilson
    Till Morning Is Nigh by Leisha Kelly is set in December 1932, and told in the first person of Julia Wortham, a mother of three two of her own, and Katie, whose mother left her to be a singer This makes the reading of the novel much personal, as the reader can identify with the character a Julia The novel is a Christmas Wortham novel, I had not read any of the other novels in the series, but that did not hamper my enjoyment.A year previously Wila Hammond had died, leaving ten children motherless [...]

    Well done story of a poor mountain family struggling with the first Christmas holiday after the death of their mother The loss of his wife has unsettled their father, and he abandons them to the care of a neighbor, Mrs Wortham, and disappears The story centers around the family bond and the need to keep going in the face of despair.There were only 2 things about the story out of place, but the first one made it real Rorey is not a likable child She is all about herself and her feelings.The secon [...]

    I have read and loved many of this author s books They are simple but full of heart The Worthens have settled in Emma s old home and continue to take care of their neighbors, the Hammonds There are ten Hammond children who take care of their drunk, mostly useless father Their mother died last Christmas and that is in each child s heart as the day approaches The father has run off in his depression, so the Worthens have taken in all the children, plus their own It s a pleasure to read about good [...]

    A sweet story with a good message, but very obviously the middle of a series and was not marked at such There was nothing anywhere in the book to indicate that I was coming into the middle of a story in progress, and believe me I looked, as it was a little confusing Finally, I looked online and found that indeed it is book 4 in a series of 7 I would not have started the book if I had known this I did really like the overall message of the story, but it really didn t stand alone as some books in [...]

    Another really good book in the Wortham family series This book apparently bridges the gap between the first three and last three books I read it before the holiday season as part of the Winter Reading Challenge, and it was a perfect book for this time of year Taking place in the Great Depression, it reminds me of just how truly blessed we all are now We don t have to scrape for food and make our own clothes and gifts This is a story of family and faith Loved it

    Another nice story about the Worthams and the Hammonds I think I would have enjoyed it to read it at the point in the series where it belonged time wise though I had just finished the series and many of the characters were grown up In this book they are all little, so it was hard to remember they were little kids again.

    I got this book for Christmas from my mom otherwise I probably wouldn t have read it It was a sweet enough story but there were some missing details so I think it is either part of a series or the author is jsut not detail oriented Not sure that I really cared enough about the characters to read books in the series to fill in the gaps, though

    Kristi Mangold
    This book was a great quick read and I would have given it 5 stars but you have to figure out the order on your own this not book 3 in second set its book 4 in the first set after Katie s dream before you start the second set even the librarian was confused when I pointed it out but all in all its a great story line and an awesome message.

    Judy King
    Set in the hard times of 1930s rural America Nice Christmas story about friends, neighbors helping each other in times of need Good characterization especially with some of the children in the story Nice job.sweet story.

    This was a really cute little book A book dosn t have to be epic to leave you feeling better for having read it This is one of those books that is part of a series, but that you can read in any order I like that.

    This old fashioned Christmas takes place in 1932 ina very difficult time in our country The Worthamfamily manages to have a blessed holiday in spite ofhaving too many mouths, too little money, and havingchildren ill This is a Christmas of healing.

    Debi Bourdette
    This was about a hard life The times were tough and people so much likely to open their hearts and homes for those that needed it Kudos to this family that was willing to do so much for another family And blessings abound.

    Darlene Ferland
    Set in 1932 during the Depression, this book is a sweet story about loss, sorrow and the ability to overcome deep seated sorrow during Christmas A strong belief in Jesus and the innocence of children round out this lovely and moving story.

    This is another great book about the Wortham and Hammond families It takes place during the depression like her earlier 3 books.

    Sandy Forman-Johnson
    Makes you realize what is important in life Very well done.

    Darlene Wilson
    A lovely little Christian story to get me in the mood for the approaching season Reminded me of the hard time stories my mom used to tell.

    I am enthralled with reading the saga of the Wortham and Hammond families, the trials and tribulations that they have endured Looking forward to reading about the continuing lives in the next book.

    A nice Christmas story.

    another one I haven t read I din t know this existed but I ll look for it

    Was enjoyable but you never find out what happened to the kids mother of Katie s mother After reading it I found it was part of a series.I guess you have to read the others to really understand.

    a beautiful loving book about love and family.

    Awesome book This is a wonderful series by a great author.

    short quick read I loved the way the children played with the nativity moving Mary and Joseph closer to Bethlehem as Christmas approached.

    YA Kel

    This well written depression era Christmas story shows how the joy of Christmas can overcome the pain of loss and hard times.

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      Leisha Kelly