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  • Title: Azorno
  • Author: Inger Christensen
  • ISBN: 9780811216579
  • Page: 410
  • Format: paperback

  • Azorno By Inger Christensen Set in modern Europe, the novel is about five women and two men One of the men is a writer, the other is the main character of this novel All of the women are pregnant by the main character The questions then arise who is the narrator Has someone been killed Is someone crazy And, whose book is this anyway The story ends with a struggle between two merged charactersSet in modern Europe, the novel is about five women and two men One of the men is a writer, the other is the main character of this novel All of the women are pregnant by the main character The questions then arise who is the narrator Has someone been killed Is someone crazy And, whose book is this anyway The story ends with a struggle between two merged characters.
    Inger Christensen
    Inger Christensen was born in Vejle, Denmark, in 1935 Initially she studied medicine, but then trained as a teacher and worked at the College of Art in Holb ck from 1963 64 Although she has also written a novel, stories, essays, radio plays, a drama and an opera libretto, Christensen is primarily known for her linguistically skilled and powerful poetry Christensen first became known to a wider audience with the volumes Lys 1962 Light and Gr s 1963 Grass , which are much influenced by the modernistic imagery of the 60s, and in which she is concerned with the location of the lyric I in relation to natural and culturally created reality The flat, regular landscape of Denmark, its plants and animals, the beach, the sea, the snow filled winters have determined the topography of many of her poems Christensen has also been known internationally since the appearance of the long poem Det 1969 it 2006 , a form of creative report on the merger of language and the world, which centres around the single word it and covers than two hundred pages The book clearly reveals the influence on Christensen s poetic work of such a range of authors as Lars Gustafsson, Noam Chomsky, Viggo Br ndal, R.D Laing and S ren Kierkegaard The analogy between the development of poetic language and the growth of life is, as in Det , also the basic motif of the volume of poetry Alfabet 1981 Alphabet In addition to the alphabet itself which gives the book its title and provides a logical arrangement for its fourteen sections , the structure is generated by the so called Fibonacci series, in which every number consists of the sum of the preceding two The composition reflects the theme exactly while Det points to the story of creation and its In the beginning was the Word , here the alphabet is a pointer to the A and O of the apocalypse The story of her life and work offers access to a poetry that is difficult and enigmatic, but simultaneously simple and elementary Inger Christensen is one of the most reflecting, form conscious poets of the present day, and her history of ideas also provides information on the paradox of lyric art making legible through poetic means what must necessary remain illegible, and in this way wrestling a specific order from the universal labyrinth Here the transitions between the poet and the essayist Christensen are fluid just as lyrical figures and motifs give her essays a density of their own, figures of thought and configurations of ideas return as an organic component of the poems.

    Azorno By Inger Christensen


    Sinem A.
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    Anna T. Wilcks
    Kan ikke rigtig beskrives, for p den ene side er der ingen handling, p den anden side er der s dan, 7 handlingsforl b p samme tid Men man kan i hvert siges at Azorno minder en del om Inger Christensens lyrik og hendes systemdigtning Selvom hun gentager de samme s tninger igen og igen og alle personerne p en m de er n, men s alligevel ikke, bliver bogen p ingen m de kedelig, men det tror jeg nu ogs er en smagssag.

    Vilde Rødder
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    Sibel Önal
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    This was a very interesting read, and I think it would reward a careful re reading While I found it confusing, I feel like one can read the short book as the fragmented reality of a writer who has trouble keeping his life and his plot lines separate in his mind.

    Weird You have no idea what s really going on until the end of the book Who is writing the book Which characters are real and which are characters in the book

    Hakan İlker
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    Antonio Delgado
    We are made from the outside But, are we human beings or human made being Christensen mastery of narrative explores this question while recognizing that after all we are the sounds we make Her narrative takes from Beckett s Three Novels, Virginia Woolf s The Waves, and Gombrowicz s aesthetics explore throughout his Diary and Ferdydurke Still, she creates her own voice s and personalities, all of which belong to the author, a character, and everything encounter by that same author, character, hum [...]

    danish poet and novelist inger christensen was widely considered a strong contender for the nobel prize before her death at 73 in january of 2009 azorno was written in the late 1960 s, but has only now, some four decades later, found its way into english translation perhaps best described as a metafictional work, azorno is a labyrinthine novel where the line between author, narrator, and character blurs quite easily the reader is never quite certain whether the reality as presented on the page i [...]

    A love story as if told and retold and retold through a broken mirror or kaleidoscope, or perhaps a kaleidoscope with a cracked lens The effect is breathtaking Within a second my blood, thoughts, nerves, and senses were swept back ten years and I felt like a diver who finds himself at the bottom of the ocean one minute and on solid ground the next, unable to hear whether the others are saying he s alive or dead because he s encapsulated in a silence as vast as if he d brought the ocean up with h [...]

    Mehmet Sumer
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    Martin Ledstrup
    The prose of Inger Christensen tends to be lesser accessible than her poetry Counter intuitively, somehow, prose is where Inger experiments This goes not least for Azorno Her grasp of the in between space of language and world is profound, also in this book, but I find it lesser complete, lesser solid than her poetry at least from It onwards Or perhaps it s the other way around the form is too constructed, so it doesn t quite flutter like her poetry.

    Johan Thilander
    Azorno hade s l tt kunnat vara klyschig och pseudointellektuell i h nderna p en s mre f rfattare, men Christensen r s j kla forms ker Jag kommer inte ens f rs ka beskriva denna kalejdoskopiska h nan eller gget roman, men jag tyckte s v ldigt, v ldigt bra om den Kommer att l sa om den flera g nger, en text som aldrig tar slut.

    Holy shit This book is amazing And hard to describe It is constructed almost symphonically, with motifs repeated within a series of variations A few basic narrative elements are told and retold, but morph into contradictory stories Yeah, I m failing pretty bad at describing this Just go read it, and then describe it to me so I can do a better job the next time.

    Katrine B.
    A very confusing and special book In the start it s very hard to keep up with but as you read on you kind of grow into the book You feel what the women feel You start to think like the women think I m sure it has a deep and meaningful purpose but I didn t catch it and I m not sure I will if I read it again.

    I didn t get far in this one While there s nothing quite like really good metafiction, I m glad that it s fairly easy to spot the stuff that just isn t going to do it for me Alas, metafiction is one literary genre that is easy to over complicate and fill with tedium.

    Bahadır Eren
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    Hans Peter Madsen
    Det er sj ldent, man finder en bog, der kan kaldes perfekt Men Azorno er en af dem.

    This was a strange book, and I didn t understand what was going on all the time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Douglas Messerli
    PICTURES RESEMBLING CREATURESInger Christensen Azorno, translated from the Danish by Denise Newman New York New Directions, 2009 See my review will appear in the next issue of Rain Taxi

    Center for the Art of Translation
    The Center excerpted this in Wherever I Lie Is Your Bed.

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